Bliss of a Young Bride

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He promised to make me his bride. I could see the truth of it in his eyes, and I knew that I’d be whole once he made it happen.

Mark came for me that very evening. He wasted no time in removing my clothes, leaving them in a pile in the closet. Lying there, fully nude and aroused, I felt at odds with myself. Seeing my masculine body, with my hairy nethers, with my lithe muscles, and yet my long, feminine hair said otherwise. And when I looked up at Mark, who towered over me on the bed, I could see what he saw. An unfinished work. A woman, not yet realized.

Then he went to work.

His hands rubbed baby oil all over my chest and down across my abdomen. I arched my back as he gently slid an oil-slick finger up my rear, and I couldn’t hold back the moan.

“Shh, my love,” he whispered. “We’re only getting started.”

Then came the essentials. Mark covered my legs with pearl-white stockings. He slid a camisole over my head and arms, tugging it down toward my waist. Then, reaching from the bottom of the bed, he unfolded a bulky white diaper, labeled front and back with Disney princess designs.

“I know it’s weird,” he’d told me earlier, “but think about it. This is your rebirth. You’re giving up the boy’s life and becoming a girl. My girl.” He ducked his head and smiled. “And let’s be honest. The silk panties I bought just won’t cover up that telltale bulge down there. This will really feminize you, sweetheart. Trust me on that.”

I couldn’t refuse him anything. Not when he was so gentle and reassuring. I let him diaper me, taking his time as he covered up my shaft and balls, as he taped the garment into place. When he was finished, Mark smiled like a proud father.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I whispered.

“Thank you, precious,” he answered. Then he leaned over and planted a quick kiss on my lips. I giggled, and then I moaned as his hand rubbed the front of my new diaper. I wanted to buck against his hand, to come right then and there, but I knew we weren’t finished yet.

He came back with a dress, yellow and sunny with white lace on the collar and hem. It was large enough to fit my shoulders and chest, yet the skirt was short enough to just barely reach my knees. If I leaned at all, it’d expose gaziantep seks hikayeleri the bottom of my diaper to everyone. Mark seemed to sense my thoughts, and he chuckled. He reached down to tease the edge of my skirt up, caressing the front of my bulging diaper and the edges of my thighs. I moaned and squealed under his touch.

“There she is,” he declared. “There’s my girl, at long last.”

I let him carry me off the bed, sweeping me into his arms without any effort. Mark nuzzled my cheek, and I blushed. My diaper crinkled as he dipped me down, and then he was waltzing around the bedroom with me clinging to his neck. Both of us were smiling and giggling, two lovestruck teenagers despite our very real age gap. But it was enough to feel so light and happy, clutched against his broad, strong chest like a real woman. Like the bride he wanted me to be.

I dined with him that evening. And with enough wine, I wet my diaper without realizing it. Mark saw, though, and he didn’t mind. He carried me back to bed, and he changed me without complaint.

But as soon as the diaper was back on, he stopped and stared.

I felt it shift in the air. That tension that’d been building all night long.

Without any prompting, I turned over onto my stomach and I arched my back. My eyes fell half-shut, and I felt Mark reach out to caress my shoulder blades.

“Please,” I whispered. “Make me your bride.”

“All right.” Mark’s voice was husky in my ear. “All right, angel. I’ll give you what you need.”

He pushed up the hem of my dress, and I helped him take it off me. Now in just stockings, a diaper, and a camisole, with my hair flowing behind me, I truly felt ravishing. I felt ready to be ravished, to give myself to this man without reservation.

Mark gripped the sides of my diaper. I thought at first that he might undo the tabs in front, but instead, he ran his finger along my backside. Right around where my crevice was, he pushed in a finger and began to tear at the diaper’s plastic lining. I moaned as he pushed in deeper, moving aside bits of fluff and padding, making a clean, clear tunnel between his finger and my hole. Once he teased in his fingertip, I clenched on accident, but Mark laughed it off.

“You’re ready, aren’t you?” he whispered.

“I’m ready.” I wiggled my padded butt at him. “Please, make me your bride. Make me yours.”

I heard him unbuckle his belt, and then he unzipped his pants. They came away, along with his shirt and socks. I felt Mark’s hands land on my hips, and I pushed myself back toward him.

Before he began, though, he leaned over my back. Once again, he whispered into my ear.

“Tonight,” said Mark. “Tonight, we’re going to try something.”

“What will we try?”

“No condom. No pill.” He licked his lips. “I want to make a baby with you. I want to try, at least.” His hand caressed my hip, teasing the waistband of my diaper. “I want to put a baby inside you, if I can. So that we can make a real family.”

I knew what he meant. It couldn’t happen for real; even in this fantasy world, I was still a boy, albeit a feminized one. But the need in his voice, and the desire in his eyes, meant something. I knew that this was part of his fantasy, too. Not just to transform me, but to play out something in his own head. To give himself over to that ideal.

I whispered back, “I want your baby inside me. Please, Mark. Don’t…” I swallowed. “Don’t hold back.”

He took me, right then and there. When I felt him slide in, coated with baby oil, I gasped, and my fingers clawed at the sheets beneath me. He began to thrust in deeper and deeper, grunting as I moaned and squealed under his grip. Rhythmic hips bouncing off each other, and my diaper crinkling loudly in the bedroom. I imagined his cum building up inside him, getting ready to spray out inside me. I imagined, while dressed as a woman, that I might somehow take all of his seed into my body, that it might create something new and beautiful, even if it wasn’t a child. Even if it wasn’t our child.

I bounced and squealed as he leaned into me. Now I lay spread-eagle on the bed, facedown in the sheets, as Mark’s stomach pressed into the small of my back. His chest weighed down against my shoulders, and his hands moved to cup my chest, to where my breasts would have been. I groaned as he thrust deeper into me, as I grew harder and harder in the diaper I still wore. All that padding became tight and hot, and I knew it’d be wet in only a few more minutes.

I could hardly breathe. Mark thrust into me again and again, and I whimpered with delight. He kissed the back of my neck, and I laughed out loud.

“I want it,” I gasped. “I want it, Mark. I want it now. I want it now, now, now…”

“Okay…” His voice came back in a ragged whisper. “Okay, angel, here it comes… here it comes… it’s coming now…”

I let out a gasp when I felt him release. All that sweetness filled me up, and I felt it leak out into the back of my diaper. I came a moment later, soaking the front of my diaper as well. That sensation left me sweating, panting, and clutching the sheets as hard as I could. Mark’s body weighing me down was icing on that cake, as his strong arms cradled me from behind. His breath came out in a soft hiss, and he nuzzled the side of my neck before kissing it.

“There we go,” he panted. “There we go… all better…?”

“Better,” I said, trying not to cry from joy.

Slowly, he turned me over, so I was on my back again. Mark leaned down and kissed me hard. I pushed my tongue into his lips, and he laughed before doing the same. His hands brushed at my flowing hair, and I rubbed at my diaper a little, enjoying the sticky mess down there.

“You’re mine now,” Mark said, pulling back from our kisses. “You’re mine, and you’re home. I’ll be devoted to you every day. I promise.”

I nodded. My voice came out soft and light, like I knew how his bride would sound. “I’m yours, Mark. I’m yours to take. I’ll make you proud. I’ll be a good girl. And all I want…” I moaned. “All I need from you is this.” I took his hand and pressed it to my chest, right over my fast-beating heart. “Don’t ever break this, Mark. I’ve given it all up for you, so don’t break it.”

“Never.” Mark leaned in for another kiss, but this time, he planted it on my forehead. “Never, princess. You’re the only woman for me.”

I laughed, and he pulled me into his arms again. With my head on his shoulder, Mark reached down and patted my diaper. He held his hand there for a long time, and I never wanted anyone else but him to touch me like this again. I closed my eyes, and I tried to imagine a baby growing inside my belly. I tried to imagine that this baby was ours, and that it’d always be there inside me, for as long as our love would last.

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