Body Art Chap 2

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Jack was enjoying teaching his all female art class. Half the women were over 60, wealthy widows all, but they seemed to enjoy his instruction and his innocent flirtation. the younger students were typical residents of this elite suburb. Attractive wealthy housewives.
His attention was focused on Mrs Frances Barrington and her 14 year old daughter Kathy. Their family resemblance was remarkable. Both long brown haired beauties with slim figures. Frances certainly didn’t look old enough to be the mother of a 14 year old. Jack knew that her body more than matched her face from their previous night at The Dogs Bollocks.
He was glad to see her. He had been worried that his demands might have been too tough. But here she was.
He was uncertain whether she had followed his first command so went over to check.

“Lovely brush work Frances,” she smiled with pleasure.”Have you have followed my instructions well. “
She looked at him with a confident smile as she sat. She put her arms behind her head, arched her back and leaned backwards a little. Her bra-less breasts were all to obvious, her nipples jutting under the stretched fabric.
“Yes master,” she giggled and whispered, but not quietly enough for her daughter Kathy not to hear.
Kathy went into uncontrollable giggles.

As her body bounced so did her teenage breasts. It was obvious to Jack that she too was bra less.
“Must be a family disease,” he thought, but interesting. he would store that information for future reference.
“And command number 4, the one you felt might be difficult.”
“It wasn’t easy,” she whispered, “my husband thought the idea was pretty disgusting. But I showed him some pics and he agreed, without too much enthusiasm.”
“I’ve booked my Brazilian for Monday. You want all hair removed. Not even a triangle.”
“Brushes are for painting. Pudendums are to be bald.”
Frances chortled. Kathy looked across in amusement at their laughter but hadn’t heard..

Monday evening arrived and so did Jack at The Dog’s Bollocks. He couldn’t get an alcove table, but asked the barmaid to reserve the next available.
Frances arrived. Each time her face seemed more youthful. Gone was the haughtiness of an upperclass suburb housewife. She looked radiant and excited.
“Do you want me to do it with my skirt here?” she asked looking around.
No, others will see. I’ve asked for an alcove. Ah, there it is.”

They moved to the alcove, Jack sitting next to the wall, Frances opposite. As she sat she lifted the back of her skirt and sat bare buttocked on the chair.
“Jack, I had my Brazilian, I love it. I do hope you like it.”
She hoisted the front of her skirt above her waist and pushed her chair back a little so that he, but only he, could see.
She parted her legs and there was her perfect pussy. Her body was almost free of fat, but her pudendum and outer labia were deliciously plump. Jack stroked his chin and smiled.
“She moved her chair in a litlle for modesty’s sake.
“Am I beautiful enough for you master?” she asked earnestly.
“You are a goddess of beauty. One day soon I will paint you nude and you will see you as I see you.”
“Thank you. But I’m too old. I’m 12 years older than you.”
“Rest assured my fantasy Frances. I have known a lot of women. And your body would be the envy of just about all teens.”

“Are you sure you want to do this Frances?”
“I’ve thought carefully. The answer is with all my heart. First because I think you are so talented and lovely. Second because I know my sex life isn’t great. Its my fault, I was a virgin when I married, and I dominate my husband too much. I need a strong man.”

“I will push you past your boundaries.”
“You already have and it makes me want more.”

Jack’s apartment was only a short walk.
When they entered.
“Rule number 6
“When we are in private you will always Ankara bayan escort be at least half naked. Please take off your top”
“And please remember the rule about your skirt and knees.”

Frances stripped to the waist. She lifted her skirt and sat bum naked on the arm chair. She lifted her left leg over the arm of the chair, sitting there splayed and fully exposed.
She was a little disappointed that Jack didn’t react. He was preoccupied opening the wine.
He turned to her, seemingly unaware of her wanton exposure.

“Rule number 7 – language.
“This is not your elite upper class suburb. In my place, this is your cunt, not your vagina,” and he roughly stroked her pussy.
“This is my cock not my penis. Stroke my cock please Francis. She opened his fly and removed his penis from his boxers. He rapidly became hard in her hands.
“And we do not make love, we do not bonk. We fuck.”

“Now Frances, take my clothes off me “
Eagerly she took off his clothes. She loved the sight of his lean muscled body. Her hands lingered over over his biceps and pecs. Not a trace of fat over his six pack.

“Kneel in front of me and suck my cock.”
She hesitated. “I haven’t done that to any man, Jack, I don’t like the idea of it.”
“I’ll help you. First kiss my knob.”
She did so but it was just a peck.

“Let’s explore with your tongue. See the rim of my knob, its beautifully sensitive. Hold my shaft and tickle that rim with your tongue.”
Frances followed his instruction with concentration. Her mind was so focused, she forgot some of her reservations.
“Now the crack in the tip and especially the rougher skin just underneath”
Her tongue tickled him where he asked. She felt his cock twitch and heard him groan. This delighted her. Here she was bringing him pleasure. She repeated what she had done and was rewarded with another groan.
“Now, put lots of saliva on my knob, then put it in your mouth. Just the knob.”
It was firm but spongier than she thought it would be. Jack stroked her hair.
“Use your tongue and lips, be careful with your teeth.”
It now clicked for Frances. Jack’s cock wasn’t just for him to give her pleasure, it was how she could delight him also.
She used her imagination to give variety and was rewarded by his grunts and twitching.

“Facially fucking Frances, you are fantastic,” he groaned. “Now suck. There are two rules on cock sucking. You can never suck too hard, but vary the pressure.”
Frances’ mind was aware of only two things. First how lovely it felt to have this huge intruder in her mouth, and how to find different ways to increase his pleasure.
She sucked as hard as she could. Then gently. Then she let almost all of his knob out her mouth and concentrated on his slit, sucking hard with her pursed lipsand exploring wth the tip of her tongue. She used her free hand to gently cradle his balls.

Jack groaned and collapsed back onto the sofa. Not letting her treasure escape her mouth she followed between his knees.

“Now as much in your mouth as you can comfortably. Move up and down.”
She did so, feeling his knob at the back of her throat.
“Will you come in my mouth?”
“That’s my decision.”
“It will please me if you do master.”

Jack’s body starter to gyrate. He grabbed her hair so hard it almost hurt and started thrusting into her mouth. Frances tried to synchronise her movements with his.
He grunted, she felt his balls tighten, she pushed down so his cock was hard against her throat when his enormous load of spunk jetted forth.
Careful not to let a drop escape her lips she stayed down to she received his small after spasms. She sucked to drain him. She ran her fingers up the tube on the underside of his cock for every last morsel. Only then did she swallow.

Frances was disappointed afterwards. She had expected to be taken into his Escort bayan Ankara arms and embraced. Instead Jack told her to fill the wine glasses and recline against some pillows on the floor. She was now totally naked, he had even made her take off all her jewelry and remove the last of her makeup.
“Next time, no nail varnish please. I only want the natural naked Frances.”
She was facing him her knees wide, her feet drawn back almost to her buttocks. Initially she resented the humiliation, but under his careful smiling and approving gaze, she realized he was worshipping her body and was grateful.

“Frances, you have a huge natural talent as an oral artist.”
“Thank you. I just loved it. What a waste of my last 20 years.”
“Did you like the taste.”
“I’ll tell what I really liked, no adored, first. I loved the feel of your masculinity in my mouth, I loved the way that I was able to delight you, I think, I loved your mounting excitement and loss of control, I adored you ejaculating in my mouth and the texture of your jism.
“So that’s six enormous pluses. The taste, not so great, but master, please, please come in mouth whenever you wish.”

“Does your husband go down on you.”
“He used to a bit, but it was no big deal and I got bored. He hasn’t for years.”

Jack pondered. Poor Frances, this was sadder than he had thought.
“Frances, when did you last have an orgasm?”
“I think I had some on our honeymoon, I’m not really sure. Not since then”

Jack said nothing but placed a small hand mirror on the floor below her pussy and told her to examine her genitals with her fingers. She looked at him quizzically but knew better than to question. She parted her plump outer labia to reveal the thin inner labia and the glistening outer of her vagina.
Jack had to tell her where her clitoral hood was.
“Jesus wept, was her husband a man?”
In the mirror she saw, for the first time, the pearly jewel of her clitoris.
She explored her vagina with her fingers, her fascination overcoming her inhibitions.

“God, my cunt is like a moat, its so wet.”
“Master,” she looked at him pleadingly. “Please, please fuck me now.”

As soon as she said it she realised her mistake. Jack’s face lost its smile and became harsh.
“Frances, that is disobedience. You know it is I who decides if you have deserved a fuck. You have a choice. Get dressed and go home now, or go to the kitchen and get the plastic spatula from the second drawer.”
She did not know the implication of the spatula, but there was absolutely no way in the world she was leaving.

“Thank you. On your knees with your shoulders flat on the carpet. Two, one for what you just said, the other for telling in the pub that you couldn’t come tonight. These will hurt.”

Thwack. Thwack.
Frances eyes stared for a moment before the tears flowed and uncontrollable sobbing started. Two reasons, the pain was worse than anything she had experienced since childbirth, and the humiliation. Here she was, the wife of a city magnate, one of upper society’s beauties and influencers exposing her bum to be whacked by a bloody art student.

Yet when he sat on the sofa and opened his arms towards her she rushed over and held him like a drowning woman clutching a life belt.

Their kisses were unrestrained, mouthes wide open, tongues searching. At last his hand was on her breast at first with gentle exploration then firm strong massaging. She put her hand on his pushing him hard into her breast.
She moved her hand to his cock and his fingers took a lighter touch almost dancing over her abdomen. Down towards her vulva, then frustratingly away again.
She parted her legs to invite him but he by-passed her feminine intimacies to dance his fingers over her inner thighs.
The feeling was deliciously tantalising, she sucked on his tongue almost painfully. Bayan escort Ankara at last he was at her vulva, but again frustratingly as he lightly played with her outer labia, stroked her perineum.
Finally his fingers entered her. Initialy deeply, then moving around the upper wall close to the front. Jack’s fingers had found the rougher flesh of Frances’ G spot and started to work their magic.
Frances jerked. It was as though her brain had moved to her vagina. This was now the centre of her awareness. The pleasure was exotic and became unbearably intense. Vaguely she was aware of her hips bucking, a warmth spreading through her loins, And then her stomach braced, she felt a surge and was consumed by vibrating vaginal delight.

“Aaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaah Oh Jack my darliiiiiiiiiing”
He gave her no respite. Twice more he brought her to a tumult, his wrist firm on her pubic bone to calm her bucking torso.
Frances lay panting against the pillows. Never before had she experienced this, never before had she she even dreamed of it.
Her relief did not last long.
“Lift your bottom sweetheart,” Jack placed a pillow under her bruised buttocks as he lay between her legs. This time there were no preliminaries. His lips and tongue were on her clitoris. The feeling was similar but different for Frances, but her reaction was similar. Jack had to place both hands on her abdomen to hold her still.
Her orgasms arrived in a flood, one scarcely finishing before the next wave of pleasure.

She felt she had to sing but all that came was one long wail of delight and joy.

They were on the balcony now. Jack was sitting in a chair, Francis kneeling, her head on his thigh, her mouth holding his flaccid penis in her mouth, not trying to stimulate him, just enjoying the intimate genital contact.

“What’s happened to master?”
“You are the master, but any man who does that for me is my darling.”
“Anyway darling, what I had on my honeymoon wasn’t orgasms, at least nothing remotely like that.”
“Poor Frances, we have a lot to catch up on.”
“Yes master.”

They stayed outside for half an hour sipping wine and discussing art and all sorts of other things. Frances was still in love with Jack’s cock and in between talking and sipping made sure her devoted member was in its rightful place: her mouth.

She felt him start to stiffen and was confident enough to bring to a rampant erection with her lips and tongue.

He led her inside and directed her to kneel again. She was expecting another beating, was surprised because she did not think she had erred, was afraid of the coming pain, but was totally accepting of her will.

However he knelt behind her, pushed her back down gently, making her buttocks point more vertically, her genitila more exposed.
He entered her still fetid vagina and slowly began his thrusting. Frances found that in this position penetration was deep, her cervix was being nudged. Another feature was that it brought direct pressure on her G spot.
He felt her response start to mount and quickened his pace, increase his depth. She felt that and the lovely feeling of her vagina being full and stretched, her G spot starting to explode. She was vaguely aware of a saliva covered finger exploring her anus, but before she could protest it was inside her rectum to his top knuckle.
Doubly penetrated her response gathered. Jack became self absorbed in his own pleasure bursting cock and increased his frantic tempo.
Feeling his peak, he thrust and emptied his load hard against her cervix.
At the same time Florence came to her whinneying climax.

After she had showered and dressed.
“Same time next week, darling.”
“Certainly, your education is just starting.”
“I think it was this finger which ravaged my bum,” she said lifting his hand.
“Correct,” he smiled.
She put it in her mouth and sucked.
“You must be my master. I would never have dreamed of letting anyone do that.”
“Perhaps your dreams are you own worst enemies.”

To be continued

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