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Author’s Note: as the title implies, this is super irreverent.

Father Martin sat in the dark booth, waiting for the next lost sheep of his flock to come in. Rather suddenly the door opened and someone stepped in, shutting it behind them. He could not see who it was, as the light behind them had momentarily blinded him, and now it was too dark to see. Before he could inquire, the figure knelt in front of him and said in a husky, whispered tenor, “Forgive me Father, for I am about to sin.”

The priest smiled, then, as he knew who this particular sinner was. “It has been three weeks since my last confession,” they continued. Father Martin put his hand on the young man’s bowed head.

“It has indeed been some time. What is the nature of your sins, my son?” he asked. Again in the whisper, “Sodomy, homosexuality, self-pleasure, and infidelity,” was the reply. Martin lifted the front of his robe, under which he was wearing nothing. He told the kneeling figure, “These are serious sins, my son. All can be forgiven, but there can be no forgiveness if the sin has not yet been committed.”

The young man scooted forward so that he was under Father Martin’s robes, then reached forward to take hold of the priest’s slowly stiffening erection. He unbuttoned his own pants, freeing his already throbbing cock. Martin let his robe fall over the supplicant and slid down in the booth’s seat a little, spreading his legs and allowing access to his asshole. He placed his hands behind his head and relaxed, preparing to enjoy the sinning.

One hand stroking his own shaft, Tom squeezed and stroked the Father’s cock, finally bringing it to a full erection. He leaned forward and took one of the priest’s hairy balls into his mouth, savoring the mild musk. He smiled as he heard a groan come from outside the robe in response to a single finger drawn slowly up the length of the thick pole, stopping and applying maltepe escort a little more pressure just at the base of the head. Releasing the testicle, Tom followed his finger’s path with his tongue but stopping on the pisshole. He ran his tongue around it, then squeezed the head a little causing it to open just enough to flick it with the tip of his tongue. Martin shuddered, that was a new sensation.

Tom took the older man’s dick into his mouth, slowly sinking his face onto it. Meanwhile, he used both hands to pull his pants and boxers down to his knees. He wrapped one hand around his girth and slowly tugged on himself, bringing his other hand back up to gently probe the Father’s asshole with a finger. He began to work his mouth up and down the length of Martin’s cock, the soft head bouncing off of the back of his throat with every downward thrust. After pulling almost all of the way off, keeping only Father Martin’s bulbous cock head in his mouth and swirling his tongue around it, he slammed his face back down, burying his face in Martin’s pubic hair and simultaneously pushing his unlubricated finger two joints deep into Martin’s anus.

The priest grunted but lifted his feet off the ground and placed them on Tom’s shoulders, spreading his ass further. He began panting as the young man expertly serviced him. “You have…ah ah…certainly…nngh…committed sins against…ah… man and against the nnnLord.”

Tom increased the pace of his sucking while slowly pushing his digit further into Father Martin’s asshole. He began to wiggle it and search for Martin’s prostate once it was buried to the knuckle. He released his cock from the “self-abuse” and fondled Martin’s balls, rolling them around in his palm, stroking them and tugging them down. Father Martin gasped as Tom finally hit his prostate.

Grunting and panting hard as his orgasm approached, he told his parishoner, “Nngaaahh escort maltepe ahh ahh, it is time- ahh ahh- to accept your judgment- ahh- my son.” The last word was cut short with a groan as Father Martin came, blasting load after load of cum down Tom’s throat, his asshole puckering tight around Tom’s finger as his balls emptied into Tom’s mouth. Tom demonstrated his sincere contrition by swallowing every last drop, as though every sperm were sacred.

The priest brought his feet off of the young man and uncovered him. “Do you have your Rosary, son?” Tom simply nodded and retrieved it from his pocket, holding it up to Father Martin. His cock still throbbed, aching for release. “Good. Turn around and kneel down in prayer.”

Tom tried to do as he was told, slowly shuffling to turn around in the cramped confession booth with his pants still down around his knees. Once he had turned around he leaned forward, spreading his ass in supplication. “Here, my son. Some holy water to help with your absolution.” Martin spat on Tom’s asshole then knelt down behind him. “Begin the Apostle’s Creed.”

Tom signed the cross but placed the fourth station well south of where it should be and took hold of his cock again as he began: “I believe in God the Father aaaahh” he stuttered as Father Martin stuffed a couple beads of the Rosary in his ass. After a moment he continued as Martin played with the beads, tugging them gently, smacking the crucifix against Tom’s hanging ballsack. After he finished, Martin said “Very good, my son. Now your ‘Our Father.’ In Latin, if you please.”

Tom took a deep breath, knowing what was coming next. “Pater Noster, qui es in caeaahhnnn…ahh. In caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum.” Father Martin had stuffed a few more beads in. He grinned as Tom stumbled over the prayer. He was becoming aroused again, his dick beginning to tent his robe out. As the prayer came to maltepe escort bayan a close, Martin lifted his robe again, his erection springing up to lightly smack Tom’s balls, which were swinging in time with the boy’s jerking. “Now then, your Hail Marys,” Father Martin said gruffly.

“Yes Father. Hail Mary, full of oohhh fuck. Ahh, full of Grace.” Martin had shoved the remainder of the Rosary up Tom’s puckered anus, leaving only the crucifix dangling out. He began stroking himself, trying to match Tom’s rhythm. “Hail Marys until you are absolved.” Tom didn’t respond, he simply kept up with the prayers and furiously stroking his shaft. Martin increased his own pace as the boy’s breath began getting heavier. Tom’s voice began getting louder as he felt his balls tighten up. His sphincter clenched and the blessed beads inside his ass shifted about, providing a truly unique sensation. The crucifix remained cold as it bounced against his taint.

He finally shouted an “AMEN!” as his seed shot out of his cock, his body convulsing with his orgasm. Father Martin reached down and slowly began pulling the Rosary out, shuddering as they popped out one at a time. What he wouldn’t give to be inside there, himself. Perhaps one day…Once out, an idea hit the priest and he did something he didn’t expect: he put the beads in his mouth. The musty taste sent him over the edge and he came a second time, dropping his load on Tom’s round buttocks, a few sticky drops landing on his asshole.

Father Martin lowered his robe and sat back on the little bench in the confession booth. “Very good, my son. You are absolved. Go with God. And you shouldn’t wait so long between confessions.” Tom pulled his pants back up, the priest’s semen soaking into his underwear. He stood up as much as he could in the booth. “Thank you, Father.” Tom quickly opened the door and left, leaving Martin alone in the dark booth. After a few moments in quiet contemplation, Martin leaned down to the floor and found the spots of cum Tom had left. Reaching under his robe, he pushed his finger up into his asshole and licked the sticky jizz off the floor. Every sperm is sacred, after all.

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