Blood Rite

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He liked the sound of her high heels on the hardwood floor. It was a hard surface you could dance on. Then it occurred to him the sound was similar to a Flamenco dancer on a wooden stage. He smiled to himself about the ‘dance’ they would soon be doing.

She arrived at his front door just before two in the afternoon dressed as he had suggested, so far as he could tell, but there was no knowing what she was wearing under the simple, elegant dark green satin blouse and straight black skirt. He could see the stockings and high heels—both black. Her smile was engaging and her body was a swaggering invitation as she moved close to him, almost dancing in her high heels. He was quite sure her behavior was compensation for her uncertainty of what was to come.

She had agreed to the Blood Rite of submission, after he convinced her it would be a new experience for her psychically and physically. He had seen a cautiously amused smile when he used the two P words. She knew he used them to hook her. He had guessed that the dual appeal was the strongest approach.

Rochelle reviewed where they were in terms of intimacy. Intellectually, emotionally and spiritually they were closely connected. Still the most physical contact they had had was a brief touch reaching across the table at a coffee house or sidewalk café…hand to arm, fingers to the back of hand and best of all a perfunctory hug in the parking lot just before they parted. He had commented about how perfectly firm and slight her body was under his hands. ‘Hmmm,” she purred, ” No more mystery. You have me in your hands.”

About to agree to a quantum leap…a doubling or double doubling of faith and trust between them, she took a deep breath and asked, “Is there a sexual aspect to the ritual?”

He had pushed himself back in his chair at the coffee house, given his cup a half turn, pursed his lips and replied, “In part, but I think a better term would be sensual.”

“Okay, but I need to know a bit more,” she replied.

“What—and take all the allure of the unknown, all of the mystery, out of it?” he countered.

“Well…” she began, but he interrupted her.

“We’ve known each other for awhile. It comes down to trust. There has to be a huge amount of trust in any dee ess scene.”

“What’s dee ess?” she asked, her eyes narrowing in suspicion..

“Domination and submission,” he said. “What’s important is that it’s really backwards since the sub—that’s you—is really in charge. You can stop the action any time you want. I would be disappointed, but I won’t abridge my honor or dishonor you. Do you understand what I’m saying?” he asked.

“Yes, I think so. In any relationship the power shifts back and forth from time to time. We’re just saying that, since you are heavier than I am, the teeter-totter is going to favor you and I am going to be up in the air,” she replied.

“Yes, seemingly, but you can jump off any time you want,” he almost grinned at her. She leaned toward him across the table, raised her eyebrows, tucked her chin and nodded twice looking out of the top of her eyes directly into his. She was flirting…using every move she had ever practiced in front of her full-length mirror. He had her and they both knew it.

“Blood Rite of Submission Initiation is a real mouthful. I have serious concerns about the blood part,” she frowned.

“Just a few drops…three to be exact,” he advised.

“My you do know how to intrigue a person, don’t you? You’re not going to tell me any more of the details are you?” she smiled at him.

“Wouldn’t want to drop your curiosity and anxiety level to the point where you’d lose interest,” he smiled at her.

Another smile came through pursed lips and she asked, “Okay, when and where?

“My living room, Saturday at two, and I’ll want you to dress a certain way,” he replied.

She tilted her head back displaying her long, slender neck, settled her sunglasses onto the bridge of her nose, then dipped her chin and said, “Tell me what to wear.”

That Saturday afternoon, about Marmaris Escort fifteen minutes after she had arrived, each of them was wearing a small rectangular electronic device. Hers was a mini-cassette recorder in a nylon case strapped to her waist. A thin wire plugged into the box led to a tiny earphone installed in her left ear. A clear plastic bale over the top and behind her ear held it securely in place. His was gray and a bit smaller. It had two knobs on top but only one plug and wire that disappeared inside the waistband of his trousers.

“Are you anxious?” he asked.

“A little bit,” she replied. She answered his smile with a tentative one of her own.

He sat beside her on the couch while he showed her how to run the recorder. He clicked the play button and pointed out the volume control thumbwheel. She heard his voice in her left ear. “This tape contains two types of instructions…things I want you to say and things I want you to do. For example each time I want you to say something the instruction will start with the word ‘say.’ All you have to do is repeat the words. Let’s try it. Say—I understand there are two kinds of instructions on the tape.”

“I understand there are two kinds of instructions on the tape,” she repeated, a slightly quizzical expression on her face. He took her hand and stood up, tugging her hand toward him. She stood. He led her to the center of the living room and turned toward her. Perhaps thirty seconds later he was still holding her hand when she repeated what she had heard in her left ear. “Kiss me.”

It was a gentle kiss that lasted just a few seconds. They remained at kissing distance and he pushed her hand behind her and up into the small of her back. Their bodies were touching when she repeated the words in her left ear. “Again, longer and harder.” He put his free hand behind her neck and pulled her into a long embrace. They were both breathing fast when she released her arms from a surprisingly strong grip around his neck. He had put a full minute and a half of kiss time before the next instruction. Their eyes were locked on each other’s. Then she blinked and said, “Unbutton my blouse.”

He knew he had plenty of time before the next instruction, even with the buttons and buttonholes of her blouse reversed from what they would be on a man’s shirt. He used the extra time to kiss her again. Her arms began to loosen around his neck. She had just heard the next instruction. “Pull my blouse open and push it off my shoulders,” she said. Her arms dangled at her sides and the dark green blouse slid down her back, revealing a lacy black bra with cups that barely covered her nipples. She worked her arms out of the sleeves of her blouse so it hung around her hips. Then she reached up for his neck again and waited. She smiled at him and said, “Unhook my bra in the middle of a kiss.”

This time he used his tongue to signal her to open her mouth. When she did he plunged his tongue as far inside as it would go and deftly unhooked her bra, while she was being orally penetrated. “Ummmmmhha,” she moaned when he flicked his tongue against the roof of her mouth.

“By the way, you can ask questions and make comments if you wish. If you miss something on the tape just back it up and replay it,” he told her.


“Okay, good,” she responded. Her bra was still half in place so she pulled it off her shoulders and cast it aside. Her expression brightened and she moved very close to him as instructed and said, “I’m going to turn you on,” as she reached for the gray box clipped to his waistband. He heard a tiny click and then she bent forward and turned the knob to ‘3’ as his voice on the tape had directed.

There was a mild, intermittent buzz in his penis. Each time the little yellow light came on that buzz ramped up over perhaps three seconds and then shut off for a like amount of time. It was even more pleasant than usual since she had set the little machine in motion.

“What is it? “she asked looking at the little gray box with the blinking Marmaris Escort Bayan yellow light and then up at him out of the tops of her eyes. He did not reply, waiting for the next instruction on the tape to enter her left ear. Using her left hand she touched her index finger to the upper edge of the aureole of her left breast. “Cut me here just a little bit,” she said softly in a quivering voice.

He drew the specialty knife from his pocket and opened it. There was a sharp click as it locked open.

“God that’s a wicked looking thing,” she breathed. It was a folding knife that held a super sharp drywall blade in a special locking mechanism. He turned the knife over so the dull side of the triangular blade was down. Then he moved it slowly until it was resting against the upper slope of her nipple. The sharp point was on the exact spot she had indicated. He held the knife handle very lightly between his thumb and index finger. Then he used the curled second joint of his middle finger to slowly rotate the handle upward until it was perpendicular to her breast. A second later he pulled the knife out of contact with her and watched a single drop of blood bloom from where the knife point has been. “Ahhh, I didn’t feel a thing!,” she exclaimed staring down at the single drop of blood on her nipple. He just smiled and then bent down to lick the blood away. He stayed and sucked and nibbled for at least a minute. “I want you to tie me up…a little bit…just my left hand and arm,” he heard her say.

He closed and pocketed the knife. Pulling a twelve-foot length of 5/16 braided nylon line from his hip pocket he made a production of unfolding it. Then he began his tie. Finding the center of the rope he formed a double loop and slipped it around her left wrist. After expertly forming an overhand knot to lock the loops so they wouldn’t tighten & cut off circulation he moved behind her. It was a technique he had learned from a Japanese Shibari master a number of years ago. Positioning her left hand in the middle of her back he looped one free end over her right shoulder, brought it across her chest and tied it off to her left lower arm with a double clove hitch. The other free end went under her right arm, across her chest and was tied to her left arm just above the elbow.

She found her left arm and hand totally immobilized and commented, “My, you do know how to tie a girl up.”

She moved close to him and bent forward, so she could see the numbers on his little gray box with the blinking yellow light. “There you go…four,” she said. There was a clear increase in the power intermittently coursing through his penis.

He already had the heavy stainless steel-handled knife open in his hand when she moved her right index finger to the aureole of her right breast and said, “Cut me here…just a little bit.” He again placed the dull side of the blade against her and then rotated the surgically sharp blade so that it would prick her skin.

“Aggggh—lick it again,” she murmured as a single drop of blood rose and then coagulated on the upper slope of her right breast. He stayed much longer than was necessary as she clearly but gently instructed him as to how and where she could best be sucked. Finally she stirred and reached for the control knob on his box. The slow throb became more intense

“Uuuuuh,” he said his eyes locked onto hers.

“Does that suggest anything to you?” she asked through an impish smile.


The non-word sounds he was making came in a regular cadence that matched the blinking yellow light on his little gray box. “Unnnh…that it is time…ahh…. to relieve yoooou…of your skirt…haaa!” he grunted.

“Then do it,” she said as she slowly turned away from him giving him immediate access to the button & zipper at the back of her skirt. He had undressed enough women to know it was easier to release the button first then open the zipper. The black gabardine skirt hung loosely on her hips ready to fall to the floor. She spun to face him and planted her feet Escort Marmaris wide trying to keep her skirt in place. “Tie my other arm,” she breathed.

He repeated the tie with less certainty being distracted by the bursts of electricity pulsing in his penis. After her right hand and arm were fully secured, he dropped to his knees, put his arms around her thighs and hugged her legs together. As he slid his arms down the outside of her legs her skirt followed. In quick flowing motions, his fingers hooked into both sides of her black string bikini panties and pulled them down her legs to her ankles. Then he placed his left hand on top of her panties and skirt between her feet and said, “Step free.” Still kneeling he opened the knife and placed the dull side of the blade between her breasts.

“And now comes the real test,” he announced as he coasted the blade down her body to a position where it could and would draw blood for the third time.

Wearing only black heels with ankle straps and black thigh-high stockings she stood frozen with anticipation. She squealed, “I am at your mercy,” gasping at the sharpness of the blade.

‘Only if you want to be, my love,’ he responded.

Yes, I do,” she whispered. He waited nearly a minute, until the next instruction came from the tape. “Prick my clit and lick it!” she wailed. She felt the sting, and then his warm lips envelop her swollen pleasure bud. Several minutes later every muscle in her body seemed strained and she struggled to maintain her balance with her legs spread wide, as his lips and tongue titillated her to the brink of orgasm. “More, Mooore, MOOORE,” she cried.

Then her upper body, tied and helpless, gave up and the center of her consciousness sank to the hard marble between her legs. His flickering tongue, complementing a firm grip on her rosebud with lip-covered teeth, caused her hips to buck with uncontrollable intensity and she screamed at the ceiling until her lungs were empty.

He rose quickly and caught her in a hug with his arms locked around her back just under her elbows. He half carried; half dragged her to the couch.

Her thighs and abdomen were still quivering when he finished cutting her free of her bonds with the blooded blade. Sitting cross-legged Indian style on the floor, he waited for her to revive. When her eyes opened and moved to him, he slowly reached out and stroked the tip of her nose with his index finger. “Wanta go again?” he asked

“Yessss but let me rest first,” she responded weakly.

Five minutes later she was sitting up on the couch with her legs spread wide. “Stand up so I can open your pants,” she instructed. Then using his open trousers as handles she pulled him toward her. “Get your knife out,” she breathed. After she pushed his briefs down his legs she held his half-hard cock in the palm of her hand. The sticky pad electrode on the underside of the head of his penis was even smoother than the velvety around it. At the base of the shaft on top there was an identical electrode. She instinctively recognized that the electricity was flowing through his cock each time the little yellow light on his power box came on. “Prick it so I can lick it,” she commanded.


He used the same technique to draw his own blood as he had hers. More than one drop of blood welled up from the head of his cock as she pulled him even closer and leaned forward to take the blooded organ into her mouth. Her hands searched around his knees for the little gray power box clipped to the waistband of his trousers. He knew she had found it as the pulses in his penis became stronger and stronger.

“Just the head, I don’t want you to get zapped,” he groaned at her. The powerful pulses pushed him toward greater pleasure. There was no way to resist. She was taking him…moving him higher…. and higher, toward the point of no return. The surges of current were insistent, and ruthless. Less than a minute later he moaned at her. “Aaaaaagh,” he screamed down at the top of her head. He had just begun to ejaculate when she switched off the power and swallowed him.

When she was sure he was done she raised her eyes to his and with the hard head still in her mouth and said,”Suck Sess.” Then she leaned back against the couch, a smile of satisfaction across her face, very happy with her Blood Rite initiation.


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