Brenda and Jennifer Ch. 03

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Jennifer and Brenda each shut off their computers. Wow.

They had just connected with each other and had the most amazing cyber-chat ever. Not cybering, but talking about feelings. Talking about their most secret intimate sexual feelings, more deeply than they ever had before. Admitting their hot fantasies and how much they loved touching themselves…playing with themselves…masturbating… all to thoughts of other women.

And though they didn’t tell each other…they were both so aroused that they ended up touching while they were chatting. Brenda played with herself… fondling her breasts…lightly touching between her legs….as she told Jennifer all the dirty things she had done. And Jennifer pulled up her shirt…undid her jeans…all so that she could masturbate… as she told Brenda how much she thought about naked women also masturbating.

It was so hot. They both came…gasping and groaning but not saying anything to each other. And soon after…they both quietly said they had to go…added each other to their friends list…and promised to chat again as soon as they could.

Jennifer was still unbelievably aroused and horny. That was so hot. She had to cum again. Now.

She went to her bedroom and closed the door, even though no one was home. And she started her favorite masturbation ritual. First she took off her sweater and then her jeans…already both rumpled from her earlier adventures. She carefully put them aside… and then removed her panties as well. Now she was bottomless, with a thin top and bra still on. She reached inside her shirt and removed her bra…pulling it out but leaving the shirt on. Now she had exactly one thin shirt on and nothing else, as she gently ran her fingers over her nearly-bare body.

She felt electrified and so aroused. After all, she had just exchanged masturbation fantasies with another woman. Maybe this Brenda chick…maybe she was doing the same thing right now. Maybe Brenda was naked. Maybe Brenda was quietly running her fingers through her trimmed pussy hair…just like Jennifer was doing right now.

So aroused. Jennifer had one hand moving down into her pussy hair…sensing already the wetness below and making everything even wetter as her hand gently played.. The other hand was moving over her shirt…over her chest…feeling her breasts and erect nipples…the touch already almost overwhelming even with the shirt inbetween.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Sometimes this repulsed her and just increased the guilt, but now it added fuel to the fire. She looked at herself – respectable, respectable, respectable wife and mother, exposing her bare, hairy pussy. Not just exposing…but gently playing…touching… thinking about other women’s bare pussies. About Brenda’s bare pussy. Was Brenda playing with hers right now?

As kolej escort bayan she continued to look in the mirror, Jennifer slowly pulled her top up. Her hand moved lower and lower between her legs as she began to expose her bare breasts. Her taut, erect nipples emerged from under the shirt…her tits now on display just like her pussy. It always excited Jennifer to expose herself like this… like she was flashing a stranger…showing off her bare breasts like some drunken teenage girl.

But she wasn’t a drunk teenager. She was a very moral woman…with nothing on but her top up around her shoulders, and not a scrap of clothing covering the rest of her body. No one else acted like this…except maybe…Brenda. She imagined it was Brenda watching her Brenda, seeing Jennifer totally exposed. Brenda, gazing at Jennifer’s naked body. She shivered at the naughtiness of it all, and began to touch the true wetness between her legs.

She stood there for a while…watching herself masturbate. Her fingers traced down between her lips…just gently brushing her clit, now lightning sensitive. So familiar to touch, yet each time it was new, exciting and delightful. It was her body, and her touch, and her secret fantasies. Her hands moved back and forth over her chest and tummy…fondling…cupping…tweaking…and just stroking gently. She wondered…if Brenda touched herself the same way. Maybe it was very different.

But she knew Brenda thought the same things she did. About naked people. About naked women. And that Brenda masturbated thinking about naked women, just like Jennifer did.

But surely Brenda didn’t think so much…have such dirty thoughts…as Jen did. Thoughts about…being with other women. About touching them, feeling them…kissing and caressing their bodies…all over. About…fondling their breasts. About…touching them between their legs. Touching…feeling…rubbing… maybe even…licking. Licking their pussies. Licking another woman’s pussy.

Jennifer nearly collapsed. She couldn’t stand much longer. It was time to do…the other thing she sometimes did.

She went to the bed…and moved a pillow from the head down to the middle of the mattress. Then…still touching, fondling all the time…she carefully lay down on her stomach…straddling the pillow between her legs. She shifted and moaned as the pillow nestled nicely in just the right place…right against her sensitive, wet, hard clit.


Jennifer rubbed harder. It was sooo good. She moved her shirt back down…to right over her breasts…so the rolled up cloth would rub between her nipples and the bed. She loved the feeling – her shirt up but not off, exposing her tits in a way that could only be sexual, her nipples stimulated by the movement of her body…her Escort sihhiye clit rubbing…feeling the air flow over her sensitive, exposed ass…her hands exploring.

She put one hand on her breast…and the other down between her legs…down…right almost to her clit…while she rubbed and rubbed…her hips grinding and her bare ass moving up, down, sideways, always totally bare and exposed. Her fingers moved further to her clit…while she pushed further into the pillow…her lips hard against it and mashing her clit and fingers together. She closed her eyes and moaned.

And she thought of Brenda.

She thought of Brenda…not knowing that at that very minute, not as far away as she thought, Brenda was thinking of her. Brenda, lying also on her bed, but on her back…totally naked…her damp panties and everything else on the floor by the computer…legs wide apart…breasts and nipples engorged and erect…with one hand fondling herself while the other held her little vibrator lightly against her clit.

Brenda moaned as the little machine came closer and closer. She had started just with fingers, while Jennifer was masturbating in the mirror, but had reached between the mattresses to take out her secret toy, the one she had had for four years but told no one about. It was her little secret…a shameless thing that could only be for masturbation…for stimulation…for climaxing and cumming. She moved it around her body…not too close at first, but gradually towards her sensitive button…the ultimate place where the vib always drove her over the edge.

She moved her other hand over her breasts… fingering her right nipple idly, her eyes closed. She moaned again…more softly… letting herself relax totally and completely as she enjoyed her own body, losing herself in her own touch.

It was so perfect…so intimate…just her own time…a secret chance to be herself…a vibrant, lovely, deeply sexual woman with needs and desires that had to be met. She was Brenda – Brenda who had a mind, and a body, that craved the stimulation, the arousal, and the excitement that came from deep, passionate masturbation, accompanied by deep, passionate, sexy thoughts.

For so long she had these thoughts in her head – thoughts of other women…maybe several at once…all just touching themselves…seeing each other touch…learning and knowing about themselves as sexual people. Sexual women. Women who had sex needs and acted on them – gratifying themselves and giving themselves intimate, perfect orgasms without guilt or fear.

But the thoughts went further…arousal at the thought of other women touching themselves…seeing them naked…wanting, craving, to touch them as well…to help stimulate them…to pleasure them…touching…kissing…licking…everything. sincan escort Licking another woman’s pussy. Tasting her…Brenda painting her lips with her tongue…stimulating her clit…pushing her over the edge the way Brenda was about to go very soon.

Maybe…licking Jennifer’s pussy. Pushing her over the edge. Mmmm. Brenda shivered as she thought about it…and as the vibrator touched her clit.


Her body shook as the waves rushed over her…the warmth…the glorious sense of peace, excitement, and beauty that flooded everywhere. She kept pressing…rubbing…as she climaxed to her touch and her thoughts…especially thoughts of her new friend Jennifer.

Jennifer who was also masturbating and ready to cum.

Jennifer was still on her tummy…her bare ass rising up and down as she rubbed herself on her fingers and pillow…her tits still against the cloth and sheet…also totally lost in herself…murmuring dirty thoughts that just made everything feel even more exciting. “Jen…you’re such a slut..” she told herself… “…Jen… you just want to lick another girl’s pussy…Jen…you need to masturbate… you need to cum … oh yah….yah…yah…” She rubbed harder…her fingers dancing now…careful…so close…

“Mmm…Brenda. Oh…Brenda.” The words escaped from her mouth as she brought herself to climax…her own, personal climax…her secret, perfect climax that made her feel so wonderful…a woman…a person, unique in the world. She was Jennifer, she loved sex…she was who she was and no one could take that away from her. No one.

But now she had found someone to share it with too. Brenda. She murmured Brenda’s name again as she began to relax…to cool down…and to masturbate again.

Brenda and Jennifer had just met that day…in cyberspace…knowing only small bits of each other…but had established that connection they had both longed for…another person they could share their deep secret with. So often a terrible burden…but now, something to be shared…maybe even enjoyed…with each other.

And now…as they both masturbated more…coming down from their second wonderful climaxes of the day and wanting more…they thought exclusively of each other. They hadn’t told each other how they had played as they chatted…but they wondered if…some day…they could tell each other. Tell each other…everything. And deep down inside…they somehow knew…that one day they would. They would confess all…even their masturbation fantasies about each other. Every thought…every last detail…arousing themselves as they each exposed themselves. They would reveal all in chat. Or maybe…even…face to face.

Sorry it takes so long between chapters…and yes…this one took a lot of, um, research. Thanks for the warm comments from people…particularly from other women who struggle with the same feelings…good, married, respectable, religious women with deeply passionate sexual thoughts. These stories are deeply personal and I really want other women to know they’re not alone in all this. Let’s not be alone.

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