Breaking the Shackles

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Anniversaries aren’t worth celebrating if you are alone. Mukesh sighed helplessly as he felt immensely aloof on his very first anniversary. Suchi, his wife had gone for her first delivery and the small flat in the suburbs of New Bombay had begun looking like a haunted house in her absence. He even cursed himself for hurrying the first child which had left him high and dry on what could have been a wonderful day. It was mid December and the winter was setting in nicely. He could see the mild fog which remained intact outside the window. He recollected how Suchi struggled to cope up with last winter immediately after their marriage. Those were wonderful memories; Suchi always remained in his hug looking for the much needed warmth.

A bit of despondency crept into his mind, knowing that he might be held up late in his office tonight. The few pending projects could perhaps serve as some diversion from the sudden state of depression he was going through. He shook his head in despair realizing that he won’t be having the time to visit Aruna, his younger sister who was just an hour’s drive from his house.

Suchi was the first to call to wish him a happy anniversary. He felt a vacuum filling up his throat as he spoke to his wife who was almost a thousand kilometers away from him. Suchi’s voice broke down in the middle of the conversation and it wasn’t easy consoling her. After the brief conversation, Mukesh began feeling more isolated and dejected than before. Just as he was about to enter the bathroom, the telephone rang once again. He felt elated to hear the familiar voice at the other end. It was Aruna.

“Happy anniversary,” Aruna nearly howled at the other end.

“Thank you,” Mukesh acknowledged her greetings with a broad smile. “What a coincidence! I was just thinking about you minutes before you called.”

“Don’t lie to me,” Her voice was soaked in her typical enthusiasm. “It’s not a day when you should remember your sister.”

“Funny,” Mukesh felt somewhat light as he giggled. “Actually, I thought of calling you. I am afraid I won’t be able to join the dinner.”

“I sort of expected that,” Aruna said mockingly. “I know your job is your second wife. But, don’t you think you must make a visit at least once a month? We are too near yet too far.”

“Agreed,” Mukesh conceded with a sense of guilt. “I haven’t seen you for a while now.”

“That’s why I am here,” Aruna began laughing at the other end. “Turn around and look out.”

Mukesh rushed to the window again and spotted Aruna walking through the gate holding her cellular phone. Their eyes meet at once and they exchanged a warm smile from a distance. Mukesh switched off his handset and rushed towards the door to let his sister get in. Her right hand stretched forward even before the door opened. They shook hands gently before getting in.

“What a pleasant surprise!” Mukesh smiled without revealing his true emotions. He was moved by his sister’s courteous gesture. The house suddenly became vibrant with the vivacious presence of Aruna and soon the siblings got engrossed in some funny discussions punctuated by loud laughing every now and then.

“What have you planned for your breakfast?” Aruna queried mockingly. She knew that her brother never had the patience to stand in the kitchen.

“Continental,” Mukesh laughed aloud. “Bread with butter.” “I thought so,” Aruna joined the laughter. Once again her brother had vindicated her presumption that men hate getting inside the kitchen. She pulled out a neat packet from her vanity bag which was nicely wrapped in a glowing foil. Mukesh knew at once that it had something better than the bread he was planning to have for the breakfast.

“That’s very nice of you,” Mukesh genuinely admired his sister.

They began another round of non-stop gossiping with childish enthusiasm. Mukesh kept watching the swift change of expressions on his sister’s face as she spoke. Aruna looked a bit taller than him although she was two years younger. She always took great care of her long, dense and dark hair which swayed below her waists as she walked. She had wrapped a light maroon shawl around her to get respite from the early morning winter breeze. She always looked great while smiling due to the cute dimple on her left cheek. Her breasts remained well in shape even after six years of married life. She always had been the center of attraction in the family being such a sublime beauty.

“The house was looking so empty,” Mukesh said as he sensed that she had caught him watching her.

“You will have a new little member during your next anniversary,” Aruna said while her right Fulya Escort hand landed on his lap. It was a strange feeling for Mukesh as they had stopped touching each other ever since Aruna attained puberty.

“Yes,” Mukesh spoke nodding his head. “I can’t wait.”

“I bet you can’t,” Aruna said laughingly. “You have always been a man in a hurry. That’s why Suchi is pregnant so quick.”

It wasn’t a pleasant comment by any means although Aruna has begun talking like this for quite a while. Mukesh was aware of some of her little disappointments in her married life although Hiten, her husband was a gem of a person. Hiten was more into his business than being a mere normal man at home and he seldom realized that Aruna was expecting a bit too much from him. She easily got a job as a receptionist in some MNC and soon got out of the shell to become a typical enterprising woman.

“I want you to care for Suchi even after the baby,” Aruna winked at him. “Don’t dump her after becoming a proud father.”

Mukesh knew that she was deliberately trying to sound funny hiding her disappointments behind the curtains of humor. He thought he was obliged to tell a few words of consolation.

“Don’t feel bad about Hiten,” Mukesh tried to reason with her. “After all he is struggling hard for your family.”

“Struggling?” Aruna made a quick interruption. “He simply loves his business more than anything else. I am somewhat that he doesn’t have a bedroom in his office.”

“Ok, cool it,” Mukesh spoke softly as he feared that she could break down if not stopped.

“I am sorry about this,” Aruna’s voice sounded shallow. “I forgot why I came here.”

“Don’t be so formal,” Mukesh stood up as he spoke. “Let me get you a hot cup of coffee.”

“Now, is it your turn to be formal?” Aruna grabbed his arms and pulled him back on the sofa.

“Aren’t you feeling cold?” Mukesh questioned. “I think a hot coffee would be wonderful.”

“I haven’t come here from so long just for a cup of coffee,” Aruna smiled mischievously. “I came to serve a nice breakfast on your anniversary.”

“It’s too early for breakfast,” Mukesh replied thinking that his sister was mentioning about the packet she had carried for him.

“You are as ignorant as Hiten,” Aruna murmured getting closer to him. “Can’t you see the wonderful breakfast before you? A very lively breakfast.”

Mukesh was taken aback at once. Surely he wasn’t shocked to realize what she meant exactly. He had been ogling at her for a while now and some of those early dreams about her before he married Suchi still remained fresh at the bottom of his heart.

“I will better open the parcel,” Aruna said with a strange looking smile and pulled off the shawl from her shoulders. She was presenting an excellent view of her well covered cushy globes to Mukesh who sat still without emoting. She was wearing an olive green churidar with a very low cut neck studded with artificial stones all around the ‘V’ portion. She looked stunningly beautiful with those wonderful silk embroidery works done on the shoulders and the sleeves. The top two buttons of her churidar were already open which revealed a little bit of her cleavage. Her wonderfully shaped breasts with sharp edges almost stuck to the outer fabric suggesting that she was perhaps wearing a perfect bra. After wavering in the air for a while, his eyes gathered the courage to settle on her breasts. The unusual moment was exciting both of them.

Just as he kept gazing her body, she suddenly tilted her head towards him and let her lips plant a gentle kiss on his left cheek. Mukesh froze at once and looked perplexed while she was grinning. Much to his amazement, he got a hard-on from nowhere.

“I want to make your anniversary memorable,” Aruna smiled looking straight into his eyes. Mukesh watched breathlessly as she pulled off her churidar in a flash, exposing her dark silk bra. Both of her hands were resting on his lap.

Mukesh was sitting motionless unlike his sister. Her legs crossed with him as she began leaning on his chest more and more. “I want you to treat me as Suchi for the day.”

Mukesh was immediately taken over by animal instincts. As she began tilting her head towards him again, his hands grabbed her head by holding at the back and pulled it towards him. Their lips pressed hard against each other and his tongue invaded inside her mouth to explore inside. Mukesh stumbled and slipped on to the floor pulling his sister together. She was pressing hard against his chest and for once Mukesh’s bulge was brushing against her crotch. They began rolling on the floor hugging Fulya Escort Bayan hard with their bodies sticking together.

Mukesh was amazed to see her animated curiosity as she impatiently snapped the robes of his pajama and pulled it off in real quick time. She climbed on him like a seasoned rider and began pushing her body hard against him. As she leaned forward her long hair covered his face and the scent of her indigenous hair perfume conquered him. She swung her head sideways letting his face free of the hair cover and landed her lips firmly against his mouth. Her right hand ran through his hair while her left hand stroked his stomach sending sensational waves all over his body. Her bra was getting mashed against his chest and he felt the tickle of her nipples protruding through the fabric. Her lips began an erotic journey licking his cheeks, chin and ears. The demon inside Mukesh broke the shackles at once as his arms eagerly went behind to grab her buttocks with fierce lust. He had lost all consideration for her sister as he rolled over, pushing her onto the floor again to regain his control by climbing on her body. She wasn’t lagging behind as she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him harder against her. She was still dressed below the waist although she was thrusting her body upwards letting her crotch hump against his huge bulge.

“Aruna,” Mukesh spoke after he managed to break free for a moment. “You are going to feel better from today. You are going to have my tongue lashing at your pussy. When you leave my house your lips might be sore. I would have made your cunt a bit wider.”

“Yes,” Aruna yelled excitedly. “I love to hear someone talking to me like that. Go on.”

Mukesh was growing underneath. Excitement kept flowing like a wild stream feeling his sister right between his legs. His eyes gazed at those bulging breasts which looked like snapping off the bra as they swelled in and out. The darling of the family, his sexy sister was at his disposal willing to be fucked in every way he would like.

Mukesh couldn’t resist the temptation to chew those tender lips of his sister. She immediately began stroking his tongue with hers as though she was waiting for his kiss. Her hands gripped his strong shoulders with amazing strength driven by passion.

“Let me eat the sweet with the wrapper on,” Mukesh dived on her bra and began sucking her breasts one after the other. He almost took the whole of her sharp breasts inside his mouth and as he began sucking, he tasted the mixed flavor of her breasts and her bra. The harder he sucked, the louder she moaned. After sucking one, he rested between the two before resuming on the other.

“Is this what you normally do to Suchi?” She spoke in a voice which broke in pleasure. After having a satisfactory sucking session, Mukesh became restless and ripped off the bra hooks in utter hurry. He could see rays of expectations sparkling in her eyes as he was about to descend on her naked breasts. His hands went in between her body and the floor looking to grab her ass cheeks while his mouth settled down on her left breast. He deliberately let his fingernails make some impression on her soft ass cheeks while most of her bulging breast got arrested inside his eager mouth. He was quickly jumping from left to right and back and occasionally biting her perky nipples gently. He stopped every time when she squealed and lashed his tongue over the cones as if he was apologetic.

Mukesh was getting more animated now. He pulled off the rest of her clothes through her legs and didn’t waste much time in getting rid of her panties either. She had very little hair which looked tender over her cunt. For one first time, he noticed that his sister blushed.

He wasn’t in any mood to enjoy the finer aspects of his sex with his sister as he pounced on her soft cunt letting his mouth have its own way. He went rapidly stroking his rough tongue over her wonderful hole. After a few seconds, his tongue barged out of his mouth and dove into her soggy pussy as deep as it could. Aruna convulsed frantically as her brother eagerly lapped up her oozing fluid with a thirst of a lifetime.

“Yessss!” Aruna screamed and her body arched like a bow in the air.

Mukesh flashed a sadistic grin and from nowhere he inserted two fingers inside her pussy in lightning speed. Aruna resumed screaming after a momentary pass as her brother began pumping the fingers deeper and faster. He remembered his wife who sometimes preferred a few fingering sessions before his dick took over. His fingers poked in frenzy and weren’t relenting until Aruna Escort Fulya cried out of climax. A stream of fluid as hot as lava splashed out of her pussy sprinkling quite a few drops on his face.

“Ooh, Mukesh, That was lovely. I now realize what I have been missing all these days.” She readily offered her lips as he pushed himself up to get close to her face. Mukesh slanted his body and got rid off his brief while his sister watched his long meat standing tall and hard like a tower.

She seized the initiative by hugging him and kissing him from his forehead till his abdomen. Her right hand reached out to his shaft and she began stroking it gently to begin with. She looked up to her brother as if to verify if he was enjoying before her mouth eagerly kissed the tip of his dick. Mukesh felt like flying through the clouds feeling his sister’s soft lips licking every bit of his eight and a half inch dick. Her tongue came round about his entire shaft ensuring that not even a single spot of her brother’s dick was deprived of the oral treat. Mukesh’s head jerked back immediately after she took the entire length of his dick inside her mouth opening like a magical cave.

She felt incredible on his dick with her tongue unrelenting inside her mouth. The tip of his dick looked like hitting her throat as she went about sucking it methodically. Aruna’s head motioned in a nice rhythm while her eyes remained closed in concentration. Mukesh kept wishing that the session should last longer but inevitably the end approached quicker than he had expected. Surprisingly, Aruna seemed to have sensed his predicament as she began quickening up the whole thing. Huge loads of his semen were shooting inside her mouth which disappeared into her throat with just a few drops spewed over her lips. Mukesh’s dick shrunk instantly and began falling down gradually much to the anxiety of his sister. Her hands caught hold of the tilting dick and began stroking it back to its furious best. Her magic worked after a while and the giant rose yet again to stand aright like a resurgent soldier.

She was in a hurry again as she stood up having her brother in between her well spread legs. Mahesh watched his naughty sister sitting down on his dick much to his delight. She moved back and forth a bit enabling the head of his dick position right against her enclosure. Biting her lower lips seductively, she settled down very slowly to have at least an inch of his dick probing inside her. Once she was convinced about their positions, she came down heavily on him letting almost half the length of his dick all the way inside her with a tremendous impact. The brother took the clue from his sister and started banging his body against her pussy with a nice momentum. Her pussy was soon getting a vise like grip on his dick feeling her inner cavity with a bit of friction. As he continued thrusting his dick upwards, she felt softer and softer as his pole was going further inside her.

Mukesh was naturally the stronger of the two and as such it was his turn to make some impact. His body moved up and down as if it was driven by some hydraulic force letting his sister pant frantically in joy. He went about thrusting faster and harder while her body jumped coping up with the momentum. Her breasts jumped in the air with every thrust giving her brother an awesome view. Aruna’s knees felt hard and sore against the floor although she never let the fun fizzle by slowing down. They looked at each other as their speed became incredible and beyond their control. Mukesh’s nerves began feeling a pleasant strain moving from his groin, traveling through the spine before it got into his brain so much so that he feared his head would explode.

“Cum with me, Mukesh! I am almost there!” She screamed in ecstasy.

Mukesh wished he could defy the natural course as he accelerated like hell all the while keeping an eye on those erotic expressions on Aruna’s face. She humped like a spring on him letting out loud screams enough to wake the neighbors up. They were soon at the pinnacle experiencing heavenly pleasure planting their finger nails on each other’s flesh. Mukesh exploded and began shooting loads of cum inside her to fill her womb. Her head swung either ways before she bowed down letting her long hair come from behind and covering her naked chest. Within moments, their naked bodies went still and chill. She slowly raised her head revealing a smile of fulfillment although her brother’s dick hadn’t finished yet. She hissed till the last drop of his cum was shot into her and once done her hands rested on his shoulders. She soon fell on him as though she had fainted. She remained in his hug for a while and they both went silent at once.

“Mukesh,” She whispered. “Did you like the breakfast?”

Mukesh preferred to kiss her on her lips in reply. “You bet I did.”

“I don’t mind serving lunch if you can skip work today.”

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