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“I’m bored” wailed Michelle. “Bored, bored, bored.”

Glenda laughed.

“So do something about it. What in particular is boring you?”

“Everything. Home, work and play. It’s all so boring right now.”

“Well, how’s your love life?” asked Glenda.

“Boring, boring, boring,” snapped Michelle. “Now look, Adam’s a great guy and all that but his idea of fun sex is stick it in, wriggle it around, yank it out and watch it spurt. He doesn’t want to come inside me in case I get pregnant. I’ve explained to him what the pill is for but he’s just not interested. And he doesn’t like condoms. He says it’s like trying to feel something through a blaster tyre.

Half the time I don’t even get to climax. He whips it out too soon.

How can it be anything else but boring?”

“Um, why don’t you try changing cocks?” asked Glenda, smiling innocently.

“I’ve been bloody tempted, I assure you, but I couldn’t do that to him. I love him. It wouldn’t be fair.”

“Ha. Like men really care one way or the other. Have you ever seen the statistics of men who cheat on their partners? Most of them do.”

“Adam wouldn’t,” said Michelle. “He’s too noble and too loving.”

“And too boring and scared that you’ll catch him,” finished Glenda.

“That, too,” admitted Michelle with a laugh.

“Well, your noble, loving Adam isn’t above looking down my top when he gets a chance, or going for the occasional grope,” said Glenda.

“He doesn’t!”

“He damned well does. He almost crawled down the front of my dress the other day, he was looking so hard. And he pinched me.”

Michelle blinked. “Really?”


“Rotten bastard. If I catch him groping I’ll make him regret it.”

“Why? It could be the answer to your boredom,” pointed out Glenda.

“How do you mean?”

“It’s obvious. If Adam slips over the traces he can’t really complain if you slip over the traces as well. Actually, if we work it right we can make everything his fault.

From what you’ve told me, Adam gives a really nice fuck when he’s in the mood. It wouldn’t exactly be a hardship if he was to seduce me rather forcefully.”

“Maybe not,” pointed out Michelle, “but what about Peter? You do remember Peter, don’t you? Your boyfriend. The one who’s already servicing your pussy when you’re horny.”

“And sometimes when I’m not,” observed Glenda. “Ah, yes, Peter. He’s rather hot-tempered you know. Why if he caught Adam ravishing me he’d probably turn around and ravish you on the spot, just to show Adam what’s what.”

“I see. Arranging to have me vigorously raped by Peter would certainly alleviate my boredom. Um, why am I a little dubious about this scheme?”

Glenda giggled. “It won’t be a real rape,” she pointed out. “I’ll explain it all to Peter. Knowing him, he’ll be delighted to have a chance to rip off your panties with my approval. He loves sex. And if you wriggle and scream and protest he’ll love it all the more. It’ll make him seem like a real he-man when you finally surrender to his prowess and have a decent climax.”

“And how are we supposed to arrange for Adam to jump you in a place where Peter and I can catch him in the act, so to speak? And how will Peter really feel about you being screwed by Adam? Effectively, while he watches.”

“Oh, Peter won’t mind,” said Glenda, waving away the very thought of such a thing. “I won’t go into details but trust me, he won’t mind. As for setting it up. . .”

“Hold it,” said Michelle, holding up a hand. “Go into details. I insist.”

Glenda blushed. “Well, if you insist, it was like this. It was a month or so ago, on that really hot day. . .”

Glenda was at Peter’s house, relaxing by the pool in her bikini. Peter was in the water, floating. He hadn’t even bothered about bathers, insisting there was no need in the privacy of his own back yard. He’d tried to walk her into swimming nude as well, but she’d been a bit wary in case someone dropped around.

When Greg, Peter’s brother fronted up, Glenda smiled to herself, relieved that she hadn’t stripped. This was the first time she’d met Greg, and she was just as soon she wasn’t naked when introduced to people.

Peter climbed out of the pool and introduced Greg and Glenda to each other. Greg had winked at Glenda.

“Not swimming au natural as well?” he teased her.

Glenda blushed but shook her head.

“Well, I trust you won’t be too offended if I do,” he said. “Just look away until I’m in the water.”

With that comment, Greg started to strip, dropping his clothes near the deckchair Glenda was lying on.

Glenda looked pointedly in another direction until she heard a splash.

“You can look now,” called a laughing voice.

Relieved, Glenda turned back to look towards the pool, and found herself staring at a naked Greg. Peter was in the pool, laughing at the expression on her face. Even as she took in the fact that she’d been fooled, Glenda saw Greg’s cock swell, becoming tumescent. Blushing she looked away again.

“Hey, Peter,” she heard bursa eskort Greg say. “This girl is really something. Mine if I try her out.”

What? Try her out?

“Go for it,” she heard Peter say. “She’ll enjoy it.”

Go for it? What the hell?

Glenda became aware of Greg leaning over her. He took hold of her bikini bottoms and started briskly pulling them down. Glenda squealed and grabbed for them.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Cut it out.”

She heard a splash as Peter came out of the pool again. To her indignation he took her hands and lifted them away from her pants, seeing them promptly pulled down and off. Peter half lifted her, reached behind her, undid her top and lifted it off over her head.

“Just take it easy, sweetheart,” said Peter. “Greg will do you nicely. Bonk along with him and you’ll find you quite enjoy it.”

Glenda found her protests blandly ignored. The boys just didn’t want to hear. Peter held her hands above her head while Greg calmly parted her legs and settled onto the deckchair, leaning over her. A gentle push and he was taking her, his hands settling on her breasts and getting the feel of them. Greg gave a nod to Peter who released her hands.

Glenda tried hitting Greg, only to find him pushing his cock in deeper. She put her hands on his chest and pushed, and Greg did the same, pushing deeper yet. Each little push, Greg sank another inch deeper, and it wasn’t all that long and he was fully inside her.

Glenda glared up at Greg, even more furious when he winked at her.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like the feel of it? Your pussy certainly seems to enjoy it.”

It did, too, Glenda realised. She liked sex. It was fun. The fact that this wasn’t by choice was irrelevant. Greg wasn’t being rough, just determined.

“You’re not going to stop, are you?” she growled at him, and Greg shook his head.

Glenda took a deep breath and relaxed.

“Then you’d better make this good or I’ll strangle you afterwards,” she said, giving way to the inevitable.

Greg pulled back and then drove down hard, to be met by a scream from Glenda. He shouted himself as the world seemed to tip around him, dropping him heavily on his side and back. Glenda was now lying on top of him, still, oddly enough, impaled on his erection.

There was a moment of shocked silence, broken by a shout of laughter from Peter.

“Ah, Greg, deckchairs are fragile things. Not made for any sort of exercise.”

Greg cast a sidewards glance at the ruined deckchair, shrugged, and pushed violently into Glenda, finally drawing a squeal of pleasure. Rolling over he pinned Glenda against the grass and started pumping into her.

After her initial shock, Glenda pushed forcefully up, helping to impale herself on Greg’s plunging cock. She delighted in the feel of it, relishing the fact that she was being taken against her will while her boyfriend watched. Let him watch. Let him see that another man could bring her pleasure. It might keep him on his toes. And if she didn’t get an expensive meal out of him for this little stunt he might just find himself on starvation rations.

Greg continued to take Glenda, enjoying the feel of her under him. She may not have been too enthusiastic about him taking her but, now that they were under way, she was putting some serious oomph into meeting him.

Building up speed, not in a great rush but with steady increments, Greg serviced Glenda. He was hitting her harder and harder, while Glenda squealed and bucked under him, meeting his every demand. Not long to go he decided. He was ready and he was fairly certain that Glenda was, too.

He drove in hard, feeling his climax coming, and drove in harder still.

“Anyway,” Glenda told Michelle, “Greg blew his load in me and I had a wow of a climax. I sort of collapsed on the grass, just seeing stars and such. Would you believe that Peter came over, rolled me over, lifted my bum up high and took his turn. It was a case of bang, bang. First Greg, and then Peter. I was so sensitive after Greg’s ravishment that I climaxed twice more while Peter took me. It was a case of oh, wow.

Anyway, you can see why Peter will probably go along with whatever we come up with. After all, he gets to see me getting fucked again and he also gets a chance to lay his cock on you. That he won’t mind, as I’ve seen him give you the odd look.”

“What do you consider the odd look?” asked Michelle with a smile.

“That look that a man gives you that says someday, somehow, I’m going to find a way to stick my dick in you. You might as well go along with this because Peter’s going to try to fuck you anyway.

What we’ll do is I’ll invite you and Adam to come to my place for dinner with Peter and me. We’ll make it for a workday. You can ring Adam and tell him you’re running late and that you’ll meet him at my place.

Now you know Adam always likes to arrive early. When he arrives I won’t be fully dressed. I think undies and a wrap. I’ll tell him that Peter has been delayed and görükle eskort bayan that you both should be here sooner or later and that he should just come on in.

If I can’t get him to make a decent pass, one that I won’t fight off too strongly, I’ll turn in my Vamp Card. As soon as Adam gets his cock out I’ll send you an SMS message. That’ll be your signal to come running and catch us. Time it right and Adam will be caught with his cock up my cunt while I’m suddenly flapping my arms and squealing oh, oh, oh. Help, help, help.

That’s the point where Peter pounces on you, yanks your panties down and ravishes you. I’ll make sure the couch is available do that you can be comfortable during your terrible ordeal.

The beauty of the whole thing is that Adam will assume it’s all his fault and be especially nice to you for a while.”

Michelle chewed on a thumbnail, excitement stirring.

“What happens if Adam doesn’t make a pass?” she asked.

“Then I’d probably write him off as not worth the effort and advice you to get a better grade male. Of course, if I see he’s got a decent erection I might just jump him. It would have the same effect. You and Peter would still catch him screwing me and Peter takes his revenge.”

The two young women looked at each other and giggled.

A dinner was arranged for the following Friday. Adam received the news that Michelle was running a little late and he told her not to worry. They could meet up at Glenda’s place.

Adam arrived at Glenda’s house about an hour before the invited start time, apology for his early arrival all ready. In truth, Adam liked arriving early for dates. He’d learnt that by doing so you often caught your date unprepared and still in a state of deshabille, which had given him several occasions of before the date sex. What he had failed to take into consideration was Michelle and Glenda’s knowledge of this quirk, and the fact that they were depending on it.

Peter had picked up Michelle and they were currently parked at a local park, waiting for Glenda’s signal. Peter had been all smiles, greeting Michelle cordially. Michelle was a little nervous. Was she really going to let this man ravish her in front of her boyfriend? Peter turned to smile at her, and Michelle felt something hot burning inside her. Her resolve tightened. Yes, she was going to do this.

“Um, Peter, why are you going along with this?” she asked, still feeling just that little hesitant.

“Two reasons. One is because Glenda asked me if I would and it seemed like fun.”

Michelle waited for the second reason. And waited a little longer. She sighed.

“And the second reason?”

In answer a hand slid under her dress, moving up to rub against her mound.

“This is the second reason,” said Peter, continuing to rub her through her panties.

Michelle sat there, eyes wise, feeling Peter’s hand rub against her. She wanted to tell him to stop. Then again, she liked it and it was nothing compared to what he would be doing later. She swallowed.

“Um, should you be doing that right now?”

“Just making sure that you’ll be ready to receive me,” said Peter. “As a matter of fact, it would probably be a good idea if I actually tried you for size before we interrupt the party. Just so you’ll know what you’re getting.”

Try her for size? He had to be kidding.

“Ah,” said Peter. “It looks like things are starting to happen.”

“What? How can you tell?” asked Michelle.

Peter pointed to his iPhone, mounted on the dash. Little figures were moving in it. “I had Glenda switch her phone to Skype and prop it up in the lounge room. Adam has only just arrived, so we’ve got time for one little test. Hop out of the car for a moment.”

Puzzled, Michelle did as requested. Peter hopped around and came around to her side.

“We’re effectively hidden from the road here,” said Peter.

He reached down and lifted the front of Michelle’s skirt. Pulling her panties to one side he exposed her mound, her slit glistening slightly from the moisture he’d raised with his gentle rubbing. Before Michelle fully understood what Peter intended he’d unzipped and his erection was pressing against her.

“God, Peter, what are you doing? It’s broad daylight and there are people around.”

“But not looking at us,” said Peter, driving firmly into her. “Like I said, I’ll give you a chance to feel what you’re getting.”

Peter pushed firmly home and held himself there, while Michelle stared at him with wide eyes. He grinned and winked at her, before withdrawing quickly, letting her skirt fall down, covering her again. Michelle could feel her face burning as she got back into the car. Wait until she told Glenda about that little effort. She didn’t believe it herself, and it had happened to her.

Peter and Michelle settled back into the car. They turned to regard the little screen. It seemed that Adam was following Glenda around like a puppy.

Peter’s hand, Michelle noticed seemed eager to just idly tease her altıparmak eskort pussy while they waited. And, she realised, she hadn’t straightened her panties. She gulped, pretending to ignore Peter’s insistent little touches.

Glenda answered the door in her undies and a silky wraparound dressing gown. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to have a belt right now and she had to clutch it closed.

“Oh, Adam,” she said, sounding a trifle embarrassed. “You’re a little early. I’m not quite ready. Come on in, anyway.”

She glanced across to where her iPhone sat propped on the mantle. As long as she stayed in the front room the phone would transfer the video to Peter and Michelle.

On the table in the front room Glenda had set up a makeup mirror and some cosmetics. She sat down, excusing herself to Adam, intending to continue putting her face on. She waved for Adam to take another seat.

“I’ll stand,” said Adam smiling. “I’m feeling a little restless. Not in the mood to sit right now.” Besides, he could get a better view of her cleavage standing up.

Glenda set to work, carefully doing her face, carefully letting the wrap slide a bit further open. She could almost feel Adam’s eyes touching her cleavage. Smile hidden she continued her work.

After a few minutes Glenda jumped to her feet. By chance, the wrap slid away from her leg, revealing the full length of it, right up to where a black triangle of panties could be seen. Oblivious to this, Glenda darted into the kitchen to check the stove.

Back again for some makeup, Glenda sat down, completely unaware that one leg was now fully exposed. Now that she was no longer clutching it closed the wrap was drifting apart.

Adam watched with interest. Was Glenda aware of how much she was showing? He suspected not. She was a tasty little dish and they had plenty of time before the others showed up. What would she do if he made a pass? There again, he wondered, what would she do if he skipped the pass and just started making love to her?

A bell rang in the kitchen and Glenda jumped up again. This time the wrap slid apart, displaying Glenda’s full figure to Adam.

Adam heard Glenda mutter in irritation as she effectively flashed him. “Sorry about that,” she muttered, dashing back to the kitchen.

“Don’t let it bother you,” said Adam as Glenda returned to the front room. “Nothing I haven’t seen before, and very nice if I may say so.”

Glenda flashed him a grin.

“Not mine, you haven’t,” she said.

Adam decided that was a challenge. He intercepted Glenda before she reached the table and flicked her wrap apart again, holding it while he looked her over.

“Now I have,” he said, “and like I said, very nice.”

Glenda managed a blush and went to twitch the wrap out of Adam’s grip. He moved his hands wider and jerked slightly, causing the wrap to drop off her shoulders.

“You might as well get rid of this,” he told Glenda. “It’s just getting in your way and you’re still covered. Your bikini probably shows more than that lingerie.”

Glenda shrugged, letting the wrap go.

“The difference is,” she said, “a bikini means you’re dressed while lingerie means you’re undressed.”

She sat down to continue with some makeup.

Adam stared down at the magnificent amount of breast and cleavage that the bra provided. He was quite sure he could see Glenda’s nipples through the bra. They were pushing against it, he decided.

Stepping up behind Glenda, expert fingers unhooked the bra. Glenda gave a squeak, but with her hands full of cosmetics she wasn’t able to catch the bra before it fell away, revealing her breasts.

Putting the cosmetic down she sat up, breasts jutting proudly.

“That was uncalled for, Adam,” she reprimanded him.

In answer, Adam cupped her breasts and squeezed. Then his hands tightened and he lifted, causing Glenda to rise up out of her seat.

“You know, I’ve got to do something to fill in time between now and when Michele gets here,” he said. “I think that something will be you.”

Adam’s hands dropped to Glenda’s waist and he took hold of her panties. A brisk jerk had them coming down, stripping Glenda’s last bit of privacy away.

“Adam, do you mind?” Glenda feebly protested.

“No. Not really,” said Adam, slowly and deliberately sliding down his zip.

“Whoops,” laughed Peter. “Looks like it’s time for us to be going.”

Michelle was having nervous qualms now. Butterflies were fluttering in her tummy and very odd sensations were burning further down. She was about to have sex with another man while her boyfriend watched. She turned to see what was happening in the house.

“Oh my god,” she muttered, watching the phone.

“What’s going on?” asked Peter. “Give me a commentary.”

“Ah, well Adam has his cock out. He’s holding Glenda’s hands behind her back and he’s running his other hand over her breasts and pussy. Now he’s pushing his hand between her legs. Glenda seems to be protesting but she’s standing with her legs parted so that Adam’s got room to play.

He’s just rubbing his hand back and forth, trying to get her worked up. Glenda is trying to wriggle, but not hard enough to make him think she really means it. Are we nearly there, because Adam is nearly ready to jump her?”

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