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book store heavenSo after a long week, I decided to stop by the local bookstore. I walked in paid my $6.00 for the video card. Walked out the back door made a right to the video booths. There were the typical guys walking around and looking into the video booths. I found an open booth and sat down and started to browse the different channels. Came across a couple good tranny channels and started to rub my aching cock through my jeans. I had gone commando today in case there would be someone willing to suck my cock good. As I was sitting there getting a good rub on, I heard moaning and shuffling from the booth beside me. I casually got up to take a peak over the wall. To my surprise there is this guy about late 40’s, good looking body. He was sitting on the bench and had his right leg up in the air, while another gentleman was slowly pushing his nice sized cock in and out of this tight hole. I just sat there in awe of what I was watching. I have seen porn before, but never anything live like this. As they were really getting into it, I had decided that I would undo my painters jeans and bring my cock out to rub while watching. This was extremely HOT to me at this time. I was knelt over my bench looking over at the action. The (bottom) guy looked at me and winked. I knew he was loving his ass pounded. An older gentleman was looking over the other wall at the HOT action and reached down to give the (bottom) guy a couple tugs on his swelling cock. I was at a great viewing angle. I could see the whole thing unfolding before my eyes. As stated before, I was commando, so no underwear on just a pair of baggy painters jeans. I had loosened my pants some aksaray escort more to get to my swelling cock. I needed some relief watching this show unfold before my very eyes. As I was kneeling there stroking my cock I felt a hand run up my butt up under my t-shirt across my back. I turned to look over my shoulder to see who was petting me. A younger guy maybe mid 20’s I’ll call Jose, he leaned over my shoulder to watch the action with me, and whispered in my ear “I like your ass”. As I was stroking my cock, Jose started to run his hand down my back and into my jeans. He was caressing my ass, and ever so slightly touching my brown eye. I was really working my swollen cock now, from the feel of another person petting me and the HOT action in front of me. The older gentleman that was tugging the (bottom) guy had walked over to the outside of my booth. He also started to rub my ass, and then tugged at my jeans to reveal my ass in all it’s glory. Jose started to kiss my ass and run his tongue up and down my crack. His hand came up to relieve my hand at working my cock. As I was still watching the show the older gentleman came into my booth and laid down below me and started to lick and suck my cock. I was shaking uncontrollably now from the pure pleasure of this. The couple in the booth had started to pick up the pace. Mr. Top was really pounding this guy he had to have about an 8” cock and at the angle I was, I could see the glistening of the lube on the tops cock as it slid in and out of that tight looking ass. Jose told me to remove a leg from my jeans for better access to my ass. As I stepped out of my jeans naked from the waist down, escort aksaray I leaned back over the wall, and placed 1 foot next to the gentleman laying on my bench’s head. He was sucking and stroking my cock really good at this time. I could feel the start of an explosive orgasm. I think he sensed this and stopped and gripped my cock hard for a minute or 2. I was so happy he did that and delayed my pending orgasm. Jose was still doing a fine job on my ass hole that when he slipped a finger into it I was in heaven. When Jose got his third finger in my ass (virgin ass to males) he started to touch the magic spot (prostate). I was slowly rocking my ass back to his fingers as the gentleman below me started sucking my cock nice a slow. This is when it dawned on me. Jose was moving his fingers in and out of my ass with no discomfort, that then I realized he had lubed up my ass really good. I looked over my shoulder to smile at Jose to let him know I was enjoying this immensely, that I noticed he was naked from the waist down also and stroking his 7” cock. I watched as he lubed his cock up and then position himself around the back side of me. I had 1 leg on the bench, and one on the floor, Jose positioned himself exactly like me and proceeded to rub the head of his cock up and down my ass, stopping at my ass hole to press so slightly. I looked over my shoulder and told him I was a virgin back there and to go really slow. I turned to watch what was happening in the other booth when a third guy walked into the booth, and started to suck the bottom’s cock. He was kneeling on the floor his pants around his knees with a wide open ass hole staring aksaray escort bayan at me. The top pulled his cock from the bottom’s ass and shoved it into the third guys mouth. Third guy was now bouncing back and forth between the 2 cocks. Top then shoved his cock back in the bottom’s ass and really start to pound it. It was at this time I felt the head of Jose’s cock slide past the ring of my ass hole. I brought my right hand back to hold Jose there for a few seconds to get used to his cock entering me. As Jose started to go deeper and deeper it was then that the guy on the bottom of us started to lick and fondle both sets of balls hanging in his face.Jose was at a steady pace fucking my ass when I looked to the other booth to see just in time the top guy pull his dick out and give it a couple strokes and spray his cum all over the bottom guy’s cock and the face of the third guy that was sucking his cock. This was way too much for me that I blew my load into the warm mouth below me. Jose feeling my ass muscles clinch over my orgasm sent him over the edge also and it was right then that I felt another mans cock jiz in my ass. The guy below me was still sucking my cock so well that I had missed the sensitive stage of a cock after the orgasm stage. Jose had just pulled out of my ass and stepped aside as the third guy from the other booth was at my back side sucking all of Jose’s cum from my ass. After about 2 minutes of this, I had to stand up due to muscle cramps. As I was standing there coming down from my orgasm, Jose and the other 2 guys started licking my cock and feeling me up, playing with my balls and licking my ass. I told them all to hold on a few minutes for me to recover. The older third guy that was sucking my cock, helped me back into my jeans and we walked out the back door for a smoke. I found out his name was Jeff and how he liked my cock so much.Will continue later )

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