Breakfast at the Cabin

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I woke up in your arms, my back against you, my ass tucked up against your hips teasing your cock. Your face is buried against the back of my neck, your breath hot against the soft skin on my back, your right arm tucked under my head and the other around my body. I opened my eyes for a moment and could see the sunrise in the large windows on the far wall of our cabin. I moan softly and snuggle up against you even more. You start to stir and I wrap my hand around yours and move it up from my waist to cup my breast. You moan and begin kissing the back of my neck while you begin massaging my breast and teasing my nipples, growing perky against your touch. I can feel your cock getting hard against my ass and I reach around to grab your ass and pull you tight to me, teasing you. Slowly we begin to touch and tease each other under the covers, gently and wanting to draw out our morning.

You lift your hand to push the hair out of my face and you kiss my cheek. I reach my hand around your head and turn my face to yours. Looking deep into my eyes, you cup my face in your hand, and pull my lips close to yours but don’t let them touch yet. You whisper sweet words, your lips teasing mine each time you pronounce a word, teasing mine like a feather. You pull away for a moment to look at my sleepy face and then lean in, purposefully brushing my lips with yours briefly and then capturing them completely. A deep kiss, full of eskort bayan passion. Pressing our lips tightly together for a long moment before I slip my tongue between my lips and run it along yours. You moan deeply against my lips, your hand still cupping my face and our kiss because more passionate. Our tongues swirling together passionately, feeling the heat and wetness of the others mouth.

You slide your hand quickly down my body and I gasp as your fingers capture my pussy, two of them sliding inside my deep wetness. You pull your lips from mine saying in a deep voice, “God baby, you’re dripping wet and I need to taste you”. You throw the covers off of us revealing our naked bodies, my legs spread apart and your left leg over mine, pressing it against the bed. The crisp mountain morning air wafts in through the opened window and we both shudder at the sudden chill against our skin, but it heightens our sensitivity.

You slide down my body, feathering kisses along the way as you get closer to my juices. You look up to see me watching you mark my body with your lips and my head falls back as you capture my clit between your teeth.

I grab your hand as you begin to suck my clit, already hard and swollen from your touch. Swirling your tongue around it as you slide your hand down my body and against the inside of my thighs. I shudder at the sensation just as you quickly slide your fingers altıparmak eskort inside me again. Feeling you deeply inside me moving your fingers in and out faster as your tongue against my clit brings me closer to my climax. I feel your teeth again as you draw y clit into your mouth again and again to suck hard on it. I grab your head with my hand, clenching my fingers in your hair and my back arches. I cry out, “Oh god don’t stop! Baby! I am going to cum!” You move your fingers faster and faster, sucking harder on my clit and feeling my pussy tighten as I go over the edge. Screaming out your name and clenching the bed sheets with my other hand.

You lift your head and look deeply into my eyes, proud of what you know you can do to me. I grab your face and pull you up to kiss me. Tasting myself on your lips, swirling your tongue with mine as you did on my clit. I grab your hips with my hands as we kiss and pull your hard cock into my pussy. You groan as my pussy envelops your cock suddenly – hot and still pulsing from my orgasm. You thrust back and forth quickly, grabbing my legs and pulling them to my chest. My head pressing back against the pillow as I feel you deep inside me and your lips teasing my nipples.

You pull out of me quickly and grab my legs to flip me over on my stomach. Grabbing my hips forcefully with your hands and pulling my ass up to reveal my begging bursa otele gelen eskort pussy again. You grab my hands with one hand and your belt from the foot of the bed with the other, tying my hands together above my head. You lean in close to my ear and ask in a gentle voice, “Are you in pain, my love?”

“Oh god no, please keep going”, I reply in between excited breaths. You start kissing down my back, along my spine and your fingers gently feather against my sides and down my hips, teasing me and bringing my nerves almost to the edge. My body is so sensitive now and I shudder at every small touch from you.

Suddenly you grab my hips and plunge your cock deep inside me. I cry out at the sensation as it almost sends me over the edge. As you pound me you reach around my body and slide your fingers around my clit, rubbing it back and forth. Arching my back towards you as my body shudders uncontrollably. “Oh fuck, don’t stop” I cry out as I squirm, unable to move. You thrust faster and harder, swirling my clit faster. Both of us almost out of breath and moaning together with each thrust.

You groan loudly as you tell me you’re going to cum. Your hips pound into me with a force as you climax. My pussy pulsing tightly and my juices flowing as I climax with you. Both of us crying out the others name…our bodies trembling and weak. You pull out of me and flip my body over, my face hot and red, sweat running down both our bodies despite the chill air from outside.

You kiss me deeply, still enjoying the fact that I’m bound and helpless, allowing you to touch me unhindered. You look up into my eyes, yours sparkling with pride and pleasure, “good morning beautiful” you say with a smile.

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