Blind Choice

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Michelle did exactly as she was instructed and was sitting on an ottoman in the middle of a hotel suite naked, save a black cotton blindfold over her eyes and black knee socks. She’d dreamt and fantasized about this very moment for years. Tonight she was finally going to be with him for the first time. The thought sent a shiver into her core as she nervously shifted on the velvety white ottoman which she was currently soaking with her arousal.

Michelle had met Aaron online when he had noticed her blog and he took a chance to reach out to her. After playful banter, they ended up passionately playing with each other virtually with such intensity that it had shocked them both. Interestingly, they had worked backward from there and realized that they had a love for many similar things in life. Over the years they shared many things in life together teasing each other mercilessly along the way, but never actually physically meeting one another. That all was about to change this evening.

Distance and circumstance had kept them apart, but she was recently divorced and he had lost his wife to breast cancer years before. She was the emotional glue that kept him together during that. She was his outlet from his reality of raising two children on his own. His last one was just off to school now. He was her support through her divorce from a husband that no longer loved her, and broken her heart. He took the opportunity to attend a conference nearby her home and she eagerly took his invitation to finally meet.

Aaron had left her instructions to undress, shower, and then put on the blindfold that had been sitting on the ottoman in the middle of the room at 6:55. She was then to wait, sitting quietly for him to arrive at 7:00. Michelle had followed his instructions to the letter, with one small but very significant change. A change that she knew he’d love, wearing her black knee-high socks. She nervously fiddled with her hands, filled with anticipation and a slight anxiety that she might not live up to the expectations established all those years together online.

Aaron, for his part, had been nervously pacing the hallway for the last fifteen minutes. He too had the same fear of living up to expectations, and he too had dreamt of this very moment for a very long time. His pacing was made more difficult by his hard cock straining against his pants. While his outfit was pleasing to the eye, his skinny fit suit did not leave a lot of room for his painfully erect cock. He kept glancing at his watch waiting for the clock to strike 7:00.

His heart raced, throat dry, hands shaking as he stepped to the door at the stroke of 7:00 and inserted his key. Michelle heard the key card strike the lock and the handle turn as the door squeaked open. She bit her lip and swallowed hard. He’d just walked into the room and her pussy was already humming with desire.

He’d practiced this in his head hundreds of times, but that didn’t make it any easier when he saw the French Canadian beauty in the flesh for the first time. His eyes devoured her wavy brown hair, her ample breasts, her soft delightful body, and damn it, she had left on a very simple pair black knee socks. So very Michelle of her, he thought, as he strode towards her without saying a word.

Michelle could hear him walking towards her as she sat there blind and bare for him. Adrenaline coursed through her veins and a flushing heat was overtaking her face despite goosebumps of excitement breaking out all over the rest of her body. Finally, he was upon her. She yearned to hear him speak, to smell him, to feel his touch, and hopefully to taste him on her lips. She licked her lips again at that particular thought.

Hand trembling, he reached out and stroked the back of her shoulder with the back of his hand. She let in a sharp sudden breath at his touch. Eventually, the shroud of silence was broken.

“My dear sweet Michelle,” he softly spoke behind her as he continued to caress her back. “I’ve waited for this moment for what seems like a lifetime and I’m sure you have as well. You’ve been such a good girl following my directions, almost,” he said emphasizing that last word. “I’m sure your nervous, so let me ease your mind for you, Michelle. I’m going to tell you exactly what’s going to happen to you tonight.”

She felt him shift and sit next to her, brushing his clothes on the side of her exposed flesh. The sensation was so fleeting, but so intense that a tiny gasp escaped her mouth. He caressed her long soft hair moving it lovingly away from her ear until she felt it. His hot breath enveloped her neck and made her melt further into the ottoman. She yearned to be kissed there, she was desperately trying to will it into fruition without success. Why wouldn’t he just kiss her, she thought.

Michelle already knew the answer. It was what continued to attract her to him like a moth to a flame and had ultimately brought them to this very moment. They both loved the tease, the anticipation, and the build-up. He would routinely tease her throughout the day with suggestive messages, a pic, a gif, almanbahis adres or even just a word or two. She would hang on to these little moments and when their time came later, he’d make her tease herself repeatedly before demanding her release. This experience tonight was the ultimate combination of all of these elements over so many years.

With some difficulty, Aaron steadied himself. He was now so close to this incredible person that he’d shared so much with, that it took every fiber in his body to not succumb to the raging urges within him. He dryly swallowed and inhaled deeply.

“First, you are going to take my hands and you are going to use them to introduce your body to me. Every inch of it, Michelle, except you pussy. Your pussy is mine, Michelle.” She licked her lips and quivered at the thought. It was just like him, she thought, to give her some semblance of control, but yet not really giving any.

“You’re pussy deserves my undivided attention. It deserves to be loved, caressed, worshiped, and… fucked, Michelle,” he said with stoic emphasis. She wiggled her folds against the soft fabric again sending tingles throughout the rest of her body. He truly had her at his mercy.

“Then, I’m going to escort you to the bed where I’m going to bend you over, face down. You’ll keep your hands above your head throughout this. Then, I’m going to slowly spread your legs and kneel behind you,” he whispered into her waiting ear.

She purred at the thought and the building heat and pulsing between her legs was now palpable. The mixture of his breath on her, his proximity, and the thought of being in that vulnerable position was numbing her ability to think of anything beyond her now throbbing need.

“When I kneel behind you,” he continued, “I’m going to acquaint my fingers with your most intimate of places. Slowly, gently, softly at first then little by little the touches will get more urgent. My mouth and tongue will soon follow and aid in my exploration. Soft, gentle licks, flattened tongue, hard tongue, and of course all the sucking and nibbling your needy clit deserves.” As he said the words, he felt his cock strain against his pants.

“And then, Michelle. Then you are going to cum for me. It will be a mind-blowing release that you’ll struggle to comprehend from the intense sensations. But I’ll be here for you. I’ll be right here the whole time with you. I’ll be here caring for you, keeping you safe while you explore all of this with me. Do you understand this Michelle?” he asked in a steady, level tone.

Inside Aaron, there waged a war between his body and his rapidly deteriorating will power. His heart raced, palms sweaty and every movement increased the sensations from his cock further testing his desire to be the strong-willed person he needed to be for her. Meanwhile, every nerve in Michelle’s body had become hypersensitive. She smoldered listening to his plan, hanging on each and every word.

“Yes,” she replied, the words escaping her mouth in a throaty hiss.

“After you cum, you’ll be faced with a choice that only you can make. I’m going to tell you now what that choice will be, do you understand this as well, Michelle?”

Again a throaty “yes,” emanated from her mouth. The description of future events heightening every sense, every sensation, driving her mad with longing for Aaron. There was always a choice with him, she thought. Aaron always made her choose between the easy pleasure and the more delightful but more difficultly attained pleasure. Tonight would be no different.

“These are your choices, Michelle,” he continued to whisper with his hot breath enveloping her neck, her ear, the side of her face burning everywhere it landed. “I will fuck you in that position, blindfold on, until you are a quivering mess below me and painted with my cum.”

“Fuuuckkkk,” she moaned with that delicious thought as an explosion of heat crashed over her body.

“But, Michelle, after I am done, you will leave the blindfold on as I kiss you, and then I will leave. Who knows if and when fate will bring us together again, Michelle,” he whispered evenly.

Her mind raced. She longed to see him, to hold him, to spend the night together talking about everything, and nothing. Her fear was that her body would betray her and her longing for his hard cock would win out.

He continued, “The other choice you have, Michelle, will be to take the blindfold off and we will see each other for who we really are. We will spend the night talking to each other together, as we’ve done so many times before apart. In this choice, all physical activity, outside of a hug and a goodbye kiss, ends when you remove the blindfold.”

What choice was this, Michelle thought. She so yearned for both, she needed both, she’d waited so long for both. Why must she have to choose one or the other? She wanted him, all of him both mind and body. Her upright posture had slumped slightly and her lips turned tight and pensive.

Aaron was watching her body’s reaction, all of it, the posture, the fidgeting hands, almanbahis adres the angry lips, the rapid breaths. His plan was working to perfection thus far. Would she want to satisfy the most base of her desires, or would she choose him? What she didn’t know was that if she chose to take the blindfold off and essentially choose him, he’d make sweet, gentle love to her, that would in all likelihood devolve into a similar fucking as he proposed with the choice of leaving the blindfold on. He had to know if it had truly been him she wanted, or just the thought of him all these years. That curiosity burned brighter than any physical desires that welled within him.

Michelle opened her mouth to speak, but he put a single finger over her lips.

“Shhhh, my sweet Michelle. That choice comes later,” he paused for effect removing his finger from her lips. Michelle was so distracted by the choice that she missed her opportunity to kiss his finger or even better, to taste it. Her lips burned where his touch had just been.

She felt him remove a shirt or a jacket, she wasn’t sure, but then suddenly he was seated straddling her from behind. Michelle felt his chest pressed against her back and could feel the soft shirt and tie tickle her spine. There was a heat emanating from his chest onto her back. It felt so welcoming, so safe to her. She was finally in his arms and after panic about the choice, elation now filled her entire being. Aaron took care to move in and begin to whisper into her ear again.

“Take my hands, my sweet Michelle,” he said reassuringly as his hands gently dug under her hands on the ottoman. “Start with just one and help me explore your beautiful body. Show me how you need to be touched.”

Michelle tentatively interlaced her fingers on her right hand with the back of his. His hand was much bigger and rougher than hers. His hot hand warmed her always cold fingers. Just the feel of his strong hands tantalized her senses. She brought them together to her neck, sliding him from her collarbone up to her ear. Such exquisite sensations from each area that his big hands touched. She moved his hand from her ear to her face pausing at her mouth and letting him explore her lips. Each fingertip deserving and getting the softest of kisses.

“Oh, such a good girl,” he whispered in her ear, voice just slightly cracking. “You know you are far more beautiful than I ever imagined, Michelle.”

Her mouth formed an O and her eyebrows rose in surprise under the blindfold as she squirmed against the velvet of the ottoman. Those words, so kind, so loving, were the emotional embrace she so often received form him. Spurred on by his comment, she moved his hand down to the top of her chest, pushing it down her side, avoiding her breasts as they reached her hip. Simultaneously, she grabbed his other hand and sat it upon her other hip. Together now she ran his hands down her legs to the extent to where he couldn’t extend them any farther, just at the very top of her knee socks. With Aaron this extended, she felt it. She felt his hard cock pushing against her ass and it made her shudder with anticipation and the overwhelming desire to have him inside her.

Aaron’s thoughts were racing in his head, muddled by his own arousal. Michelle had to have felt his cock pushing against her. He could feel it leaking from hours of anticipation of this moment. He tried to steady his hands as to not let her feel him shake. Her skin felt like a petal of a flower, delicate, soft, and inviting his hands to explore so much more. He wondered if he would ever tire of exploring her body, her mind, and her soul. More urgently, would he be able to calm himself enough to continue?

As his hands lingered at her knees, she slid them to her inner thighs and slowly moved them towards her pussy. It was dripping with anticipation now. His hands traveling the short distances across her skin made Michelle shiver in delight and burn brightly with need.

She could have sworn she heard him gasp, but her own bliss was dulling any sensations beyond his hot hands on her skin and the tingling between her legs. She moved his hands to the crease of her leg and hips lingering there a bit longer. There was an overwhelming desire in her to push them onto her intimate folds. The temptation was intense but her head finally won out, barely.

Aaron gasped almost audibly as his hardness shifted against her ass. He needed to keep control of himself, he thought, but that was proving extremely difficult with the object of years of his desires quite literally within his grasp. As she moved his hands up towards her pussy, he could feel the heat of her skin rise with each inch. She then paused agonizingly close to her pussy. Aaron had thought that she was about to give in, but something stirred in her and she moved them up across her soft stomach instead.

“You’re doing so well my sweet Michelle,” he softly spoke. “Only a bit more to explore I think.”

Each whispered word from him was sending thousands of butterflies racing around her stomach. No one had almanbahis adresi ever had quite this effect on her. Her hands were now on autopilot and they headed up to the undersides of her heavy breasts. She pushed them farther up encircling each breast, squeezing his hands with hers. For his part, Aaron maneuvered each nipple between his middle and index fingers and managed a light pinch between his knuckles making them stand delightfully erect.

Michelle gasped. She pushed her chest further into their hands while squeezing harder. She’d never been one to fully enjoy sensations from her breasts, but in this heightened state, everything was working to stoke her flames. A trail of fire was leading from her hard nipples to her sensitive and now hard clit. Using his hands, she kneaded her breasts over and over again causing the heat within her to burn so much more intensely.

Suddenly, his hands were gone, the sensations of him against her back were gone as well. There was a rustle of movement behind her now. She was left alone again, just like those five excruciating minutes before he’d arrived. Aaron stood and was glad she was blindfolded as he was visibly shaking, his heart pounding and trying to escape his chest. He worried that his voice would betray him and that she’d hear all of this uncertainty. He wanted this moment to be everything for her and the thought of disappointing her even just a little was making him unsteady.

“Do you remember what happens now Michelle?” he asked as he used everything he had to steady his voice and portray the part she needed from him.

“I do,” she said, head down, hands folded in her lap submissively. He took note of her unique choice of words. Words heard in vows. Was this a coincidence, he wondered.

“What is going to happen now, Michelle?”

“You’re going to take me to the bed, lean me over, and…” She paused, nervously clutching the velvety ottoman in her hands.

“And what, Michelle?”

“And…” Another long pause. “And you are going to explore me,” she stumbled as she spoke. “Explore my… my pussy.”

Michelle was shaking from the excitement and the anticipation. The teasing of making her use his hands all over her body had pushed her to the very edge. Just speaking the words threatened to push her over that edge. Every light breeze in the room heightening her arousal, her hunger for him, for his touch, his lips on her skin. She was sure she’d fall apart with just the slightest touch now.

He moved in front of her leaning forward and took her left hand in his, helping her to her feet. Michelle stood and felt unsteady. Dizzy with desire and legs wobbly and weak, his hands steadied her, made sure she felt secure on her feet, before guiding her by her hand walking her to the bed, still blindfolded. The anticipation of this moment was running down her inner thigh and each step moved her folds against each other, sending shivers racing through her body. This made it even more difficult to walk, but she was determined not to show him just how wanton he had made her.

Michelle couldn’t have known that Aaron was having just as much difficulty walking to the bed as she was. It was less than ten feet, but it felt like a marathon since his boxers were sliding roughly over the tip of his now slick cock with each excruciating step. He was worried that he’d cum before they’d get there, but they had finally arrived at the bed.

Standing behind her, Aaron’s hand left hers and he placed it lightly on the small of her back. Her hands now touching the bed in front of her lightly. Her smell was intoxicating him. It was a mix of the sweet smell of her hair, with the unmistakable smell of her arousal. He shuddered as his raw hunger for her grew with each breath. The flat of his hand pushed her forward for the final few inches, until her thighs touched the bed. The new sensation was cool against her hot skin. His hand slid lovingly from her lower back to a spot between her shoulder blades.

“Are you ready, Michelle?” he expectantly asked, already knowing the answer.

“I am,” she replied shakily but determined. She pulled her shoulders back and raised her head proudly wanting to show him nothing but her desire to please him, and to be pleased in return.

He pushed her gently down and she folded over the side of the bed. Her ass was up in the air and was testing the limits of his control. The urge to pull his pants down and dive his cock into her was undeniable, but he had to hold out a bit longer. He desperately needed an answer to his question that had racked him all these years.

“Now, stretch your arms out in front of you on the bed, Michelle. You’ll do your best to keep them there, won’t you?”

Her reply was muffled by the white duvet as she nodded.

Michelle could hear him shifting and moving behind her. The anticipation of what Aaron was about to do with her was as exciting as it was divine. She was desperately longing for his touch upon her skin again. Aaron gazed upon her in all of her glory, devouring each bit of her magnificent body. Her legs together, bent over at the waist with her arms splayed out beyond her head on the bed. There was no mistaking her arousal. Her pussy was glistening in the light from the lamp in the corner. The glistening extended further down as her pussy was trickling down her right leg.

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