Boo’s Boo Boo

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This is a story about cuckold clean up and erotic humiliation. If that doesn’t float your boat please don’t read further.


I was lying in bed with my eyes closed but unable to sleep when my phone dinged. It was just past 2 AM.

Juliet had texted me, “Can I come over?”

“You have the key, don’t you?”

I heard her phone buzz and her key in the door immediately. I smiled to myself — it was just like Juliet to ask to come over when she was already over. Hell, we essentially lived together. My apartment was tiny and Juliet quickly sprung the few steps to my bed and jumped on me. She smelled of sex. Even in my dimly lit studio I could see her mascara was a mess and her hair in tangles. She was tipsy and laughed as she leaned in to kiss me. I heard one shoe hit the floor quickly followed by another. Our tongues met and danced. I could feel my excitement grow as I cupped her ass through her dress. She wasn’t wearing panties.

Our lips parted as she sat up and pulled her dress off. Her breasts were bare. She grabbed my water glass off the nightstand and pounded it.

“Too much tequila.”

I couldn’t play it cool any longer.

“Did you fuck him?”

She crawled over me and slipped into bed next to me.

“Spoon me Daddy.”

I did as she asked and felt my hard-on poking into the small of her back. I caressed her breasts and asked again, “did you fuck him?”

“He fucked me so good Daddy. I’m so tired now. Hold me — I love how Daddy always takes care of me.”

She was asleep before she finished the sentence. I thought of her fucking her ex while holding her. My erection and my jealousy kept me awake deep into the night.

I must have finally dozed off because Juliet woke me while it was still dark out.

“Scoot over baby.”

I was half asleep.


She was sitting on my side of the bed now after refilling my water glass. “Scoot over baby. I want to switch sides.”

I was annoyed but too tired to care. I rolled over onto her side of the bed. The cold dampness of the sheet shocked me.

“Jesus, there’s a fucking wet spot!”

Juliet laughed as she slid into bed next to me, “I know! It’s gross! I wish you boys weren’t so messy. I can’t sleep in it. It’s too cold. Be good to your baby girl. Spoon me again Daddy. It feels so good.”

Juliet let out a contented sigh as I hugged her. She reached back and grabbed my hard cock. It spasmed in her hand as she tugged it a few times but her grip loosened as she drifted into sleep.

The mattress shifting woke me up. The light was bright in the room as Juliet got out of bed. I watched her perfect ass sashay to the bathroom. She didn’t try to hide his hand marks all over her derrière. It was still beet red.

She sat on the bed when she returned. She was still naked but had washed her makeup off.

“I’m going to go. I’m meeting Lindsay for brunch.”

“What?!? gerçek seks hikayeleri No baby, fuck me.”

“I’m too sore. He wrecked my pussy.”

“And your ass from what I see.”

She hesitated. I could see her thinking. “Yeah, he spanked me hard… it was so good… I got so wet… but… it was his friend…”

“His friend what?”

“His friend fucked my ass.”

“Fuck! You’re such a slut.”

Juliet’s face reddened.

“At the same time?”

Juliet smiled broadly, “what kind of girl do you take me for?”

Her non-answer created the image in my mind’s eye of my sweet Juliet being double teamed.

“I had to, Daddy. He told me he wouldn’t fuck me unless I took his friend in my ass.”

“You’ve never let me…”

“I never will.”

She smirked. She knew how to get in my head, “you’re twisted anyways. You get so horny when I fuck around. I think you get off on it.”

It was my turn to blush. I could feel my cock growing. I grabbed her leg and pulled her into bed.

She slapped my hand gently, “let me go baby. I’m going.”

“Let me fuck you. I’m dying,” I pleaded.

“No fucking way. I’m late and my pussy is wrecked.”

Juliet giggled and looked momentarily distracted.

“What’s so funny?”


“Tell me.”

“Last night… when he was fucking me… I… I was begging him to fuck me hard… to hurt me and he said…” she started giggling again, “he said he was going to fuck me until I had to take my pussy into the hospital.”

We both started laughing. I pulled her in closer.

“No baby, I need a Bloody Mary and then I’m going to the pussy hospital.”

“Awwww. Baby girl got a boo boo?”

She tried to climb out of bed but I wouldn’t let her go.

“Boo got a boo boo.” Juliet glowed with mock pride at her alliteration.

I pulled her back down on the bed and began to climb on top of her.

“Daddy will fix your boo boo, boo.”

She pushed me away so we were both on our sides facing each other. She grabbed my hard cock.

“Daddy’s going to have to wait. I need a doctor. I need a fucking trauma surgeon!”

“Daddy can handle this.” I reached down and gently put a finger inside of her. Her normally tight pussy was still stretched out.

“Ow! Careful baby. Stop. Daddy can’t fix this boo boo.”

I rubbed her clit lightly and leaned in to kiss her.

Juliet grabbed my chin and turned my head up so we were looking into each other’s eyes. Her face looked angelic. Alabaster skin with the lightest freckles on her cheeks, green eyes, all framed by strawberry blonde hair in a curly bob. The discordance between her girl-next-door beauty and her wanton kinky mind was my catnip. I could never get enough and did everything she asked of me in order to get more. The last few months Juliet had intuited and discovered crevices in my psyche I’d always kept hidden. She knew how to draw me out and manipulate me in a manner I found addictive.

“That feels good baby but Daddy has to kiss the boo boo to make it better.”

Her words huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuung in the air.

A million retorts ran around my head but none came out. I continued stroking her clit. I sucked on and bit her nipples. My silence spoke volumes.

“OMG, you want to!”

Her fingers lightly traced my cock. I moaned but still could not form words.

Juliet laughed at me, “you really are twisted.”

My cheeks were burning red and yet I had a need to sink deeper into Juliet’s spell.

“Is he bigger than me?”

“Oh God yes, Daddy.”

“Did he cum in you?”

“Him and his friend. My pussy is so dirty.”

I moaned.

“You slept in it Daddy, didn’t you?”

I moaned again.

“Did he cum in your mouth?”

“They both did… I had such a filthy mouth when you kissed me last night.”

“Did he cum in your ass?”

“No Daddy, what kind of girl do you take me for?” We both laughed and the tension in the room lifted momentarily.

I started to kiss her neck and then her chest. I slowly worked my way down.

Her breathing became heavy as she realized I was calling her bluff.

“No,” she whispered, “I’m too dirty.”

She tried to pull my head back up but I easily escaped her clutches and traced my tongue down to her belly button. She pressed her legs together tightly and turned on her side.

“Stop! I’m serious, he came in my pussy Daddy. Twice…and his friend…”

I kissed her well-spanked ass and massaged it. I could feel her wetness between her thighs even as she clutched them together.

“Daddy, no. I’m too dirty. I’m sorry Daddy. I’m sorry… but I need his big cock so bad sometimes that I’ll do anything. No-one fucks me like him. I let his friend fuck my ass just so that I could have his cock. It was so crazy. I felt so slutty.”

She turned all the way over on her stomach and crossed her legs together. I spread her ass cheeks apart and poked my tongue into her rosebud.

Juliet gasped.

“Oh fuck Daddy!”

I tweaked her clit with my finger as I fucked her ass with my tongue.

She repeated, “stop Daddy” over and over but it slowly devolved into moans of pleasure.

She started gently bucking her ass against my tongue and I could feel her clit engorging. Soon she was cumming and brooked no resistance as I flipped her over.

“Spread your legs.”

She said “no” unconvincingly. I could feel her legs begin to uncross.

“Spread your legs.”

“Oh God… I’m so dirty Daddy.”

I felt her legs relaxing further. She let me raise her legs to her torso.

“Spread your legs.”

“Yes Daddy.”

She succumbed and lost all inhibitions as she spread her legs as wide as she could.

“Eat my dirty pussy Daddy.”

She reached down and grabbed my ears and pulled my face into her.

“Lick me clean.”

I licked her inner thighs, both of which were covered in her wetness. I covered every nanometer as I stole glimpses of her pussy which fed my own desperate need for degradation. Her pink pussy was an angry red. Her typically petite clit and labia were swollen and protuberant. I could see a small stream of her excitement steadily flowing out of her still stretched pussy.

I thought of her ex’s big cock spurting inside of her as I began to I lick up and down the length of her pussy. I stuck my tongue in her. I grunted animalistically as I tried to stretch my tongue miles into her. Her fragrance and taste were familiar yet foreign. I knew the change was from last night’s invaders. My cock felt like it would explode as I demeaned myself in both our eyes. I licked and licked until her cum was gushing into my mouth and I had swallowed all evidence of the night before.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I hurriedly climbed up her body and shoved my cock in her pussy.


Her little squeals of pain made me harder and harder. I fucked her with violent intention. She started spanking my ass with both hands. It fucking hurt and I knew I’d be marked by her little handprints but it was sending me over the edge.

As I neared climax, Juliet stopped me and told me to let her on top. I flipped over and she impaled herself on me. She fucked me slow and steady and started twisting my nipples.

“You’re so perverted Daddy. Cum in me baby. Cum in me baby so you can clean me up.”

Her words brought me agonizingly close to cumming; she felt it and stopped moving. I grabbed her hips but she leaned into me and put two fingers in my mouth as she told me, “he’s coming over tonight… you’re going to show him your spanked ass… you’re going to sit in that chair and watch him spank me, watch him fuck my mouth, watch him fuck my pussy, watch him fuck my ass…”

The thought of him fucking her ass was too much, “but you never let me…”

“You never will Daddy, will you?”

“No,” I admitted with resignation.

“Some boys make messes. Some boys clean up messes. Some boys fuck asses. Some boys lick asses.”

I gulped hard.

“Tell me who you are Daddy. Everyone sees that my Daddy is big and strong and sexy but I see inside. I see the real you. Deep down inside I know you know that you clean up messes. That you lick asses. That you need your baby girl to be fucked by a big big cock.”

I was mesmerized by her words. Juliet continued, “You’ll clean up his mess. You’ll kiss your boo’s boo boo after and make everything better tonight, won’t you Daddy?”

It was too much… I came hard into her pussy even though she was still as the night.

I sucked on her fingers as my orgasm ripped through me. Once settled, our eyes met and I said, “Daddy will clean up all your messes.”

Juliet purred, “I know Daddy.”

I lifted Juliet off my cock and brought her pussy to my mouth. I looked up at her adoringly, “Daddy will kiss all of boo’s boo boos and make them better.”

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