Brandy Ch. 02

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The continuing story of Brandy, a young woman with a white mother and black father who is stunning, with long, thick brown hair, blue eyes, and mocha colored skin, tall and slender.


After that first night with Leslie, my former dance teacher at college, we started going out regularly and became a couple. I was still in school, but it lasted quite a while and she fell pretty hard for me. I loved her, but not as intensely, and also wanted to have my freedom to see others as the mood took me.

She was very possessive and jealous, and this lead to more than one difficult scene. However, the make-up sex was incredible! She wanted me to move in with her, but something kept me from it. Perhaps she loved me too intensely. This went on for almost a year, and then I met Justin.

Justin was a third year graduate student, getting his MBA in Business. He was the sole heir of a very wealthy tire manufacturing family, and was the only surviving son. He would inherit a huge fortune when he turned 25, which was about 6 months away.

Justin was raised mostly by his father, who was a bon vivant and man of the world. He was divorced, his mother lived in Morocco with her boyfriend and he didn’t see much of her. His father taught him from an early age to enjoy life to the fullest, to travel, explore the world and live life for the wonderful adventure that it can be.

Justin was a delightful man, warm, funny, sensual, full of life, and never had a mean word for anyone. He had been pampered and given anything he wanted all his life, and he expected me to enjoy this lifestyle with him. For our first date he took me by helicopter from Los Angeles where he was at the same school as I attended to a vineyard his family owned in Napa Valley. We stayed there for the weekend, and enjoyed delicious food prepared by the family chef.

Other than the staff, we were alone, and he had a pool and lovely surroundings at the vineyard. We drank quite a bit of the incredible wine that they produced there. On Monday, he had to shoot an ad for the vineyard and asked me if I wanted to be in it, so we did. We had a lot of fun together, and he made love with me like he did everything else, with a free spirit, a wonderful heart, and made everything enjoyable and fun.

He told me when we were first together that he believed in open relationships, but he does love fully and expect complete honestly. At the time we met, I was 19, so this was a bit confusing to me. We talked about it, and he said that what he wanted was a woman who could keep up with him. Money would never be a problem with us, he had a fortune and as long as he finished his MBA so he could know how to handle his fortune, his father would allow him to do whatever he wanted.

He wanted someone to travel the world, explore life, each other and create, and have fun with; and he asked me that first weekend if I wanted to be with him. He said he would never be able to be faithful, but he would try to focus his life and love on me, but if someone came along that interested him, he would try include him or her in our relationship. He said he also didn’t mind if I had other lovers, as long as I was honest and open with him. He also said he didn’t believe in marriage, he felt that turned love into property, but he did believe in close, long, loving ties.

After nearly a year of fighting with Leslie who was possessive and controlling, this seemed like a dream come true. Justin and I were perfectly compatible, and when me made love it was fun and easy and everything it should be.

After the weekend was over I broke up with Leslie, who took it very badly and had to have counseling, from what I heard. I called her and told her I was sorry, but I met someone else and she eventually moved on to another younger student.

Justin was sterile from a skiing accident when he was a teenager, but other than that was an incredible lover. He was very handsome, young, and fit, he was kind of an exercise nut, which fit in well with my dancing.

We were together for many months, and during that time we traveled, his family owned houses all over the world and his father was on the board of a major airline, so we could fly wherever we wanted at a moment?s notice. He also had a family helicopter and small plane, and they could be used to travel also.

One weekend, after we were together for about three months, very happily, we went on a drive up to Santa Barbara. We drove to Santa Barbara in Justin’s little BMW sports car to stay with a couple friend of his, Steve and Wendy. They were also wealthy, uninhibited, and fun, and we hit it off from the first moment I met them. They had a small yacht named Adventure, and we were going to go sailing on it during the weekend.

We had a great time together that weekend, and all had quite a bit to drink one night. Steve brought up the idea of swapping mates over dinner, and while it put me back a bit, Justin told him to ask the ladies, it was fine with him. Wendy said fine, she had had her eye on Justin from the beginning. Steve was bursa escort older, with silver grey hair and tanned and slender, an excellent tennis player and a wealthy businessman. I wasn’t sure if I could go along with it, but Justin said why don’t you try it, he said Steve was one of his best friends and he would trust him with his life.

When he said life, it came out “wife” and we all had a good laugh about that.

After dinner was over, Justin asked me if I was game. I looked at him and Steve, and said OK I’ll try it, but if I don’t like it I don’t have to do it again. He said fine and hugged me, and Wendy and he went off to her bedroom. After a few minutes, Steve came over to me, and put on some music and brought some champagne.

He could tell I was a bit hesitant, so he took his time to get to know me better, and then we went to the guest bedroom where Justin and I were staying. Steve slowly seduced me, kissing me from lips to toes first, and generally reassuring me that this would be fine. I responded to him, almost against my better judgment, since I did love Justin completely at that point and was a bit miffed by having to share him. “What are you afraid of, Brandy,” Steve asked at one point.

“I don’t know, maybe loosing him.”

“So what if you do, first of all, that won’t happen, Justin told me his was crazy about you.”

“What if he falls in love with her?”

“What if he does? That’s more my problem than yours, isn’t it? I’ll just have to win her back.”

At that point, he undressed me slowly and erotically. He took his time, and kissed my breasts, and my stomach, and spent a long, long time kissing between my legs. I couldn’t help but respond to him, he was a very good lover, and he put on a condom and entered me. He made love to me very well, but I was a bit upset afterwards and confused, and after he was done, he held me and said, “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”


I realized if I were to stay with Justin, this would be the price I would have to pay, to share him, even if I were difficult emotionally for me.

“You don’t have to do anything, you know, I’ll take care of you.”

“Thank you.”

Steve seemed to realize this was difficult for me, and I wondered if I wasn’t the first woman they had shared.

We spent the night together, and Steve made love to me again in the middle of the night. I was more relaxed then and came loudly, and then he asked if I was into anal sex. I had never tried it before, certainly I had some fingers there, but was never fucked in my bottom before. I said I was a virgin there but he could try if he wanted to.

He got some lotion and told me to turn over and spread my legs widely. I did as I was told and he started kissing and licking between my legs, and started to put first one finger, than two inside my ass. It felt good, a bit strange at first, but then my body accepted him and he soon had three fingers impaled inside me. It was a forbidden, dark feeling and I enjoyed it, the wantonness of it.

He said do you want to be fucked in your ass, you dirty slut, and I said “Yes, I do.”

He asked me to beg for it, which at first I found off-putting but then got into the game of it.

“Please, Steve.”

“Please, what?”

“Please fuck my ass!”

At that he pulled his fingers out, rubbed his cock with some lotion and started to enter me. It was very tight, I had never had a man inside me there before, but he persisted. It was a bit painful, but he rubbed my clit and tits wildly and I soon found myself abandoning to his brazen invasion. He took me fully, and I was his, and he came loudly inside me. I came too, desperately stroking my own clit like a madwoman as I did.

Afterward he laughed and said, “You have to tell Justin you like that.”

“I will.”

I looked at him, he was very handsome and erotic. I wondered how would I keep from falling in love with both of them, Justin also had such a powerful erotic hold on me.

In the morning their chef prepared a delicious brunch for us, and we all went sailing on Steve and Wendy’s yacht off the coast of Santa Barbara.

While we were sailing, Justin asked me how I liked last night.

“It was fun.”

He teased me a bit, he had heard us and was glad that I had a good time.

While we were on the yacht, we all started drinking champagne, and Steve asked if he could have me again. I was a bit put off that he asked Justin, and not me, but Justin said talk to her, not me.

Steve looked at me. Wendy was sitting next to Justin, and at that moment put her hand on Justin’s thigh. I supposed it would be OK with all of them, and I didn’t want to interrupt the moment. So despite myself, feeling like a slut, I said yes.

Steve and Justin dropped the anchor off an island somewhere. It was deserted, and no one was around except the four of us and a crew member who was busy in the galley preparing food. Wendy and Steve quiet casually stripped down completely and they dove in the water. Justin bursa escort bayan followed suit, so did I, and we were all swimming and diving off the boat, completely alone except for the birds and the beautiful sea. After a while Wendy started kissing Justin and they went back into the boat, and Steve and I got out. Steve came over to me and started kissing me, and he could tell I was a bit hesitant.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m afraid. What if I end up loving you more than him? Where does it stop?”

“You worry too much. Just enjoy it, OK? Here, have some more champagne.”

I had another drink and soon didn’t care what Steve was doing to me.

He eventually had me on the boat, spreadeagled in the sun, and was kissing me and putting his fingers inside me, one inside my pussy and another inside my ass. He had me completely, I was helpless to stop him from doing whatever he wanted.

Wendy and Justin had retired to our cabin, and were making sounds like they were thoroughly enjoying each other. Steve was arousing me completely, and soon was taking me on the deck of the yacht, with just come curious birds overhead, out in the sun. I was completely ravished by him, helpless to stop him. He took me missionary style, then told me to turn over and took me from behind like a wanton slut. I enjoyed it, but was also ashamed, yet this seemed to turn him on even more. He made me sit on top of him, and played with my breasts as I fucked him. I was completely aroused, yet embarrassed, and a bit humiliated to be made to make love out in the open like this, with my boyfriend fucking my lover’s wife as I did. Oddly enough it all seemed to turn us on more, and Steve and I and Justin and Wendy spent the better part of the afternoon fucking each other’s partners.

When it was getting towards dusk, Steve said he had to be getting back. I hated to leave. Somehow I knew that there would be repercussions, although I didn’t quite know what they were, and I was a bit apprehensive.

We sailed back quietly, and returned to their huge house in the Santa Barbara hills. Justin and I packed up. When we were saying goodbye, Steve hugged me and said “Relax, baby, it will be OK.”

Justin and I drove back to LA in his sports car in relative silence.

“What’s wrong?” he finally asked.

“I just feel used, that’s all.”

At this point Justin exploded. It was the first time I had ever seen him angry, and it surprised me. He said he hated women sometimes, they only want to get married and settle down, and couldn’t understand why they were selling themselves like that. Why get tied down and give up their freedom? What’s the point? He was tired of women who could only handle one man at a time, and he said he would never, ever get married. It would be the end for him.

I was quiet, too startled to speak. We drove home quietly, and then he dropped me off at my apartment. I didn’t hear from him for a few days, but after about a week, he called and said he wanted to take me out to dinner.


He said he’d pick me up at 8 and I should wear something pretty, we’d be going out to dinner at a nice restaurant with some friends. I did and he picked me up later on.

I was wearing a black mini-dress, with high heels and no stockings or underwear of any kind. I didn’t want to take the chance on losing Justin. I loved him, and realized I would have to play his game if I wanted to keep him.

Although it pissed me off a bit, I realized that a man like that would only come along once in a lifetime, and I was determined to see it through.

“You look nice,” he said when he picked me up.

“Thank you.”

“We’re going out to dinner with my friends Bruce and Gail. You haven’t met them. They’re great, Gail’s very rich and they’re both artsy. They like to do coke, too, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”


Great, I thought. Now what.

We went to Bruce and Gail’s house, they lived together, and they did some lines and had some drinks before going to dinner. I didn’t have any coke, I only like to drink, and they were all having a great time. We went to an elegant restaurant afterward, and had a pretty good time. After dinner we went back to Bruce and Gail’s house, they were going to do some more coke. I just drank, but they were having fun, and soon we were all dancing together and carrying on.

Gail was wearing something very skimpy and she suddenly took off her dress. I was a bit startled, but then Bruce and Justin got undressed, too.

I figured, what the hell, then took off my mini-dress. Of course I was completely naked, because I had neglected to put on underwear. We were all dancing and carrying on, and Justin and Bruce and I started kissing. Gail started hugging me too. I realized this was going to be a group scene, and although I really wasn’t into that kind of thing, I knew if I were going to keep Justin in my life I would have to learn to keep up with him. So I went for it, I started kissing Gail on the lips and bursa escort kız between her legs, almost as if to show them I was game. The guys started watching us, and applauded, and Gail and I made love while they watched.

Eventually we all went to their bedroom and spent the night together. I was pretty drunk at the time, the evening was a jumble of cocks and pussies, mouths and fingers. We all enjoyed it though, although I honestly can’t remember much of it.

In the morning, Justin and I left, I had to get back to class and he had some work to do. We made plans to get together again soon though, and we started all hanging out often. Justin would do coke when they were with us, but never on his own.

We would get together about once a week and they would do coke and we would all end up in bed together. Eventually Justin started buying coke on his own, and he wanted me to join him. I resisted, I don’t like drugs, but couldn’t stop him. He was getting more and more into it and one night I gently asked him if he thought he had a problem.

“No problem,” he said, doing another line.

“I think you’re becoming a coke addict, Justin.”

“So what if I am, it’s fun.”

I realized I would be powerless to stop him from doing what he wanted to.

This went on for a couple of months, he partying with me and Bruce and Gail, getting high, me trying to keep it all together. Finally I had had enough and called my parents for help.

They were wonderful, and immediately told me to come home and just stay with them for a while, and they would handle it. They called Justin’s father and he contacted a rehab center and arranged for an intervention with Justin. Justin was pissed off but eventually went off to rehab. His father was great too and thanked us very much for calling him.

My parents didn’t say anything to me about it, just asked if I did coke too, and I told them, and this was the truth, that I never did. I realized I didn’t want a coke addict in my life, and although I wanted to stay with him and felt bad about everything, the counselors at the rehab center said it was his battle to fight and I couldn’t do it for him. I was staying at my parent’s house for a while, visiting Justin in rehab and going to school, and one night when I was alone at my parent’s house, Brian happened to call them. He was my old boyfriend, my first actually, and was a friend of my parents. He’s a successful black musician and very handsome. I picked up the phone and answered it, and he was surprised to find me there.

“Brandy, is that you?”

“Yeah, hi Brian.”

“How you doing, girl, I haven’t talked to you for ages!”

“Well, not so good, actually.”

“What’s going on?”

“I’m just staying with my parents for a while while my boyfriend dries out in rehab. He’s a coke addict, a rich one, but an addict just the same.”

Brian said he would be right over and take me out so we could talk.

I told him the whole story, the swapping scenes up in Santa Barbara on the yacht, the parties, the group sex.

“Man, girl, you are only 20 years old, and you’ve done all that! What are you going to save for when you’re my age?”

I laughed.

“What about you, what have you been up to?”

“Well, I’m divorced, and live with Tony, a really great guy. You should meet him, he’d like you.?

“I’d like to.”

“He’s 29, also a musician, and we’ve been together nearly two years now.”

“That’s great, Brian, really great.”

“Hey, why don’t you come over for dinner Friday, I’ll pick you up.”

“OK. Should I bring something?”

“Nope, just your sweet self.”

“OK, thanks, sweetie.”

“And hey, call me on my cell if there’s anything I can do for you, here’s my cell number.”

“OK, thanks.”

We hugged and he dropped me off at my parents.

The next day I visited Justin in rehab and we had a horrible fight. He was still furious at me for busting him, and accused me of being a cunt and a bitch. Eventually one of the counselors came and helped us out because he was fighting with me so loudly.

The counselor told Justin that Brandy here possibly saved your life, and he was too much in the middle of battling his addiction to realize it. He also said that Brandy, you have to make a decision here. You don’t have to put up with this behavior. As guilty as that made me feel, and as much as I cared about Justin, I realized when he was using he was a monster, and I had to get the strength to walk away from him until his demons were under control. I told Justin as much in front of the counselor. He called me a stupid bitch and I walked out.

I was pretty upset when I got home, and started crying. I missed the old Justin! We were having such a great time, what happened, why did he do this to us?

I looked in my purse and found Brian’s cell number, and called him. I’m afraid I was pretty upset, and cried into the phone to him. He was great, and let me talk it all out.

When I was done, he said, “You are going to have to let him go to face this alone. You can’t do it for him.”

“I know,” sobbing.

“I want you to tell him that until he’s clean, you don’t want to talk to him or hear from him. He’s an addict, believe me, I’ve seen this before, you can’t save him. You just have to walk away until he gets it under control.”

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