Bloody Sister

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When Andrew was nearly twenty, his father got a promotion. Quite a good one, actually, with the only drawback being that he had to work out of head office, which was situated in another city. This left Andrew with a choice, break free from the nest, get his own place and continue as he was currently doing, or move to the city with his parents.

Both option had their pros and cons, both bringing change to his life. Finally, Andrew opted to go with his parents. He ran a small online business, writing business specific apps, so a change of address wouldn’t impact his business. He was also between girlfriends at the present time, so there were no emotional holds on him.

Once settled in, Andrew went looking for things he considered essential to his well-being. First was a martial arts school, where he could continue his training. Second was a chess club. Andrew liked the game and was very good. Hopefully, a club would provide him with some decent opposition. Third, a computer club or something similar. Chatting online was well and good, but human interaction could provide those handy little tips that everyone knew and didn’t mention. All too often, Andrew had never come across those little tips before.

Being a bit of an extrovert with a friendly disposition, Andrew quickly made friends at all three clubs. He was amused to find one man, Will, was, by an odd coincidence, a member of all three clubs.

Andrew and Will quickly became friends. Rivals at the martial arts school, where Will was slightly the better, rivals at the chess club, where Andrew was ahead, and partners at the computer club, where they seemed to click and feed off each other’s ideas.

Andrew found that Will had actually written a few apps, but only for personal use. The idea of selling them had never occurred to him. Will also had some good ideas for other apps, but lacked the motivation to follow through.

Andrew considered Will a bit of a conundrum. Here was a bright young man, fit, quite reasonable looking, skilled in several fields and possessing an appalling lack of confidence in himself. Andrew wondered about it, but didn’t push Will with possibly unwanted questions. He just quietly went to work bolstering Will’s confidence.

A day came when Andrew received a call from Will. Would Andrew come around to his place and give him a hand? An app he was working on just was not working, and he was damned if he could see what was wrong. Maybe a fresh mind could resolve it.

Andrew made a time and later that afternoon he rolled up to the nominated address and rang the doorbell. His afternoon looked to be significantly improving when a lovely young thing answered the door. Casting his mind quickly over what he knew of Will, Andrew fastened on the word, sister. Will had one. This would be her.

Andrew smiled, delighted at the chance to meet and charm a lovely young woman. He idly wondered if she had a boyfriend he might have to kill.

“Good afternoon,” he smiled. “I’m Andrew. I’m here to see Will. He’s expecting me.”

Andrew wasn’t sure how a smiling young lady, who was foot shorter than he was, could look down her nose at him in such a condescending manner.

“Oh,” she said. “One of Billy’s nerdy mates. If he was expecting you he should have answered the door himself. I suppose you’d better come in.”

As Andrew entered, she pointed down the hall.

“That door,” she said and stalked away.

Andrew went through that door to find Will sitting at a monitor, brooding over what was on it.

“Hi, Will,” he said. “Can we turn up the heating?”

Will looked up, startled.

“The heating?” he muttered, then grinned sheepishly. “Oh. Valerie answered the door and froze you, right?”

“Bingo. Is she like that with all men, or was I just lucky?”

“Nah. Just with anyone she considers a friend of mine. It’s just her way.”

“A bloody rude way if you ask me,” thought Andrew, but as no-one was asking he kept quiet, and soon he and Will were hard at work.

Valerie’s presence came vividly back to his attention when he was leaving. She appeared in the hall behind him and followed him to the door, ignoring any attempts at small talk. Andrew considered himself lucky to have both feet outside before the door slammed shut.

Andrew subsequently found out that he must have come across Valerie on a good day, for that first meeting. At all subsequent meetings she seemed to be getting ruder. Her interaction with Will gave Andrew a strong hint as to where his lack of confidence came from. She was constantly belittling him and running him down. Andrew also came in for a share of this, which he politely ignored. Being ignored, Andrew had noticed, really annoyed Valerie.

During the course of these visits to Will’s place, Andrew also got to meet his parents. They also tended to put Will down a little. Will’s father was a large man, who’d used to play a lot of sport. He just didn’t understand Will’s predilection for chess and computers, thinking them Kıbrıs Escort wimpish pastimes. Andrew wondered if Will’s father had ever seen him at the martial arts studio.

The parents were not a problem, Andrew decided. They weren’t deliberately putting Will down, and their attitude would probably change as Will demonstrated his abilities. Especially as their combined talents was letting their little company rake in some respectable profits now.

Valerie was another matter entirely. Her harassment was deliberate and nasty, and Andrew didn’t really understand it. He did know that he’d just about had enough of it. He finally spoke to Will about it.

“Will,” he said one afternoon, after a particularly rude welcoming from Valerie. “Something has to be done about your bloody sister. I see no reason why I should have to put up with her evil temper and her incessant rudeness. For that matter, I see no reason why you should have to put up with it.

Accordingly, your sister is going to get a good spanking the next time she crosses the line. I don’t mind drawing a very generous line, but once she crosses it, she’s history. The only thing is, who’s going to give her the spanking, you or me?”

“Are you crazy,” demanded Will, shocked. “What the hell do you think my old man will say if you spanked her? And what makes you think that she’d let you, anyway?”

“Your old man would probably approve, and wonder why you didn’t do it ages ago. The spanking really should come from you, rather than me, because you’re her brother. If I was to do it, it would be on her bare bum, and the chances are pretty good that I’d fuck the silly bitch afterwards.

You on the other hand, are her brother. It would be natural for you to let her keep her panties on while you spanked her, and you’re not likely to take unfair advantage of the situation.

And what on earth makes you think I was going to ask her if I could spank her? As far as I’m concerned, she screws up, she gets spanked. You only have to decide who, because it’s going to happen.”

“You’re crazy. What makes you think you’d be able to spank her? She’d fight like a tiger.”

“Do you seriously think a martial arts expert such as myself can’t handle one young woman? And you’re even better than me.”

Will gave Andrew an exasperated look, and changed the subject. It was another two weeks before Valerie crossed Andrew’s generous line. It wasn’t a case of her stepping over it. More like taking a running jump and hurdling it in one easy bound.

Will and Andrew were putting the finishing touches on an app. This one was a specialty item for a large firm, and could lead to more lucrative contracts. While they were working, Valerie came stalking in.

“Hey, Billy, why don’t you and your little friend go play elsewhere for a while? I want to use the computer,” she stated.

Will glanced up at her. “Give us a few moments,” he said. “We’re just putting in some finishing touches.”

The next thing Andrew knew, Valerie had reached past him and powered down the PC. His mind raced. How much would they have lost? Stuff all he decided. He’d done a save before handing over to Will, and Will hadn’t really started to work his magic. They were safe. Valerie wasn’t.

“Your choice, Will,” he snapped. “You or me?”

Will was already unhappy with Valerie for her rudeness followed by her stupid action. He was satisfied that they hadn’t lost anything, as he’d done a save as soon as Andrew passed the app to him. But they could have.

Will glanced at Andrew’s angry face and shrugged. Fortune was smiling on him, he decided. He’d get to spank Valerie, and in so doing he was saving her from a worse situation, although she might not see it that way.

“It’ll be my pleasure, Andy,” he said smiling, swivelling his chair round to face a smug Valerie. She was standing there smiling, confident that her brother and his friend would now run away like good children.

She gave a startled yelp as Will just stretched over, put an arm around her waist and jerked her over his knee. The yelp turned into a squeal of protest when Will flicked her dress up out of the way, leaving a pair of pink lacy panties on display. The squeal turned into a scream of pain, anger and shock as Will’s hand descended hard upon her bottom.

Will couldn’t be doing this to her. He was a wimp. There was no way he could hold her so casually while spanking her. Unfortunately, telling herself this did nothing to stop the series of hard spanks that were landing on her bottom. The first few had smarted, but after that they started to really sting, the pain rapidly accumulating.

Valerie kicked and squealed, and Will spanked. What was worse, as far as Valerie was concerned was that that idiot friend of his was in the room watching the whole thing, and probably laughing.

The thought was enough to make Valerie twist her head to throw a killing look at Andrew, followed by a shriek of fury as Andrew grinned and winked at Kıbrıs Escort Bayan her. This was all his fault, Valerie just knew it. And where were her parents? Why weren’t they here stopping this?

It seemed that the thought was the father to the deed. At that moment Will’s father flung open the door, wanting to know what was going on and why. Seeing his daughter bent across his son’s knee and getting a good spanking answered the what part of his curiosity. Andrew moved swiftly to answer the why.

“Ah, Mr. Jameson. You’re probably wondering what’s going on. Valerie just waltzed in and with no warning switched off the computer while Will and I were working. If we’re unlucky, we’ll have lost about ten thousand dollars worth of work. Will is explaining to Valerie that this is a bad thing.”

Will’s father blinked. “What do you mean, lost ten thousand dollars? You’re just playing on the computer, aren’t you?”

“No, actually, we’re not,” said Andrew, letting a touch of frost enter his voice. “We were writing an app for a company, for which we will be paid ten thousand dollars. It has to be delivered tomorrow. No delivery, no money, and Valerie may have neatly shafted us. We will look into it after Will has finished explaining things to Valerie.”

Will had paused in his tender administrations while Andrew explained their position. Valerie finally realised that she had really stuffed up and possibly caused some real damage. She was further upset when her father addressed Will.

“What’s the matter with you, boy? Has your arm got tired?”

He grunted when Will just gave him an amused smile, and left the library. The spanking continued for a while, but the screams of fury were now replaced with sobs and tears as Valerie learnt the hard way that it wasn’t nice to be rude.

Finally allowed to stand up, Valerie stammered an apology and bolted. Will and Andrew returned to their work, finding that they had indeed lost nothing but some time, and that had been filled in an amusing manner.

“And if that doesn’t help buck up Will’s confidence,” mused Andrew, “nothing will.”

For the next week, it seemed that Valerie had taken her little lesson to heart. On the few occasions that she met Andrew she was scrupulously polite, although the look in her eyes did promise retribution at some future date.

That future date came quite suddenly. Andrew received a message from Will, telling him that some memory sticks he was supposed to have grabbed and passed on to Andrew were sitting at home next to his computer. Could Andrew swing past and get them as Will was tied up and wouldn’t be able to get away for a while. Valerie would be home and would let him in.

Andrew rolled up, was let in by a brooding Valerie, and quickly located the memory sticks, which he pocketed. Turning to leave he found Valerie standing between him and the doorway.

“Will told me you made your deadline with that app,” she almost hissed at him. “He said that you didn’t actually lose any data. You got me spanked for nothing. And Dad’s grounded me for two weeks. It’s all your fault.”

Andrew’s eyebrows rose and he sighed.

“My fault? For a start, you’re the one who stuffed up by acting in such a rude and destructive manner. The fact that we took precautions doesn’t absolve you. Your intentions were to be disruptive. As it was we had to waste fifteen minutes disciplining you. And may I point out that it was Will who spanked you. Not me.”

Valerie fumed. Wasted time disciplining her? She’d kill him.

“You know damn well it was your fault,” she yelled. “Will would never have had the nerve to spank me if you hadn’t told him to. You probably set the whole thing up.”

“What?” said Andrew, irritated. “Are you suggesting that I made you barge rudely in to where we were hard at work, minding out own business, and switch off our computer? I’m beginning to think you’re stupid as well as rude.”

At that point, Andrew gave a startled yelp. A fuming Valerie had stepped forward and kicked him hard in the shin. He slowly straightened, squaring his shoulders as he did so. To Valerie’s shocked eyes he suddenly turned from Will’s nerdy friend into an angry young man. A very large angry young man she noted.

Deciding that some discretion was called for, Valerie turned and left the office. This, I might point out, is a polite way of saying Valerie bolted.

Andrew moved quickly after her. She really had gone too far, and they both knew it. Valerie darted into her bedroom, not knowing that Andrew was as close as he was. He was through the door even as she was slamming it shut. With a gasp, Valerie reached for the handle to leave, but found Andrew’s hand firmly holding the door closed.

“It seems to me,” he drawled, “that you are a little slow to get the message. Since Will isn’t here, I’ll explain it to you myself.”

Valerie backed away as Andrew moved towards her. What the hell did she do now? She was alone with this animal.

“Now Escort Kıbrıs Will was your brother, so he had certain disadvantages that don’t apply to me. When I spank you, it’s going to be on your bare bottom. Won’t that be interesting? Do you want to take your panties off, or would you rather that I did it?”

“You wouldn’t dare? I’ll tell my father. I’ll tell Will,” gasped Valerie.

“I suspect that Will will understand,” said Andrew with a smile. “Your father will want to know what you did this time and probably think it serves you right. Now take your panties off. I’m waiting.”

Valerie stood still, shaking her head. He was bluffing. He had to be bluffing.

Andrew shrugged and took a long stride towards her. Valerie promptly backed up, found the bed behind her knees and herself sitting on it. Before she could swing her legs onto the bed and scramble off the other side, Andrew was sitting next to her and she was being hauled across his knee.

“My god,” thought Valerie, trying to struggle. “He’s a gorilla.”

Holding Valerie firmly across his knee, Andrew lifted her dress up and tucked it under her waistband.

“I did suggest you take these off yourself, so you’ve only yourself to blame if you don’t like the way I do it.”

Andrew drew down one side of her panties, half exposing her cheek. Trailing his fingers lightly across the newly exposed skin, he reached for the other side and repeated the performance. While Valerie squealed and protested, Andrew slowly removed her panties, a little at a time, switching from side to side, always tailing his fingertips across her bottom as he progressed.

Once the panties were free of her bottom, their journey down her legs sped up, until Andrew flicked them off one foot, leaving them clinging around her other ankle.

Returning his attention to Valerie’s bottom, Andrew considered for a moment, and then slowly poked a finger through the gap at the top of her leg, lightly pressing her mound.

“I’m just making sure that you’re aware that you’re a woman and exposed to a man,” he said in answer to her shriek of outraged protest. “We’ll get closer acquainted with that fact after the spanking.”

“What the hell do you mean, closer acquainted?” demanded Valerie, horrible fantasies flashing through her mind.

“Don’t let it worry you,” soothed Andrew, letting her hear the laughter in his voice. “I’m sure it will be nothing you haven’t experienced before. I think you’re immediate concern should be for your bottom and the spanking it’s about to get.”

To prove his point, Andrew’s hand came down very firmly on a pretty white bottom, drawing a shriek of fury.

“How dare he?” fumed Valerie. “He wasn’t her brother or her father. He wasn’t even a friend. He was just a monster.”

“Oh, how dare you?” she shrieked aloud. “Stop it. You stop it right now.”

The reply was another firm spank, and it felt a lot harder than the ones her brother had given her. Will, it seemed, had been holding back, whereas Andrew had no such intention.

For what seemed a long time to Valerie, Andrew firmly spanked her bottom, reducing her from outraged fury and protests, to pleas and finally, tears. She was quite certain that even one more spank and her bottom would fall off, and felt like cursing Andrew when he proved her wrong.

By the time Andrew stopped, Valerie was just lying across his lap, crying from fury, pain and humiliation, wishing that her damned bottom would just drop off.

Finally understanding that the spanking was over, Valerie tried to push herself of Andrew’s lap, but found he was still holding her firmly in place. While he was no longer spanking her, his hand still seemed to find her bottom an object of interest, his fingertips sliding teasingly over it. Even through the pain she could feel his gentle touch.

Andrew moved his hand back to the gap at the top of her legs, sliding into it and stroking her pussy.

Valerie bucked up against him, trying to throw his hand off.

“What do you think you’re doing? Don’t touch me like that. You’ve had your fun, now let me go.”

Andrew ignored Valerie’s protests, continuing to gently rub her mound, returning every so often to lightly stroke her flushed bottom. Valerie wriggled and protested, even while she found herself enjoying the touch. She would not admit it to Andrew, even if it killed her.

Andrew’s hand stilled, resting lightly on Valerie’s bottom with one finger lying stretch through her gap and just brushing the edge of her pussy.

“I am going to let you up now, OK?” he murmured.

Valerie nodded her head, relieved. Her relief was short-lived.

“When I let you up, I want you to finish taking of your clothes. Understand?”

This time Valerie frantically shook her head.

“No, I don’t understand. Why would I want to take off my clothes?” she wailed.

“Because I want you to, and you want to please me?” asked Andrew.

Valerie almost choked on her frustration. Please him? He had to be kidding.

“Why would I want to please you?” she demanded. “You’ve just assaulted me, had my brother spank me and caused my dad to ground me. And you’ve been touching me where you shouldn’t.”

“I have? Where would that be? You can’t mean here, surely?”

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