Blissfully Hooked Ch. 04

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Kyle Parker vs. Aaron Hunter

Dedicated to MADISONKAI



As Aaron dished his food in the kitchen, he couldn’t keep the goofy smile off his face. Kyle brought out that in him. Made him forget about his problems and just…be. In a way, though it had hurt to find out, he was grateful to whichever force that had made Kyle do what he did because he wouldn’t have gotten to know him otherwise. But whatever force it was must have been one kinky, naughty force, Aaron thought with a soft laugh. He was happy.

“I take it you forgave him.” Peggy Hunter drawled, leaning against the kitchen door.

“Oh my God, mum.” Aaron gasped, his free hand going to his chest. “You startled me.”

“Sorry but don’t blame me. I made enough noise to raise the dead but you were obviously too far gone in your thoughts to hear me. And if that look and laugh is anything to go by, it must have been some really good thoughts.” Peggy said with a grin.

She rarely saw her son this happy. It was like there was an…inner glow. When he came in earlier and saw Kyle sitting with her, his first expression had been unguarded, showing so much desire and joy, she had known instantly that her son was in love. Then a mask had quickly dropped to cover that look, turning it hostile and that had really worried her because besides the fact that her son had a really mean temper sometimes, Peggy thought Kyle was an extraordinarily likable and pleasant person. At least now she knew for sure her son was gay.

To say it had never crossed Peggy Hunter’s mind that her son might be gay, was not true. She had thought about the possibility. Aaron was a really handsome boy. In fact so handsome that, when he was a kid, strangers would give him gifts and show them kindness whenever they went out. Peggy knew lots of girls were dying to call Aaron their boyfriend. Some went as far as stalking him, to his annoyance. But Aaron seemed not to have any interest in them. Of course she knew Aaron had sex with some of the girls once in a while, but he was never ready to enter into any relationship with them as boys his age did. She used to wonder whether it was so because Aaron spent almost all his time between his studies and her, but realized her son was simply not interested in the girls. So yes, she had considered the possibility of him playing for the other team but since she had never seen him get close to any boy, had brushed it off. Now she knew better. Her son was in love with that Kyle Parker guy. And if the look in Kyle’s eyes whenever he mentioned Aaron’s name or whenever Peggy told him stories about Aaron was anything to go by, the feeling was mutual, Peggy thought. She just wanted her son to be happy and she had a feeling Kyle was a good person and would treat her son well.

“So… You love him.” It wasn’t a question.

“Mum…” Aaron groaned. “I hardly know the guy.”

“That doesn’t matter, hon.” Peggy stepped into the kitchen to lean against the Island. “You can’t control or choose who you fall in love with. It just happens. I like Kyle. I think he’s a good person.”

“And you came to that conclusion in what…three hours?” Aaron drawled.

“Hey, I’m older and wiser. I don’t need to be with someone for years to know they have a good heart. He adores you, hon.” Peggy said softly. “Just know that I’m always here for you, baby.”

“I know mum. Thanks.” Aaron said around the lump in his throat. His mother had always been able to read him like a book. “And yes, I love him.” God it felt good saying it out loud, Aaron thought. “I’m just…scared, mum. It happened too fast and I don’t know whether I’m doing the right thing, whether he’s going to hurt me…I just don’t know anything.” He finished with a sigh.

“Come here.” Peggy said, opening her arms to her son, who placed his filled plate on the counter and went into those loving arms. “That’s the fear of the unknown my dear. You just have to think about how badly you want it, and then take a leap of faith.”

“I want him with every breath in me, mum.” Aaron murmured into Peggy’s hair.

“Then go for it and make it work. Give it all you’ve got. Okay?” Peggy’s eyes, which looked so much like her son’s, were filled with understanding.

“Okay mum. Thanks.” Aaron answered, squeezing his mother briefly and then stepping out of her embrace. Talking to his mum always made him feel better. “Did you remember to call a taxi for tomorrow?”

Peggy was going to spend two weeks with her sister in Florida. She had been dying to do that for a while but because of their finances, couldn’t. Now that Aaron had some money they could live by, he’d encouraged her to go for that visit. It would do her a lot of good. Her flight was at five a.m. the following day.

“Yes. It’ll be here by four.”

“Good. Have you packed all that you’ll need? Your drugs, enough dresses, underwear, your books…”

“Yes Father.” Peggy chuckled. Aaron sometime unconsciously treated her like she was the kid and that casino şirketleri never failed to amuse her. She loved it. “Thank you.” She whispered.

“Thank you for having the patience to wait till now.” Aaron said, reaching up to push Peggy’s hair back from her face lovingly. His mother thought he worked for a movie studio and nothing more. He had explained that he had quit and taken all his entitlements since he had to prepare for his finals. She had bought it. But then, there was some truth in it…right? What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. “Please wake me up before you leave okay?”

“I will. Good night.” Peggy said drawing Aaron’s head down to kiss him on both cheeks.

“Night mum.” Aaron said as he watched his mother leave the kitchen. Then he took his food and a bottle of water and headed for his room and the man who had his heart.


Aaron felt someone shake his shoulder and slowly came awake. The first thing he saw was a hairy male chest on which his cheek comfortably rested. He raised his head and saw Kyle’s face, so peaceful in sleep. Then he turned, wondering who had been shaking him and saw his mother standing there gesturing that she was going. Aaron slowly and quietly got off the bed and followed his mother out of the room.

“Take care, hon.” Peggy said hugging a still sleepy Aaron. “I’ll call when I get there.”

“Where are your bags?” Aaron asked, rubbing his eyes.

“The driver has already taken them out. Go back to bed. I’ll call when we land.”

“Say hi to Auntie Helen and everyone.” Aaron said walking his mum to the door.

“I will. And tell Kyle I’ll see him when I get back.”

“Will do. Have a safe trip.” Aaron said hugging Peggy tightly. He was definitely going to miss her.

After the taxi sped off, Aaron locked the door and went back to his bedroom. At the foot of his bed, he stood and stared at the gorgeous hunk in his bed. The dark rakish overnight growth of hair on Kyle’s face was so sexy Aaron groaned. They had talked till after three a.m. Talked about their lives and a whole lot of things. He’d told Kyle about his life and all the significant events that had taken place in it…which wasn’t much. His dad had passed when he was only two years old, through a car accident. It had been just him and his mum ever since. And they had been okay till his mum’s condition had robbed them of their little savings and peace of mind.

Kyle had told him about his business, his brother, his friends, his greatest fear which was the possibility of losing his brother, and his expectations in life. By the end of their talk, Aaron felt like he knew exactly who Kyle Parker was. And those crazy friends of his sounded like an interesting bunch. Kyle had invited him to his and Ken’s thirtieth birthday party which he said was going to be fun. Though Aaron wasn’t used to partying and being around lots of people, he’d promised to come.

Then Kyle had apologized to him for having to reveal to his ‘squad’, as he referred to his friends, that he used to act porn. Aaron had merely shrugged. After all, till just a week ago, that was the work he did. Kyle had explained that he had sought their opinion on how to go about getting him to talk to him. And that’s how the whole story had come out. Aaron really didn’t mind. He couldn’t say same for Kyle though. He had sounded like he wished he could turn back the clock, probably to even before Aaron had gone into that line of work. But Aaron had laughingly told him not to beat himself up. It wasn’t Kyle’s fault he had resorted to acting porn for a living.

“Had it not been for my acting porn, we would never have met, Kyle. So whatever happens, does for a reason.” Aaron had said quietly.

He realized he was falling harder for Kyle with each passing minute and there was nothing he could do to stop it. It was terrifying because Aaron knew that if he allowed it, Kyle Parker would steal every ounce of his independence. He would own him. And Aaron couldn’t see himself allowing that as he’d been independent for as long as he could remember.

“It’s just that the mere thought of you having to go through all that hardship with no help is…ugh…” Kyle had trailed off, running his fingers through his hair in frustration. A gesture that Aaron was beginning to adore about him.

“Hey, I’m okay. Things happen in life just to strengthen us. I’ve learnt a lot this way. Really, I’m fine.” Aaron had whispered, as he took Kyle’s cheeks in both palms and stared into his lovely hazel eyes. Then Aaron leaned in and took Kyle’s lips in a sweet kiss, a kiss that couldn’t mask just how strongly he felt about Kyle.

When they came up for air, Kyle drew Aaron’s head onto his chest and gently rubbed him on his back, soothingly. Kyle’s hold, the way he all but wrapped himself around Aaron, was so tender and sweet, Aaron wanted to remain inside those arms forever. He felt a connection, a bond which had not been there before their talk and he knew Kyle felt it too. Aaron yawned and snuggled even closer to Kyle.

“I casino firmaları didn’t see your car parked out front when I got here.” Aaron muttered against Kyle’s chest.

“I’m sure you did. Black Audi.” Kyle muttered, yawning too.

“Oh, that.” Who could have missed that sweet latest model of Audi Q7 parked out front? Aaron just hadn’t known it was for Kyle at the time.

“I don’t plan on leaving if that’s what you’re driving at.” Kyle chuckled.

That got a laugh out of Aaron. “Of course that’s not what I’m driving at, you jerk. Look at the fucking time. I wouldn’t allow you to go even if you wanted to.”

Aaron felt Kyle’s hand still on his back where he had been stroking his spine. Then he resumed stroking, using just his fingertips, drawing a moan from Aaron.

“Aaron…” Kyle breathed, then pressed a kiss into Aaron’s hair.

Aaron could sense Kyle wage a battle within himself for a moment, visibly struggling to keep his emotions reined in. Then with a deep sigh, obviously accepting whatever decision he’d been silently contemplating, Kyle had relaxed against him and they had drifted off to sleep.


And that was how they remained till Peggy shook Aaron awake at four a.m. after a mere twenty minutes of sleep.

Now standing at the foot of the bed looking at the man he had come to love within such a short time, Aaron couldn’t help but run his eyes over that sexy bared flesh. That powerful hot body looked good enough to be licked all over and Aaron’s mouth watered to do just that. They had both slept in their boxer briefs, enjoying the feel of flesh against flesh. It had felt so good.

Aaron’s eyes suddenly got drawn to the growing bulge behind Kyle’s boxers and quickly moved up to Kyle’s face. Aaron gasped when his eyes landed on brilliant hazel eyes. Shit! How long had Kyle been watching him ogling him?

“Unless you plan on doing something about that, I suggest you come to bed and stop looking at me like that.” Came the sexiest voice Aaron had ever heard. Kyle’s voice sounded deeper and rougher than he’d ever heard it. Sounding all slow and sleep-roughened, it sent a delicious shiver of awareness through Aaron. He got so hard so fast it scared him.


Aaron moved into Kyle’s outstretched arms to lie on top of him. Of its own accord, his hips began to move, rubbing his hard-on against Kyle’s through their boxers.

“Oh fuck, baby.” Kyle groaned, coiling an arm around Aaron’s waist to hold him still.

Kyle then reached down with his other hand to pull Aaron’s boxers off. Then raising his own hips slightly off the bed, Kyle wiggled out of his boxers, both men gasping when their bare erections touched. Then Kyle gripped Aaron’s hips and both instantly went to work, humping each other, sliding and rubbing together, their cocks already slick with pre-cum.

“Oh God, Aaron.” Kyle gasped brokenly when he felt Aaron’s lips at that sensitive spot at the base of his neck. Aaron was definitely trying to get him to lose control and that’s exactly what happed. Kyle lost it.

Groaning, Kyle let his head drop back in pure bliss as he rocked against Aaron, relishing in the erotic sliding and grinding of their slick cocks together. Kyle brought Aaron’s head up from where it was stuck on his throat tormenting him, and sought those sweet lips with his, devouring Aaron’s mouth hungrily, moaning lustfully into the kiss even as they continued to rock against each other. It was fast, it was furious.

Aaron kissed Kyle back for all he was worth, his hands moving to the sides of Kyle’s head to tenderly hold him as he passionately sucked on Kyle’s lips, never once pausing in their rocking. They writhed together, humping like teenagers, and it felt fabulous.

When they came up for air, Aaron buried his face against Kyle’s neck, moaning uncontrollably as he thrust against him. Then Kyle brought a finger to his own mouth, licking it and getting it wet and slick. Then pulling Aaron’s legs apart with his own, Kyle slid his finger down along Aaron’s crack till he got to that puckered hole. Then he gently slid his finger deep into Aaron’s heat, going as deep as he could.

“Oh fuck, Kyle.” Aaron moaned, opening his thighs even wider to give Kyle better access. Till then, he didn’t know just how much he’d missed having even a piece of Kyle inside him. It felt so good. Oh God, it was so good.

When Kyle found what he was looking for…that bundle of nerves inside Aaron…that sweet spot, and rubbed hard against it, Aaron went wild.

“Oh hell, gonna come,” Aaron just couldn’t stop his orgasm. He was totally out of control, bucking wildly against Kyle, his rhythm totally off. With a scream, he erupted, covering them both in a hot, sticky puddle. “Fuuuuuk!”

Kyle kept rubbing against that gland, milking Aaron till he felt like he was going to pass out. Aaron screamed so hard, Kyle was thankful his mother was not in the house. Before long, however, Kyle couldn’t stand the erotic smell of cum and the pleasurable feeling of güvenilir casino his own cum churning inside his balls. He just had to come. He eased his fingers from the tight, convulsive grip of Aaron’s channel and grabbed at his hips with barely controlled strength. Kyle moaned brokenly as desire unfurled hot and deep in his chest and then spiralled lower, urgent and demanding. Growling deep in his throat, he thrust hard a couple of times, then came so hard black spots danced in his vision.

“Oh fuck.” Kyle shuddered and shook as he felt the wet heat spreading between them. Pleasure didn’t even come close to what he felt. His hands kneaded Aaron’s hips as he tried to bring his breathing under control. “God, what you do to me, baby.” Kyle gasped.

Aaron, who had regained some of his senses, grinned at the drugged look on Kyle’s face and leaned down to kiss him soundly. “You are so fucking delicious.” Aaron murmured against Kyle’s lips just before he sucked Kyle’s lower lip into his mouth erotically.

“Fuck, baby.” Kyle growled when Aaron finally released his lip. He couldn’t talk, couldn’t think of the words to tell Aaron how amazing he thought he was. He just stared at Aaron.

Before they had gone to sleep at dawn, Kyle had been so overcome with the feelings Aaron brought out within him. He was flooded with so many emotions he wasn’t used to and that scared the shit out of him. Even now, Kyle could feel his hands trembling, could feel the control he prided himself on, melting from the inside out. He was losing it. Losing it in a wave of heat and pleasure that made no sense. But there was one thing he knew for a fact…

He’d lost his heart…and not just a piece.

“That was fucking incredible.” Aaron whispered. “You good?” He asked a still dazed Kyle.

Kyle could do no more than nod. At his nod, Aaron leaned down and took another kiss, this one very gentle and so sweet. He could still see how shaken Kyle was and loved the fact that he could do that to Kyle. Aaron relaxed against Kyle, dropping tiny kisses on his chest.

“Wanna have a shower?” Aaron asked between kisses.

“Will it be with you?” Kyle asked, his voice slightly shaky.

“What do you think? I won’t have it any other way. Ready?” Aaron asked rolling off Kyle.

“Do you have lectures today?” Kyle asked.

“Yep. Why?”

“I’ll miss you.” Kyle said gruffly.

“Me more. Will I be seeing you this evening?” Aaron kept his fingers crossed behind him. He knew Kyle was a busy man but…

“Tell you what, why don’t you drive me home, take the car to school and come pick me up from the office after school so we can have dinner before we go back to my place? What do you say?” Kyle looked at Aaron with so much hope in his eyes, Aaron smiled.

Then his eyes widened when Kyle’s words struck home. “Wait. You want me to drive your car?” Aaron asked, stunned.

“Sure. Why not? Have lectures tomorrow?”

“Nope. No lectures on Saturdays.” Aaron’s voice sounded hoarse. Did Kyle really want him to drive that sleek, obviously newly purchased Audi Q7? And even take it to school? Seriously?

“Alright then, pack something. So you can sleep over tonight and tomorrow night too, after the party. Okay?” When Kyle noticed that Aaron was just staring at him and not saying anything, he added softly, “Please.”

With a sigh, Aaron stood up and stretched his hand out to Kyle without answering. “Come on, let’s go take a shower. Then we can discuss it. I can’t think with you looking like that.”

Kyle laughed and swung his legs off the bed and allowed Aaron to pull him to his feet. “I’m not taking no for an answer you know?”

Aaron chuckled and nodded his head to indicate that he knew Kyle wasn’t going to accept anything but a yes from him. What was he going to do with the gorgeous hunk driving him insane with every single word and action? He loved the man so fucking much it was scary.


“You have to work with me on this one Ken.” Kyle groaned?

He was sitting at the beautiful pool area in Ken’s house, trying to convince his brother to give Aaron the impression that he’d seen their video, if Aaron should ask him when they met at their birthday party the following day. He had to prepare Ken because he didn’t know whether Aaron would ask Ken about the video when they saw each other.

“Ky I don’t think this is a good idea.” Ken said, running his fingers through his hair, the gesture much like his brother’s. “This could blow up in your face. Just tell him the truth. That you can’t allow another person to watch you two…fucking your arses off.”

“Jerk.” Kyle chuckled. “You have no idea how stubborn he is, Ken. He will insist on paying me back.”

“So give him a fucking job.” Ken exclaimed.

“You’re missing the point. I don’t want him to think I’m a manipulator. He…”

“Aren’t you?”

“Fuck you.” Kyle said darkly, frowning even more fiercely when his brother burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“How do I even bring this conversation up? Hey Aaron, I saw you and my brother fucking like rabbits. It was really…”

“You don’t have to say that, you idiot. Wait till he brings it up. Then just drop hints that you’ve seen it. Be subtle dude. Even you should be able to swing this.” Kyle drawled.

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