Boxing Day

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Author’s Note 1: I’m not sure how my original idea of a super sexy fuck fest in Vegas turned into this love story, but it did and I like it. This is an immensely personal story for me for many reasons, and I hope that you enjoy it. The story switches POV by character – you can tell by the chapter. If you’ve read any of my other stores, you know that music plays a big part in what I write. Hope you find a song that you like.

Author’s note 2: For Godzilla, who hit me with a knockout punch I barely saw coming, and I can’t get up to meet the count. The pass program is over. 🙁

Author’s note 3: Don’t forget to comment and vote. Keep in mind that I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit! Love, cg74


Chapter One – Alicia – Wednesday Afternoon part 1

“Alicia, Get your head in the game! Watch for the left!”

I can hear Max, my trainer, from the corner of the ring. He’s right. My head isn’t in the game. Let me pay attention before I –

“ALICIA! Start the count Joe! 2, 3, 4…”

I can’t believe I let that bitch Karen knock me down. I’ll never hear the end of it. She’s never beaten me before. Max is rushing over, helping me to my feet.

“You alright? What’s going on with you? It’s not like you to lose focus!”

“I’m fine Max. Sorry I didn’t knock her out.”

“Don’t apologize. You’ll get her next time. Why don’t you do about 20 minutes of bag work and call it a day. See you next week.”

I take off my head gear, get out of the ring, and move over to the bag. Time to take out some frustrations.

Some girls get Barbie dolls, books, and tea sets. I got plenty of those.

I also got a world class boxing education, thanks to my dad and his brothers. By the time I was eight I could probably judge prize fights. I watched old fights like it was homework – Hagler, Leonard, Tyson, Ali, Duran, and the true undefeated champion Ricardo “El Finito” Lopez.

Boxing kept me out of trouble and the bullies off my back. I kept it up all through high school and college, and I still get in the gym once a week.

Now it’s a stress reliever. And boy do I have a lot of stress. It seems like everything in my life has just gone to shit all at once, and no matter what I do, no matter how hard I punch, it’s just not getting better.

I square my shoulders, get light on my feet. Time to beat out my frustrations. Where do I even start?

My Grandma died. My world, and now she’s gone. Still can’t believe I can’t call her up and hear her voice or talk to her about Sunday dinner.

left jab, feint, right cross…

Prince died. Words can’t explain what he means to me. May U Live 2C The Dawn.

left jab, right hook, right jab…

There’s an idiot in the White House. The less said about that the better.

right jab, right cross, left hook…

My dog died in my arms. My snuggle pup has gone to the rainbow bridge.

right jab, feint, straight right, feint, left uppercut…


I’m a happy person. I usually wake up singing. I usually dance all the time. I have great friends and family. I love my job. I’m married to a great guy. My bills are paid on time and we’re doing quite well financially. By any stretch of the imagination I have it pretty good. Why can’t I break out of this funk?

I hit the showers and take a look at myself in the mirror while I get dressed – not bad, I guess. Nice caramel skin, cute hair, big breasts. Curvy. Not too small, not too big. Just right, as my husband says. Thinking of him makes me smile.

Saying my goodbyes to Max, I make my way to my husband Jacob’s office. We’re lucky that we work at the same university – he’s a law professor on the tenure track, and I work in educational advancement. For 10 years now we’ve been trying to get through this thing called life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I remember the first day I saw him. I was hanging out with my sorority sisters at a party, doing what we do, and here comes this tall nerdy white guy from London with black rimmed glasses, bald head, and a goatee. We all thought he was lost and was looking for the other party with the white girls, but no, he was right where he wanted to be.

No one can accuse me of being shy, so I went right up to him and asked him to dance. I can get down on the dance floor, so I knew that the white boy couldn’t keep up. Jokes on me, because he danced my black ass off the floor! After that dance, we talked all night. Not only did that accent drive me crazy but he was also smart and funny. We had so much in common despite our differences.

We were inseparable from that moment on. Our first real date was at a drive in – to this day I can’t tell you what movie we saw, but I’m sure the folks at the drive in got a show. White boy has game.

We got married two years later. It was a little rough with me in grad school and him in law school, but we made it. He became an American citizen (immigrants – we get the job done!), and we’ve been living in Onwin Atlanta ever since. No kids yet, but we’re having fun trying. I just started seriously using ovulation kits to track my fertile times a few months ago, and so far no baby. Jake is having fun with the ovulation kits – he keeps better track than I do, especially since I’ve been feeling so down lately. It just hasn’t been that important.

I gotta do something to get out of this funk. But I have no idea what I can do. Something has to give, and soon.

Chapter Two – Jacob – Wednesday Afternoon part 2

“Is he on a call Shirley?” I can hear my wife outside my office, talking to my admin.

“No Alicia, go right in. Would you let him know I’m going home? I’ll see you later.”

My wife is here. Time to go home. 10 years and she makes me smile every time I see her face. I start gathering my things. I’m glad we work together, because she drives me home. Still haven’t mastered the whole driving on the right thing.

“Hello darling. Did you knock Karen out yet again?”

“Not tonight baby. She got me.” Alicia stretches out on my office sofa. This was a revelation. I arch an eyebrow.

“Karen beat you? That’s never happened before. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know Jake.” She sighed deeply, her face looking forlorn. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can’t focus. I can’t snap out of this, whatever this is.”

I look outside to make sure Shirley is truly gone and lock the door. I lift up my wife’s legs and sit at the end of the sofa. I take off her shoes and massage her feet.

“Alicia, I love you. We’ll get through this. It’s just a rough patch. The big heavyweight fight is this Saturday. Let’s invite some friends over and have a fight party. We haven’t done that in a while.”

“Mmmmmm…I love you too. That sounds like a good idea. I guess. I’m just so blah about everything. I’m sorry baby. Wait…what are you doing?”

My hands have moved up from her feet, up her calves, and approaching her thighs.

“You know what I’m doing love.”

I push her legs up and kiss my way up her thighs, first the left, then the right. I’m glad she’s wearing a dress, because that makes it easier to get to that pretty pussy. I raise her hips to remove her panties.

“I love how you keep it nice and shaved for me baby. So good.”

Her moans sound like jazz as I blow on her clit and feel her tremble. I lick her clit now, little licks and kisses and nibbles that have her twitching on my sofa.

“Jake…oh my god baby….that feels so good!” She didn’t like getting her pussy eaten before she met me. Now she loves coming on my tongue. The beard burn from my goatee makes the tender insides of her thighs shiver all around me. I take two fingers and enter her pussy deep as I continue to lick her clit. She’s grabbing my head now; fingernails digging in my skin. I know she’s close.

“Baby please….Jake, please…I can’t….please…”

I curl my fingers in her pussy, pounding her now. Her hips raise up to meet my thrusts. She’s so beautiful like this, all wanton and wild and mine. I move my lips from her clit and kiss her deeply. She likes the way she tastes as much as I do.

“Let go baby…come for me. Tell me who makes you feel like this.”

‘JAKE!” She screams my name as she climaxes. I feel her explode all over my fingers, which I promptly remove from her pussy and stick in my mouth. Damn she tastes good.

And that’s when I have my epiphany. I know how to cheer her up and get her out of this funk. Alicia has had a fantasy in her head for a while. It’s time to make that fantasy a reality. I kiss her again.

“Are you okay my love? Did I fuck you stupid?” She always gets a little loopy after she comes really hard. It’s the most incredible thing to watch my PHD- having wife reduced to single syllables.

“Sleepy. Can’t. Drive. Love. You.”

“Why don’t you take a little nap. I’ve got a couple more emails to send out and we can go. Give me 30 minutes, okay?”

“Okay Jake. Love You.” She curls up and in minutes she’s snoring softly.

I sit back behind my desk. Time to send some emails, make some calls, and call in some favors.

Chapter Three – Alicia- Thursday Morning part 1

Last night was incredible. I went to my husband’s office, he dined on my pussy, brought me home, fed me, and put me to bed. He had a sly smile on his face the entire time and kept looking at his phone. He’s up to something. Probably planning the fight party for this weekend. I love that he’s trying to cheer me up.

But it’s time for work. Time to make the donuts. Do people say that anymore?

“Jake, you’re already up? I thought we had another hour or so to get ready” I was still in my pj’s in our room. He was in the kitchen, dressed, and almost out the door.

“Yes Darling. I have go in early – something came up. Don’t worry about driving me. I’ll take MARTA. Lunch together?”

“Okay honey. I’ll see you at lunch. Have a Onwin Giriş good day!”

“Will do. Oh, there’s something in the kitchen for you when you get breakfast. See you later! Love you!”

And with that, he was out the door. Definitely up to something.

I head to the kitchen and that’s when I find it. On the breakfast bar was a crystal vase with the most beautiful arrangement of pink tea roses, stargazer lilies, and rainbow sorbet roses – all of my favorites. Next to the roses was a note from Jacob:

My Dearest Alicia, I love you more than life. It pains me that you aren’t as happy as you can be, and I am sorry it’s taken me so long to fix it. That changes today. As of right now I am in charge of every part of our weekend. Your job has been informed that you will not be in until Tuesday-no need to call. No need to check your work phone or work laptop- in fact, leave them in our home office. You won’t need them. All you have to do is trust that I will take care of you and enjoy yourself. Don’t call or text me for clues or anything else- no spoilers. The first part of your weekend begins at 10 AM. Eat a good breakfast, work out, take a shower and dress casually. And when I say I’m in charge of the weekend, I mean every single part. Do not touch yourself or come until I say you can. Trust and enjoy my love. See you soon, J

Damn! What is he up to, and why am I so horny? I can’t help but smile.

I eat a quick breakfast, run three miles on the treadmill, and take a long hot shower. I dress in leggings, my purple “Starfish and Coffee” t-shirt, and my favorite kicks. At 10 AM the doorbell rings, and I open it to find a smartly dressed young man.

“Mrs. Alicia Cambridge? I’m Michael, and I was sent by Mr. Jacob Cambridge. He said to tell you to trust and enjoy yourself. Are you ready to begin your adventure?”

And with that I’m lead to a black Escalade. I step inside to more roses, a glass of champagne, and Jill Scott singing about long walks. I close my eyes and relax. I have no idea where I’m going, but I’m going to trust and enjoy myself.

Michael winds his way through the Atlanta traffic until we come to a stop at Turning Heads Salon and Spa in Midtown. Turning Heads is always busy -I’ve known the owner, Rebecca, for years, and her clientele is the who’s who of Atlanta. The parking lot is empty.

“We’re here Mrs. Cambridge. I’ll be waiting when you’re done. Have fun!”

I enter the salon, and I’m rendered speechless.

Anything that’s not service related is covered in roses. It’s so beautiful. One of my favorite bands, The Foreign Exchange, is playing on the speakers.

“Alicia! Hey Girl!” Rebecca is all smiles as she hugs me out of my shock.

“Rebecca, what’s all this? Where is everyone? This place should be packed!”

“Girl, when Jacob Cambridge calls and asks for a favor, I listen. It’s the least I can do to thank him for his help with my son’s legal troubles last year. You are the client Alicia. We are here for you today. Jake said to tell you to trust and enjoy yourself.”

Trust and Enjoy Yourself. That seems to be the theme of the day.

For the next three hours Rebecca and her staff treat me like royalty. I get a massage, body treatments, a facial, a mani/pedi, and my eyebrows done. Rebecca herself does my hair in soft waves that she pulls up into a ponytail. I feel like a million strips of gold pressed latinum! Jake has thought of everything because he left a change of clothes here at the salon. I change into a sleeveless pink maxidress and sandals. He didn’t leave me any panties, so I guess I’m going without. He knows I like it that way. There’s also a packed suitcase with my things – hiking gear and shoes, little black dress and heels, a few casual things, wisps of lingerie, makeup and toiletries. So we’re going somewhere, but where?

“Rebecca, do you know what Jake is up to? The suspense is killing me!”

“Yes I do, and no I’m not telling you. That man told you to trust and enjoy yourself, and that’s what you need to do. It’s time for the next part of your adventure. Have fun Alicia. Can’t wait to hear all about it!”

Michael’s waiting and opens the door to the Escalade, and soon enough we’re back in Atlanta traffic. Jake and I are supposed to meet for lunch today, but who knows where?

I realize that we’re leaving Midtown and headed towards Chamblee and the private airport. What the hell? The Escalade pulls right onto the tarmac in front of a huge Gulfstream with a pink carpet leading up to the stairs to the jet door.

“This is where I leave you Mrs. Cambridge. I hope you have a great weekend. Trust and enjoy yourself!”

“Thanks Michael.”

The door of the Escalade opens and there stands Jake, looking handsome in jeans, a black polo, and loafers.

“Hello beautiful. Looks like you had a good time at Rebecca’s.”

“Hey baby, but what’s going on? How? This is crazy!” I sputter out questions that he silences with a kiss.

“What Onwin Güncel Giriş did the note say honey?”

“You were in charge of the weekend.”

“And what else did the note say?”

“Trust you and enjoy myself.”

“Right. So are you ready to go then?”

I guess that’s the end of that. I watch as Kevin hands my bag to the grounds crew and I make my way up the pink carpet, hand in hand with my husband.

“Oh my goodness! Jake this is incredible!” The plane was decorated in tones of beige and gold, with plush leather seating everywhere. I saw a closed room at the back of the plane which I can only assume is the bedroom and bath area. And of course, roses were everywhere.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Cambridge. We’ll be taking off shortly. We’re expecting a smooth flight, so please take your seats and buckle up. Once we’re at cruising altitude you can move around as much as you like. Hope you enjoy the flight”. The captain shook our hands and went to the cockpit as we took our seats.

“Jake, please tell me where we’re going. Can I get a hint?”

He hands me a white envelope. “This is where we’re going.”

I open the envelope, and I’m sure that I squeaked.

“This has been sold out forever! How did you get tickets? Do you still have both of your kidneys?” He just smiled.

In the envelope were two tickets. We’re going to Vegas.

Marvin Coleman and Gregor Rustov were heavyweights with undefeated records. Their fight has been two years in the making as they made their way through all the mandatory challengers to meet in the ring on Saturday.

If styles make fights, this one had the potential to be a classic. Rustov is all brawler with a strong chin and a wicked left hook. Coleman is a counter and body puncher with a quick jab and devastating uppercuts.

And on top of all of that, they hate each other.

Coleman is a man that was in trouble before he got his life together with boxing. He’s a “speak quietly and carry a big punch” kinda fighter. A family man and church deacon, he stays out of the spotlight until it’s time for his next fight.

Rustov, however, is all glitz and glam and swagger. He’s loud and brash and loves the celebrity that comes with being a big time fighter. He stays in trouble with the law and recently crashed his $100,000 Maserati.

At the televised contract signing for the fight, Rustov informed Coleman that he had just (his words) “fed your sister all of my big Russian cock and now she loves borscht and meatballs instead of barbecue and collard greens.”

Needless to say, that did not go over well with Coleman’s camp, and the punches, chairs, and water bottles flew. The press ate it up, however, and the lead up to the fight has been all over the news for months. Tickets sold out in minutes. Anyone who is anyone wants to be ringside for the fight the media has dubbed ‘The Reverend vs The Russian’.

As much as I love boxing, I’ve never been to Vegas for a big title fight – I’ve always watched them on TV or I couldn’t get tickets.

And now my husband has two ringside seats to the biggest fight of the year. I can’t believe it! I’ve always wanted to go to a big fight and it looks like Jake is going to make this dream a reality.

I was in such shock that I didn’t realize that we were in the air until our flight attendant came by with sandwiches, fruit, and drinks.

“Jake, this is beyond anything I could ever imagine. Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet baby. There’s much more ahead. Eat your food. You need your strength.”

I don’t even know what could be better than this, but I can’t wait to find out.

Trust and enjoy yourself.

Chapter Four -Jacob- Thursday Afternoon Part 2

She has no idea what’s coming. Her dream was to go to a big title fight, but this is going to be so much more.

I had to call in favors and make promises to make this weekend happen for her. Rebecca was happy to close the salon once I explained what I needed. The florist moved heaven and earth to get every single rainbow sorbet and pink tea rose in the city. My cousin, the CEO of the largest financial services firm in London, let me use his jet in exchange for some pro bono work for his charity. The concierge company he referred me to took care of the Vegas accommodations and the pricey tickets. I didn’t have to give up my kidney, but it was bloody close.

I’d do it all again to see this look on her face.

We finished our lunch and retired to the back of the jet with the king sized bed, 4K TV, and Xbox One. My cousin loves his toys. Alicia saw the bed covered in rose petals and laughed.

“Jake, are there any roses left in Atlanta?”

“Probably not. The florist will be a friend for life now.” I took her in my arms and felt her melt into my touch.

“I really want you to have a good weekend honey. Are you tired?”

“No, not tired. I can think of other things I want to do though. I mean, when will we get another chance to join the mile high club in such style?” I felt her hands move to the button on my jeans. I move them away, pick her up, and lay her on the bed. I lay on top of her, kissing her over and over.

“What’s up Jacob? Why won’t you let me touch you?”

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