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As usual, his message was spartan: “7:00pm. Let yourself in.”

She knew just what that meant. Be at his place 7:00pm on the dot, ready to do whatever he demanded.

Work was a nightmare of lack of concentration and prayer that no one could smell her arousal. She left exactly at 5:00. Rushed home, showered, shaved, did her make up the way she knew he liked it. She knew her clothing would not matter, but she wore a nice skirt, blouse, and the highest heels she had. Nothing else. She was ready.

She arrived outside his door at 6:57. She knew better than to enter early, so she waited, praying that no one would walk down his hall in the next 3 minutes. At exactly 7:00 she turned the door handle and entered.

She was confronted with a bondage contraption, a small chest, the sound of a shower in the background, and a note. The note read, “place all your things in the chest and lock it. Then place your self in the device. Be sure to fill all holes appropriately, to gag, and blindfold yourself. I expect you to be done before I am done with my shower.”

Crap, she didn’t have much time. She scanned what was before her. The contraption in front of her would bind her ankles, wrists, and waist, keeping her fast in doggy position. The entire thing was on coasters, so it could be wheeled around. The wrist restraints were self locking. There was also a blind fold, a head harness with gag, an anal hook attached to the harness, and a dildo attached to pole clamped to the device.

She quickly undressed and locked her clothes, shoes, and purse in the chest. She then positioned her knees and ankles in place and locked the ankle cuffs. Next she sucked on the anal hooks, lubing it up with her saliva. She put it in. and started working on the gag harness. Once every strap was in place and her mouth was stuffed, she adjusted the strap to the hook. She knew she would have to make it tight, forcing her head back. Next she leaned on the waist support and placed the dildo in her very wet cunt. (She hated that word, but he demanded its use.) Then she locked on the waist belt. Finally, she slipped on the blindfold, and put her wrists into their cuffs. She was now fully trapped and motionless.

She yalova escort took a deep breath to calm herself and listened. The shower had stopped. She wasn’t sure when, but she hoped she had finished in time. Regardless, all she could do is wait.

“Exquisite,” broke the silence. She didn’t know how much time passed. “I could smell your leaking cunt a mile away. It’s amazing how obedient you are and how aroused that makes you.” His voice grew closer as he spoke. She knew he was right next her when he had finished.

His powerful, firm, yet gentle hands started to caress her thigh. “So beautiful, and all mine.” He explored for some time. Playing with her nipples, teasing her swollen cunt. Making her even more wet.

He then started placing things on her skin. Little pads that stuck in place. He covered most of her body. More seemed to go on her breasts and around her cunt than anywhere else. “Perfect,” he said. “I think you are ready”. She then felt the dildo in her cunt straight to vibrate. Then she felt a tingle in her thighs. Oh fuck, he had covered her in electrodes. They started to go in sequence. Nothing too painful, but she could feel each muscle tense when they went off.

The situation was …infuriating. Everything inch of her was being stimulated, but nothing was strong enough to make her come.

OUCH. That one hurt.

He laughed at her. “I’ve written a little program to keep you occupied. On the whole, you are going to be kept aroused, but interspersed, there will be spikes of pain to hold your attention. This will should keep you occupied until I get back.”

Get back? He couldn’t just leave her like this. She tried to protest, but the gag was doing it’s job, and she knew her pleas would be lost on him.

“Didn’t I mention? I have a date with Megan tonight. I’m going to wine and dine her. Then I’m going to fuck her brains out. When I get back, if I’m in the mood, I’ll fuck you too. Oh, before I go, I think you need one more thing.”

She felt him playing with her right nipple. Something was placed over it. She wasn’t sure what it was, it didn’t feel like a harsh clamp. edirne escort Almost like something sucking. Then the left. A moment later they started to vibrate.

“Tata,” and she heard him close the front door.

Fuck, she thought to herself. And then the vibrator in her cunt turned up. Yes. Just a little more… It stopped completely. She quickly lost track of time, as her whole body started to focus on the desire to come. Somehow, just as she would start to enter a trance that would let her escape, a sharp pain on a random point in her body would bring her back.

Random sounds would break the spell and she would strain to hear if it was him returning. But it wasn’t and she would once again lose herself to the mixture of teasing and pain.

She had no idea how long had passed when she was sure she heard the door open. Finally, she would be released. She heard the door close again. He was definitely back. She could hear foot falls. She would get the release she wanted. This would all be worth it.

She felt a touch on her thigh. Her entire world centered on that caress. But this was not his hand. She knew his touch, this was not it. It was lighter, less sure of itself. It traced around the nearest pad lightly, then it made its way down to her back side, tantalizingly close to her cunt.

“See Megan, I told you she was a slut, didn’t I. Feel how wet her cunt is.”

No. He couldn’t have brought Megan here. Megan was her best friend, but also her fiercest competition at work. How would she ever live this down.

“Megan, If I’m not mistaken, I would say that she is even wetter now that she knows it’s you I’m going to take into the bedroom to screw.”

He was right. How she could be more even more aroused, she didn’t know, but she was.

“Be a dear and give her a kiss and then come with me.”

She felt Megans lips on her own, as Megan kissed her around the gag. And then they were gone.

She strained to hear them as they moved away. Her emotions were a mess. She knew he must have other women, but this? And yet. She wanted nothing more than to watch him fuck Mega while she played with herself. erzurum escort She suspected that if could just touch her clit, she would explode like never before.

Then she heard music. That bastard! He wasn’t going to let her hear them. She was just left stewing in her juices imagining what was happening, as the vibrator, nipple things, and electrodes continued to play their symphony of teasing and pain on her body.

Again she lost track of time. Lost in her ordeal.

She was shocked out of her mind space, when she felt herself rolling across the floor. She had forgotten that her prison was on wheels. This time, the hands on her were definitely his.

She guessed that she was being rolled into the bedroom, because the music got louder. The smell of sex permeated the air. She came to a stop. “Keep your eyes closed for me pet.” He removed the blindfold. She did as he bade. He removed the gag and put the blindfold back on. Then he removed the anal hook and dildo. He rolled her a bit more, and the smell of sex became stronger.

“You are going to suck my sperm out of Megan’s pussy, and you are going to go make her come. I fucked her, but didn’t let her come. That’s your job.”

He moved her forward a few more inches and her mouth came into contact with flesh. In her state, she would do whatever was asked of her. She went at it.

“Good job pet,” he whispered in her ear, “whatever happens, you keep working on her clit. Understand me?”

She the felt him enter her. She came right on the spot.

“Keep on sucking you slut.”

He started pounding her from behind as she sucked. The world was lost to her as she came and came and came. Somehow she kept on sucking, because that is what he told her to do. Eventually, she vaguely understood that he was coming inside her, when her body convulsed in a final climax… then she passed out.

She came to naked and in bed. He was next to her, holding her. She felt something wrapped around her neck, a reminder that she was his. “Slowly pet, you went through quite an ordeal.”

She looked around. His eyes were very happy looking at her. Whatever just happened, that sight made it all worth it. She looked around a bit more until her eyes settled on Megan. Megan was also naked, with a collar around her neck, but she was chained to the foot of the bed and curled up in a dog bed.

“Going forward, you and Megan are going to be much better friends, but Megan has a way to go before she’s allowed to sleep in the bed.”

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