Breeding Bull Ch. 02

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No surprise, like every morning, I woke up with a raging hard-on already wrapped tight in my fist, just aching to be beat off, till I had a nice hot load sliding through my fingers.

But as I peeled my eyes open and came fully awake, sliding my hand along my shaft, ready to get off, I remembered that it was Saturday.

And I knew Saturday was the day I had an appointment booked to breed Cindy Cooper, old man Cooper’s hot young wife. So, much as I hated to, I let go of my dick, deciding I’d better not to waste even a single seed if I was going to be successful in getting her knocked up.

But since my cock was still standing at attention, practically itching for relief, and didn’t look like it would be getting soft anytime soon, using my thumb, at least I had the satisfaction of smearing the fat bead off pre-cum leaking from the slit all around the bulbous head. As I toyed with my dick, my eyes rolled back in my head, imagining how good it was going to feel when I had every last one of my long, hard nine inches sunk deep into that little sex kitten’s cunt.

I could already picture how hot she’d look, all sweaty and moaning as I pounded her hard and deep till I had her filled to overflowing with a nice heavy load of my potent baby batter.

Shaking my head as I rolled out of bed, I could still hardly believe that I was being paid for the privilege of breeding her, providing of course that the old man got to watch us getting it on.

Guess even guys in their late eighties got a thrill out of seeing their woman getting fucked, even if they didn’t have what it takes to do it themselves anymore.

And it sure as hell would be no hardship to slide between Cindy’s legs. Not only was she incredibly sexy looking, with beautiful big breasts and perfect round little bootie, but I’d also bet my last dime that she’d be pretty wild once I got her naked.

So this was one breeding I was really looking forward to, especially knowing that I’d have the privilege of watching her belly grow big with my seed once I’d bred her, since she was in my shop all the time for one thing or another.

She had a nice car too; top of line silver Jaguar XE that always seemed to need a dent or scratch cleaned up before her husband discovered what she’d done.

Coming on evening, fresh from the shower, preparing for my night with Mrs. Cooper, I was holding my dick, doing a little manscaping around my balls, since the best sight in the world had to be seeing my boys pressed tight up against a woman’s ass when I took her from behind, I decided I’d better trim my bush.

Besides, if Cindy got wild and decided she might like to have a taste of my cock, I wanted her to take me as deep as she could, with no reservations.

To say I was looking forward to tonight would be a huge understatement. Even the idea of being watched as I fucked the guy’s wife was a pretty big turn on. Knowing that I’d be sliding my cock into her pussy till I’d pumped her full of my seed, with her husband’s blessing, was pretty wild.

I took a little time to have some dinner before I left the house. A medium-rare T-bone with sautéed mushrooms and a baked potato, figuring I needed to fuel my body, not only for tonight, but I’d have to make a point of keeping myself healthy and strong, considering how many women I had booked to breed in the next few weeks.

Much as I loved working with cars, I had to admit this new side-line stud service business was a lot more rewarding. Being paid to fuck one woman after another, and leave them all floating in a nice heavy load of my seed, for a guy like me with a fetish for breeding and for seeing their bellies rounding out with the proof of what I’d done to them, had to be the perfect gig.

After I’d driven out to the suburbs, I pulled my car up into their circular driveway and nodded my head, impressed by the size of their house. Place was huge, so I imagined paying me ten grand to get busy with his wife wouldn’t be much of a sacrifice for a guy like old man Cooper.

But when she answered the door, I almost swallowed my tongue. Damn, she looked like sex on legs in a sheer floor length black wrap with a tiny black silk thong and shelf-bra beneath that let me have a look at her big beautiful tits and nice tight ass right through the fabric.

Already I could feel myself growing rock hard and I’d barely stepped inside.

Cindy grinned and tugged my head down for a kiss. “Mmm,” she moaned as she sank her tongue into my mouth and happily mated with my mine. A long while later, when she finally pulled back with her chest heaving and her nipples hard as fuck after she’d got me harder than freaking rebar, she murmured, “I’m so glad you’re here. Leon is waiting in the bedroom for us.” She stroked her hand over my cheek. “Do you want a drink or something before we get started?”

I shook my head. “No, I’m good.”

Then I showed her my teeth with a wiggle of my eyebrows. “Just show me esenyurt escort to the bedroom.”

After a quick look down at my erection straining hard against my pants, she heaved a shaky breath, obviously as eager to get the show on the road as I was, with a nod of her head, she took me by the hand and led me up the circular staircase to the master bedroom.

A nice King size bed took centre stage in the middle of the room. And seeing as everything was all done in shades of white with pink accents and loads of flowery stuff around, I imagined this was the lady of the house’s room, and her hubby slept elsewhere.

The room had pot lights across the ceiling. And I noticed then that her husband, who I said hello to, who gave me an answering nod when I walked in with her, was sitting in a high back chair with the lights dimmed on his side of the room by the opposite wall.

But the bed was lit up so he could see our every move, which was okay with me, since I was being paid surprisingly well to slide my cock into his wife’s pussy, give her a good hard ride, and hopefully knock her up.

I leaned down and whispered to Cindy, “Is there anything he’d like to see us doing together?”

She shook her head, grinning. “No. Just do what you normally do, and I think he’ll be happy — and so will I.”

Then she reached up, smoothed her hands across my chest and started peeling me out of my shirt as I happily smiled into her eyes. She really was beautiful, with a face like an angel with big, long-lashed blue eyes, and nice full sexy lips. Along with a body that could make a grown man weep.

I knew one thing, Cooper was one lucky man.

As she worked at getting my clothes off, I slid her wrap off her shoulders, and groaned when I got my first unobstructed look at her big pale breasts spilling out of the top of her black lace bra, with her taut, rosy nipples standing proudly erect, just begging for my mouth.

Without even thinking, I reached out and cupped her breasts in my hands, that I was pleased to discover more than filled my palms. Pinching her nipples between my fingers I started to tug and twist at them, like I was trying to crack a safe and smiled as she whimpered and arched her back, anxiously thrusting them into my hand, like I knew she would.

Leaning down, holding her around the waist, I gave each nipple a playful little flick of my tongue, then drew them one after the other into my mouth, delighted at the way she was starting to shiver as I suckled them hard, with sharp little tugs of my teeth to help her get off.

Listening to her excitedly squealing and shaking hard as she came, just from me toying with her girls, I didn’t imagine much ever happened in her bedroom, at least not with her husband.

But since I’d started to ask for health checks on my clients, it didn’t matter to me if she was banging a different guy every night of the week, as long as she was clean now when I was about to slide my dick into her and take her bareback.

“Ooh, that feels so good,” she murmured, clenching her thighs. I could smell her arousal filling the air, just from that bit of breast play and imagined she’d really make some noise once I filled her up and started to pound her and had her coming all over my cock.

I slid a hand between her legs and ran it over panties, letting out a groan, she was so fucking wet. “You’re pussy’s dripping,” I murmured, brushing kisses along her neck as I pushed her panties aside and slid my middle finger inside her.

I was so lost in the feel of her hot, wet pussy eagerly clamping around my finger, forgetting we had an audience, I jumped when her husband called out, “Speak up, boy, so I can hear you.”

Cindy grinned and gave me a nod to go ahead and tell him. So I said a little a louder, “Your wife’s really wet.” And we both smiled when we heard him chuckle his approval.

“Guess we’d better let him see what we’re up to,” she suggested, as I tugged her panties off and she kicked them aside. I felt my eyes rolling back in my head when I got my first look at her tight little pussy.

Anxious to get inside her, I got busy getting my clothes off, while keeping my gaze trained on her shaved slit with just a thin, blonde landing strip, like a beacon adorning her mound. Then I watched her lift her high-heeled foot and sit it on a padded bench at the end of her bed, so her husband could get a good look at her pussy and what I was about to do to her. Seeing she was more than ready, I quickly slid two fingers inside her and heard the old man let out a satisfied grunt as I started to give her a little finger fucking to get her nice and juicy.

“Mmm, yes, right there,” Cindy whispered on a gasp when I located her g-spot and kept working it with the tip of my fingers, watching her really beginning to quiver.

Of course I was happy to keep giving whatever she needed, until I had her shivering and squealing her head off all over again, when she came with a gush, coating zeytinburnu escort my hand with her juices.

Fighting to catch her breath after coming that hard, when she dropped her gaze, she actually began to whimper when she got her first look at my nine solid inches standing straight up in the air. Looking up into my eyes, grinning like a cat that had just snagged a big, juicy mouse, she licked her lips. “Oooh, you’ve got a lovely cock, so nice and thick and long.” When her hubby mumbled something about us speaking up again, she grinned. “I don’t think I should repeat that for him.”

I smiled back. “Maybe not.” The guy asked me to breed his wife, and wanted to watch, but I don’t think he’d be too happy to hear his wife gushing over the size of my joy stick.

Smiling into my eyes, Cindy had me shuddering as she slid her fingers down over the dark matt of hair on my chest and then lower, along the line trailing down over my abs, till he had her hand wrapped around my cock and began stroking and squeezing it nice and hard.

Problem was, though it felt good, I knew if she kept it up I’d be losing it pretty quick and that would be it, and It’d be a while till I’d be able to sink inside her to get the job done. As much as I was enjoying the hand job, I didn’t plan on spending the night, especially entertaining her husband.

Then fuck me, if she didn’t drop to her knees and start sucking me off! She had me groaning so deep my throat hurt, the second she pulled me between her lips. She looked so hot down on her knees, with her big breasts heaving, and was just so good at giving head — happily lapping all around my cockhead, moaning as she sucked me back, gently squeezing my balls and rolling them in her palm. Then she started lapping and sucking the hell out of them, too.

Normally never one to turn down a blow job, especially one that felt as good as this, I knew I had to say something or things were going to start happening a little too fast. “Cindy, as good as that feels, you keep it up and I’ll be shooting right down your throat. And seeing as I’m here to fill that sweet little pussy of yours with my seed, I think you’d better stop or you’ll be sucking back all my swimmers.”

Wearing a little pout, with a loud pop, she reluctantly pulled off me.

I winked at her. “But I could still go down on you.”

Her eyes flared, and she quickly scrambled onto the bed. She had her legs spread open wide, with her tits heaving in a heartbeat, obviously anxious to feel my mouth on her.

I don’t know what kind of body wash she was using, but damn, I couldn’t believe how sweet her pussy smelled when I got down between her legs and sucked back a lungful. Like fresh strawberries laced with sex, a pretty intoxicating mix, that if possible had me growing even harder.

Using my thumbs I spread her outer lips open wide, and shook my head at the sight of her pretty pink pussy just begging for me to give her what she needed. After I’d lapped her slowly from back to front, and got her moaning, I planted a lingering open mouth kiss right on quivering cunt. As I probed into her tight little hole with the tip of my tongue as deep as I could go, fucking her with my mouth, I had her gasping and fisting my hair in her hands, slamming my head in even tighter against her slit, begging me for more.

Not that I minded, because I did love to eat pussy, especially one as juicy and tasty as hers. Though my tongue was already coated in a nice thick layer of her delectable cream, I just couldn’t get enough of her. So I slid in two fingers, and worked at getting her off, suckling her swollen clit between my lips, flicking it with my tongue. I got into a rhythm; I’d suck and flick and suck and flick, until I could feel her starting to shiver, and really make some noise, ready to come right in my mouth.

“Oh, fuck me, that feels so good,” she groaned, digging her fingers in and tugging hard at my hair till it stung, as I felt her whole body begin to shudder.

On the other side of the room I could hear her old man grunting a little louder as I ate into his wife, probably thinking back to his glory days when he was nimble enough to get his face between a woman’s legs, to get off on the taste of her. So I imagined he was getting his rocks off just watching me making a meal out of his pretty young wife.

Thing was, I knew I’d have to get her really juicy and relaxed enough for her to take my cock, because she was pretty tight, and I’m pretty big. I didn’t want to hurt her, and I also needed to get up inside her as deep as I could go, if I was going to seed her womb.

My heart pounding hard, working my fingers in and out of her, I kept lapping and suckling at her clit, and soon she was shaking hard, and squealing her head off so loud, that her husband started excitedly tapping his cane on the floor and yelling, “At a boy, eat up that pussy!”

I chuckled, shaking my head. Though I’d never had taksim escort bayan a cheering section before, I was so into getting her off, that I really didn’t care if he watching my every move or not.

My cock felt heavy as lead between my legs and I could feel my thighs getting sticky and realized my pre-cum was really starting to slick up the sheets. So I knew I’d have to get inside her soon, before I lost it and shot all over her bed.

With one last lingering kiss to her pussy, kind of hating to give it up, I patted her thigh, and told her, “Got to get you up on all fours, Cindy, so I can go nice and deep.”

Her chest still heaving pretty hard, she nodded and rolled over and got onto her hands and knees, and I rolled my eyes and slid my hands over her beautiful, warm smooth ass, and pressed a kiss to her back.

I could tell she was nice and wet, with how she was glistening under the lights, and I could see that her pussy was still clenching, I’d made her come so many times. She just looked so hot, when I took hold of my cock and ran it up and down along her slit, I smiled at the way she thrust her ass back, just begging me to fill her up, fuck her hard and breed her.

I could hear her husband’s anxious, labored breathing from across the room as I held her hip in one hand and my cock in the other and started to push my cockhead into the warmth of her slick little pussy, obviously enjoying the sight of me finally getting my cock into her and fucking his wife.

“Wow, you’re big,” she gasped, “but oh, you feel so good.”

She’d get no argument from me. My cock felt like it was in heaven as I blissfully sank into the heat of her tight, wet cunt, already gripping around me hard. And to think, that I was here for the sole purpose of getting her pregnant, was almost too hard to believe.

I pushed in nice and slow, getting off on the sight of my dick disappearing into the depths of her pussy. When I felt my cockhead bottoming out at her womb, I slid back out almost all the way, groaning as I looked down at my long, hard shaft glistening with her juices.

Squeezing hard as I filled my hands with her gorgeous ass, I smiled at the tempting sight of her tight back hole winking back at me, tempting me to take that, too. So as I slid back inside her, I slicked my thumb up with her pussy juices and worked it into her ass as I started to give it to her a little harder and deeper with each thrust. And I really got her panting and squealing and tossing her head back and forth as I worked my dick and my thumb in and out of her in tandem. She was breathing really hard with her hand between her legs, fingering her clit, almost gasping for air, she was so into it. And I could tell that both of us were going to come soon, her all over my cock, and me filling her womb with my seed.

“Oh, damn, Damon, I’m gonna come again, so hard,” she gasped, mindlessly slamming her ass back against my thighs, just begging me to pound her.

My heart pounding so hard I could feel it in my ears, gritting my teeth, slamming into her deep, giving it to her as hard as I could, I knew if she came when I shot my load, she’d be opened up inside just the way I needed her, and my seed would get in nice and deep, hopefully breeding her with one shot.

I shook my head as I looked down at her moaning, already shivering hard, getting herself off with my cock buried in her as deep as it could go, with my thumb teasing her tight light little back pucker, giving even more of what she needed. I decided I’d never experienced anything as erotic in my life as pounding my dick into this gorgeous, sexy woman while her husband groaned and grunted as he watched us breeding like animals.

With my pulse pounding through my veins, and sweat running down my face onto her back, digging my hands into her hips hard enough to leave marks, I kept on pumping, slapping my thighs hard against her ass, grunting like a rutting beast, slamming her harder and faster with every stroke. Till finally I threw back my head, letting out a feral growl as a warning shock wave shot straight down my spine as I felt my balls tense up and let go. I could feel my cock pulsing hard inside her like a second heartbeat as I filled up her womb with what felt like a gallon of my seed, hopefully getting the job done and breeding her, like she was begging for.

“Oh, fuck!” she gasped, her legs shaking and her breasts heaving. “I’ve never felt anything like this, and I’ve never come as hard in my life.”

I pressed my lips to her back and told her, “Now you’d better roll over, so you keep that inside you.”

Still slightly gasping, she smiled into my eyes as she got onto her back and I lifted her feet and rested them on the headboard, to keep my swimmers from leaking out of her womb.

I could hear husband’s labored breathing from across the room, and I imagined in his own way, he’d gotten off, too, from watching his pretty young wife being fucked to within an inch of her life, while she was being bred.

Cindy was running her hand up and down along my thigh, wearing a pretty satisfied grin as I brushed the hair out of her eyes. She was just so damn pretty and so hot, I kind of wished this wasn’t going to be the only time we’d ever hook up.

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