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Turning on her side to look at him as he sleeps, her lips turn up in a sensual, knowing smile as she traces a finger along his jaw line barely touching his skin. The feather touch moving to his neck as she leans in to place a soft kiss on his cheek..moving her lips in the same path as her finger.

Nuzzling his neck softly as her hand glides across the muscles of his chest raking tauntingly along the warm skin. A smile playing on her lips as he stirs, a quiet moan leaving his lips. Glancing up from kissing his neck to see him looking at her through half open eyes she moves slightly…her hair brushing across his skin. Tracing his collar bone with her moist lips, she shifts. moving to press her breasts to his chest…licking along his chin to his lips.

“Did you sleep well? ” as he parts his lips to answer she kisses him hungrily. His hands move to grasp her hair as he pulls her deeper into the kiss their tongues swirling together in a frenzied dance. Her hands stroke down over his shoulders to his chest .as if a blind woman using Braille.

Moaning softly as the kiss continues her leg sliding across his legs to lay against him. Lifting back slowly from the kiss her tongue outlining his lips and moving slowly down his chin to his neck..nuzzling almanbahis adres softly as she lets her hand move freely along his chest and side. One of his hands moves down from her hair and slides down the slope of her shoulder. Gliding it further down along the spine to the small of her back.

“I slept quite well thank you….” letting his hand drift lower to caress her silky skin as he lifts his chin letting her lips roam along his neck.

A low growl erupts from his throat as she moves her hand lower dancing the nail tips along his thigh and softly walks them across his cock shaft. A soft chuckle brushes a warm breath across his neck as she nips softly at the skin before kissing to his collar bone and moves down his chest her..lips trailing a wet trail to first one nipple flicking her tongue back and forth ..nipping with her teeth.

His guttural moan making her chuckle again as he shifts under her his hand hard against her spine as the other clutches her hair..holding her to his chest.

“Trying to drive me crazy…or just enjoying yourself?” Her head comes up from its place against his chest.. her tongue flicks across her lips in a tantalizing fashion. His gaze filled with passion as she smiles slowly at him…running almanbahis adresi her fingers against his skin..making him gasp and hiss with pleasure. Sliding lower kissing his hard stomach muscles with warm lips as she moves down to his waist.

“Shall I stop..” Her eyes shine as her fingers continue to stroke and tease ..feeling his manhood grow and throb as he grinds out through clenched teeth.

“I’m not complaining … no don’t stop…” Her smile grows as she continues to kiss along his waist and run teasing fingers along his thigh … higher. His hand clenches tightly in her hair holding her to his skin. Nipping and licking the sensitive skin around his naval ..she slips below the covers.

A soft chuckle can be heard as his growl echoes through the darkness of the room her mouth and hands playing his cock head like a finely tuned violin. His moans and growls filling the air like sweet music as she continues to nibble, stroke. suck and caress him to a raging desire. Suddenly she is pulled up as his mouth crushes hers pulling her down and rolling over.

Pinning her to the mattress his kiss wild and frenzied from his passion as he settles against her. Her hips arching to meet him as he hungrily dances his tongue with hers/his almanbahis adresi hand on her hips lifting her higher. A gasp leaving her lips as with one sudden thrust he impales her ..and stays perfectly still above her looking into her eyes.

Slowly with a deliberate pace he moves…her legs wrapping slowly around him as he lowers his head nipping at her bottom lip…kissing her with quick kisses but never lingering long enough for her to retaliate or reciprocate. Her hands moving up and down his back cupping his ass and kneading it softly as his slow thrusts drive her to moan and whimper.

“Now who is…teasing…who is ..being mean?” Her hips arching to meet him with each move. Without warning he shifts lifting her feet over his shoulders….kneeling up as he pulls her tighter to him. A wicked gleam in his eyes as his thrusts become faster and harder.

Growling as her moans and whimpers fill his ears as the feel of her body moving with his fills his mind. Moving fast as his breath comes in gasps ..he feels her begin to shudder her hands wrapping around his arms .. Her eyes glazed with passion as she cries out loud…shuddering from the explosion…her senses reeling as his mouth crushes down on hers his tongue plunging deep in her mouth as he growls exploding into her depths. The thrusts slow as their breath mingles and the sweat drips from his chest to hers.

Slowly he lays against her…breaking the kiss and nuzzling her neck softly as she slides her hands along his back. “Umm..breakfast in bed “

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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