Brandy the Cross Country Runner

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Reader alert. This story has a number of topics that could determine where Literotica places it. Rather than tell the story twice I suggest that sensitive readers check the story tags at the end of the tale before reading.


This story involves an 18 year old girl with a passion for running and her kinky neighbor down the road who loved what the effects an hour’s worth of running did to the soon-to-be college freshman. While Brandy Fitzgerald didn’t understand the peculiar tastes of the senior citizen she learned to go along with Edgar Ashe because not only was the old fellow cute, he had something the young woman loved.

It was an unlikely pairing of the long and lean blonde and the short squat retired man who was old enough to be the girl’s grandfather, because both were normally so reserved and quiet in the real world. In the dusty barn of the Ashe farm however, they were anything but that. Who would have guessed what they were like behind the placid exteriors they showed to the world?


Edgar Ashe nervously paced around the kitchen, looking up at the clock every few seconds while in the living room his wife of 43 years talked to the blaring TV set where a bunch of women sat around a table and yakked incessantly.

When he thought it was time Edgar wandered through the parlor and passed his wife, who barely noticed him as she chuckled at seeing a gecko selling insurance for the millionth time. As the senior citizen stepped out onto the porch and closed the door behind him the heat of the day hit him like he had just opened the oven door.

“Don’t know how you do it honey,” Edgar said aloud as he looked down the road with anticipation, wondering how his young friend could take running in this oppressive heat when it was making him sweat just standing there by the mailbox.

Brandy ran six days a week, skipping only Sundays although sometimes she would sneak out and jog a little even on the Sabbath. Five, six miles or more she would glide down the dusty roads and over the occasional field, her impossibly long legs eating up the distance as the sun beat down on her.

Edgar saw her every day now, even on Sunday when he would put an offering in the basket Brandy brought up and down the aisle at church. They would share a sly wink and a little smile as they played their parts; Edgar the faithful parishioner with his stoic wife by his side and Brandy the dutiful girl who helped seat people and welcomed them to worship.

Today wasn’t Sunday though, it was Thursday and the only thing Edgar was thinking about was getting into the barn with Brandy. Who would have thought that the two horniest people in Warren County were neighbors on this back-country road in the middle of nowhere.

“Come on Brandy,” Edgar mumbled as he adjusted himself in his farmer jeans, the very thought of his girlfriend making his 65 year old pecker act like it was a kid again.

Talking to himself was something Edgar did quite a bit, especially since living with Martha was like there was nobody there anyway. It didn’t used to be like this, Edgar mused. She used to understand him, or at least tolerate him, but those days were long gone.

Martha probably wouldn’t even mind all that much what he did out in the barn, as long as it didn’t involve him trying to mount her. This might not have been the way Edgar wanted it, but now that it was happening he was loving it and the best part of it was that Brandy not only put up with his eccentricities, she seemed to like his kinky ways.

“There you are – oh Brandy, you’re a fine girl,” Edgar sang off-key when he caught sight of the object of his lust and affection way down the road.

Brandy was just a tiny speck as she made her way towards the Ashe farm, and as she cut through the field towards their rendezvous Edgar made his way around the house and back to the barn. She was like a preying mantis in a way, all arms and legs, but while she used to look awkward and gangly now she looked graceful as she glided along.

The old rickety barn was hot and dusty, which was the perfect setting for such an indecent meeting. Edgar left the side door open because it would take the girl a few minutes to get there. Brandy would slow her pace and then walk the last part, cooling down a bit and working the kinks out of those gazelle-like legs.

Edgar watched Brandy approach from the barn’s dirty side window, her tanned skin shimmering in the sunlight as the sweat poured off of her, and Edgar licked his lips in anticipation of tasting that fresh perspiration.

At 6′ tall – maybe a tiny bit more, Brandy had a model’s body although not the looks, although Edgar found her plain country girl features attractive. Brandy was built to run, without an ounce of fat on her insanely slender frame, and while her almost complete lack of curves didn’t make her desirable to the boys at school they didn’t phase Edgar in the least.

As for Brandy, she said she preferred older men anyway although she had only admitted to having Marmaris Escort two lovers prior to Edgar. One was her Uncle Roy, who according to Brandy paid the girl nocturnal visits every few days. That had been going on for quite a while and while Edgar didn’t approve he bit his tongue and appreciated her openess. Besides, according to the girl Edgar was the far superior lover.

Brandy wouldn’t say who the other man was that she had sex with, but Edgar suspected it was Father Bryce, the horny old coot. To think that three guys who probably averaged retirement age were lucky enough to get into those tiny blue running shorts was amazing, but Brandy was not a kid. She knew what she liked and while Edgar figured those other two guys weren’t nearly as kinky as he was, who knew for sure?

“Hi!” Brandy chirped as she entered the barn and closed the door behind herself, the windows and the gaping spaces between the wall boards making it plenty bright enough for them to see.

“Hi yourself sweetie,” Edgar replied as he walked up to the young lady whose body was giving off heat as she undid the headband and let her frizzy strawberry blonde curls down. “How far did you run?”

“About seven miles I think,” Brandy said as she kept her arms up, contorting and stretching her shoulders while enjoying the old man’s reaction.

“Perfect,” Edgar answered as he got up to the lanky teen, his eyes fixed on the deep pockets of her armpits which sparkled with sweat. “You know what that does to me when you do that.”

“I do?” Brandy giggled when after kissing the shorter man she watched as Edgar leaned over and put his face under the girl’s arm, his talented tongue lapping at the salty and pungent hollow while Brandy squealed with delight.

“Tomorrow’s Friday – time to shave again,” the girl reminded Edgar as his tongue slid over the tiny patch of peach fuzz that had grown under her arms over the last week.

“Not on my account,” Edgar moaned as he orally caressed the little seedlings which were barely visible to the eye although soothing to his tongue.

“Can’t be getting all hairy,” Brandy cooed as she ran her hand through the old man’s scalp, and Edgar chuckled at that since Brandy had so little body hair.

The narrow patches under her arms, a faint dusting on the insides of her wiry calves and a little wisp on the mound of her sex could hardly be considered hairy to Edgar, especially compared to the woman inside the house, but it was all good to the old man.

“How do I taste Daddy?” Brandy asked Edgar as she used her nickname for him while his lips slid over and around her moist collarbone on his way to her other side, and as she dutifully leaned back against the wall and let Edgar orally assault her other armpit she reminded the randy senior, “And no hickeys under my arm again either mister.”

“You love it,” Edgar grunted as he buried his face into Brandy’s armpit and sucked the skin lightly, the paleness of her underarm broken only by the little peach fuzz and a stunning contrast to the tanned outsides of her skinny arms.

“So do you Mr. Ashe. Ooh!” Brandy sighed as her free hand reached down and groped the senior’s crotch, having no problem finding his swollen member and squeezing it though his farmer jeans. “Your dick is always so hard for me.”

“You’re a horny one today, aren’t you?” Edgar snickered as he lifted his head and looked up at the girl who was nearly a half foot taller than him. “What’s the matter? Didn’t your Uncle Roy stop by last night?”

“He did,” Brandy admitted as she kept groping Edgar’s cock. “It’s just that – I love Uncle Roy and all but even since you and me started fucking? I can hardly feel him.”

“That so?”

“Your big dick spoiled me I guess,” Brandy giggled as she pulled down the zipper and reached inside. “Always so big and hard for me.”

The young lady watched the old timer’s pleased reaction to her comments about how big and virile he was. Brandy was wise beyond her years, and after the had learned that Mr. Ashe’s wife no longer wanted anything to do with either his massive endowment or his eccentricities she learned the fastest way to the senior’s heart was pumping him up with praise he loved hearing.

“He stick his cock in your ass last night?” Edgar asked while leaning over and letting his tongue soak up the moistness around the girl’s neck, and when she said no he asked the familiar question once again, “You gonna let me sample that little butt of yours before summer’s over?”

“I told you Mr. Ashe,” Brandy said as she held the old man’s hot poker and squeezed it as best she could in the cramped confines of his boxers. “Your dick is way too big for that. It would never fit. It even hurts when Uncle Roy does it, and his dick is half the size of yours.”

“I’d be gentle,” Edgar promised.

“You always say that when you get started but then when you get excited you forget and start fucking me real hard,” Brandy explained and then added with a laugh. “That’s Marmaris Escort Bayan not a complaint though.”

“That’s good because you got me hooked on that tight pussy of yours,” Edgar said as he shrugged the overalls straps off his shoulders and let them fall to the dirt floor while Brandy undid the buttons on his shirt.

“Boy, I really smell funky,” Brandy said after twitching her nose around her underarm, and as she ran her hands through the silver hair on the old man’s chest she added, “I took a shower this morning too, and then you gave me a tongue bath.”

“Haven’t even started yet,” Edgar snorted as he reached down and lifted the worn blue school tank-top over Brandy’s head, and after casting it aside he did the same to Brandy’s sports bra.

Edgar didn’t even know what a sports bra was before he saw hers, and to be honest he figured Brandy didn’t need a bra anymore than a cat needs pajamas since her breasts were only small swells on the girl’s scrawny chest. Brandy knew that but said without a bra her little pink nipples got sore from rubbing her shirt when she ran.

“I’m glad they make these sports bras because it was embarrassing having to buy bras that come in sizes,” Brandy had once explained while bemoaning the flatness of her chest. “I was like a double A cup and bringing that up to the cashier was awful.”

Edgar didn’t care and assured her that more than a mouthful was a waste, and judging by the way he devoured the little buds as soon as the bra came off those weren’t just words. His snorting while he sucked the morsels always made Brandy laugh but his lust also inflamed her, not as if she needed the help.

“Oh sweetie,” Edgar gasped as he reached under the elastic of her shorts and into her panties which were soaking wet. “Your pussy’s dripping. Is that sweat, pee or are you excited?”

“Little of everything I think,” Brandy replied as Edgar’s rough finger pushed into her. “I gotta pee – and I know you like to watch.”

“You got that right,” Edgar answered as he pulled his hand out so that Brandy could yank down her shorts and panties, and after she handed the soggy garments to him she asked, “You want to catch it again? That was neat.”

“Not this time,” Edgar said as he held Brandy’s panties up to his face while he watched the teen step back and put a foot up on a milk crate. “Let your pee soak that dirt for me.”

“Takes me a minute to get going because I’m not used to having anybody watch me,” Brandy commented as she ran her hand up and down her mound while watching Edgar’s cock wave in front of him like a flagpole. “Every time I see you dick it seems bigger. Uncle Roy asked me again last night whether I asked you about if you wanted to do me at the same time as him.”

“You gonna let me do you in the butt while he dicks your pussy?” Edgar asked, but when Brandy shook her head no he replied, “No deal.”

In truth Edgar didn’t want anybody else to see the things he did to Brandy because he knew that while what he did wasn’t evil his tastes were weird to most people. Things were fine as they were, and while he thought it was wrong from Brandy’s mother’s brother to be having sex with her, her stories did excite Edgar.

“Here it comes,” Brandy announced, and after a little squirt came out and stopped, a torrent of yellow gold gushed out, hitting the dirt with such force that it left a little indentation in the ground, and Edgar stroked his cock while Brandy’s gusher turned into a trickle and then stopped.

“This is clean,” Edgar said of the fresh handkerchief he fished out of his discarded jeans. “Stay like you are and let me clean you up.”

“Ooh!” Brandy cooed as Edgar’s hand swabbed the rounded mound of her sex and dried the sparse golden down around the opening, and after he was done Edgar brought the handkerchief to his face and inhaled before stuffing it back in his pocket.

“I’ll save that for later,” Edgar declared. “Now where were we?”

“Well I think I was getting ready to suck your dick!” Brandy said as they walked around the puddle so the girl could kneel on dry ground, and after the lanky lady got into her position in front of the senior her long slender fingers grabbed the shaft of Edgar’s cock. “I missed this big boy.”

“It missed you too honey,” Edgar moaned as Brandy slid back the foreskin a bit to lick the tip of his manhood.

“I was trying to imagine it was you fucking me last night instead of Uncle Roy,” Brandy confessed in between licks. “He’s good but not as good as you. You’re the best.”

“You deserve the best baby,” Edgar said as he looked down at Brandy’s doe-like eyes as she held his cock in both fists, leaving plenty for the girl to suck.

“Uncle Roy didn’t believe me when I told him how big your dick is,” Brandy told Edgar as her tongue toyed with the tip. “I told him I could only get about half of yours in my mouth, and I thing that bothered him because I can deep throat his dick.”

“You do fine honey.”

“One Escort Marmaris of these days I’m going to get my lips right down to the stump of this monster,” she declared. “Remember how scared I was of it at first? On account of it’s so long and thick and veiny? I’m not scared anymore though.”

“That’s right,” Edgar moaned as Brandy’s tongue kept teasing his glans.

“Like Mom always tells me at the dinner table – girl stop yapping and start eating,” Brandy chirped, and with that she opened her mouth wide and pushed her lips down the dusky tool, past the head and down to where her hand was, and as her lips moved up and down Edgar smiled down on the blonde.

“That’s it honey. Suck that cock good like you always do,” Edgar sighed as he ran his hand through Brandy’s hair. “Daddy’s cock big enough for you?”

Brandy blinked her eyes as her lips made about half of the 10″ of cock wet with her saliva, and after pulling her mouth back and spitting on the cock, before going back down on it she declared, “I love your dick. It’s enormous!”

“All for you child,” Edgar smiled as he back Brandy’s tanned face moved up and down his member, and his smile got wider when after his hand went through Brandy’s hair and down around her bony shoulder his hand found her armpit dripping wet.

Brandy’s giggle was stifled because her mouth was fun, but the feel of Edgar’s finger stroking the peach fuzz under her arm made her shiver and her nipples hard. The girl’s jaw was aching when Edgar reached down and lifted her to her feet, and after he led Brandy over to the table in the corner he spread the sheet over the wood surface.

“My turn to eat now,” Edgar declared as her lifted the teen up on the table an Brandy reclined onto her back, her long limbs hanging over the side briefly until Edgar put them over his shoulders and mumbled, “Sweet sweet pussy.”

He had never actually seen a pussy before getting a look at Brandy’s. The few he had seen before he got hitched – as well as Martha’s – had all been hairy, with his wife’s in particular so bushy they only way he could find the opening was to rake through the thicket.

Edgar didn’t mind the hair at all but seeing a pussy like this with the opening so visible through the wisp of golden curls was special, and he savored the view as her mouth lowered onto the mound and started lapping.

The taste of Brandy’s pee was still down there, and as he savored the flavor he laughed inside at the old adage that a young lady’s pee was like spring water, because Brandy’s urine was as tart as any he had ever tasted.

Edgar looked up through the golden veil of fur at Brandy as she moaned and ground her pussy up into his face. On her back Brandy was completely flat chested but that didn’t stop the girl from rubbing her breasts and tweaking the boyish nipples as Edgar orally caressed her clitoris. making the girl squirm even more.

Brandy’s wiry thighs clamped over his ears a couple of times as he brought the girl close to orgasm a couple of times, and although Brandy made it clear what she wanted the old man wasn’t done yet.

“Fuck me Mr. Ashe,” Brandy cried out.

“In a minute,” Edgar replied as he pushed her thighs further up in the air and spread them wide, exposing the smooth ridge of her crotch and the tight buttocks, with the tiny pink puckered ring the object of his attention.

Brandy howled as Edgar’s tongue caressed the balloon knot, even poking in a bit as Brandy writhed and kicked her feet wildly until he straightened up.

“You like your asshole licked don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, but fuck me Mr. Ashe – I need it bad.”

“So I see,” Edgar replied as he grabbed the base of his swollen cock and slapped the end of it onto the wet fold, making Brandy yelp and beg for more.

“Please,” Brandy begged. “Stick that horse cock into my cunt or I’ll scream.”

“You’ll scream alright,” Edgar chuckled as he peeled back his cock, exposing the plum-sized head before he eased it into the golden mound, and as he eased more and more of his huge instrument into the sweet pussy Brandy bridged her neck off of the sheet while her eyes rolled back in her skull.

“Fuck!” the girl hissed as her vice-like pussy tried to crush the over-sized invader that the owner’s wife could not take anymore, and after Edgar leaned back and pulled it out all the way he pushed forward once again.

“Harder! Faster!” Brandy gasped as she tried to thrust her hips towards her neighbor, and Edgar responded by not stopping as he pushed forward until he ran out of room inside of her, causing Brandy to curse again.

“You nasty girl,” Edgar hissed as he began working his cock in and out of the young lady. “What does my baby want?”

“Your dick. I want you to split me in half with that huge dick of yours. Don’t you dare cum yet!”

Edgar’s thrusts became harder and faster, just as Brandy demanded, although he had to look straight ahead at the wall instead of the lithe form on the table whose body glistened with sweat – both hers and his.

Sweat was flying off Edgar’s hairy body as he pounded into Brandy, the table squeaking in protest under the force of his passion. Brandy came, and came loud as she usually did, and Edgar was glad that Martha probably had Oprah cranked up so she couldn’t hear.

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