Blessing of the Wood (Pt. 3 of 3)

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Kia gasped when one of Steve’s hands slipped beneath her skirt. Her hand crept between his legs again, and she shivered from the combination of his touch and the feeling of his hard cock beneath her fingers. She needed more, and tried to remove his belt.He released her nipple with a final kiss and rose up to his knees. She panted in anticipation as he peeled off his shirt, revealing his muscular chest. While he finished the work she’d started on his belt, Kia sat up in order to reach the button and zipper of his pants.“Oh,” Kia breathed as she tugged down the cloth, allowing him to spring free. His cock was bigger than any that she’d seen while fooling around with other boys – both exciting and frightening at the same time.Steve kicked off his shoes, and lay back to wriggle out of his pants. He was still trying to disentangle his ankles when she wrapped her hand around his hard organ and leaned over him. Her hot, anxious breath kissed him, causing him to throb in her hand.“Ah, Kia,” he groaned, the pants bunched up at his ankles completely forgotten.“You’re so hard,” Kia whispered, more to herself than to him. Her fingers just touched around his girth, and she wondered if it would even fit in her mouth – let alone anywhere else.After a moment of hesitation, Kia kissed his mushroom tip. He grunted, his hips lifting, pressing his cock against her lips. She kissed it again, and then looked up into his eyes to see a powerful mixture of hunger and fascination.The desire she saw inflamed her own, and her tongue snaked out to lap from her fingers up to the purple head. He sighed, and a pearly drop of pre-cum welled up from him. Kia gathered the droplet on the tip of her tongue and shivered. A moment later, her lips parted, and she took him in.Steve sighed and twined his fingers into her blonde tresses. Kia suckled his glans and teased him with her tongue, causing him to throb powerfully and rapidly between her lips.She wanted more.Kia opened wide, her lips sliding down his thick shaft. He groaned, his body shuddering from the feeling of her hot mouth engulfing him. Kia’s heart beat faster as her lips slid up and down his manhood. He didn’t try to force her, as had the other two boys she’d done this for. She felt comfortable, in control, and infinitely sexy.Despite an ache building in her jaw from opening so wide to admit him, Kia bobbed her head faster over his lap, her hair beginning to bounce. The knowledge she’d gained in the magical journey with her grandmother let her take him fast, with minimal discomfort.She’d never taken this to its ultimate conclusion, but the way he breathed her name amidst pants of pleasure made her want it – badly. “Feels… So good, Kia.”His breathing quickened; his grunts and sighs growing deeper. Tangy bursts of flavor excited her as more pre-cum welled up from his tip. Kia slipped the fingers of her other hand beneath his balls to caress them with a feather-light touch. He twitched, and let out the loudest groan yet.“Kia – close,” he warned in clipped grunts a few seconds later.She had no intention of stopping.Steve’s pants grew louder – faster. Even if he hadn’t told her so, she would have known that he was almost there. He stiffened, let out a tight-throated groan, and came.Kia moaned around him as she felt his cream spurting against the roof of her mouth. Her lips paused near his tip, and she sucked him slowly, milking him for every drop he had to offer. Because she’d made it happen, the taste was as sweet as candy to her. He came hard, filling her mouth full. She swallowed, the initial sensation of the thick cream slipping down her throat quickly overshadowed by the warm glow that spread through her as it settled in her belly.Steve’s movements turned almost convulsive, and she knew that he couldn’t handle much more. Somewhat reluctantly, she let him slip from her lips, and received a final dribble of his sweet cum at the last second. She moaned and savored it, loving the look of ecstasy on his face.Steve went Ankara escort limp on their mossy bed. “Oh god, Kia. Never… Never come like that before.”Kia caressed his thigh, causing him to shudder and his softening cock to twitch up from his body. “I loved it,” she responded in a voice barely above a whisper. Her own needs called to her, and she answered.His eyes slowly opened, and he smiled as he watched her slip her hand beneath her panties to her aching need. Her head lolled back as her fingers caressed her moist folds, and Steve gathered his strength to sit up.Once on his knees, Steve stroked his hands down her sides to her hips. Kia smiled, and then dropped back down to the moss to recline in front of him. She gasped when his fingers hooked beneath the elastic band of her panties and tugged them down.She lifted her bottom, allowing him to slide her panties down and discard them. As soon as her feet were free, Kia bent her knees and parted her legs wide, desperate to feel his touch.Steve’s hands glided down her thighs, and she held her breath in anticipation. When his fingers reached her mound, she let out the breath in a high-pitched sigh. He explored her with his fingers, seemingly fascinated by the perfect smoothness of her sex. No hair would ever grow anywhere on Kia’s body, save the strawberry blonde locks on her head – a gift of her grandmother’s lineage.The scent of her arousal – womanly musk and honeysuckle – filled Steve’s lungs as he leaned into the V of her legs. Intoxicated by the perfume of her desire, he could wait no longer.A long warbling moan bubbled up from Kia as Steve’s tongue traced the full length of her nether lips. She felt as though she was chilled and flushed with heat at the same time. She had never felt anything so heavenly in her life, and she knew that it was just the beginning.Steve’s eyes opened wide with surprise as her sweet nectar brought his taste buds to life. He pressed his tongue deeper, parting her pink folds, eager for more. She whimpered and pressed her sex tight against his face. He was more than happy to oblige her need.Kia writhed in perfect bliss as his tongue tantalized her. He seemed to know her body as well as she did, finding her every sensitive spot with his soft, slippery tongue.“Don’t stop,” Kia begged in a soft, almost worried voice. Though one other boy had used his mouth on her, Steve had already brought her to heights of pleasure beyond anything previous in just a few seconds. She couldn’t imagine surviving if he should stop short of bringing her to climax now.She need not have asked. The taste of her was like a drug, making him desire more by the moment. He tilted his head and stabbed his tongue into her canal. To his surprise, he met resistance, and a sharp jolt passed through Kia’s body. He drank up her juices, exploring her with his tongue, and then realized the truth of her virginity.Equal parts worry and excitement flashed through Steve’s head with that revelation, but the sounds of pleasure coming from her overwhelmed the conflicting emotions. Lost in her once more, he redoubled his efforts.She could feel the barely contained energy of an orgasm building inside her, growing stronger by the second. Her right hand came to rest on the back of his head, and she used it to unconsciously guide him to the center of her pleasure. She began to shudder as his tongue flicked over her clit, keeping her just below the point of no return.It came upon her in a rush, a hot wave of energy that swept through her, and then crashed back down into her sex. She couldn’t contain the loud whimper that burst from her lips as she came and clamped her legs tight around Steve’s head. His tongue never stopped – never slowed – drawing out her rapture. Kia came and came, her body completely beyond her control, the sounds of her cries muted by the loud echo of her heartbeat in her ears.Steve finally relented when an especially strong shock of orgasmic energy caused Ankara escort bayan her to hold him so tight against her that he couldn’t catch a breath. Kia’s orgasm finally released her, and she went limp with a sound much like a sob. Steve pulled back, aroused and amazed by how hard she’d climaxed.Kia eventually caught her breath and found the strength to open her eyes. She looked up at Steve to see him massaging his sore neck and said, “Oh – t-thank you. H-hold me, please.”He lay down next to her, and Kia rolled onto her side so that she could snuggle up against him. He draped one arm over her back, while she hugged his waist. She entwined her legs with his, and she realized that he was growing hard again when his cock pressed against her tummy. She nuzzled up against his chest, and let out a deep sigh of contentment.For long minutes, the couple lay together, simply enjoying the closeness. Steve kissed and caressed her, loving touches that nearly made her swoon. Despite his gentle embrace, she knew that something more lurked beneath it. She needed only to concentrate upon his cock – once again hard and throbbing – to know that.Kia struggled against fear welling up inside her before she found the courage to speak again. Even then, she barely whispered, and did so into his chest so that he could feel the kiss of her breath there more easily than he could hear her words.“Hmm?” He responded to her unheard question.“Do you want to make love to me?” she repeated, just loud enough for him to hear this time.“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”“Yes.”“I don’t want to hurt you.”“But do you want me?”He groaned and let his hand drift down to her bottom. “Yes.”She looked up into his eyes and said, “I want you to be my first.”“Are you sure?”“Make love to me, Steve.”Kia’s heart beat hard and fast in her chest as Steve’s lips found hers, and he slowly rose above her. She rolled over onto her back in response to the subtle guidance of his lips and hands. When he straddled her body and rose up on his knees, she looked down to see his cock twitching only a few inches above her sex. It looked even bigger now – almost threatening. Panic set in, and she looked up at him, on the verge of telling him that she couldn’t do it.Then she saw his eyes.Love, fear, desire, concern, excitement – Kia could see them all in the deep blue pools of his eyes. She knew in that moment that she couldn’t share this gift with any other, and that the time was right. The very air felt alive with magic, and Kia allowed the spell to carry her away.Steve lifted his knees to settle them between Kia’s as she parted her legs. His fingers curled around her thighs as she drew her knees up and out, offering him her innocence without reservation.Kia breathed heavily as he moved forward, closing the short distance that remained. He looked up into her eyes one final time, and she answered his unspoken question with a slight nod. She sucked in a sharp breath as he took his cock in hand and pressed it against her folds.He paused and rubbed the tip of his cock between the parting of her nether lips, coating it in her slippery wetness. Her heart skipped a beat and her breath caught in her throat when she felt him poised at the rim of her canal.His first push was slow and hesitant, and the flash of pain caused her to yelp. She flinched away before he could penetrate her, tears filling her eyes.Steve’s expression spoke of even more pain than Kia’s. After a few rapid breaths, she whispered, “Sorry.”“Kia…”She shook her head and parted her legs a little wider. “Please.”Steve guided his cock into position again, and Kia reached up to squeeze the fingers of his other hand tighter into her thigh. “Close your eyes,” he whispered.Kia closed her eyes, and time seemed to stop. Her heartbeat thundered in her ears.Once.Twice.Three times.Only tightly clenched teeth and pursed lips contained her wail when Steve sundered her virginity.Steve remained stock-still, afraid Escort Ankara that the slightest movement would increase her pain. The sight of her shaking from contained sobs with tears flowing down her cheeks nearly crushed him. What he couldn’t know was that far away, Kia’s grandmother took most of the pain upon herself, and absorbed more of it by the instant.Even as the initial stab of pain turned her vision blood red, Xantina’s magic allowed Kia to feel something far different, the fullness of a hard cock inside her for the first time. As the pain ebbed, Kia’s pleasure swelled, and her tear-filled eyes fluttered open.“You okay?” Steve asked, his voice cracking and his eyes full of concern.She smiled at him and nodded her head. Though she still felt little twinges of pain, another discomfort now loomed larger in her consciousness – an aching void deep inside her that desperately needed filling. Her fingers curled around his wrists, and she tugged him toward her.Her smile reawakened Steve’s desire, but when she winced from the slightest beginning of a push, he froze again. Kia tugged on his wrists even harder, nodding her head emphatically. When he rocked his hips forward again, she was able to relax, and he sank inside her to the hilt.“Oh Steve – so good,” she breathed, the pain little more than a distant memory with his cock buried inside her.The tight squeeze of her warm, wet walls brought his instincts to the fore, and Steve began to thrust. His hips moved in a steady rhythm, his cock withdrawing all the way to the tip, and then sliding inside until his balls settled against her. Kia moaned and cooed, fueling his desire. Not even the ruddy tinge of her juices coating his thrusting shaft could discourage him in light of the pleasure evident in her face and her voice.Kia’s breathing fell into rhythm with Steve’s hips. She released his left wrist, and let her fingers slide down to her clit. The first brush of her fingertips over the sensitive bud overwhelmed the control she’d managed to exert over her voice, allowing her cry to be much louder than prudent in the exposed setting.He watched her fingers circling over her bud, and then looked up into her eyes to say, “You’re so sexy. You feel so good.”“So do you. Faster.”Kia took her words to heart and switched from a slow circling of her fingers to a quick back and forth motion. Steve was already having trouble containing his passion, and had only to loosen the reins to add speed and power to his thrusts. The increased friction summoned up a groan from him, and his grip on her thighs tightened.Warm pressure swelled in Kia’s loins as her fingers and Steve’s thick cock pushed her closer to sweet release. Though her body rocked from the power of his thrusts, he wasn’t taking her. He was giving her pleasure, and accepting the same from her. The difference was subtle, contained in his eyes, in his groans, and in the quick, steady motion of his hips. The first tickles of a coming climax brought with them a quavering, high-pitched sigh from her.Every pump of his hips sent Kia soaring to heights of bliss beyond anything she’d ever dreamed of before. Her eyes roved over him, drinking in his muscles working. She could just see his cock when he fully withdrew, the shaft glimmering in the dappled light from the sheathe of her juices coating it. She felt as if she was going to pass out if she didn’t come soon.Steve’s brow furrowed as his own pleasure mounted. Seeing the strain in his face, Kia breathed, “I’m so close. Oh yes. Almost… Almost…”His expression hardened, and she knew that he couldn’t hold out much longer. “Gonna come,” he warned, his voice tight from staving off his climax.Kia teetered on the cusp of ultimate bliss, her body awaiting some unknown cue or moment to allow her release. She trembled, her mouth open in a silent scream, and her whole body alive with energy. Then, he buried his cock inside her with a loud groan, and she erupted into orgasm.Steve groaned and panted, filling Kia with his cream. With her canal clenched tight around his cock, she could feel every pulse and throb. All the while, far more than their bodies joined. She had found her one, and shared the ultimate expression of that love with him. Her orgasm went on and on, her body celebrating along with her heart.

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