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Emilia burned for her husband to notice her again. It wasn’t that they stopped having sex, but over a twenty-year marriage, Jim’s insatiable need for her dwindled to perfunctory clockwork humps that usually ended with him using her vibrator on Emilia to come long after he did. And when they were done, he’d almost immediately launch into a talk about his day, with no hint of passion, of love.

Even so, Emilia might have stayed in her boring, uninspired rut for the rest of her days if a perfect shitstorm didn’t blow through her life. First came the news that her son Landon, the brightest point in her life, was moving in with his girlfriend instead of coming home that summer. Emilia was proud of him for growing up, of course, and his girlfriend was a well-adjusted wonderful woman who would be graduating college in another year, but Landon was only nineteen, damn it. He should be home with her where she could take care of him while he worked a summer job or two. Of course Emilia recognized she was being selfish, and she wished him and his girlfriend all the best, but at home, alone, she felt a desperate pang of loneliness.

That loneliness was compounded when Jim announced he’d be taking on an early night shift for the power company. It was a step up for them monetarily, but with her job as a florist and his already-comfortable salary, they really didn’t need the extra money. He was adamant, though, especially since his boss dangled a managerial position in front of him like a carrot. Emilia hadn’t seen him this excited in years, and though the nights would be rough, she would survive for him.

The storm force winds were further amplified by the return of her son’s three best friends from colleges around the state. Each of them had blossomed from the gangly awkward teenagers she knew and loved into handsome young men, likely the fantasies of many of the women on their campuses. They were nineteen or twenty now, but Emilia had never thought of them as anything more than frequent guests at her house, even if she’d caught their stares and muttered conversations about her looks to one another throughout the years. They were boys, after all, and though she had to scold them a few times, they behaved.

They came over late in the afternoon just a few days after they got home for summer break. Emilia was fresh off a yoga workout, her mat still laid out in the middle of the living room. Her dark hair was swept back in a ponytail, her girls tightly encased in a sports bra and white tank. Her yoga pants definitely showed off a lot more of her body, but she had on a pair of athletic boy shorts underneath, so it wasn’t like she was going to be giving everything away.

Emilia bounded to the door, wondering who it was, and was pleasantly surprised to find Simon, Jaxton, and Milo. She’d seen Jaxton’s unmistakable car in his parents’ driveway that morning — he had the thing plastered in decals and it was unmissable just a few doors down — but hadn’t realized the other two boys were home.

Boys? The three of them looked like men now. Gone was Milo’s weedy frame and mop of red hair. He’d cleaned up and filled out nicely, even sporting some sleek muscles under a tight-fitting tee. Jaxton, a halfback in high school and college, had always been muscular, but now his short-cropped hair made him look ten years older. And Simon, their ringleader, he had grown up most of all. His fiercely intelligent eyes were framed by waves of curly brown hair that hung nearly to his cheeks. It was a look both boyish and incredibly fetching.

Jesus, what is wrong with you? Emilia thought. These are your sons’ friends. You might be in a rut but take it down a notch.

“Hey guys!” she said, already moving out of the way for them to come in. She was a bit surprised and amused they knocked for once instead of barging right in like they used to.

“Hey, Mrs. Candless!” Milo said. Of all of them, even her son, Milo was always going to be the youngest in spirit. He was bouncy and excitable, and she loved his youthful energy, especially when he was dragging her son on an adventure somewhere and getting him out of the house and away from his games and video streams.

“Hey!” Jaxton said with his usual blunt efficiency. People sometimes confused him for stupid, but he had been third in their class and earned a big scholarship to study mechanical engineering. His quiet stoicism was, as he said, because he didn’t have much to say.

“Mrs. Candless,” Simon said, grinning like he knew she was thinking about how handsome they’d become. That smile won him a dozen girlfriends throughout the years in high school, and Emilia had little doubt that number had skyrocketed in college. “You look great. Caught you in a workout?”

“Just doing some yoga. I’m down five pounds,” she said, her fingers twitching. She wanted to place them at her hips, her go-to move when she was flirting or being flirted with. “And look at you guys! Wow. You grew up. Yummy little things.”

Oh damn it, had she really just said that? Yummy?

Simon’s Ankara escort grin spread, and yup, Emilia’s panties were now officially going to be drenched. Sweet, oblivious Milo said, “Is Landon home yet? We were going to go golfing and thought we’d grab him.”

“Oh, he didn’t tell you? He and his girlfriend are moving in together. They’re staying there this summer.”

“Aw, man,” Milo groaned.

“Come in anyways. Sit for a few minutes and keep me company.”

The guys spread out in the living room, Simon lounged like a cat in the armchair Emilia’s husband usually favored, while the other two took the couch. She leaned over to grab her yoga mat, in profile to the guys. She caught all three of them staring at her boobs or her butt. Inwardly, she smirked. Still had it.

“Get you guys something to eat? Drink?”

Simon asked, “Got any of your sun tea?”

“You know it. Milo? Jaxton?”

“Oh yeah,” Jaxton said, grinning.

Milo nodded. “Thanks, Mrs. Candless.”

Emilia headed into the kitchen to get them some of her tea. The boys, when they were younger, could go through a whole pitcher of the stuff in one sitting, especially with Landon around. While she was pouring them each a massive glass full of it, she heard Milo whispering out in the living room, “Holy shit, her ass in those pants.”

“No kidding,” Jaxton breathed. “How did she get even hotter?”

Emilia grinned to herself. Still the same old guys. It was nice to be noticed. She’d been working her ass off — or rather, on, trying to tone up her butt and lose a little extra around her thighs. It seemed to be working.

She put a little extra sashay to her walk when she came back in. three glasses of iced tea in hand. They sipped, and told her about college and their jobs for the summer.

“And girls?” Emilia asked, winking at Milo.

He grinned sheepishly. “Ahhh, I had a girlfriend, but we decided to break up a couple months ago.”

“I had a pair of them,” Jaxton grunted. “Cheerleaders. Too much drama.”

“At the same time?” Emilia asked, hoping they didn’t notice her shift or press her damp thighs together at the thought of Jaxton with two women.

“Yeah,” Jaxton said with a grin.

“And they… knew?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Whew.” Emilia glanced at Simon. “How about you, stud?”

“Ooh, I like that,” Simon said. “Nothing serious.”

“Is it ever with you?” she asked.

“I mean, hey, Mrs. Candless, if it was you, I’d settle down and be a one-woman guy the rest of my life.” He made a kissing sound at her and Milo laughed.

“How you even get a date with lines like that,” Emilia said, but she was secretly flattered. It was harmless flirting, she knew, but damn it, his good looks were intoxicating.

“How about you?” Milo asked. “How’s Jim treating you?”

“Things are good,” Emilia said. “He just got a promotion, so, you know, it’s good.”

“You sound thrilled,” Simon said.

She gave him a faint smile. “Is it obvious? It’s fine. It really is. He’s just working late afternoons up until midnight now, and usually longer than that. And with Landon not…” Stinging tears rushed up in her without warning, tears she’d been holding back for days, and Emilia choked up. Milo and Simon were there in a flash, taking either side of the chair she was sitting on and rubbing her back. Jaxton was only a moment behind. With no room, he just stood there, rubbing his hands, but his presence was a comfort anyways. Whatever flirting had been done earlier, their compassion was real, and they hugged her in turn, Simon moving so Jaxton could get in there and show her some love.

“Hey,” Simon said when the tears had died down. “You’re not alone this summer, Mrs. Candless.”

“Yeah!” Jaxton said cheerfully. “You got us.”

Milo grinned. “Aren’t we supposed to be trying to make her feel better? Not make her cry?

Emilia laughed through the last of her tears, and clutched Jaxton and Milo’s hands. She blinked up at them in turn and sniffed. “Thank you, boys.”

“Ah, you’re welcome,” Simon said. “You’re our block mom. We kinda love ya, if you didn’t know.”

She clicked her tongue and started crying again, but this time it seemed healthier, less despondent. When she came back down from it, Milo was picking up after the guys and hauling all the glasses out to the kitchen. Jaxton and Simon sat back down on the edge of the couch.

Simon said, “Guys, whaddya think? Drag Mrs. Candless with us to hit a bucket of balls?”

“Oh, really-” Emilia started to protest, but Milo and Jaxton interrupted her as one.

“Oh hell yeah,” Jaxton grunted.

“Yup!” Milo agreed.

Emilia stared between the three of them. “You guys should go enjoy yourselves.”

Simon leaned down and took her under the arm. His fingers brushed against the side of her breast, no more than a flick, and Emilia hoped he didn’t notice her shorter breath. “Come on, Mrs. Candless. We don’t take it seriously anyways. Besides, you’ll give us something beautiful to stare Ankara escort bayan at when we’re playing with our clubs.”

She groaned but let herself be lifted to her feet. “That’s awful.”

Simon leaned in close and winked. “Yeah. But you love it.”

And she did. Emilia really did.

* * *

She didn’t think of skorts as being sexy in the slightest, but Simon, Jaxton, and Milo all kept staring at her long legs and taut thighs. A year ago Emilia might have scolded them, but the truth was, their gazes and naked hunger for her turned her on.

These are your sons’ friends, the sane part of Emilia’s mind warned her.

Uh huh, the sexual goddess within her purred. And it’s perfectly legal to think about riding their faces. Or their dicks.

Apart from the skorts, she tossed on a sleeveless blouse, and okay, maybe she undid an extra button, but she still had on the sports bra, so it wasn’t really a big deal. Was it?

Emilia insisted on paying for their bucket of balls. No one else was out on the driving range, though the course itself looked pretty busy. They set up their golf bags and put on a little music on Milo’s phone. Hip-hop beats backed them as the three guys pushed their tees into the grass. When Emilia bent over to do the same, she glanced back to see all three of them nakedly staring at her ass.

“Eyes up, boys,” she said, and they looked away when secretly she wanted them to stare. When was the last time Jim looked at her with that kind of hunger? Ten years? Fifteen, more like. Sure, they were still intimate on occasion, but not since this new job, and even before then, the sex had a perfunctory nature to it. Making love — no, good sweaty sex — should be more than just two people doing the marital equivalent of taking out the garbage.

With that thought in mind, Emilia grabbed her driver and took up a position at her ball. She knew the boys were staring at her again, so this time, pretending not to notice, she gave her ass a little shimmy. Milo was the least subtle of the bunch and audibly sighed in pleasure. The other two were silent until she made her shot.

“Great drive,” Jaxton said.

“Good form,” Simon said, openly staring at her legs.

She grinned at him. “Oh? My form, huh? Let’s see how you stroke it. Your balls, I mean.”

Milo burst out laughing, and Jaxton shook his head. Simon smirked, and lined up his driver. He reared back and gave the ball a blistering smack on the ass.

“What do you think?” he asked. “Long enough for you?”

“Mm,” Emilia said, pretending to ponder that. “I’ve seen longer.”

Jaxton groaned, “The puns are going to kill me.”

They settled in. Emilia had to admit, the driving range was just what she needed. Hitting something helped her blow off steam. Who’d have thought it? The guys settled into a conversation mostly among themselves, talking about long-term plans throughout the summer. They were thinking about going up to the mountains to camp sometime, a summer must, and of course, there was the Fourth, which was usually their city’s biggest holiday.

Emilia might have warded off the boys’ wandering eyes when she mildly scolded them earlier when she bent over, but by her sixth or so ball, they were back to staring whenever she bent over. Her form was slipping, and Jaxton said, “Hey, Mrs. Candless, you mind a pointer?”

“No, not at all.”

“You’re swinging too wide.”

“Huh?” she asked.

“Happens to me when I’ve been playing for a while,” he said. “Here.”

He came over with his own driver, and in slow motion, brought his club back in a swing. “Right about here,” he said. “Try that.”

Emilia lined up as he backed away, and did as he directed. Her swing immediately improved, and she smiled at him. “Thanks, Jaxton.”

“You bet.”

Milo said, “Hey, I think I can help too.”

“Oh?” she asked.

He came over and sidled up behind her. Without warning, he reached around her and took the club, his groin sliding against the fabric of her ass. “You’re gripping it too high,” he murmured into her ear.

She should have told him to back up, but the contact, the closeness of his cock was so pleasurable all Emilia could think to do was glance over her shoulder and murmur, “Gotta have the right grip.”

“Mm hm,” Milo said, his smile widening. Oh God, but if they hadn’t been out in the open like this, that smile could have led to some very bad things. “Try it.”

She brought back the club as his hands fell to her waist. Emilia brought down the club at the same time as Milo ground harder against her. The ball shot wide left, and he backed away as Jaxton cracked up.

“Nah, nah,” he said. “Here. I gotta show you again.”

Jaxton came around behind her, and Emilia was dwarfed by the bulk of him. His hands came around her and she eased back against his hard muscles, sucking in a breath when she thought she felt his cock surge against her ass. He breathed against her neck, “You had it right the first time. Gotta grip it near the Escort Ankara tip. That a girl. Like that.”

She brought her arms back again, and Jaxton dropped his hands to her waist, just as Milo had. Along the way, though, his hands brushed the sides of her breasts, and her hands shook as the club reached its zenith. When she swung, the ball careened right, and reluctantly, Jaxton stepped back.

“My turn,” Simon said, and stepped forward to reach around her waist.

“And what advice do you have?” Emilia asked as he pulled her back against him. Something iron hard pressed against her back.

“Advice?” he breathed into her ear. “Grip it however the hell you want to, Mrs. Candless.”

She couldn’t help shivering against him, and brought her arms back in one more swing. His hands fell to her waist, and he cupped her ass between them as she swung. The ball flew perfectly straight.

The mood shifted after that. Their playful banter stopped, and now the boys were staring at Emilia with an openness that in equal parts excited and unnerved her. She hit another couple balls, this time without anyone’s “help,” and called it a day.

“You boys have fun,” she said.

“See you again soon, Mrs. Candless?” Milo asked hopefully.

Whatever inner turmoil was going on, Emilia smiled at him. “You don’t need to keep me company this summer.”

“If it isn’t obvious, we want to,” he said, anything but smiling.

Oh Lord, this summer was going to kill her.

* * *

“You are not going to masturbate to them,” Emilia told herself in the mirror at every red light. “You are not going to masturbate to them. You are not going to masturbate to them.”

When she got home, her clothes flew off her as she raced to her bedroom. Their bedroom, she reminded herself, glancing at a picture of Jim and blushing. Sure, she’d fantasized about plenty of guys in twenty years of marriage. But none of them had been anything more than a passing fancy. Simon, Milo, and Jaxton? She wanted them in each of her holes, and she wanted it now. If they showed up at her door, she would have let them in and begged for it.

All her resolve fell by the wayside as she jerked open the nightstand’s drawer and pulled out her favorite toy, a six-inch-long clit vibrator, wide on one end, a round point at the other. It had about ten settings ranging from, “Eh, I just need a little massaging and I’ll get there eventually” to “I’m looking for satisfaction right this fucking second.” Emilia turned it on to eight, three past her usual setting. She thought about it, flopped onto the bed, and flicked the vibrator to a full ten. She didn’t want to be teased. All the teasing was done already, out there on the course, by those three boys — men, now, delicious men.

As the vibrator touched her clit, she thought about Milo’s fearlessness in touching her, in clutching her tight.

“Take me Milo,” Emilia whispered, her eyes squeezed shut.

As her legs parted wide, she thought about Jaxton dropping her shorts and holding her in those powerful arms, crushing her to his muscles as he fucked her over and over and over again.

“Mm, Jaxton, fuck me hard,” she cried out.

But most of all, she thought about Simon, and that rock-hard prick of his against her back, the hot breath of his words against her ears. She thought about taking their cocks in her hands, maybe sucking one of them down while she jerked the other two off. In her fantasy, it was Simon who got the blowjob, and Jaxton and Milo in her hands, but oh God, she wanted all of them in every possible way.

“Fuck me Simon,” she gasped, “Oooh, fuck my slutty face.”

They were her son’s best friends.

And Emilia burned for them like she’d never burned for anyone. Not even Jim. Not even her husband.

She came like a geyser, her feet rolling, her knees pumping up at the air as her orgasm rushed through her. Her lips parted in a sharp cry, and Emilia finished, panting for them, gasping for the young men to fill her hands, her mouth, her pussy.

And as she came down, Emilia opened her eyes. A few pictures of her and Jim and Landon hung on the opposite wall, and she blushed as she looked at the younger, happier versions of herself, the ones that weren’t so desperate, so lonely.

* * *

The cheerleading coach knelt on all fours, stuffing her face full of Jaxton’s cock as he idly stroked her head. Ms. Rosie Brook had been Milo’s first conquest when he turned eighteen. On a bet from Simon, he walked right into her office, told her he’d just turned eighteen, and kissed her right there. It was ballsy and should have led to him getting expelled. Instead, ten minutes later, he was deep in her cunt from behind, fucking her bent over her desk as she howled his name.

Just five years older than they were, Ms. Brook was a blonde stunner, with honey-gold hair, a wide smile capped by plush lips, and an ass that all of them loved to plow on a regular basis when they were home. Her big tits swayed as she enthusiastically drove her mouth up and down Jaxton’s cock. Of all of them, he was her favorite. She had a thing for black young men.

“If we do this,” Simon said, rolling his bottle of beer hand to hand, “it fucks things up between us and Landon. Forever.”

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