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In my senior year at College I had a roommate called Pete. He was tall, athletic, a real stud in every respect. We got along very well and so our co-habitation was very smooth. Pete was a real nice guy; I couldn’t deny him anything. One week before our graduation, he suggested that we should have a small party. He would just invite a couple of friends over. It all seemed perfectly innocent, so I had no objection whatsoever.

The big day arrived. Paul and Ted, Pete’s friends from back home, knocked on the door and I let them in. Pete was really excited as if there was something more to this party. We had 3-4 beers each and then we opened a bottle of vodka. Pete and his friends were heavy drinkers but I wasn’t used to consuming so much alcohol. I was pretty wasted; I couldn’t get up from my chair. Pete and Ted offered to help me and carried me to the bedroom. I was now lying on the bed face down. I felt really tired.

“It’s Showtime!” Pete said.

I wondered what he meant.

“We want what we came for!” Paul exclaimed.

“Yeah, let’s see what he’s got, Pete!” Ted urged.

Pete approached the bed, climbed on top of me and began unzipping my pants.

“Now you’ll show us what you’ve been hiding for so long!” he murmured.

His friends started undressing, revealing their well-built bodies. I remembered that Pete was in the habit of coming in the shower whenever I was taking a bath, always using some lame excuse. Back then, I thought that it was just a coincidence but now I realised that all he wanted was to see me naked. However, tonight was much more that that. Pete had come up with a plan to fuck my virgin ass.

While I was thinking about all that, Pete was pulling down my pants. His friends were bare naked and they were already jerking off. As he took off my pants (I wasn’t wearing any shoes), Paul shouted:

“Show us his butt!”

He was really eager to see İstanbul Escort an untouched male ass. Pete removed my briefs real slow exposing my round butt cheeks.

“Yeah, look at this tight little butt, it’s a real work of art!” Ted said really excited.

Both men were standing across the bed enjoying the view.

“O.K. guys, show’s over!” I said and tried to get up. I failed. I didn’t even have the strength to do that. I felt completely exhausted.

“You had too much to drink and the show has just began, bitch!” Pete said laughing sardonically.

His plan had worked out perfectly. He started taking off his clothes. When he undressed completely I noticed that he was already erect. He took a pillow and placed it beneath my ass.

“Boys, get ready for the ultimate spectacle!” Pete said.

Instantly, he spread my legs revealing my virgin hole.

“I’d like to fuck this butthole real hard” Paul said really horny.

“Me too! I can’t wait!” Ted moaned.

“I’m first! I’ve been waiting so long for this” Pete said.

He took a bottle of vodka he had hidden under the bed and poured some on my asshole. Then, he started squeezing my cheeks and masturbating. His cock, long and thick, was rock-hard and ready for penetration. I made my final attempt to get up and save myself.

“Guys, grab his arms!” Pete ordered. “You are not going anywhere, cumbucket!”

There was nothing I could do. I surrendered…Pete shoved his cockhead in my ass. Then, with one mighty push, he drove his full length inside me.

“Yeah, fuck this cumslut real good!” Paul raged.

“Give it to him! Fuck his virgin butt!” Ted urged.

Pete started fucking me ruthlessly. His dick ravaged my hole. Each thrust was more powerful than the previous one. I felt my anus burning. I begged him to stop but he had no intention of doing that.

“We are not Anadolu Yakası Escort gonna stop until you service all three of us!” he moaned. “Each time I came into the shower you used to cover yourself with a towel. Well, now your ass is mine and there’s nothing you can do about it!” Pete murmured as he pounded my butt again and again.

His breathing became faster. He grabbed my waist as his tool exploded inside me shooting his load.

“All yours!” he said as several blasts of hot cum flooded my tight asshole.

Pete pulled out really satisfied. It was now Paul’s turn. His shaft was standing at attention. It wasn’t as long as Pete’s but it was equally thick. The only thing I could think of now was getting back at Pete. He had betrayed my trust. Three men would rape me and it was all his fault. There wasn’t much I could do except for one thing: to question Pete’s manhood. I would make him feel the worst buttfucker of the three.

I grabbed my butt cheeks, spreading them wide open and showing off my asshole.

“Come on, Paul! I need a real man back there!” I said in a low seductive voice.

“Looks like you failed, Pete. This bitch didn’t feel a thing. Well, I’ll show how it’s done!” Paul said.

Pete was furious but now I had to pay the price of urging Paul to prove himself… His cock pierced my ass right away. This buttfucking had turned to a competition and he was determined to win. He went as deep as he could. His balls touched my ass cheeks as his hard rod pumped my tight butthole.

“Yeah, fuck me, big boy!” I screamed.

“Shake your ass, bitch! Show me how bad you want my dick!” Paul moaned.

His shaft came in and out of my ass. He enjoyed the tight grip of my hole, pushing in every single inch of his swollen cock. Paul would shove his cockhead in my butt and then he would put the whole thing inside with one big push, Kartal Escort forcing my hole to stretch repeatedly. He was so hot he couldn’t hold himself any longer.

“Yeah, cum in my ass! Fill my hole with your cream!” I moaned as I felt his rod spurting his lava in my asshole.

“Now, it’s my turn!” Ted said.

He was going to be my last for tonight but he was as horny as the other two.

“Show me what you got! I want your cock in my ass, stud!” I said.

Ted was really anxious to fuck me. He pushed his dick in my butt right away and he relaxed for a moment. I realised that he was the biggest of the three. His massive shaft was stretching me to the limit. He began pounding my hole mercilessly.

“Fuck me! Deeper! Harder! Oh, your cock is so big!” I said smiling.

“And your ass is so tight!” Ted replied really excited.

Ted’s thrusts were more vigorous than before. He was so horny that he was slapping my ass really hard. I pushed my ass towards his cock. His balls punched loudly against my butt cheeks, which had turned red from the spanking. He was driving me crazy and I was getting my revenge.

“Go, buttfucker! Fuck my tight asshole real good!” I shouted.

His rod rammed deep inside my ass. He was about to cum. I decided to spite Pete even more.

“Cum in my mouth, Ted! I wanna taste a real man’s juice!” I said lustfully.

Ted pulled out of my ass and kneeled in front of my face. He grabbed my head and pushed it over his massive rod. His cock reached the back of my throat. He fucked my mouth for a few seconds. My lips touched his pubic hair as I deepthroated my first dick.

“I’ve got a special treat for you, cumslut!” Ted moaned.

His tool erupted and I tried to swallow his salty semen to the last drop. His cum flooded my mouth. Ted pulled out. Cum was dripping from my lips. I licked it saying:

“Now that’s a real man’s milk!”

Ted gave me a friendly slap on the butt saying:

“Let’s do it again some time. It’s a shame to waste such a tight ass!”

He was the unquestionable winner of this competition. As for Pete and me…we were even. He had managed to fuck my virgin ass and I had made him feel the worst of the three…

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