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Subject: Brenda and beth I love when the boss has a company dinner at his house, he has a catered meal for his staff and plenty of wine for us to drink and its top shelf. But I always look forward to running into his wife, she is a beautiful woman and someone I have a lot of time for. She is a housewife, but she is a trained surgeon. She gave it all up to be a mother and run the family home. My husband and I couldn’t t really do that when we started having kids, I just started in this law firm and he just became a real estate agent and his job just took off after he started. But Beth really stuck to it and she loves it. I admire her for leaving her profession and becoming a mum to 5 beautiful children and looking after this beautiful place. She is an inspiration to me that is for sure At these dinners the guys go and smoke cigars and drink scotch after dinner in the pool room, I am not a smoker and I hate scotch. I went to the library to look for a few books that might help with a few cases I have coming up. When I got to the library I found Beth in their having a moment to herself just sipping a glass of bourbon, she looked so beautiful “you wanted to get away from all the boys as well hey Brenda” I sat next to her and said “yeah I only like to come to these dinners for the food and to see you” she blushed a bit. She poured me a glass of bourbon and asked “how are the kids and your husband, I haven’t seen them in a while” I like when she asks how my family are going, she is always interested in my life “the kids are great and seems to be going well in school, my husband well I he’s still selling houses and making millions” I sighed and wished my marriage was better but really it isn’t We talked for hours about anything, mostly about shopping and when she might go back to work. I love talking to Beth and knowing it won’t be just about work and what the next will be or when the next take over will, Beth is wonderful mum and woman and I am happy to call her a friend and someone that I can trust. I had to go into the office on Saturday to finish some paper work and when I was done I had to take something to my bosses place as he left it at work last night. After I finished what I needed to do I headed to the bosses place, I thought he would be home but who knows. I rung the door bell and Beth answered it. She was wearing a white bra and white water belt with white stockings, she looked so hot. “Do you always walk around the house with next to nothing on Beth” she laughed and said “I have a dinner to go to tonight Brenda you caught me getting dressed” I handed her the paperwork bursa escort her husband wanted and left “come in Brenda” I went in I followed her into her bedroom, god it was nearly as big as my first apartment. She started putting a pink dress on and she asked me to do the zipper up. I did so and I leant down and accidentally smelt her neck and kissed it for some reason “mm that feels good Brenda” wow she liked it. I kissed baths neck a bit more and I put my arms around her and held her closely. “I wondered when you would ever kiss me brand” she said as I kissed her neck more. I stopped and realised what I was doing was probably wrong and could get me fired. I didn’t let go of her as I liked what I was doing “this will probably get me fired right” she sighed and said “yes but no one will know if we keep it to ourselves” How do we do that I thought to myself as I only see her when we have dinner at her husbands place and on the rare occasion outside of work events. Maybe it will work and maybe no one will ever find out. I turned her around and started kissing her with a bit of passion and she seemed to really loved it. I started to unzip her dress and pull it down, but she stopped me and said “you are an eager babe aren’t you, next weekend when your boss aka my husband is having a weekend with the boys I want you here with me in this bed all weekend. Is that understood” she kissed me on the lips and pulled her dress up again and I zipped it up. I never thought she would be interested in having an affair with me, but ever since I had my last child I have felt the spark go out of my marriage and I have been wanting a thrill Through the week I couldn’t look bill in the eye or even talk to him, I was about to have a wild weekend with his wife in their home in their bed. I know my career is really fucked if we get caught, but I want to a change to my life. I have put the kids in with my parents and my husband will be away this weekend as well, I will be able to have a great weekend with Beth and I really hope this is just the start of things to come with us. I can see a bright future with her and I am already planning what I will do when I get fired from the law firm I am with now, I have no doubt bill will probably fire me if and when he finds out Straight after work I went to baths house and I knocked on the door, she opened it and she wasn’t wearing much other than a silk robe. She grabbed my hand and dragged me inside, she started kissing me and undressing me. She tore my blouse off first and she saw I wasn’t wearing a bra. She played with my tits and escort bayan she put her head in between them and gave the a thrashing. I had my hand inside her robe rubbing her wet pussy and boy was it wet. I knew we had to take this to the bed room and I picked her up and took her to the love nest. When we went into the bedroom, I threw her on the bed and she opened up her robe and she was bald. I unzipped my skirt and showed her I wasn’t wearing panties either Our lips met and separated so our tongues could explore. We kissed for a long while. I could feel her hard nipples in my chest and I could feel her wetness on my thigh. Rita started moving her pussy on my leg. It was like she was marking me as hers. Slowly she moved down from my lips to my neck to my breasts. She tentatively licked my nipples and then latched on and started to suckle on my breasts. I love the feeling of holding her head against me as she licked, kissed and sucked on my teets. She moved further down to my stomach, to my belly button and further down. I could hear her inhale my aroma as she observed my vagina. “Your smell is intoxicating”, she said. Then she started licking my lower lips, sucking on my clitoris and I became increasingly excited. Just before I orgasmed she put a finger against my anus, pushed lightly on it until that finger was first knuckle deep. Her tongue went deep into my vagina. I exploded my girl juice onto her face. The orgasm was intense. I must have passed out because I heard Beth say “Brenda is everything okay” with a big smile on her face. I pulled her up and kissed her. I tasted my nectar from her lips. I wanted to taste hers directly from the source, not from her soiled panties or off of her vibrator. As we laid side by side, cuddled and kissed for a while I knew it was time. I moved and got on top of Rita. I continued kissing her and probing her mouth with my tongue. I was grinding my engorged clitoris against her moans. We were both soaked between our legs. My tongue reluctantly left her mouth and kissed her ears where I told her “I want to taste you with my tongue. I want to eat your cunt until you have multiple orgasms on my face.” She murmured with enjoyment. I went down lower and licked her nipples and twirled my tongue first around the left one and then the right. When I wasn’t licking one I was pulling on the other. This only made her squeal and made her bottom move like she wanted more. I wanted more. After spending a long time enjoying her breasts I licked a path to her right hip, to her navel and to her left hip. From bursa escort there I kissed down the inside of her left leg to her knee to her foot. Taking her left foot in my hands I kissed her toes and inserted her big toe, which was painted dark red, into my mouth and sucked on it. Then I did the other 4 toes all at once. From there I moved up and kissed her lips quickly, but just as quickly moved to her right hip. From there I kissed path down the inside of her thigh and stopped to sniff her aroma. I continued kissing down to her right foot. Sucked her toes briefly. I looked at Beth and saw a beautiful sight. There she was on her bed, naked, her nipples very erect, her breathing fast, and her legs spread. And I was between those legs on my knees. My eyes were drawing to the area between her legs. She was neatly trimmed, her clitoris was engorged and her lips open and wet. The light from the room showed how wet she was. From there I inched down and moved my face to cunt. “Beth , do you want me to eat you?” “Yes, I need it” My tongue reached out and flickered on her clitoris. There was a moan. I licked between her lips and tasted her nectars. The nectars that I could very easily get used to. I sucked on her lips. I took her engorged clitoris in my mouth and twirled my tongue around it. She was moaning in pleasure and her hands were on my head. I moved down a bit and started to lick her asshole. The juices from her pussy that were leaking from her were collecting in that location and sucked them up. I moved back up and took her hands and moved them to her breasts. “Beth , play with your breasts and nipples while I feast on you”. She was a willing participant and I love watching a woman manipulate her breasts because it tells me how she likes them handled. She could cup from underneath and pull up on them and her hands would move to where she was only pulling on her elongated nipples. As I watched her my tongue moved faster and faster on her clitoris. First I had two fingers in her and then three. I knew it was not long before she exploded. Then she did. She was so loud that I thought she was going to wake up the kids. So I grabbed her soiled panties that I was previously using and put them in her mouth to quiet her down. I think she became louder. It was one, two, and three very intense orgasms. Her pussy juices had coated my chin and were dripping down my neck. Definitely the sheets below her were wet. After she calmed down she reached down to pull my fingers out from inside her. Being the vixen that she was, she took my fingers and licked her juices from each of them. I moved up, held her and kissed her. Our eyes closed and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. There we were, two naked women, satiated, exhausted, holding each other. We slept that way for hours. Please donate to this great fty

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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