Blind Date Ch. 01-02

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This is a continuation of previous stories; it uses characters that have been introduced before so the character introductions are limited. It includes references to those previous events, however you do not need to have read those stories to enjoy this one.

These events are organised by a man called William, who works with a woman called Angel who recruits the girls. These events revolve around sexual oriented games allowing rich men to live out their fantasies, and have lots of very casual sex with many different women.

This story series chronicles Ashley’s adventures at the third such event she participates in, called “Blind Date”. The events are held at a top secret location, to strictly safeguard the privacy of all participants, who are flown in using a private aircraft with blinded windows.

1. Getting ready.

It was early on Saturday morning, and her alarm clock rang. Ashley woke up, slowly, and stretched out her arm to switch off her alarm. She was rather deep asleep, as the previous night she had been dancing in the Midnight Bluez. She knew it would be hard waking up, but she also did not want to miss out on a night’s worth of money.

She moved her arm around, feeling all over her night table, but nothing. The alarm continued to ring. Slowly she started to wake up more, and realised she had moved her alarm to the other side of the room, just to make sure she would not fall asleep again and miss her ride to the airport. The realisation that today she was due to join another event made her get up quickly.

A bit unstable she walked to the bathroom for a quick shower, then brushed her hair, got dressed, had a sandwich and a cup of tea, and started to feel a lot better already, feeling ready to go for the next event Angel recruited her for.

It was named Blind Date as it doubled as a fund raiser for an organisation for the blind, though probably the ‘dating’ part of the dates would be skipped. And even though it was a fund raiser, the compensation for the girls was as generous as always. Ashley was actually looking forward to this event, not just because of the money, but the event itself as well. She was not all too sure why she was looking forward to have heaps of men she had never met before have their way with her.

Right on time the limo arrived to pick up Ashley, and took her to the airport. Two other women were on the car already, and they picked up two more on the way. They chatted a bit, rather nervously. Three of them were new to this business, and were very anxious about what would be in store for them. For Ashley it was the third time to participate, and maybe because she actually had an idea of what to expect she was also feeling rather nervous and a bit tense.

The women were taken to a waiting room, where they were joined by ten more young women including her girlfriend Phoebe and recruiter Angel. Soon after they were taken to the plane, where as usual they had to hand in their phones, watches and other devices that could give a clue on time or location. Ashley found herself a seat, and soon enough the plane took off.

After landing on the private airstrip they were taken to the mansion where the event would be held. The girls were served tea and a little snack, and Angel gave them a quick run-down of what they could expect during the day.

“Welcome ladies, I’m glad to see you all here. As you know, today we have a fund raiser for an organisation for the blind, part of which means we want to give our guests, and that includes you, a taste of what it is to be blind. Really blind, no cheating like blindfolds that you can just take off but having all the light taken away from your eyes, which means the whole thing is going to be in the dark. Part of today’s staff is actually blind, so don’t worry about the waiters tripping. Darkness is their world.

“Around noon our male guests will arrive. You will be there to welcome them with a drink and a chat, and about an hour later lunch will be served. Lunch will start in the light and end in the dark, after which you will have to do entirely without the use of your eyes, just like the blind. Only tomorrow morning there will be light again.

“We prepared sets of clothing for each of you, to facilitate our games. Please get the correct set or you may end up with a wrong size. You may notice we have been rather conservative in our pickings, nothing sexy this time, as today it’s not about what the eyes can see.

“We still have over two hours before the men arrive, the plane is now on the way back to pick them up. Please enjoy yourselves in the meantime — we have snacks and drinks available, and you may use the pool if you like, it will be closed later for safety reasons. Any questions?”

The girls looked at each other, a bit nervously, but none had any further questions to ask.

“Excellent. Then enjoy yourselves for the time being, and make sure you’re changed by the time the men arrive.”

Ashley looked at Phoebe, and said, “It sounds like this is going to be an interesting event.”

“Sure it does. Hope bursa eskort bayan those guys are going to be nice to us.”

“Me too. Like at the beach party.”

“You looking forward to it?”

“Yeah, kinda. Just the thought is titillating.”

Phoebe laughed, “Don’t expect to see that lover of yours again, what’s his name again?”

“Michael. And he’s not my lover.”

“Uh-huh. You just couldn’t get enough of him.”

“Oh, shut up. Can’t I have some fun, too? You also had more than your fair share of men there.”

“That’s true.” Phoebe stood up, and continued, “Let’s go have a swim while we still can?”

“Sure, nice and refreshing. And not much better to do anyway.”

They went for the pool, where a few more women were playing with a ball. They undressed and joined the fun, making time fly.

The clothing they received was obviously geared towards the cold season. It included a knee-long skirt, panties and stockings, a bra, blouse and cardigan. Everything black, to keep in line with the darkness that was to come. Overall it looked simple yet stylish and pretty.

The girls chatted a bit among each other, and the time slowly passed. Everyone was anxiously waiting for the event to begin. When they finally heard the roar of the approaching plane, everyone got more excited, and nervous. The wait was almost over, the real action would start really soon.

Another ten minutes later the men finally entered the room. Dressed well, talking excitedly to one another, they were obviously looking forward to the event. Ashley saw to her delight that they had a good-looking crowd again, and she started to look forward to getting up close and personal with them.

As usual there was some initial tension between the men and the women, each side sizing up the other, curious what there was in stock. A few men directly approached some of the women, breaking the ice, and shortly after the rest of the people were talking to each other too. The bar was open, drinks were being served, and lunch would be ready in an hour.

The bartender was blind. Ashley knew that, she could tell from the way he had to feel for the glasses and how he failed to make eye contact when she placed her order, but for the rest he worked almost as efficient as a regular bartender would. And she was sure he would be just as efficient later when the lights were off. It was an interesting experience, to see him at work.

She was chatting a bit to one of the men, talking about his work, which was rather boring to her. He seemed to be interested in her, but she did not feel any chemistry between them. It was however a good way to kill time, and dutifully she kept the conversation going, feigning interest, having some drinks to help her calm her nerves. She was nervous, tense, even though she knew quite well what she had signed up for. Though maybe that was exactly the reason why she was feeling a bit anxious, while feeling excited at the same time.

Lunch was being prepared by the blind waiters, recruited via the association the event was raising funds for. They did their jobs very well, not tripping once or dropping any of the dishes, walking around obstacles as if they could see them. Ashley was impressed, she would never be able to do the same when blindfolded, or in total darkness. Hungry as she was, she was eagerly waiting for lunch to be ready. Looking at all the delicious food being brought in made her only more hungry.

Everyone was invited to take a seat at the table, Ashley making sure she ended up in between two other men, hoping for a more interesting coupling. When everyone sat down, event organiser William stood up, and started talking.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen, it is a great pleasure to see you all here on today’s fund-raiser for the society for the blind. Our waiters are blind too, so they will have a great advantage over us later today when the lights are off.

“Over the next hour while you are having your lunch the lights will dim and one by one be switched off until we end up in total darkness, just so you can experience how it is to be blind. So do make sure you know where everything is, and please don’t make too much of a mess. There will be no light until you wake up tomorrow morning.”

Everyone giggled, a bit nervously, full of anticipation.

“Please enjoy your food and your company!”

And with that William left the room. As usual he would not participate in the events directly, but Ashley was quite sure he would be watching them somehow.

Lunch was delicious. A great selection of hot and cold foods, various drinks, all excellent. She put up a conversation with the man next to her, and soon they were talking about all the silly little things that were happening in their home town. A light conversation that was good for a few laughs.

Over time the lights slowly dimmed. At first it was barely noticeable, however by the time Ashley was finished eating the lights were really getting dim. She could barely see the people around her. The waiters were scurrying nilüfer eskort around just like before, for them of course there was no difference. She felt her anxiety grow — so many things one could secretly do in the dark, that one was not supposed to do. What would be in store for her?

Another ten minutes later the last light went off, and total darkness enveloped them. She could hear voices coming from all directions, the footsteps of the waiters serving drinks. The topic of conversation automatically shifted to the darkness. It was really odd to talk to someone you could not see at all. Not a shadow, not a shred of light, her vision was completely taken out. The whole atmosphere became more loaded, more tense and excited. Especially as everyone knew what the ultimate goal of the day was, and now it was really starting.

2. Blind speed dating.

Suddenly she heard the “ping, ping, ping,” sound of someone hitting a glass with a spoon, to announce a speech. The noise quieted down, and William started talking. She recognised him by his voice. She felt a shiver running through her spine, her nerves started acting up, as now the event would really start. This was what everyone was here for.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome again at our Blind Date event. I hope you enjoyed the lunch, now we would like to continue with our dating programme in our main hall. Various pieces of furniture have been placed there, such as sofas, tables, chairs, and the odd bed and cupboard as well. Just like you would expect in a regular home. So please take care when walking around there, or you might bump into something hard.

“It is what we think to be the perfect setting for an afternoon of blind speed dating. In the room you are to find an unattached lady, who will be your date for the next ten minutes. The ladies have timers to keep track of that time. So you have ten minutes to get to know each other, after which time’s up and it’s time to find another partner. And you get to remove one piece of clothing from her. Touching of course is allowed, and actually highly recommended as you can only see each other through the tips of your fingers.

“Make good use of your ten minutes, because come dinner we want you, ladies and gentlemen alike, to give us your top-three dates, to make the best matches for the night. So gentlemen if you want to spend more time with her, make sure to impress her. You may get to keep her for the night.”

Applause sounded. The men were getting really excited now. Ashley was also feeling a bit excited, and very nervous at the same time. It was about to start, she was again about to allow many men to take advantage of her body. But her having a say in who to be coupled to in the end was quite interesting, and an unexpected twist. Angel did not mention this to her before.

“So please everyone follow my voice.” William walked to the door, calling upon everyone to follow him.

Ashley stood up, bumping into the man next to her, almost falling to the ground. She heard some commotion elsewhere in the room, probably more people with this problem. Carefully she felt her way in the direction of William’s voice, trying not to bump into other people or pieces of furniture, and walked into the other room.

When everyone was there, William continued to talk, “When you have removed a piece of clothing from your lady, please hand it in to Angel.”

“I’m here in the corner,” Angel’s voice sounded.

“Drinks are available at the bar, which is the same corner as where Angel just called from. And gentlemen, if you like, you may also deposit your own clothes with Angel as well. Now let the games begin!”

Everyone was quiet for a moment, unsure on what was going on. Ashley heard the sounds of moving feet and the rustle of clothing. People were starting to move around, trying to find dates. Within seconds Ashley felt a hand touching her arm.

“Hello there,” a male voice sounded.

“Hi,” she answered, somewhat nervously.

“I’m Todd, and who may you be?”

“Rose,” she answered, using her stage name instead of her real name.

She started to fiddle with her timer, realising that she had to keep track of time. A short beep told her that it was running.

“Nice to meet you, Rose. Mind if I have a closer look at you?”

“No problem, go ahead.”

She felt his hands touching her face, gently following the contours of her chin, her mouth, her nose. He felt her hair, then ran his hands over her arms. It felt odd. He was touching her, but in a distinctly non-erotic manner. She replied by doing the same, feeling his face, trying to get an idea of how he looked like. He had a broad face, and a large frame. Large shoulders, she felt he must be rather muscular as his body felt firm to the touch. Not much fat there, if any.

“You’re a pretty girl, Rose. I’m happy to meet you here, today.”

A smooth talker, Ashley realised. A typical womaniser. He did his best to make her feel comfortable, even though she was still a bit nervous he quickly put her at bursa sınırsız eskort ease. They chit-chatted the time away, and when time was up he took her cardigan.

Realising the beeps of her timer would give her away, Ashley quickly started to move away, not wanting to be too easy a target. She was moving a bit too carelessly, as first she walked into table, then hit a sofa, and another man.

“Are you free?” the man asked.

“Yes I am,” she replied, quickly setting her timer.

The same ritual followed. He introduced himself as George. They touched each other’s faces, to get an idea of looks, and chatted the time away, as if they were indeed having a regular speed date. He was tall, almost a head taller than Ashley. He was another smooth talker, not as smooth as Todd but he obviously knew how to please a woman, and make her feel comfortable, and was obviously trying to impress her, even though she did not feel much chemistry between them.

When he took her blouse, Ashley felt the warm air of the room on her shoulders. The room was slowly heating up to a temperature where it is comfortable to be naked. He felt her shoulders, her arms, her torso, complimenting her on her smooth skin and her nice sized breasts.

When the ten minutes were over, Ashley quickly withdrew to where she had found the sofa before. She sat down and pulled up her legs, to prevent people tripping over her. She listened to the voices around her, the giggles of the girls, the smooth talk of the guys, and smiled. It was really interesting to just listen to the events around her.

She was sitting there for quite a while, without being detected. Then she felt someone bump into the sofa, and a moment later that same someone set down next to her.

“So hard in the dark. Where are you ladies?” he sighed.

Ashley snickered, somewhat intentionally giving herself away. A moment later she felt a hand on her shoulder, sliding down, cupping her breast, squeezing her lightly.

“Now what do we have here. I bet you’re free, you’re so silent.”

“Yes I am,” Ashley replied, starting her timer again.

She felt the man moving on the sofa, moving closer to her. A hand touched her face, she felt the man’s face. His face felt slender, almost like a baby face. Short curly hair, light eyebrows. His whole body felt slender.

He introduced himself as Raymond, all the while feeling her up. He told her he was there to celebrate his thirtieth birthday, wanting something special for the day. And that she may just be that something special.

She felt his hands run alongside her body, then reaching over to her back, unclasping and removing her bra. Now completely topless she suddenly felt rather vulnerable. Raymond gently touched her chest, feeling her up, complimenting her on the feel of her breasts. Then he removed his hands, and they started talking as if they were on a normal date, without her being topless.

Ashley really liked him not immediately taking full advantage of her, but still having a rather normal conversation. Raymond told he was running a rather successful Internet business, making him good money but he had not much of a social life. When he heard about this event, and realised it coincided with his birthday, he signed up for it. Ashley noticed his uncertainty, how he had a problem getting going with the party. She thought it rather cute of him, and smiled, knowing very well that he could not see her at all.

Time passed quickly, and before long her timer beeped again. Raymond thanked her for the chat, and left, to be replaced immediately by another man.

“I just hear you’re available,” a deep voice said. “I’m Tom, how may I call you?”

“Rose. Nice to meet you, Tom.”

She felt a hand touch her face, tracing her features, feeling her hair.

“Nice face you have. I like it. And nice smooth hair. May I know what colour your hair and your eyes are?”

She paused for a second before answering. She felt his fingers playing with her hair, his hand touching her shoulders. He must know by now she lost her blouse. She answered his touch by checking out his face by herself. He felt rough, with a short beard. She guessed the man must be middle aged, he definitely was a lot older than herself.

“Your favourite colours,” she answered finally.

“Raven black hair and dark beaming eyes, I love it. How did you guess this are my favourites?”

“I just know,” she grinned. “It simply had to be.”

“You are some kind of fortune-teller?”

“Well at least I look the part, don’t I? I could always try to tell you your fortunes.”

She felt both his hands now running down her arms, up to her shoulders, and down again along the sides of her body.

“You sure do look the part, you have a wonderful figure. Why don’t you tell me what’s in store for me today?”

“Mmm… Let me see…” Ashley replied, thoughtfully. Then she gasped as she felt his hands cup her breasts, his fingers flicking her nipples a bit. She slightly raised her chest in response.

“Today is going to be long and dark in the absence of the moon and the planets. Heads up, however, because what many people seem to be isn’t really what they are. You have some serious challenges ahead of you, but tonight you will be able to celebrate,” Ashley rephrased a horoscope she happened to have read that morning.

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