Bonnie’s Obsession Ch. 4

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The morning was clear and crisp as Bonnie and Jason strolled up the road to the big house where Christina lived with her grandmother. As they walked hand-in-hand, the passed the old woman in her pick-up truck as she drove to open the office at the little resort she operated in Arizona. After waving a greeting, Bonnie chuckled at the thought of what they’d soon be doing with the woman’s foxy granddaughter.

Christina had invited them to come visit her and enjoy the pleasures to be found on her balcony. And even though the trio had fucked well into the previous night, the horny mother and son were already becoming aroused at the thought of another sexual encounter with the little minx.

When they rang the doorbell, it took a minute before Christina came to the door, and when she did, both Bonnie and Jason did a double take. Christina was naked, her dark-tanned body looking clean and scrubbed, with her short, jet-black curls still gleaming from the shower she’d just finished. Bonnie bent down to kiss the younger girl, and Christina slipped her tongue into the older woman’s mouth. After a few minutes, Christina pulled away then gave Jason equal time. Then they followed her up the stairs to her bedroom and closed the door.

The bright morning sun poured through the open windows in the room, bathing the room with its warmth. Bonnie and Jason quickly stripped off their clothes and the trio stood in the center of the room in a hot embrace.

Then, Jason stepped aside and filled a pipe, then passed it around so they could all catch a good buzz before getting started. When the pipe’s contents had been reduced to ashes, Jason sat back in a chair at the old dressing table and watched his mom and Christina embrace hotly. A pair of tongues slashed at each other as the two women kissed passionately. When they broke the embrace, they looked over at Jason with smoldering eyes.

“Why don’t we put on a little show for Jason, baby,” Christina purred. Bonnie just winked at her son before climbing on the bed. She lay back on her elbows as Christina joined her on the bed. The younger woman took each of Bonnie’s full tits in a hand and alternated sucking and licking the hard pink nipples, which jutted from her pale pink areoles. Bonnie threw her head back and groaned, her long red curls flowing down her back. There was just something about the way a woman sucked another woman’s tits that was so, so arousing, she thought, and she reveled in the feeling.

Bonnie’s nipples gleamed in the bright light bathing the room as Christina licked her way down Bonnie’s stomach. As she did, she cupped the redhead’s pussy with her right hand and ran her middle finger between her coral-colored lips, feeling the welling moisture. Then she plunged the finger as deep as it would go in Bonnie’s rapidly gushing hole, slid it back and forth a couple of times, then pulled it out and brought to Bonnie’s lips. Bonnie sucked on the digit like a small cock, licking it lasciviously.

Suddenly, she gasped as Christina pressed her lips to Bonnie’s cunt and sucked hard. Before Bonnie could react, Christina slipped her tongue between the folds of Bonnie’s pussy and began to eat the older woman out like a starving person, sucking and humming as she cupped Bonnie’s nearly perfect ass cheeks with her hands.

Jason sat goggle-eyed as he watched Christina work her mouth on his mom’s hot pussy. His 10-inch cock was like an iron bar, and he lightly stroked it as he watched the lesbian show being played out in front of him.

If they took note of the tool in his hands, they gave no comment; the two women were deep into each other. Bonnie could feel a big climax building, but before it could progress too far, Christina pulled her mouth away. Her big brown eyes were flaming with lust, and she didn’t hesitate, but climbed right on top of Bonnie, straddled her face, with her left knee and right foot on the bed and lowered her dripping cunt to Bonnie’s lips. Likewise, Bonnie didn’t hesitate, but gripped Christina’s pert little ass with both hands and pulled the juicy cunt to her face. She stuck her tongue out and swiped it over Christina’s pussy lips, then found the hard clitoris and began to swirl her tongue over the throbbing bud.

Christina leaned forward and gripped the headboard, her eyes screwed shut as she rotated her hips around Bonnie’s face. Bonnie made a meal out of Christina’s cunt, licking and sucking with abandon. Part of her hoped Jason would come over and quench the fire between her legs, but the other part wanted to indulge her lesbian fantasies to the fullest. She’d thoroughly enjoyed lesbian sex during her wild years, before she’d settled down to become a single mom and businesswoman, and her encounters with Christina had reawakened those desires that had laid long dormant.

As if reading her mind, Christina pulled her pussy away from Bonnie’s face, swiveled around so she was face-to-cunt with Bonnie’s throbbing pussy, bent over as far as she could Fatih Escort and slashed at the hot, pink flesh with her tongue. Bonnie groaned heavily as she pulled Christina’s hips back onto her face, and the two women lost themselves in a red-hot 69. It was almost like a game to see who could top whom, as they licked and sucked at each other. Christina could feel a shattering orgasm and she could sense that Bonnie was right there as well, from the way the pink lips drooled and throbbed.

Pulling her head away from Bonnie’s widespread legs, Christina gasped, “I’m so close, baby, let’s cum together.” Then she dropped her head back down and resumed licking Bonnie’s cunt furiously. Faster and faster, they worked, adding their fingers to increase each other’s pleasure. Suddenly, with a gasp and squeal, Bonnie felt a sharp orgasm racing up her spine, and she shook and shimmied as the feeling of intense pleasure washed over her. At the same moment, she felt Christina’s cunt twitch and gush with a flow of female juice as a powerful orgasm ripped through the younger woman’s body.

For long minutes, they felt the twin orgasms flow one to the other. Incredibly, far from being sated, they each found they wanted more, as the giving of pleasure to each other had stoked their fires even higher. Christina pulled herself away from Bonnie’s head and got up on her knees, straddling Bonnie’s left leg. She gripped Bonnie’s right leg and pulled it up in the air so she was almost leaning on it. Bonnie gasped, because she knew what was coming. She’d only had this done to her once and it had been one of the most intense feelings she’d ever experienced.

Sure enough, Christina slid her wet cunt along Bonnie’s leg until her open sex found Bonnie’s soft, orange curls. Using her left hand, she pried open Bonnie’s pussy, then leaned back when the two pussies connected. Christina rubbed Bonnie’s cunt until her clit felt Bonnie’s equally hard clit. She thrust in a fucking motion as sparks flew in both directions. Bonnie gasped and moaned, and Christina howled as a huge mutual orgasm built and built.

Time seemed to stand still as Bonnie and Christina ground their pussies together. Each time their clits touched it sent spasms of lust coursing through their bodies. Christina looked over with lust-glazed eyes at Jason, who was fisting his well-lubricated cock as he watched the incredible display of wanton lesbian lust. Knowing she had an appreciative audience spurred Christina to work her pussy faster on Bonnie’s cunt, and Bonnie responded by thrusting her hips upward to meet Christina’s downward thrusts.

Finally, almost on cue, Christina and Bonnie each felt their orgasm crash through their bodies like the waves on a beach. Christina howled as her climax washed over her. Bonnie just grunted over and over as her orgasm spilled out. Their bodies twitched as the throes of lust subsided. At last, Christina fell back and away from Bonnie, whose chest heaved from the force of her exertions.

Abruptly, Christina climbed off the bed and looked over at Jason and his blue-diamond boner with sparkling eyes. “We’ll take care of that in a minute. I’ve got something I want to try with you that I think you’ll like.” Jason just nodded numbly. His cock was beyond hard from watching Christina and Bonnie make love to each other. No porn movie he’d ever seen could match what he’d just witnessed.

Christina knelt on the floor and pulled a small suitcase out from under the bed. Flipping it open, Jason saw that it contained Christina’s toys. Christina pulled out a fat butt plug, a double-headed dong, a slender 6-inch rubber dick and her favorite, the fat 8-incher with a handle. She then opened a drawer in the bedside table and produced a jar of cream. Bonnie shivered with lust as she watched Christina place the toys on the bed. She motioned for her son to come to her, and he didn’t hesitate, but bent down and kissed his mother deeply, wantonly, their tongues dueling.

“Bring that beauty up here, baby, and let me get a taste,” Bonnie said breathlessly when they came up for air. Jason climbed up on his knees and presented his fat cock to Bonnie’s mouth. Bonnie gripped the swollen monster at its base and licked it all over, getting it liberally coated with her saliva. When she felt like she’d gotten a good taste, she opened her mouth and fed the bulbous head past her lips, groaning as she felt his hot meat scud into her throat. In no time, she had a slow, sensuous rhythm going; any faster and Jason would have exploded right then, as keyed up as he was.

In the meantime, Christina opened Bonnie’s legs and slashed her tongue down her dripping cunt lips to her puckered asshole, which was already wet from where she’d cum twice already. She pulled open Bonnie’s buttocks and licked lavishly at the pink hole. When she had it good and sloppy, she inserted her middle finger and began to fuck Bonnie’s ass with it. She spent several minutes alternating licking and Fatih Escort Bayan fucking Bonnie’s anus until it was nice and loose. Bonnie just groaned heavily around the fleshy stalk of meat that was slowly worming its way back and forth in her throat, the lustful feelings rising ever higher.

Abruptly, Christina pulled her head away from Bonnie’s crotch, opened the jar of cream, took the butt plug and inserted it an inch or so deep into the jar, then pressed the plug to Bonnie’s asshole. She slowly pushed it until it suddenly popped past the anal ring and plunged into Bonnie’s ass before fitting securely at the base. Bonnie squealed and pulled Jason’s cock out of her mouth as she felt her butt being filled by the rubber plug.

“Oooooh, yeahhhh!” she groaned as the erotic feelings emanated from her rectum. But Jason didn’t let her ponder the problem, as he gripped the back of his mother’s head and pushed his dick back into her mouth. Now that Bonnie had her ass filled, it was time for Jason to get his first experience with having his ass filled, as well. Christina knelt on the bed next to him, rubbing her steamy body against his and kissed him deeply. As they kissed, she snaked her right hand down between his taut buttocks and raked her finger over his brown, puckered hole.

When she broke the kiss, Christina licked her way down his back until she was at face level with his butt. She licked each of his muscular cheeks lustily, marveling at how they flexed and unflexed with each slow thrust of his cock into Bonnie’s mouth. Jason just groaned, because he knew what was coming, and Christina didn’t disappoint him. She pulled open his cheeks and reamed his asshole with her tongue, first licking around the hole, then making a spear of her tongue and fucking his ass with it.

After getting his ass good and wet, Christina pushed a finger deep into his ass, and Jason reacted like he’d been shot. He pulled his cock out of Bonnie’s mouth and gripped it tightly, stemming the flood of cum that threatened to explode out the end from the feeling of having his prostate manipulated.

“Much more of that and I won’t be responsible for I do,” he said with a sound that was half chuckle, half groan.

“You think that was good, wait until you see what’s next,” Christina purred. “Go ahead and fuck your mom, while I get the dong ready for you.” Bonnie just looked up at her son with lust-clouded eyes, willing him to fuck her with his beautiful dick. Jason crawled between Bonnie’s wide-open legs and pressed the head of his dick to her gushing hole.

“Oh God, baby, fuck me, fuck me good,” Bonnie whispered. “Make mama cum.” Like an obedient son, Jason did just what she wanted, pushing his cock slowly, inch by inch into his mother’s red-hot pussy. As his dick slid up Bonnie’s drooling walls, he felt the hard rubber plug that was securely embedded in his mom’s ass. When his dick was buried to the hilt, mother and son groaned loudly as they began to grind together in the time-honored motion they had both come to obsess over, and they fell together with their arms entwined around each other, kissing deeply once again.

As she watched Jason’s ass push his throbbing dick into his mother’s steaming cunt, Christina pulled a dollop of cream out the jar and smeared it all over his asshole. When she had his anus good and creamy, she took the slender 6-inch dong and pressed it to Jason’s ass, then pushed it slowly past the clenching ring and into his virgin ass. When she had it all the way in and his rectum accustomed to its size, she began to pump it slowly back and forth, until her fucking motion mimicked the motion of Jason’s cock in Bonnie’s superheated cunt.

Jason threw his head back and moaned as the amazing feelings raced up his spine. Bonnie looked up at her son’s lust-contorted face and grinned, even as similar feelings of lust coursed through her own body. It was like they were one person, passing their sexual feelings back and forth between each other.

Christina just looked on in amazement at the way her two new friends wallowed insatiably in each other. Almost unconsciously, her left hand found its way to her own dripping pussy, the dark curls wet with her dew, as she rhythmically pumped the rubber dick back and forth in Jason’s ass. After a few minutes, she reached over and grabbed her fat dildo, placed it between her legs and rammed it up her pussy in one hard thrust, gasping as she did. All the while, she never took her eyes off the sight of Jason and Bonnie, furiously fucking with total abandon.

The horny threesome were rapidly approaching blast-off as the squishing sounds of sex filled the room. Jason couldn’t believe the feeling of having his ass fucked as he pumped his cock deep into his mother’s pussy. A whole new insight into sex had been opened to him as he lost himself in complete and total lust. Bonnie simply rolled her hips around and around, up and down on her son’s throbbing cock, feeling Escort Fatih her third intense orgasm in less than an hour build to a thunderous crescendo. Christina rocked up and down on her fat dildo as she methodically rolled the rubber dick back and forth in Jason’s gooey, velvety rectum.

Cries, gasps and moans emanated from the three as time stood still. Jason tried to will himself to hold out, but his mother’s gripping cunt and the intense feelings of having his ass fucked finally pushed him over the edge. Gripping Bonnie’s hips, he savagely drilled his iron-hard boner faster and faster as the cum roared from his balls and exploded out the end of his dick. He painted Bonnie’s womb with shot after electric shot of steaming-hot cum as the pent-up orgasm ripped through his guts. Jason could never recall cumming with such intensity, like he’d never stop shooting bolts of cum. Not even the first night with his mother could top this, and he knew it was a feeling he’d have to have more of.

The feeling of Jason’s cock ballooning obscenely deep in her cunt sent Bonnie into orgasmic convulsions. She cried, writhed and shook on the bed as her son filled her to overflowing with his seed. Christina, too, let her orgasm rip as she plunged to the hasp on her 8-inch slab of hard rubber, and she pressed her body to Jason’s from behind, their trembling bodies feeding each other’s lust, and through Jason to Bonnie. It seemed like forever that the trio shimmied and shook as the three-way orgasm ebbed, like the tide going out to sea.

Finally, they began to fall back in satisfaction, their mutual lust momentarily quenched. Christina climbed off her dildo, then pulled the slender dong out from Jason’s ass. Jason, in turn, fell back on his haunches, his still slightly swollen cock oozing out of Bonnie’s pussy, followed by a river of semen that flowed over the base of the butt plug in her ass. Bonnie lay back with her eyes closed, seemingly exhausted, before a slow smile wove its way across her face. She reached down and slowly pulled the plug out of her ass, and it made a plopping sound as she pulled it free of her rectum.

Abruptly, Christina crawled around to where she could take Jason’s wilting cock in hand, then she slathered her lips all over the slimy shaft, cleaning the juices of his and Bonnie’s lust from his cock. When she had him cleaned sufficiently, she bent to Bonnie’s oozing cunt and sucked as much of Jason’s sperm as she could reach. She licked and sucked on the pussy in front of her until Bonnie finally pulled Christina’s head away.

“Man,” Bonnie exclaimed with a deep exhalation. “I think that might have even topped last night. That was some quality sex right there.”

“You two are amazing,” Christina said as she shook her head and licked cum off her lips. “You just seem to be made for each other.”

“Oh, we are,” Bonnie said, simply. “We are.”

Jason staggered up from the bed and left the room to pee. When he returned, he sat at the dressing table and filled another pipe, while Christina went downstairs to fetch some sodas. The naked trio relaxed for awhile, getting buzzed and chatting, before Christina suggested that they take the party to the balcony.

“Maybe we can put on a show for some lucky hiker,” Christina said with a laugh, as she pressed her lithe body to Jason and gave him a quick kiss. Bonnie just winked at her son as she led the way out the dormer window onto the balcony. Christina thoughtfully brought a couple of big towels and some tanning oil, then got Jason to bring out the toys. When they had spread the towels, one on the lounger and the other on the wooden chair that sat off to the side, Bonnie took the oil and squirted a liberal amount all over Christina’s body. Then she and Jason spent several long, minutes massaging the warm oil all over Christina’s hot, little body until she gleamed in the bright sunlight.

When they had finished, Christina took the bottle of oil and covered Bonnie’s fair skin with a prodigious amount of oil, then she and Jason oiled up Bonnie in a like manner. After Bonnie was covered, they did the same thing to Jason.

The trio was getting hot again, and not just from the bright sunlight that poured down from above. Jason could feel his cock coming alive again as Bonnie and Christina sensuously rubbed their oily hands all over every inch of his body except his dick. When they had him all oiled up, Bonnie and Christina, communicating non-verbally, knelt in front of Jason and went for his dick from either side. Bonnie grasped the swollen member with her hand and fed it to the young fox next to her. Christina’s eyes bulged and drool dripped out the corner of her mouth as she slowly worked Jason’s cock deeper into her throat. Then she suddenly pulled her mouth away and let Bonnie have a few sucks, and the two women took turns lashing and sucking Jason’s cock with abandon.

Christina was humming with intensity. It was her turn to feel Jason’s girth, and she knew just what she wanted. Leaving Bonnie on her knees sucking her son’s cock with lust-lidded eyes, she stood up and wrapped herself around Jason and whispered in his ear.

“I want you to fuck my ass,” she purred. “Don’t worry about hurting me. I can take it.”

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