Breaking Point

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Annabeth was in her bedroom getting dressed, putting on some new clothes she had purchased yesterday, she smiled to herself knowing just how much they would piss her step dad off. He wouldn’t have bothered himself, but he would know that her mum wouldn’t like it and he would be worried about her finding out. It annoyed her how controlling her mum was, but it annoyed her more how much her step dad just put up with it, never backing her up when her mum was being totally over the top. Her mum was away for the weekend and Annabeth was looking forward to a bit more freedom.

When she was done she went and stood in front of the full length mirror, her gaze looked at her pretty face, framed by her long straight blond hair, flowing down over her slender neck and shoulders. At 19 years old she had finally blossomed into a beautiful young lady, growing up she had always felt a bit gangly, too tall and skinny, never happy with herself, but when she had finally peaked at 5″11′ she had filled out slightly in other areas, the last couple of years being kind to her self esteem.

She stared at her ample bosom in her low cut crop top, her breasts squeezed together, her cleavage deep and inviting. Her stomach underneath, flat and toned, her slim waist and narrow hips. She had on a short denim skirt, slightly billowing out at the bottom, her pert firm ass underneath. The skirt rode high on her thighs, her long slender legs stretching down to the ground, she admired herself and the outfit, this was going to go down perfectly.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like her step dad, it was the complete opposite, he was young, a lot younger than her mum, he was only 32, and handsome, he also looked after himself so had a toned fit body. It was just he was such a pushover, he never stuck up for himself or Annabeth, and that wound her up. She loved her mum but he deserved a lot better, someone nice, like her maybe, she thought, then weakly pushed the thought to the back of her mind.

She was fully dressed but for her underwear, she looked around for a clean pair of panties but couldn’t find any.

“They’ll be some in the laundry,” she muttered to herself, thinking she’ll just get some when she’s downstairs.

She headed downstairs to find her step dad, David, in the kitchen, he had his back to her, Annabeth stared at his ass in his shorts for a second before wandering over next to him and reaching up for a bowl in the cupboard. She stretched up, her slender body tightening as she reached, her skirt riding up on her ass, she felt the air on her naked pussy and felt her juices stir inside.

David looked towards her, he couldn’t help but look at Annabeth, his eyes followed the perfect contours of her body down to her long legs. He felt himself harden but also felt anger build inside him, he knew she dressed like that just to get a reaction out of him, and he was sure it wasn’t the reaction happening in his boxers that she wanted.

“Morning Annabeth,” he said, “you know you can’t possibly go out like that today.” He had to say something, her mum would go mental if she found out, he thought.

“Why not?” Annabeth said, annoyance building already, “what mum doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” She grabbed what she needed and dropped back down onto her heels. She poured out her cereal.

“That’s not the point,” he said, “if she finds out she’ll go mad, and I’ve said no.”

“Oh grow some balls David,” Annabeth said, “I should be able to wear what I want and you know it, I’m 19 for fucks sake.” David looked down, hurt, Annabeth felt bad, she grabbed the milk, poured it in her cereal and then sat down, she spread her legs slightly, enjoying the freshness of wearing no panties.

“You know what she’s like,” David said, quietly, he turned to face her, god she’s pretty, he thought, a younger version of her mother, “I do my best, you can’t go out like that though.”

“We’ll see,” Annabeth said, to David’s annoyance, “I don’t know why you put up with it,” she added.

“Because,” David mumbled, he didn’t go into further detail, “look I just want a nice quiet weekend without her, I don’t want to fight.”

“Then leave me alone,” Annabeth said, she felt really bad for David, but her own anger was too strong.

David kept his mouth shut, his anger growing inside, it was enough that he put up with his wife’s shit, let alone his step daughters as well, if only she knew why he stayed, he thought.

Annabeth watched David clean the kitchen, her mind wandered to his large cock, she knew it was large after catching him and her mum fucking one night. She had got up for a late night wee and heard noises coming from their room, she had noticed the door was open and tiptoed over, peering in.

She had almost gasped as she saw her mum on all fours, and David fucking her furiously from behind, her mum trying desperately not to scream. The single bedside light highlighted their moment of raw passionate sex, David’s hips thrusting into her mothers ass cheeks. Gaziantep Escort Annabeth had given a silent whimper as David pulled his cock out of her mum’s cunt, it looked massive, he slapped it on her ass cheeks before ramming it back in, her mum gasped. At this point she had panicked and gone back to her room, she had masterbated wildly, cumming hard at the thought of David’s cock in her.

When Annabeth snapped out of the thought she felt the familiar shame course through her, the same feeling she always felt when fantasising about her step dad. When she had finished her breakfast, she stood up, washed her bowl and walked into the hall at the bottom of the stairs.

“Are you getting changed?” David shouted.

“No!” Annabeth shouted, defiance coursing through her. She heard David rush out into the hall, she turned, he stared into her eyes, obvious anger on his face. She turned to walk away, ignoring him.

This pushed David over the edge, years of pent up rage at being ordered about by his wife, he had learned to suppress it from her, but now Annabeth was too much, he actually cared about how she treated him. He couldn’t stop himself as he stepped forward and grabbed her arm, spinning her around.

“Get off me,” Annabeth shouted, shocked, she turned him sideways and pushed David to the wall, taking him by surprise, her arm pressed against his chest. “Don’t touch me.”

“What the fuck,” David shouted back, shocked by her speed, he wasn’t having this, he thought, pushing her off him, she was taken by surprise this time, slamming into the wall opposite, her small body light in his hands, he instantly regretted it. She came at him again, her eyes blazing.

David moved towards her instinctively, he grabbed both her shoulders, surprising her again, he lifted her up and spun, her blond hair whipping around, she wrapped her legs around him as he pushed her against the wall, he pressed his whole body into her. His pelvis pushed between her legs, his penis in his trousers pressing against her naked crotch. Her short denim skirt rode high on her thighs. Her step dad’s face was inches from hers.

“What is it you have against me?” David asked, realising the embrace they were in, trying desperately not to get hard, Annabeth’s lithe young body pressed against his. She struggled weakly, her bare pussy rubbing against the cock in David’s

trousers. She knew it was big and tempting, could feel it, her juices were leaking out of her and rubbing onto his trousers

“You deserve better than my mum, and you stay with her” Annabeth said, she was fighting off her urges, it was a battle she was losing.

“I stay because you’re here, I can’t leave you with her.” David said. He couldn’t help but grind himself into her, she was so pretty, he had wanted her badly for so long. Annabeth’s head swam at the words, she knew she should ask him to let her go, get away and calm down, but she couldn’t.

“I can’t resist you,” Annabeth said, blushing and looking down. “I want to, but can’t.” she looked up into his eyes, “take me, I want you inside me.”

David didn’t flinch, he kissed her deeply, pressing harder into her, making her groan. He was hard now, his large cock pressing into her wet cunt as he ran his hand over her thigh and squeezed her small tight ass, groaning at the fact she had no underwear, running a hand between her cheeks, tickling her asshole and then touching her naked pussy, his fingertips slipping inside her.

Annabeth groaned as pleasure rippled through her, his fingers caressing her engorged lips, she wanted him inside her so bad, she couldn’t wait, she reached to his waistband and fumbled at his belt, undoing it and then the button on his shorts. She reached into his boxers, wrapping her fingers around his thick throbbing member, struggling to pull it out, finally managing to free it, her eyes widened, David’s large hard 9 inch cock standing tall as Annabeth pulled the skin back and forth, feverishly wanking him off.

David lifted her up slightly, his hands on her firm ass, as Annabeth took his cue and positioned the cock against her opening, the tip pressing between her lips, she panicked at the thought of taking his big cock inside her, she tensed as he pushed into her, she cried out in pain.

“Stop, stop,” she said, “it’s too big.”

“It’s okay,” David reassured her, “relax, you can take it baby.”

She moaned at his words and pushed down hard with her hips, screaming out loud as David’s cock penetrated her tight cunt, a brief pain ripped through her as the head slid in, followed by pure pleasure as the shaft slid inside her, she almost orgasmed there and then.

“Fuck me,” she begged, “I want your cum inside me, please, I’m on the pill.”

David started fucking her hard, his desperation taking over, his cock sliding in and out of her as she groaned loudly, his pelvis banging into her thighs, her legs prised wide, allowing his cock to penetrate deep.

“Feels Gaziantep Escort Bayan so good,” Annabeth groaned, “Please don’t stop.” The cock was like nothing she had felt before, it filled her completely, igniting every pleasurable nerve in her body.

“You’re so tight,” David groaned, he ran his right hand into her crop top and squeezed her right breast, it was so firm and supple, he pinched her nipple softly. He was desperately trying not to cum, the tight pussy was squeezing his shaft hard, her face inches from his, beautifully contorted in ecstasy, he had no hope holding on much longer, he wanted to make her cum first though, just a bit longer, he begged his penis.

“Oh fuck,” Annabeth cried, “I’m cumming daddy, I’m cumming.” She screamed loudly, squirting her juices over his shaft and the front of his trousers. She trembled in his arms, her eyes rolling to the back of her head, her already tight cunt squeezed him harder.

He stood no chance of containing himself now, being called daddy was the moment it started. David groaned as he rammed his cock in deep, Annabeth taking his full length with a scream of pleasure, he felt a surge rise through his cock, cum erupted from the end, filling his step daughter, spreading around his throbbing shaft inside her. He kept cumming and groaning.

Annabeth still orgasming, thighs shaking on the cock buried deep inside, felt the cum filling her, mixing with her own juices. She buried her head in David’s neck and moaned, as David pulled out a bit and slid back in, milking all his sperm out, there wasn’t much room as he pushed in, there was a loud squelching noise, and the cum already inside squeezed out between the cock and her swollen pussy lips, running over David’s balls.

David continued to thrust slowly as their orgasms started to diminish, both groaning, Annabeth’s pussy contracting on the twitching cock.

“Thank you daddy,” Annabeth purred in his ear.

“Oh god,” David said, realisation hitting him, a look of horror on his face, “I’m so sorry.” He lifted Annabeth up by her thighs, and pulled his cock out, the long shaft slid out of her, glistening with a mixture of both of their ejaculations, cum ran out of Annabeth as the head popped out and splashed on the floor. Annabeth instantly felt sad at the emptiness, she wanted more.

“Don’t go,” Annabeth begged.

“We shouldn’t have,” David said, scrambling with his belt, he hurried off to his bedroom.

Annabeth smiled as she stood there, cum ran down her inner thighs, she reached down and pushed two fingers between her drenched pussy lips, she groaned, she was still tender and sensitive. Scooping some cum into her fingers, she bought it up to her mouth and tasted their exploits, relishing the taste of her step dad.

“He’ll come round,” Annabeth said, quietly. She decided to stay at home for the rest of the day, see where things led.

It wasn’t till about an hour later that David emerged from his room and headed back downstairs, his head in torment at the mornings exploits. He couldn’t believe he had given in to his urges and had had sex with his step daughter, he’d betrayed those closest to him, his step daughter who should have been safe from his lust, and his wife, who he cheated on, though he felt less guilt from this, because of how she treated him.

On the other hand it had been amazing, he couldn’t stop thinking about it, her young perfect body, how tight she had been, but experienced enough to take his size. He had gotten hard numerous times whilst upstairs, unable to contain himself and wanking till he came all over his stomach, hoping she would walk in on him. He had to resist any more urges he told himself.

He heard music in the living room and headed that way, as he reached the doorway he stopped, a small groan escaped his mouth. Annabeth was in the middle of the room, stretched out on the rug, she was doing her usual yoga routine, currently on all fours, her back arched down, arms stretched out on the floor, her ass stuck up in the air, her leggings pulled tight between her legs, her pussy lips were engorged, the fabric pushing in between, a small wet patch had spread.

She was wearing her green camouflage yoga leggings that hugged her body perfectly, showing her long legs and tight firm ass in all its detail. Her small black sports bra exposed her slim waist, the exquisitely contoured small of her back, her slender shoulders and neck were taut, her long blond hair cascaded over the floor, David’s cock slightly hardened in his trousers.

“You don’t have to hide in the doorway,” Annabeth said, making David jump slightly, “I won’t jump you if you come in, but I can’t promise anything.”

She didn’t even look over her shoulder, she had heard him coming down the stairs, she had been waiting for him, she knew he liked her in her yoga gear, she often did her yoga in the living room and had caught him staring a few times, an obvious semi in his pants, Escort Gaziantep she was sure it would be the same now. She had waited on the sofa, getting wetter and wetter thinking about earlier and if she could have him again. As soon as she had heard his footsteps she had assumed the yoga position on the floor, well aware of her wet crotch. Her mum didn’t deserve him, she thought, she’d treat him better, it was her mum’s payback for years of verbal abuse to both of them.

“Please don’t joke about it Annabeth,” David said, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…” he trailed off.

“What, fucked me, taken advantage of me?” Annabeth said, calmly, “it wasn’t all you, we wanted each other, we have for a while, you can’t deny it.”

“No I can’t deny it,” he said softly, “but your mother?” he watched raptly as Annabeth turned over and raised her hips into the air, her shoulders down flat on the floor, knee raised, he couldn’t take his eyes off her flat stomach, her ribs protruding on her waist. He walked over and sat on the sofa, his elbows on his knees, trying to hide his hard cock.

“What about her,” Annabeth said, “she deserves everything she gets. I can’t take her abuse anymore and neither should you, I’ve nearly got a deposit saved for my own place, one more payday and I’m gone, don’t stay here and let her break you.”

“I only stay because of you,” David said, “I didn’t want to leave you with her alone.”

“Thank you,” she said, finally looking at him, she looked away and changed poses, into the splits, stretching her arms out, she smiled to herself, she had noticed his hard cock.

“We can’t let it happen again, it’s not right,” David said, his eyes wide at her flexibility, he knew now he was powerless to resist her.

Annabeth laughed. She swung around and moved onto her knees, facing him, she kneeled in the middle of the rug. “I don’t think either of us believe that,” she said, moving to all fours and crawling towards him. David watched her, his eyes drawn to her cleavage, her fine breasts were hypnotic. She reached him and he leant back, as Annabeth ran her hands up his legs, opening them and kneeling in between.

“I want to see it properly,” Annabeth said, seductively, she started undoing his trousers, she reached in and grabbed the large cock, wrestled it out and let it spring up, it stood angry and throbbing. Annabeth studied it, the pulsing veins as it twitched in anticipation of her touch, it was big.

“I’m not sure we…” David started to say, but Annabeth shut him up by running a tongue from the bottom of the shaft to the head, she licked around the base of the head, David groaned, he ran his hand over her cheek and brushed her blond hair behind her ear. Annabeth kissed the tip of his cock, tasting his precum, then took him in her mouth, stretching her lips wide around his thick girth.

Annabeth pushed her head down, taking in the cock as far as it would go, she gagged, only managing to get half of it in, she started moving her mouth up and down, one hand wrapped around the bottom of the shaft, stroking him. She stared up into his eyes as he looked back, he was so big her mouth, the feeling was making her leak more into her leggings, she needed to touch it, she pushed her free hand into her leggings and between her legs, she was still wearing no pants, she moaned on the cock in her mouth as she touched herself, her fingers easily sliding into her cunt. She pulled her mouth off with a slurp, spit covering the end of the cock, she pushed her fingers in deep.

“I love your big cock daddy,” she said, groaning. Stroking the cock in her hand harder. It was a good job David had cum twice already or he would have spilled his load then.

David tried to complain, the use of the word in this situation felt so wrong, he opened his mouth to speak when Annabeth swallowed him in again, a groan came out instead. He had a sudden urge to see her naked, to taste her, to explore her body, every part. He lifted her head up and stood, pulling her up with him, her hand came out of her leggings.

He kissed her deeply and she responded, he wrapped his hands around her waist and moved them up over her ribs, he brought his hands up, lifting her sports bra off, her arms came up, her slim body stretched, her flat stomach breathing in as the top fell to the floor. David held her slim wrists together above her head with one hand, her body stayed taut.

“You’re so beautiful,” David said, running his free hand over her breast, pinching her nipples gently, he slid his hand over her toned abdomen and into her leggings, running a finger between her engorged pussy lips, “and wet.”

“Only for you daddy,” Annabeth teased, groaning as he pushed two fingers into her, forcing them deep, she buckled slightly but David held her wrists firmly as he moved the fingers inside her, finding a spot deep inside that made her groan loudly. He started rubbing inside, putting pressure on the spot inside her, she flooded with her own juices, he kept going as she started to groan.

David rubbed her hard, pushing down inside her, as his fingers worked their magic in Annabeth. He kept up the relentless assault, wanting desperately to pleasure her.

“Oh fuck, that feels good daddy,” she cried, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

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