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Subject: Boy From The Shed – Chapter 95 This is the last chapter, other stories may come in the future from the Shed universe, so I am sure we will meet the characters of Shed again. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my story, it has been a heck of a journey writing it, but has been worth it. I am writing other stories which you can find on Nifty and my website. If you do like it I would love to hear from you, you can email me at: sparky.story@protonmail or visit my website at ess/ Please help support , they provide us with a wonderful resource and they rely on donations to keep the site running fty/donate.html Please check out my website for additional information, it has all the chapters on it in a more content rich environment, it also has character lists and images of things and places we see in the story to give more context. Sparky Boy From The Shed – Chapter 95 By Sparky Jacob and Jason loaded the kids into their car, Luke, Sam, Jess and James wanted to go home, they were tired and bored. Everyone else decided to stay at the pub function room after Jacob and Jason had offered to take the kids back to the farm. “You did good to last this long… well done” Jacob lovingly praised them as he put their seat belts on them in the back of his car. As Jacob put James seat belt on the little boy kissed his nose and giggled, that earned him a gentle ruffle of his hair. “Can you tells us some more of the family story” Ten year old Luke asked. “Yeah… tell us more!” Sam agreed also ten now. Jacob climbed into the drivers seat of his car as Jason looked into the back at the kids from the passenger seat. “Where did we get too?” Jason asked his younger siblings. “You just got back from Spain” nine year old Jess replied and seven year old James agreed. “Ok… let me see…” Jason told his half bio-logical sister and brother. “That’s when a certain someone turned up on the doorstep” Jacob said smiling to Jason and nodding his head at Sam. Jason smiled too, it was fun to reminisce, he and Jacob had been telling the kids the history of the family, this had been prompted by recent sad events. They started the story from when Jacob and Susan had moved next door to Leo and Mike 11 years ago. The kids had soaked up everything they had been told and enjoyed learning about their family and everything they had done and been through. It had taken over a week of story telling to cover just the first year. Jacob and Jason had for years now looked after the younger kids while the others at the farm worked, they were like the in house day care providers, which they loved doing. “Ok so we just got back from our really cool holiday in Spain… Where we first met Marcel, Seb and Diego” Jason said smiling and the kids giggled remembering the naughty stories. “Do you know what was even cooler when we got back?” Jason asked as Jacob started driving them home. “No… what?!” Sam asked curious. “What was even cooler was you came to live with us a few days after we got back” Jason said smiling. “Really?” Sam asked not really knowing much about that time, it wasn’t a secret or anything it was because Sam was so happy with his life he never really thought about it or asked. “Yep!… Timmy was so happy when you were dropped off… he played with you all the time… John too” Jason said smiling. “They still do” giggled Luke with a naughty grin on his face and grabbing at Sam’s groin. “God your as bad as your brother” Jason chuckled and glanced at Jacob who was laughing. It was true, Luke had grown and was very much a younger version of Jacob, he had the same mischievous nature and was a little horn dog too. Also like Jacob everyone loved his wild nature and antics, he was always making them laugh. Jason explained how Sam came to join the family without going into too much detail, there were things that were best left unsaid. By the time he had finished that chapter in their lives they were pulling up outside the main farm house. The kids soon had their seatbelts off and were running into the house, Bandit yapped at them and spun around in circles excitedly as he was happy they were home. Jacob and Jason followed them inside, the two chuckled as Luke and Sam tugged at their ties trying to get them off. “Come over here” Jacob said as he sat on the edge of the sofa and held his arms out. Luke stood in front of Jacob and let his older brother remove his tie for him tilting his head back to give Jacob better access, as soon as the tie was gone Luke was pulling his little black suit jacket off. Jason came over and helped him so it wouldn’t end up on the floor while Jacob removed Sam’s tie. “You want it all off?” Jason asked seeing Luke unzip his trousers, silly question really he thought. “Yes please” Luke replied nicely as he wanted help and was fed up with wearing his little black suit. Once Jacob had removed Sam’s tie Jess wanted help with hers too, she had worn a suit just like her brothers, she often wore the same clothes as they did, she was what some people call a Tom boy, she was still very much girly at times but liked to be like her brothers. Her parents Ben and Tina let her do as she wanted, dress how she wanted, play with her brothers if she wanted. They didn’t want her to be seen or feel like she was different just because she was a girl, and even at nine years old if you ignored that fact she didn’t have a willy she looked all boy. After helping Jess with her tie and James too Jacob started to fold and hang up the suits properly, the last thing he wanted was to get told off by the mums for not looking after their suits properly. Jason helped the kids get undressed before undressing himself, he was just as anxious to get his suit off too, even at 19 he still preferred to be naked at home as did Jacob. Before long all the suits were hung up, socks, undies and shirts were placed in the washing basket. Luke stood by the big sofa waiting for his big brother to sit down, Jacob chuckled as he watched his little brother impatiently waiting for him, there was no place Luke felt safer or happier than in his 20 year old big brothers arms. Jacob sat down and in a flash Luke was in his lap and the two naked brothers cuddled and relaxed together. Sam soon snuggled into Jacob’s side. Jason smiled as he sat down, he knew for sure Luke would monopolise Jacob tonight. But he was fine with that, he loved Luke dearly as well and was more than happy to share. Jason’s lap was soon filled with James and Jess, like her brothers she loved to be naked as well and also like them she felt no shame from it. She like all elazığ escort of the family loved the closeness they felt snuggled up naked together, the warmth that radiated from one body to the next carrying a deep love with it. Jason wrapped his big 19 year old arms around James and Jess as they cuddled naked together on the sofa next to Jacob, Luke and Sam. Bandit took his place between them and rested his soft furry head in Luke’s lap and his body across Sam’s bare legs. His nose breathing warm breath over Luke’s boy bits making the little boy giggle softly. They all started to feel better after a long and emotional day, their warmth and their love recharging each other and making them feel some what happy again. Luke moved his older brothers hand down to his little willy, he did this often when he was tired or upset, it was a comfort thing like sucking a thumb or needing a hug. He liked the feeling and it made him feel better, there were times that it was sexual too, but Jacob knew his little brother well enough to know that right now it was a comfort thing. The funeral had been hard on all of them, Grandad Jack had been an important part of their lives, for over ten years, he was their beloved Grandad, he had given them so much over the years, from the farm he had sold them for far less than it was worth, to all the love he had bestowed on all of them, through Grandad Jack the family had met his son and his family, Paul and Mary, David and Mateo were all an important part of the big family, even though they lived in Spain. David and Mateo had become regular visitors to the farm since the holiday ten years ago. The Spanish family had grown over the years much as the farm family had, they moved a year after the holiday to the new holiday village near the villa where Paul worked as the site manager, Mary as assistant manager, Miguel was head of maintenance and Sofia his wife head of house keeping. Seb and Diego both helped out around the village, as did all the other boys the Spanish family had taken in with help from American John and Simon. But that’s another story. Grandad Jack had supported and helped in Spain with the holiday village and the waifs and strays they had taken in, as the years had passed all the boys at the village had helped look after Jack till a few weeks ago, when he finally passed away quietly in his sleep. Jack had two funerals, one in Spain and one near the farm, his ashes were to be split between the farm and the village in Spain. Memorial gardens were made at the village in Spain and at the farm in the UK in his honour and to gives his family and friends somewhere to feel close to him and share their thoughts with him. Luke started to giggle and everyone watched as Bandits eyes tried to look innocent but his naughty tongue kept darting out and taking little licks of Luke’s balls. When Jacob’s eyes would meet Bandits the dogs tongue would freeze and slowly return into Bandits mouth. It soon turned into a game like it always did, Jacob would look away and bandits tongue would come back out to lick Luke’s balls again. Jacob would look at bandit and the tongue would withdraw. It was starting to get cooler so Jacob got them some blankets and snuggled back up with his little brother and Sam after covering Jason, James and Jess. Jason continued with the family story as the kids listened. “After you had arrived we had another camp at the farm and Marcel came to visit” Jason said smiling at Sam lovingly. “Poor Marcel was completely overwhelmed!” Jacob laughed remembering the camp like it was yesterday. “Yeah… he had never seen so many naked boys before… his eyes didn’t know where to look” Jason chuckled. “Was it like the camps we have now?” little Sam asked grinning naughtily. “It was… but we didn’t have all the facilities that we have now… showering was done in the pool house or out in the yard with the garden hose” Jason explained. “That sounds cold” Luke giggled doing a fake shiver in Jacob’s lap. “It was… but the weather was nice so it wasn’t too bad… at least now we have the shower and toilet block so it doesn’t matter if it is cold outside” Jacob told them. “So once Marcel got over the shock, that was the first camp he helped run… he was really good at it” Jason said. “Is that why he runs the camp site now?” asked Jess. “Yes… he grew up helping his grandad run a campsite in the Swiss Alps… the one we took you too last year… so he already knew how to run the camp site… so when he was 16 he moved to the farm and helped run the camp site here full-time… then everyone else could concentrated on running the activities and all the other things they do” Jason explained. “The shower block was his idea… he likes showers and washing” chuckled Jacob. “He is really good at washing us” giggled Luke naughtily. “He was always good at it” Jacob laughed remembering the showers they had ten years ago at the campsite on holiday. “You were born a few months after that camp… Ben was so happy when you arrived… your mum and dad both loved you from the moment you were born” Jason said kissing Jess’s head. “Marcel moving to the farm was also around the time Brandy got his drivers licence and started to do survey and safety work on his own… Leo and Martin helped him study and get his qualifications” Jason said. “It was… we were in high school and were quite jealous that he had a car” Jacob said remembering the envy they all felt. “And Martin bought the Gym around then too… the one John works at with Timmy” Jason added as he remembered. “He’s so strong… and my brother too” Sam said in awe of John’s body builder body. “He is… but he used to a chubby boy when we first met him and Timmy was tiny” Jason reminisced. “He looked at willies in the toilets at school” Luke giggled as he remembered being told the story. “He did… he wasn’t very good at hiding it either” chuckled Jacob. “But at least it led him to meeting us and joining the family” Jason added smiling. “A year after Brandy got his car and Marcel moved here, Steven started working here too, he always loved the animals and getting to look after them full-time was a dream come true for him… Brandy and Martin built him and Josh a house a few years later so they could live here full time too” Jacob said. “Brandy loves building things… he built the solar farm with Steven and Marcel around then too… it was amazing to see how quickly they did it and how soon we were able to get the whole farm off-grid” Jason gushed proudly. “It was… like one minute that field was empty and the next elvankent escort it was full of solar panels” Jacob chuckled. “And that’s how Brandy came to run the solar power company… with all the other fields he put panels in he makes a killing selling green electricity to the national grid” Jason said proud of Brandy’s achievements. “The following year some of the rest of us started to finish school… Ben started working for Leo and Martin… Tanner started working at Martin’s gym too and I started to look after you four full time” Jacob said happily. “Is that what you wanted to do?” asked Luke. “Yes… I wanted to spend all my time with my cute little brother” Jacob giggled and planted a sloppy kiss on Luke lips playfully. “I’m glad you did” Luke said blushing a little and Sam, James and Jess agreed. “Me too” Jacob said looking lovingly at his little brother. “When Max left school he and Tanner spent some time in Spain at the village… that’s what led to them setting the gym up there and eventually moving there full-time” Jason told them. “Was it the gym?… or all the cute Spanish boys they have living there?” laughed Jacob. “Probably both” chuckled Jason. “They are cute” Luke giggled having been there many times. “Not as cute as you” Jacob chuckled tickling Luke’s sides playfully. “I think that depends on how well he is behaving” Jason chuckled causing Luke to stick his tongue out at him. “Eww… put that away I don’t know where it has been” laughed Jason. “Yes you do…” giggled Luke back naughtily. They all laughed together, Luke once again living up to his reputation as the farms funny boy. “What about Benji?” asked Jess who loved him dearly. “Well after school he trained to be a nurse… it took him 3 years and when he qualified dad got him a job on the children’s ward with him and your mum” Jason explained. “He’s not been there that long but he loves it as much as dad and your mum” Jacob added. “That’s were he had to stay right… when he was sick?” Sam asked remembering being told the story of Benji’s cancer. “That’s right… that’s were we first met him” Jacob remembering those difficult times sadly. “While Benji was training to be a nurse Tyler was training to be a teacher… your teacher” Jason said tickling Jess’s sides making her squeal. “He’s a good teacher… we all love him” Jess said smiling. “He is good… Bradley made sure to give him a job at his school… one of the perks of being the new head teacher” Jason told her. “Brandy rebuilt the showers at the school for Bradley… still think they went over board” laughed Jacob. “Nooo… the showers are so cool!” Luke protested. “You just love the water cannon and the other toys they installed and spending way too long naked and playing in there” Jacob chuckled tickling Luke. “It is more like a water play area than school showers now” chuckled Jason. “But at least the kids are all kept clean spending half their PE lessons in the showers… wish we had got to use them as kids” Jacob said a little envious of the current pupils. “Well we did use them when they rebuilt them… even you four were there to try them out before the pupils got to use them…. although you were still a baby” Jason said kissing James head softly. “True… that was a fun night” Jacob grinned remembering how they christened the new facilities in a very naughty way. “What about me?!” James asked excitedly after hearing about him being a baby at the school showers. “Well not long after Marcel came to live here we found out mum was pregnant with you… your dad was 14… just like Benji’s dad” Jason said gently stroking his little brothers hair. “That who I named after” James said proudly knowing this. “That’s right… James died before Benji was born and mum and your dad thought it would be nice to give his name to you” Jason said looking lovingly at James. “That’s him up there” Jessica said pointing to a large picture of Benji’s dad on the lounge wall. “Yep that’s him… and just like you he was a wonderful and loving boy” Jason said kissing his little brother. “Benji looks like him” James said thoughtfully. “And you look like your daddy… maybe just cuter” Jason chuckled. “Way cuter!” Jacob laughed. “Cuter than me?” Luke asked with a playful pout. “Your all equally cute… just in different ways… your cheeky cute and James is cuddly cute… Sam is adorably cute and Jess is lovingly cute… your all cute in your own ways” Jacob said trying not to let Luke get into a cuteness competition. “You lot ready for bed now?” Jason asked the kids. “No… not yet… tell us about Eric!” Luke asked. “Well lets see… you already know how Eric came to live with us… the dads kept trying to help his older brother for two years… then not long after James was born Eric’s brother turned up at the farm beaten up and in big trouble… he had made some very bad people unhappy and they wanted to do very bad things to him… so Leo put him in his car and drove him to the village in Spain… Miguel and Sofia fixed him up and he started working for them after promising never to do bad things again” Jason told them. “He seems nice when we see him” Sam said thinking about Eric’s brother. “He is now… he got mixed up in some bad things and it took him a while to realise he was better of not doing them… after he moved to Spain he and Eric were able to fix their relationship… he even accepted Nathan and his little brother being in love” Jason explained. “But he doesn’t do boy stuff?” Jess noted. “No but he accepts those that do… he likes big titty women!” Jacob laughed making the kids giggle. “Anyway… Nathan trained Eric to be a scuba diving instructor like him… he was a rescue diver at twelve and helped Nathan teach… then last year when he turned eighteen he became a full instructor… they both love teaching so much” Jason said getting back to the story. “I like it when they teach the cub scouts…” Luke said grinning. “You like showering with them afterwards you horny little monkey” corrected Jacob playfully. “Maybe that’s why the cubs and scouts like diving here so much?” chuckled Jason. “They sure like being naked!” giggled Sam. “Remember that sweet old scout leader lady that brought the cubs that time?” Jacob asked Jason smiling. “God yes… I was surprised when she let the boys and girls shower together… more surprised when she caught them fooling around and just left them to it shaking her head and chuckling” Jason said remembering it well. After that the nice old lady left the kids to shower eryaman escort knowing they were probably exploring each other, but she was chilled about it and never told them off for it. It was interesting how different cub and scout packs were with their kids, some were super chill and let the kids run about naked and all sorts, some were strict and never let the genders mix in the showers or left them alone to shower. It seemed often that the older leaders were more relaxed than many of the middle aged ones. Many of the teen leaders would be showering with their kids from the chilled out packs, they sure seemed to be the happier packs to everyone at the farm. Many of the scout diving sessions coincided with the scouts camping at the farm, that had been happening for years now and they all knew which packs they could be naked around and which they couldn’t. The farm kids would often camp with the chilled out packs often leading to the cubs and scouts ending up naked as well, their leaders didn’t mind and just let it happen. Jacob and Jason both had fond memories of the cub and scouts even though they had never been in a pack, the current kids also had many fond memories too. “Anyway… Eric and Nathan have lived in their little house for ten years now… they are still very much in love… and they have their little house at the village for when they are doing diving trips for the guests” Jason said getting back to the story again. “And the strays!” giggled Luke. “Yes them too” Jacob agreed. The strays are what the boys are called that have been taken in by the adults at the village, it is meant lovingly and the boys call themselves the strays too. It is a term of endearment used by all. Nathan and Eric always make sure to take the strays scuba diving when they are staying over there, many of the older boys now help teach and look after things when Nathan and Eric are in the UK. “So I think that just about covers everything… what do you think Jacob… any other stories we missed?” Jason asked Jacob running out of things to tell the kids. “Let me think… what about Josh?… have we mentioned him?” Jacob asked. “Not since telling us about the holiday” Sam answered. “Ok so Josh moved in with Steven when he was 16… that was when the house was built for them… he wasn’t sure what to do… he tried helping Steven with the farm animals but there was not enough work for both of them… then one day one of Karen’s problem students had a melt down and ran off into the woods” Jason started to explain. “Toby wasn’t it?” Jacob asked trying to remember. “Yep… Toby was way behind in school and was brought to Karen to help him catch up… but he struggled and often got upset… so this day Josh sees Toby running off into the woods and Karen trying to catch him… Josh ran after him them and told Karen he’d bring Toby back… so Karen left him to find Toby as she had another student in the house too” Jason went on to explain. “Why was he running away?” Luke asked. “He was frustrated because he found it hard to learn… so Josh finds him crying out in the woods and spends over an hour talking to Toby… he ended up promising to help Toby with his learning… Josh turned out to be really good at helping Karen’s students and so that’s why he now works for Karen and helps kids that are struggling in school… some kids just need one to one help and that’s what Josh does… I guess he is like a teaching assistant like at your school” Jason told the kids. “Anyone else we missed?” Jacob asked the kids. “Nope… daddy Mike runs the children’s ward… daddy Leo runs the survey stuff and mummy works for Daddy Leo…” Luke said after thinking hard. “Ohh!… Tucker works for Leo too!” Sam said remembering their American brother. “He does… he’s the personal assistant that dad doesn’t need” chuckled Jacob. “True but they both seem happy with how things are… I just hope one day that he and Diego will realise they love each other and settle down together… maybe we should give them some more help?” Jason said wanting his friends to hurry up and get together. “We can try… maybe we could get daddy to make him stay in Spain with Diego… that could work” Jacob conspired. “We should… anyway you lot really are sleepy now… lets head up to bed” Jason said seeing the kids getting tired. “Ok… I wanna sleep with you” Luke said looking up at his big brother with puppy dog eyes. “Sure thing buddy” Jacob said kissing his little brothers head. “Me too” Sam said looking at Jacob pleadingly. “Sure…” Jacob replied kissing Sam’s head too. James and Jess only had to look at Jason and he told them they could too. The kids were getting a bit big to carry so only James found himself being carried upstairs to Jacob and Jason’s bedroom. The other three naked kids ran ahead and were already in Jacob and Jason’s huge bed. Normally the older brother would have found their little brothers boned up and ready for fun, but tonight they were tired and worn out after an emotional day. Jason made sure the kids all went to pee before going to sleep, a lesson learnt the hard way when Luke was younger and wet the bed soaking Jason and Jacob, Sam had been the same. Once they had all been to pee Luke and Sam snuggled up to Jacob, Jess and James snuggled up to Jason, this was how they normally slept when they were all together. Jacob reached his hand out and it met Jason’s, the two held hands as the kids fell asleep. Soon Jacob heard the sound of Jason’s breathing slowing and he knew his boyfriend was asleep too. Jacob lay their thinking about how much his life changed over the years, the sad times he had known as a very young child, his hunger and loneliness, his need for love not being met, how he had been saved by Leo and Mike and together they had made a new family, then all his new brothers that joined the family too and the mums including his own who joined them. He looked down to Luke’s head as it rested on his chest, he wondered if the love he felt for his little brother was like what Leo and Mike felt for him at that age. A love so strong and powerful it some times made him very emotional, an unconditional love, a protective love, a never ending love that would last a forever. Jacob smiled as he heard Mike and Leo enter the bedroom, they came over and kissed everyone softly good night, they smelled of alcohol and Jacob was sure they were drunk. “Night night son” Mike said as he kissed Jacob. “Love you son” Leo said feeling emotional. “Love you both dads” Jacob whispered and the dads left to go to bed. Jacob lay there as sleep started to take him, he felt blessed to be surrounded by so much love, blessed to have two loving dads and blessed that Leo had cared enough to bring inside the boy from the shed. The end. Check out my other stories at, ess/ Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. Sparky

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