Breaking the Tension

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I share a house with another girl in Denver named Kathy. Kathy and I have been roommates for a few months now and we get along great. Many nights we would just stay up for hours getting to know each other. Of course before long, sex became one of our favorite conversations. I’ve always loved sex and so did Kathy, so on some nights we would take turns talking about the guys we had fucked and what really turned us on. During a conversation one night, Kathy told me that during the past couple of years, she just couldn’t seem to get enough sex. I confessed to her that I was such a horny chick that I often masturbated several times a night. Neither of us had ever had sex with another woman but something happened last week that changed all of that.

Kathy came home from work one day and told me that she’s had a really stressful day. I told her to take a hot shower, forget all of the crap from the day and just try to relax. Later that evening as I was lying across my bed reading she came into my room to “chat” like we did so many nights. Kathy’s hair was still damp from the shower and she was wearing a sexy two-piece nightee that hung down in front just enough in the front to expose her subtle breasts. As she leaned over to climb onto the bed beside me, her top sagged down and I was able to see every inch of her breasts. I felt a tingle of arousal surge through my body and I remember thinking, “I can’t believe that I’m getting turned on by seeing my roommate’s tits.”

Kathy said, “I’m still upset from all of the crap that I had to put with today, and my fucking shoulders are so tense, they just ache!” I told her to sit on the edge of the bed and I would rub her shoulders and try to relax her. Kathy pulled the straps of her top down some and I knelt behind her and began to rub her shoulders. As I massaged Kathy’s shoulders, I realized that I had another great view of her breasts since she’d loosed her top so much. I just kept looking down at those beautiful breasts and I felt my pussy begin to get wet. It was unbelievable, the longer I rubbed her shoulders, the more excited I became! I remember thinking, “What’s happening to me?”

Although I didn’t really know what was happening, I knew that I liked it! I slowly began to inch closer and closer to Kathy as I continued to rub her shoulders until my thighs were pressing firmly against her butt. Kathy leaned her head back against my shoulder and said, “Oh that feels so good, I had no idea how tense I was.” I gently leaned my head against hers and started extending my massage down Ümraniye Escort her arms. I could feel my nipples getting hard as my breasts occasionally rubbed against her back. I didn’t know what to do next since I was in “uncharted territory” but I was getting so horny that I just couldn’t stand it any longer. I cautiously began to brush my fingers against Kathy’s breasts as I rubbed her arms and I heard her moan softly. This sent a thrill of excitement through me and I decided to just go for it. I stopped massaging her shoulders and began to run my hands across her breasts started caressing her nipples as I pressed my body tightly against hers. My heart was racing as I waded deeper and deeper into these uncharted waters.

Suddenly to my surprise, Kathy leaned forward, pulled her top off and turned toward me. I stared into her beautiful blue eyes for a moment and then Kathy leaned toward me and our lips met in a warm, erotic kiss. I had never kissed a woman before but it felt so wonderful. Kathy’s lips were soft and warm and our tongues wrapped around each other in a passionate ballet as I began to run my fingers through her long blonde hair. I ripped off my shirt, put my arms around Kathy and we laid back on the bed, wrapped in a sensual embrace. We continued kissing as I ran my fingers across her milky breasts and circled her pink, erect nipples with my index finger.

Kathy’s breathing was coming in shallow pants as I slowly ran my hand down her stomach and slid it inside of her shorts. I began to run my fingers along the outside lips of her pussy and I felt her body tense. I gently slid one finger inside of her pussy and I couldn’t believe what an incredible turn on it was to feel her warm moist pussy. I’ve fingered myself hundreds of times but I had never felt another woman’s pussy until now. Of course I knew just what to do, so I started to massage her clit just like I massage my own every night.

Kathy began to tug at her short in a frantic attempt to get them off. I slid down the bed and completed the job for her. I slowly slid between her legs and began to kiss the inside of her thighs, slowly working my way up to her beautiful inviting pussy. As I neared my destination, I could smell that wonderful musky aroma that I’ve grown to love so much. I’ve always enjoyed licking my fingers when I masturbated so I could taste my own pussy and now I was about to get the chance to taste another woman’s pussy for the first time. I began to lick the outside lips of her pussy and as soon as my tongue Ümraniye Escort Bayan touched her lips, I felt her body tense and she grabbed the sheet tightly with both hands. Her pussy was so hot and wet that I knew this evening was turning her on as well. I began recklessly licking the lips of her pussy and I felt her thighs begin to squeeze around my head. I slowed my pace and moved my focus to her inner lips. I snaked my tongue up to her clitoris, back down to her vagina, and then back up to her clitoris.

She began to sway her hips, moving them in small circles. I inserted my tongue into her vagina trying to fuck it. She pressed her pussy back against my face as I tried to stick my tongue in as far as I could. I pulled my tongue out and slid it back up to her clitoris. I made small, but firm circles around the hood, then licked it directly. I felt her jump as I sucked her clitoris between my lips and tugged gently before releasing it. She began to moan and I sped up the motions of my tongue, driving it back into her vagina over and over. I then moved back to her inner folds and licked faster. I moved to her clit again, and sucked it between my lips, still stimulating it with my tongue. I felt Kathy shudder, her legs quivered, and finally, I heard her let out a low, throaty moan and then her whole body shook as the orgasm swept over her.

As Kathy laid there with her eyes closed, still engulfed in the final waves of her orgasm, I moved back up next to her and began to gently caress her breasts and massaged her thick, firm nipples. She finally opened her eyes and said, “Oh my, that was incredible!” There was an awkward silence for a moment as we lay next to each other, neither one of knowing exactly what to say.

When we finally began to talk, she confessed that she had often fantasized about us making love, but just never had the courage to take the first step. Kathy pushed me back onto the bed and started kissing my face, my eyes, and my ears. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt as her soft passionate kisses sent lighting bolts of pleasure through my body. Kathy kissed and nibbled on my neck and slowly worked her way down to my breasts. As she began to lick my nipples in tight circles, I closed my eyes as the waves of ecstasy washed over me. I felt Kathy straddle me and began to twist my nipples between her thumb and index finger as she ground her butt back and forth against my steaming pussy.

As I lay there with my eyes closed I could feel Kathy’s breasts begin to brush Escort Ümraniye against my pussy and I tensed with the anticipation of her going down on me. Kathy lay between my legs and gently pulled the lips of my pussy open and began thrusting her tongue deep down into my pussy over and over. I began to pulsate my hips and press my wet pussy against her face as I tried to match the rhythm of her thrusts. She then began to run her tongue up and down the inner lips of my pussy, occasionally circling my clitoris in tighter and tighter circles.

My heart was pounding and my breathing was coming in short pants as Kathy began to suck my clit. I felt her pull back the hood of my clitoris and gently begin flicking her tongue against my clit. I could feel the orgasm building inside of me and my body began to tense. Kathy could tell that I was nearing orgasm as she continued to circle my clit with her tongue. My body stiffened and began to shudder as the orgasm swept over me. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure pulsated through my body as Kathy continued to lick my pussy.

As the orgasm began to subside, I realized that while I really enjoyed the oral sex I’d just had, something was missing. Then it hit me, I wanted penetration! As much as I love having my pussy eaten, I love having a guy thrusting his hard cock into me even more. I reached over and opened the top drawer to the nightstand and pulled out my vibrator. Kathy looked up and began to giggle as I handed the vibrator to her. I looked down at Kathy and said, “Don’t laugh at me you bitch, just fuck me with this thing will ya!”

As I lay back on the bed, Kathy began to run the vibrator up and down the wet lips of my pussy. When the vibrator was nice and moist, she slowly began to insert it into my vagina. My body tensed and my back arched as I felt the vibrator penetrate me. Kathy slowly worked the vibrator in and out of my vagina as she stimulated my clitoris with her other hand. The combination of direct clitoral stimulation and penetration was unbelievable!. I began to pump my hips up and down, pushing the vibrator deeper and deeper inside me.

Kathy leaned over and began to flick her tongue back and forth against my clit as she continued to work the vibrator in and out of my pussy. I could feel another orgasm welling up inside of me and I began to move my hips back and forth more rapidly. Within seconds, I reached orgasm again and as Kathy felt my body begin to shudder, she removed the vibrator and lay back between my legs. Kathy continued to run her tongue up and down the lips of my pussy as the orgasm pulsated through me for what seemed like an eternity. Kathy climbed back up next to me and pulled the covers up over us.

As we lay there under the covers, cuddling, and fondling, we rested from our recent ecstasy and began to plan our next encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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