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“But I . . .”

“Shh sweetheart, just let me enjoy you.”

“But I’ve never been tied up before, I don’t know . . .”

“Darling . . .” he whispered, brushing the hair away from my face. “I promise, I will make you cum harder than you ever have before if you let me do this to you.”

“Ok . . . ok . . .” I complied, giving into his fantasy. Last night he had given in to mine, touching and stroking me to orgasm while we dined at one of the fancier restaurants in town. I had to grip on to the cushion as hard as I could to keep from collapsing, and it was all I could do not to scream when he went under the table and brought me to a second orgasm with his tongue. I told him I’d do anything he wanted in return; just so long as I could give him the same pleasure he had given me. I didn’t expect that’d he’d want to tie me up though, leaving me next to helpless, but I had promised him. And I knew that if tonight was anything like last night, I would be in ecstasy.

He lost no time in beginning the torturous seduction. He already had my left hand in his, and had been gently tracing my skin with his fingers. After a minute or two he finally brought my wrist to his mouth, skimming his lips lightly at first, and then becoming more heated in his attention. Soon he was nipping at my skin, his teeth drawing sighs from me. It was difficult not to be incredibly aroused already since he was straddled on top of me, completely naked. He had made me keep my clothes on though, as he had done so many nights before.

After one last bite, he wrapped one of his scarves around my pale wrist. He tied the knot loosely, kissing my palm after he finished, and brought my hand up to his bedpost. After lashing me to it, he began on my other hand and wrist. He didn’t kiss my wrist this time though, but instead brought my hand to his chest. He slowly stroked my hand across himself, over his nipples, and then just as slowly guided me down his torso. His sweet skin was starting to sweat, making him slick to the touch. My eyes trailed along as he drew my fingers across his pelvic bones, letting me trace every line that was so wonderfully close to his hardening cock. I finally tore my gaze from his body and looked him in the eyes, silently begging him to let me touch him, to let me get him hard, and I sighed with joy as I felt him push my hand lower. I wrapped my fingers around him and stroked him. With each pass he grew harder and harder, his breathing becoming more laboured. He stopped my hand with his and moved it to his balls. He groaned as I felt him, massaging him gently. But he still would not let me take him to orgasm. He moved my hand away and quickly tied a knot around my wrist, and then tied the other end to the opposite bed post. He looked into my eyes and brought his mouth back to mine, istanbul escort kissing me fiercely and then whispering one last request. “Let me blindfold you,” he said, his breathing ragged and his lips against my cheek. “Please, let me have you completely.” All I could do was nod.

He leaned back and sighed, his eyes closed. I could tell he was trying to calm down, trying to restrain his need. He took a breath, and then reached over to the side table and picked up a silky black scarf, which he laid over my eyes. He lifted my head and tied it in back, blocking all my sight. I could still smell his scent though, mixed faintly with that of cigarettes. The taste of his mouth lingered on my lips, and I licked them slowly, savoring him. I heard a contented sigh escape his lips, and then felt his body shift slightly. He lightly kissed one of my covered eyes . . . then the other . . . then my nose, my cheek, and finally my mouth. The kiss started sweet, but soon his intensity returned, and my mind was obliterated. I struggled against my silken restraints, even just so I could be free to run my fingers through his hair.

Nothing could make him unbind me now though. “Darling,” he whispered, his breathing still unsteady, “That . . fierce need to be released, the intensity . . . that’s how you make me feel . . . that’s why I have to have you this way . . .” He kissed me one last time, provoking my need, and then slowly sat back, dragging his hands along me as he went. I was left speechless and waiting for his next move, his next touch. My pulse spiked again as I felt his hands run up the sides of my torso. I arched slightly, inviting him to touch my already hard nipples. I felt his fingers slowly come up my body again, this time reaching my breasts. I sighed his name, and at last he started unbuttoning the thin blouse that separated my skin from his. The fabric fell to the sides of me. His hands were on me again instantly, massaging me and forcing me to grip on to the scarves that held me. He groaned lowly as he felt me, paying careful attention to every centimeter of my skin. The feel of his fingers on me had me arching more. I felt him shift again, and then felt the shock of his hot mouth on my nipple. He sucked at me, bit me, tasted me. I was barely breathing now. He moved his head down and licked up the length of my torso, up to my throat, and bit me again.

I grabbed at the scarves, barely able to contain myself. I said his name over and over again, demanding he stop and continue at the same time. He moved down and licked my other nipple, kissed it and then began sucking at it with the same ferocity he had with the other. His right hand moved under my arched back and shifted me upward. Now he was kneeling between my legs, and he hiked my skirt up around Escort Anadolu Yakası my waist. The head of his cock brushed against my silk panties, and he pushed gently, teasing my already wet pussy. “Please . . . please . . .” I begged him breathlessly, but he just let me feel him there. I tried shifting down on to him, but he held me in place, his hands still working over my breasts and torso. He leaned forward and kissed between my breasts, placing his hands on either side of me. The head of his cock was pushing just at my clit now and I couldn’t help but move my hips, desperately needing him in me. But with his wicked slowness, he kissed down my stomach, sighing each time his lips met my skin. I felt his hands follow, and they finally reached the edge of my panties, yet he still did not remove them. His fingertips wove serpentine trails of sweat on my skin just above my slit. Just as I was about to cry out with need, he moved his whole body down, taking my panties with him.

He quickly pushed my legs apart even wider than they were, and I was fully exposed to him at last. I badly wanted to see him at that moment, to watch him touch me, explore me, to see the heat in his eyes. But instead I felt him. I felt him as he ran his fingers up my inner thigh, sending a shudder coursing through my body, quickly followed by another as he traced up my other leg. I was panting now, holding on to his headboard as tightly as I could. His fingers finally spread my wet lips and began to touch me as I desired. “Ohh, yes . . .” I heard him whisper with bare restraint. The feel of his fingers exploring my wet pussy was almost more than I could take. I shivered as he explored, and my breath caught as he found my clit. As he started massaging me all I could do was breathlessly say his name over and over again and beg him to fuck me. I was starting to shake with need, and he moaned with me as he slid a finger deep inside. He kept rubbing my clit as he fucked me with one finger, then two. I thrust my hips against him, my body begging to feel more, but he slid his fingers out of me. I pleaded with him to keep going. I heard him lick his fingers, and when his tongue came down on me, hot and fierce, I dug my nails in to the scarves, wishing it was his skin. His tongue entered me and I screamed his name again, sure that I was going to be driven over the edge any second. His face was buried in my pussy, his tongue deep in my wetness, darting in and out, tasting every inch of me. My hips wouldn’t stay on the bed anymore, but suddenly I felt a quick change in his position, and I moaned in ecstasy as he buried his cock deep in my pussy. He pounded in to me, each time going deeper and deeper. I begged him to fuck me hard, pulling at his dick with my pussy, barely able to hold on to the Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort headboard anymore.

I could feel the first waves of orgasm searing my body as he thrust into me, his hot cum filling my dripping wet cunt. He held his cock deep inside me as he came, swearing over and over again, and started to pump me again moments later. My whole body was still shaking as he pulled out of me, and my pussy had barely stopped pulsing from orgasm. I demanded he fuck me again but I felt him move up on top of me, pushing me deep down into the pillows. He slid a finger in my mouth, and let me suck at it. I desperately wished it was his cock, and quickly my wishes were met. His head met my lips and I kissed him, letting my lips spread over him before he gently pushed himself into my mouth. With his maddening slowness he started fucking my mouth, making me taste our cum, letting me suck him dry.

As he filled my mouth with his dick he undid the knots on the bedposts. Soon one of my arms was free, then the other. The second I had both of my hands free I took his cock with one hand and grabbed his ass with the other. He moaned as I took him deeper into my mouth, and finally pulled the blindfold off of my eyes. I kept one hand on his cock, stroking him as I sucked his head . . . then moved down to his balls as I took him repeatedly into my mouth. I let my other hand travel down the back of his leg to my own leg, and he had to steady himself against the wall. I felt him shudder and heard him whisper “ohh my god . . .” as I ran my tongue up the underside of his gorgeous dick. He had another orgasm building and I began rubbing my clit, building my own.

He started fucking my mouth again, bringing one of his hands off the wall to guide my head down on him faster. I could taste his precum and he begged me to take in his whole cock. I slid him into my mouth, and then deep into my throat and held him there. He gasped with need and grabbed at his throbbing dick, pulling himself out of my mouth, and then slipping it back in again, pushing me to my limits. I let him have my mouth as he had had my pussy, and my own orgasm built as he shoved into my throat over and over. He pulled out again, and just as he was about to thrust into my throat again, my body shuddered violently and I swore as an orgasm wracked my body. I pulled at the bed, my nails digging into the sheets, and he started stroking himself fiercely over my body. Seconds later he let out a loud moan and I felt his cum hit my face and neck. He kept jerking himself, his cock slick with cum, but I took his dick from him and licked him from base to head, tasting his load, tasting his skin.

He collapsed back onto the bed after I was finished, panting and sweating, and swore as he tried to catch his breath. I couldn’t help but smile, and I crawled over to him, letting my breasts graze against his skin as I went up his body. I rested myself on top of him, and he smiled as my hair cascaded over his chest. “I have no words,” he whispered between ragged breaths.

“Good,” I answered, and I knew I had fulfilled his desire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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