Breaking in Stallions

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Gordon had met Angela while they were studying together at their local College of Further Education. They both had plans to go on to University but Gordon had failed a couple of modules and would be unable to go up at the same time as Angela. Their love affair had progressed in the usual way from holding hands to kissing and then explorative fumbling and fondling. Uniquely for eighteen-year-olds they were both still virgins. Gordon naturally and urgently wanted to go all the way but Angela was uncertain. She allowed him considerable licence; letting him to remove her underclothes, fondle her breasts and poke his fingers into her vagina; but there it stopped. When he became ever more insistent she would toss him off to relieve his frustration. In due course after tender loving farewells Angela departed with protestations of undying love.

Nearly a week went by and Gordon heard nothing further from her. He was distraught. After a fortnight he could bear it no longer and called round to see her mother, Janet, to see if she had any news. Janet was a divorcee just the wrong side of forty but still an extremely attractive woman; not that Gordon had noticed. She was old enough to be his mother after all. Janet smiled at Gordon’s intensity.

‘Give her a chance, Gordon, there’s a lot going on in her life, she’s just finding her feet’.

‘But I miss her so much’, he replied.

Janet smiled again. Mother and daughter were very close; almost like sisters, and Angela had confided in her mother about Gordon’s demands and her reluctance to loose her virginity.

‘It’s probably good that you are apart for a while. Things can become very intense when you are young. Just give it time. Haven’t you got any other girlfriends’? She asked.

Gordon shook his head. Janet looked at him speculatively. Of course she knew exactly what he wanted. She had been divorced for two years now and was beginning to miss having a man in her life. Not that she wanted another husband; she valued her new found freedom too much. No, what she wanted now was sex without recriminations or commitment. Although he didn’t know it, that was also exactly what Gordon needed. There was a convergence of needs and desires, a symbiotic inevitability.

‘How old are you Gordon’? Janet asked.

‘Eighteen’, he said in some surprise.

‘Look, I’m busy now’, she replied, ‘but would you like to come back this evening? Perhaps we could discuss it over a drin’.

‘Well yes, alright’, Gordon replied hesitantly.

‘Just one more thing Gordon dear, let’s keep our meeting private shall we. We don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea do we’?

For a moment Gordon was puzzled by this request; she was looking him straight in the eye. Then he realised the significance of her remark and looked away in embarrassment before mumbling his assent.


That evening Gordon walked the short distance to Janet’s house. It was dark so there was little likelihood of anyone seeing him. The front door was opened by Janet before he had an opportunity to knock.

‘Hello Gordon, do come in’.

She led him in to the lounge. He stared at her in some confusion.

‘Yes I know, the dress, it’s one of Angela’s. She told me how much you liked it’.

In truth it was his favourite of Angela’s dresses. It had a central zip fastener which went all the way from the collar to the hem and when unzipped had allowed him unhindered access to her body. Norman was astonished that it appeared to fit Janet perfectly. For the first time he saw Janet as a woman, a very attractive woman.

‘I’ll just get you a drink, Norman and then you can tell me all about your problems’.

They sat opposite each other sipping their drinks. Or rather Janet sipped her drink while Norman gulped his down almost immediately. She smiled.

‘I’ll just fetch the bottle shall I’?

Having recharged Norman’s glass, Janet sat down again and crossed her legs. Norman tried not to stare at her partially exposed thighs and stocking tops.

‘So, how have you been getting on with Angela’?

‘Oh, fine, Mrs Williams’.

‘Do call me Janet, all my friends do’. She topped up his glass. ‘You aren’t driving are you’?

Norman was beginning to fell rather warm. He took out his handkerchief and mopped his brow.

‘Why not take your coat off’. They stood up and she helped him out of his jacket. When he resumed his seat she sat down beside him.

”Well now Norman, now tell me all about your problems with Angela’.

‘There was no problem Mrs err Janet’, he replied nervously.

‘Norman, you can be quite frank with me, Angela has already confided in me’.

‘I err um, well, it’s not important’, he replied.

‘Now don’t be a silly boy. You wanted to have sex with her but she was unwilling to kartal kendi evi olan escort let you. Isn’t that the case’?

Norman nodded dumbly.

‘I suppose you know she’s a virgin’?

Again he nodded.

‘You have to give her time it always seems very big thing the first time for a woman’. Janet put her hand on his knee. ‘Are you a virgin’?

‘No! Well yes I am actually’.

‘There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. There has to be a first time for everyone’. She put her hand on his knee then leaned over and kissed him lightly on the mouth. ‘I, on the other hand am definitely not a virgin’.

Janet began to slowly pull down the zip on her dress. Norman watched as her scarlet see-through bra slowly appeared. Down and down went the zip. A matching red suspender belt and bikini briefs were exposed. The zip reached the hem allowing her to open the dress.

‘What do you think of that Norman’.

‘Err um very nice’, he muttered.

Janet put her hand on his thigh then moved it upwards to squeeze his erection.

‘Err um that’s very nice too’, Janet said. ‘Angela told me that you had a big cock and I thought she was exaggerating’. She ran her fingers speculatively along the length of his cock. ‘How long is it exactly’?

‘I don’t know’, Norman said in some confusion.

‘Let’s find out shall we’ Janet said, pulling down his zip. His cock sprang out in all its rampant glory. ‘Wow Norman, you are going to keep the girls happy with that one. Just a minute, I want to measure it’.

She went over to the sideboard and extracted a tape measure from the drawer.

‘Right let’s see what kind of a man you are’. She applied the tape to his cock. ‘My God Norman, your eight inches long, no wonder Angela was a bit scared of having that inside her’. Janet slipped off her dress. ‘So, we just need to give you a bit of instruction in the use of your magnificent weapon. Take your clothes off’.

Norman stood up and began to remove his clothes.

‘Take everything off; it’s not often that an older woman gets to see such a wonderful spectacle’. Janet lay back on the settee and allowed herself to lust over his perfect young body. ‘I think before I teach you how to fuck a woman we need to reduce the pressure a bit. Pass me that plastic cup on the table’. She took hold of his cock and began to gently rub her hand up and down while watching him carefully. In just a few seconds he began to writhe with ecstasy.

‘Oh fuck’, he murmured and ejaculated a fierce pulsing stream of semen into the carefully positioned coffee cup. Janet went into the kitchen and threw the plastic cup in the rubbish bin.

‘Norman’, she called out, ‘let’s go upstairs’. Still naked, Norman followed her upstairs, keeping his eyes on her enticing wriggling arse as she negotiated the stairs. By the time they reached the top he was erect again. Jane smiled.

‘You young lads really are horny little devils aren’t you’?

He watched transfixed as she sat on the side of her bed, unclipped her suspenders and removed her stockings followed by her bra and panties.

‘Now Norman, do you know how a vagina works?’

‘Well err’, he began uncertainly

‘I assume you’ve had your fingers inside Angela; well before you can insert your beautiful cock inside a woman you need to prepare the way.’

Janet lay down on the bed and opened her legs.

‘Come here Norman, come and have a look at my cunt’.

Norman did as he was told.

‘Now what I want you to do is gradually insert your fingers inside me and stimulate me’.

Janet sighed with pleasure.

‘Can you feel how juicy I’m getting? Look how my cunt is opening for you. Soon you’ll be able to slide your cock in. In fact would you like to try now? Be very slow and gentle’.

Janet took hold of his cock and guided it inside her. Norman sighed with pleasure at her silken slippiness and began to ease his cock inside her. It was all too much for him; he immediately lost control.

‘Oh Christ no; I can’t stop. I’m going to come’. He pulled back and ejaculated all over her body.

Janet contemplated the sticky mess trickling off her breasts.

‘Norman, Norman I want a fuck not a blanket bath in you’re ‘cum’!

‘I’m sorry Mrs Williams; I just couldn’t hold it back’.

‘Alright, get some tissues off the dressing table and clean up my tits.’

She watched him sponging her and noticed that his cock was already stiffening again. This was a young stallion that would need careful breaking in.

‘OK Norman, that’s fine. Now this is what I want you to do. Get some more tissues off the dressing table and toss yourself off’. His cock was already standing up fiercely erect.

‘Don’t you want me to fuck you’? He escort kartal bayanlar asked plaintively.

‘Of course I do Norman but you have to get that magnificent cock of yours under control first. When you come, catch it in your hand I don’t want it all over the bed linen.’

She watched him as he began to masturbate and noted that it took him over a minute to climax. Perhaps next time he might be an able to give her a half decent fuck. She waited while he went into the bathroom to clean his hands. When he returned she noticed that he was only half erect; that was a problem she would have no trouble remedying. He stood in front of her as she sat on the side of the bed. To encourage him she lay down and spread her legs wide to reveal her fully open cunt.

‘Well Norman, do you think you can fuck me this time’?

She sighed as his stiff eight inch member slid smoothly up inside her gaping orifice.

‘Now Norman’ she whispered, ‘move your cock very gently up and down. If you feel you are going to come, slow down and think of something else.’

After fucking her for nearly ten minutes under Janet’s expert tutelage and three mini-orgasms later he finally exploded inside her.

‘That’s much better darling, how did you like having your cock inside my cunt’?

‘It’s great. Can we do it again’, Norman urged.

‘Whenever you ready’, she sighed.

By the time Norman left, just before midnight he had managed to pleasure her three more times. Janet was delighted with the progress of her protégé and had no intention of immediately passing him back to the care of her daughter. A cock like Norman’s was far too good to waste on a young virgin.

During the next four weeks the guilty pair spent two evenings a week fornicating. Norman would have gladly serviced Janet every night but prudence was necessary to avoid detection by family and neighbours. Both of then were increasingly aware of the impending return of Angela for the half term break. Norman had greatly increased in confidence and experience and actually proposed to Janet that he should pleasure them both. What they were both unaware of was that Angela was no longer a shy young virgin but an experienced woman with a partner at college.

The week before Angela was due to return home she telephoned her mother to say that she would be bringing her boyfriend with her and that they would be sharing a bedroom together. When Norman heard this news from Janet he was distraught. His nights of passion with Janet had enabled him to forget how much he was in love with Angela.

That night as they lay in bed in a mood of post-coital satisfaction Janet proposed a plan of action to seduce the new boyfriend into bed with and thus leave the field clear for Norman to resume relations with Angela.

‘How do you know its going to work’? Norman asked.

‘Oh I think it will’, Janet replied.

‘But can you be sure, he may not fancy you’. Norman persisted.

‘Norman, let me let you into a little secret. Men generally find women irresistible but eighteen year old boys have absolutely no self control whatsoever. Have you forgotten how quickly I seduced you’?

‘But that was different’, he protested.

‘Norman, let me tell you what a lifetime’s experience of dealing with men has taught me. All men think about are cunts and tits, all the rest is bullshit’. Janet lay back languorously on the bed. ‘Look at me Norman’. She spread her legs wide apart exposing her swollen wide open cunt. ‘Look at my cunt Norman it’s ready for your big fat cock so come and fuck me again’.


At half term Angela duly arrived back home with her new boyfriend Michael with her. Janet wasted no time in getting to work on him. The morning after his arrival she contrived to leave the bathroom in her underwear just as Michael approached the door.

‘Oh excuse me’, Janet smiled, ‘I’d quite forgotten we have company’. She noted with satisfaction his automatic male reaction of rapidly scanning her body. Angela came out of her bedroom as Michael proceeded into the bathroom.

‘Mother’! She said disapprovingly.

‘I’m sorry darling’ her mother lied. ‘I’d forgotten we had visitors’.

Janet had already suggested that she owed it Norman to explain what had happened and she had agreed to meet him. A few days later Angela went round to Norman’s house leaving Michael at home with her mother. Janet retired to her room to change her clothes. After showering she put on some semi-transparent lingerie, stockings suspenders and high heeled shoes before slipping on the same dress with the long zip that had been so successful in seducing Norman. Michael was reading a newspaper when she entered the living room.

‘I’m going to have a glass of wine Michael, will kartal olgun escort you join me’? Once again Janet noticed he registered her sexy ensemble.

‘Thank you Mrs Williams: that would be nice’.

‘Do call me Janet. I prefer to forget the Mrs now that I am divorced’, she replied. After providing them both with drinks she sat down opposite him and crossed her legs. Michael starred at her legs, taking in her visible stocking tops. ‘So tell me all about you and Angela’.

‘Well, we get on very well together and see quite a lot of each other at college’.

‘How long have you been sleeping together’? Janet asked. Michael gulped at the directness of her question and blushed.

‘Err about a month’ he muttered.

‘What about contraception’? Janet was relentless.

‘Yes of course’, Michael replied getting steadily more embarrassed.

‘Condoms’? Michael nodded.

‘I’ll have to have a word with Angela; condoms aren’t reliable; she ought to be fitted with a Dutch Cap. It’s much more pleasurable for a man you know. Let me top up your drink’. Janet fetched the bottle from the kitchen. After filling up their classes she sat down on the couch beside Michael. He was acutely aware that she was sitting very close to him and exposing a considerable amount of leg and thigh.

‘Do you like my dress’? She asked. ‘It’s Angela’s. We’re the same size you know. It’s got a very convenient zip’. Janet pulled down the zip a few inches so that her skimpy bra came into view. ‘Would you like to try it’?

‘Well err I don’t really…’

‘Oh but you should’. She took his hand and placed it on the zip. ‘Now, pull it down slowly’. He pulled the zip down a few inches and then stooped. ‘Carry on’ she urged’, it goes all the way to the bottom you know’.

With a trembling hand he continued right to the bottom. Janet casually opened the dress revealing her skimpily clad figure. She leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips and began feeling his prominent erection.

‘That feels nice. Are you going to get it out for me?’ Without waiting for a reply she unzipped him allowing erect cock to spring out. ‘Wow, what do they feed you young boys on. That’s a beautiful piece of equipment’. Janet stood up and removed her dress and then her bra. She knelt down in front of Michael, put his cock I her mouth and began to suck it. It just a few seconds he began to erupt in her mouth. Such was the volume of his ejaculation that it burst out of his mouth and began to trickle down her chin. Casually she stood up and pulled a tissue out of a box on the table and wiped her sticky face clean. As he watched she began to unfasten her suspenders.

Get your clothes off Michael, I want you to fuck me’, she commanded. When they were both naked she sat him down of a dining room chair before straddling him and sitting down on his erect cock which immediately penetrated deep inside her. She sighed with pleasure. Her breasts were in close proximity to Michaels face.

‘Suck my tits’ she commanded. As he sucked and fondled her tits Janet rode gently up and down on Michael’s cock. Janet heard the sound of a car pulling up in the drive. She began to talk loudly and obscenely to her eager lover.

‘How do you like fucking a complete slut Michael? Its much more fun than fucking Angela isn’t it? You see its takes time and practise to become a whore. I’ve been fucked by lots of men and I know all the things they really like. I’ll tell you all about it if you like’.

Janet heard the sound of the front door opening and moments later Angela and Norman entered the room. Angela let out a horrified shriek.

‘Mother, what are you doing’?

Michael attempted to extricate himself but Janet was clasping him tightly so that his face was enveloped in her tits which had the effect of totally muffling his attempted words of explanation.

‘I’m sorry Angela, but now you know what men are really like and I simply couldn’t resist giving him what he wanted’. Angela turned on her heels and fled upstairs to her room with Norman in tow. Coolly Janet turned her attention back to Michael.

‘Michael, its very bad manners to go soft on a woman just as she is about to come; get off me and kneel down and lick my cunt’, she ordered. ‘No, wait a minute’. She walked over to the couch; lay down with one leg resting on the back and the other splayed wide open on the floor. ‘Right Michael, come and fuck me with your tongue and don’t stop until I tell you to’.

Fifteen minutes and three orgasms later she finally pushed his head aside. She lay there totally satiated and made no attempt to cover her engorged cunt.

‘Pass my glass will you, Michael’. She surveyed Michael as she sipped her wine. ‘Don’t look so worried Michael I’m going to give a very thorough sex education which I am sure you will put to good use in the future. But for now, get dressed and fuck off’!

After Michael had gone she collected her clothes together and went quietly up-stairs to the bathroom. The noise coming from Angela’s room provided clear evidence that Norman had finally got his cock up inside Angela and that she was thoroughly enjoying the experience.

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