Blake’s Bad Decision Ch. 07

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*Note to readers: Thank you so much to my readers if you have made it this far. If you are just now starting the story I urge you to start from Chapter one. These Chapters are not meant to be read as stand alone stories and I fear if you start here you are not going to know what is going on. Other than that as usual all persons taking part in sexual activities are over the age of 18 and I hope you enjoy the story*


Blake frantically tacked away at his laptop as he sat in Calculus 2. Most of the time he took notes by recording formulas, and working problems in the workbook for the class, but this latest stretch of equations required him to write out how he was going about determining which sequences to use. As he got the last segment copied down his mind began to wander to the week that had gone by so far.

It was Wednesday and he had mostly dedicated his time to studying and going to the gym. Tuesday he started going to a theatre group that he’d read up on in one of the cafeterias from a bulletin board. The group was called Tuesday Comedy to Romance, and while the name wasn’t all that creative, the group was more talented then he would have guessed. They introduced themselves by going into a character that each of them made up on the fly with 5 minutes of preparation.

Blake introduced himself as Gordon Malcom. He gave himself a voice similar to Paul Rudd and told the group that he was majoring in criminal justice and that he wanted to be a police officer.

“And what is it about Gordon that is so different from Blake Morris?” The professor running the group asked. He was a balding, grey haired man, named Dr. Foster that had studied and performed in the theatre arts for almost 35 years.

“Everything.” Blake said staying in character. “Blake is wild and can’t keep his dick in his pants. Gordon Malcom has had 2 partners since he got out of high school and he wishes he was still a virgin.”

Many of the students laughed at this and Blake even saw a boy and girl out of the corner of his eye snicker and whisper to one another.

“And what are you two giggling about?” Blake said still keeping Gordon’s squeaky ‘I love you man’ Paul Rudd voice.

The boy looked sheepishly at the girl he had been whispering to and then said. “I certainly like Blake better.” His voice was sassy and Blake smiled as he realized he had a male admirer.

“Too bad for you then. Gordon’s two partners were men, while Blake prefers the company of women.” Blake said trying to keep his character voice from cracking. He immediately thought about Dr. Smiley touching him on the table. Funny how he was trying to tastefully turn away this male attention when he knew good and well that another man had in fact touched him. He was being a bit aggressive and it was not working out the way he had hoped.

“Right.” Dr. Foster said. “Do you think you can come up with some character traits that don’t have to do with sex?”

“Well sure, I Gordon Malcom, love to play sports. Blake prefers to hang with the coolest folks in school, the theatre nerds.”

Several of the others laughed at this while a couple others acted like they were coughing as they said “Kiss ass” or “suck up”

The group broke up into smaller groups of threes and rehearsed some situations to act out. Once 10 minutes had gone by each group got to perform. The guy that had addressed Blake earlier was in his group now. His name was Raymond and he kept breaking character momentarily any time he had to interact with Blake. Blake thought it was cute and played along even though he had no interest in Raymond. The rest of the group took their turns and they wrapped up by congratulating each other on a job well done.

Back in the present Blake realized he looked forward to the next session and for once, he found himself looking ahead to more than just Sunday at the league. It was then that he realized he currently didn’t have another appointment with the league that he knew of. They hadn’t actually told him when to report back, just that he needed to be ready should a performance come up.

He didn’t want to keep thinking about the league. He started thinking about other activities he could involve himself in. Intramural sports, weightlifting leagues, there had to be something that could keep his mind off of sex besides keeping up with his grades.

He walked to his last class of the day which was also his least favorite. History was not a class needed for his major but was still a core curriculum that he needed to pass to move on to his Junior year. He found his usual seat and started getting out his materials for taking notes.

There was still 10 mins before class started and he was about to start playing a game on his phone when he got an unusual text message. Instead of just being a message from a friend it read as follows:






Blake stared at his phone for a moment and then put it back in his pocket. Who the hell were all these people? He of course knew Dr. Gentlehands. Just thinking about her and her aggressive yet soft stroking style of jerking him off made his dick become sensitive and grow slightly in his pants. His mind went back to the other three names. Miss Slick and Dr. GH were female, but what about Captain Strange? That was a completely gender neutral name. And what exactly would he be doing with these three other people?

At least in his theatre group now, and the ones in high school, he had a description of his part whenever he got offered a position in an act. He wondered if he was even supposed to be acting in these ‘performances’. He certainly didn’t have to do any acting for his first one. He just laid there and let someone jerk his dick off as many times as possible. He would like to think that being someone with a theatre background had played a part in his being chosen for this society. Surely they wanted him to be some kind of character besides a Shy boy with a dick that could ejaculate over and over again?

His phone vibrated a moment later and pulled him out of his thoughts. He thought it would be another message from the same sender but it was a message from Carson.

“Sure would like to come see you again. I don’t care if you’re still out of commission. We can just hang out if you like.”

He typed back. “I would like that. I should be free Friday. Can I come to your place this time?”

To the other message from the league he texted. “Thursday is fine, does it have to be that late?”

A message back from Carson said. “Why don’t we start with dinner first big boy? I know we are fuck buddies but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk and be friends right?”

He texted back. “Ha yeah of course. I’m sorry.”

He started actually paying attention as the course started up. Halfway through the class his phone vibrated again. He sneaked a peek at it.


“Sheesh.” Blake sighed to himself. He resumed taking notes for his history class. His phone remained silent for the rest of the period. At the end of class the professor reminded the group that they had an exam on Friday and that it would account for 25% of their final grade. Blake gulped and decided he would study Thursday, most of the night before reporting to the league.

“No big deal.” He thought to himself.

From history class he went to the gym and met Adam at the front entrance. They worked out shoulders, arms and back muscles and then walked back to the dorm together.

“So where were you most of Sunday?” Adam asked as they walked through campus.

“Oh I was with a girl.” Blake halfway lied.

“Oh yeah, the same one that you were with last Friday?”

Blake smiled at Adam. “Now why you gotta ask a question like that?”

“Because I know you. Or at least I know that much about you.”

“Then tell me what you think.” Blake said keeping his tone casual.

“You were probably with a different girl. I bet you stayed at her place and went for some record of how many times you could plow her. You don’t aim for continuity with girls, you just want them to wish they could have you again so that maybe, just maybe, they will tell their friends.”

“But if I don’t make them cum, what do they have to tell their friends about?” Blake said chuckling.

“Oh yeah I forgot that little detail. Hmmm maybe I got it all wrong then.” Adam said looking puzzled.

“You have no idea how wrong you are. I’ll tell you this though since you are so interested. I’m going out with Carson, the girl from last Friday. So who knows, maybe I am going to be a more vanilla guy after all.”

“Maybe so. I think it would be better for you man. It has to feel kind of empty never even attempting to have some kind of relationship. I’m sure you are having fun but do you really want to just bang a new girl every night?”

Blake walked quietly for a while. He thought about tomorrow night. 4 people were going to be involved in the performance. Were they all going to be sleeping together?

“I don’t know yet. Could be fun. I’ll settle down eventually. Just… You know, don’t talk about this to Carson if you see her. She’s cool but I don’t know yet.”

Blake smiled. “Sure thing man. I’m not going to make decisions for you. It’s not my place to interfere.”

All Thursday Blake was nervous. He wished they would have just told him what the performance was going to be about. He had actually managed to keep his hand off of his dick the whole week so far and the only good feeling he had was that he was so horny he actually found himself shaking a couple times that day. That meant it had been since Sunday and he had actually wanted to take his new powers for a test drive of his own, but he kept thinking he should probably wait.

One of the times he started shaking was during English class. He started thinking about Dr. GH and how he could see the close up of her hand sliding up and down his own cock. He had bought a whole package of silk boxers and now his dick was sliding to an erection against the smooth fabric. He could feel it starting to leak and as his mind once again went to him lying on the massage table he actually felt his legs and back starting to shiver. A girl behind him tapped him on the shoulder and he jolted back to reality. Unfortunately he felt a small squirt go off from the end of his penis when the girl touched him.

“Are you ok?” he heard her ask from behind him.

He turned and winked at her. Then did his best to give her one of his handsome smiles and said. “Yeah, just looking forward to this paper we got to write. I’m going to write mine about the mystery of the female persona. Do you think you could help me with some subject material?”

She wrinkled her face up, showing him that his statement was not amusing to her, and he turned back around and faced his computer.

“I need to start getting this stuff out of me more often.” Blake thought to himself.

He went straight home and ate a quick meal before he started studying for history. Before he knew it 9pm rolled around. He put on his usual basketball shorts and a T shirt with no underwear on and made his way for the fake doctor’s office.

At 10pm the front door opened and Blake thought it was unusual that no one else was there waiting with him. He figured with 3 other people taking part in this scene that at least one of them would be asked to enter the building the same way that he had to.

In the first room he always walked into he was greeted of course by Dr. Smiley.

“Good evening Blake. Good to see you as usual. Tonight’s performance is going to be much different from last Sunday’s and the one before that.”

“What will be different? Aren’t I just going to lay there while someone jerks me off again?” Blake didn’t actually believe this but one of the possibilities he had bouncing around in his head was the scenario that these people just loved watching penises getting yanked to ejaculation.

“But then where would Miss Slick and Captain Strange come into play?” Smiley asked. “I don’t think three people can jerk you off at the same time.”

“Yeah but they could take turns.” Blake said sarcastically. “Y’all made it to where I can come over and over again remember?”

“Would you like this to just be people jerking you off?” Smiley asked. They were now just standing in the first room going back and forth at each other. Blake hadn’t even started taking his clothes off this time. “I can take you to the exam room and get the lube.”

“Funny how that is always a threat with you.” Blake sneered.

“I go with what works.” Smiley said with authority in his voice. “I’ll take you to your dressing room.”

They made their way down a few hallways that Blake was starting to get familiar with.

Her real name was Amanda Felize. She had been in modeling since she was young and spent most of her time flying around Europe and the tropical regions of the planet in order to keep a steady stream of barely non pornographic photos filling up her portfolios. By the time she was 19 the League had introduced her to their own brand of employment and she found this new type of work even more enthralling.

Her photography was cheap entertainment to her and eventually it just wasn’t thrilling enough.

The first time she let someone else touch her she knew that sex was way better than having pictures taken of her. For those that wanted to see her actually getting touched sexually, that was exclusive and top dollar. Therefore only the League of Extraordinary Perverts and its exclusive members got to see her fully nude and being pleasured in all sorts of ways.

She loved feeling like someone else was delighting in the fact that they were getting to touch her most sought after areas. That of course was the main reason she loved this work more than modeling. Just knowing that someone else was enjoying getting to touch her body was enough to get her very wet and usually it didn’t take long for her to reach one or two climaxes shortly thereafter.

The first time she had ever had been with a man the gentleman she was with had told her she didn’t have to “fake it so much”. She remembered looking at him confused and asked, “What is that I am faking?”

“Your orgasms. I’ve barely laid my hands on you and you’re already acting like you are coming.” The man said as she lay on her back in front of him. He had been rubbing his hands all over her body and as soon as they came to start rubbing into the flesh of her pussy she had quickly reached orgasm.

Her first lover wouldn’t be the first to accuse her of this. When she was naked in front of a person, which wasn’t always a man, and they were giving attention to her body, she just naturally began to climax over and over again. Going down on her, fingering or massaging her pussy, any of it made her cum in different and unique ways. And if there was a full length mirror that she could see what was happening to her body then she would practically go into sensory overload. She’d only had a handful of people that she allowed to touch her before she came across the league. After that, she only had sexual encounters within the league.

She’d gotten her usual text from the League saying she was doing a performance with Dr. Gentlehands, Captain Strange and some new guy called Mr. Shy. She was surprised to see she was finally performing with men. Usually her performances were with various female members of the league’s talent but this time was going to be different.

She liked performing with Dr. Gentlehands because it usually meant that by the end of the performance she’d be getting her pussy rubbed with her special vibrating gloves. That coupled with the audience being utterly absorbed by how lovely her body looked while she was being pleasured made for some very real and very splashy orgasms.

Currently she was dressed in a fluffy robe and some soft flats that she had worn in to the League’s HQ. She was taken to her dressing room where she sat down in front of a mirror and began to look herself over.

She had long platinum blonde hair that she religiously dyed as soon as a trace of a root started to show. Her face, despite the high cheekbones, was soft with big green eyes and perfect eyebrows. During performances she put on lipstick that was silvery to accent her hair. She was almost 5’11 and that was one of the things that sparked her modeling career because of her tall slender build. Her breasts were an A cup but had a nice roundness to them. Because of her obsession with her body she ran and lifted weights with very few breaks in the week. Her body was toned and strong.

She wore a purple Masquerade mask with black feathers coming out of the sides of the eyes. The mask made it look as though her eyebrows were large and outrageous. The eyes on the mask were large like Anime eyes and the mouth was small and shaped like it was making an ‘oooooo’ noise.

As soon as she was ready she stepped out of her room and was greeted by Dr. Smiley.

“Doctor.” She said with as much contempt as Blake usually had in his voice for Dr. Smiley.

“Why do you performers dislike me so much?” Smiley said from behind his mask.

“Probably because of the way you touched me the first time I came in here.”

“Oh, you too huh?” she heard a voice ask from behind her. She turned around to see a man that had the firm skin and stance of someone that was clearly close to the same age as her.

Amanda looked him from head to toe. He was wearing just a pair of red basketball shorts through which she could clearly see the length and girth of his penis. He was in good shape but wasn’t super toned. His arms were large and his stomach was flat but there wasn’t definition in those arms or rock hard abs. He had a neat haircut and blue eyes that were almost as beautiful as her own. She would never admit anyone’s eyes were as pretty as hers even if his did seem to sparkle between his blushing idiot mask. She had to assume that he was supposed to be a blushing idiot. Why else would they paint his mask that way?

“And this is Mr. Shy. Your first male performer. Aren’t you excited?” Smiley said addressing Amanda.

“This is Mr. Shy? She asked full of contempt. “He’s wearing shorts that do nothing to hide the size of his dick…doesn’t seem very shy to me.” Amanda said keeping her eyes on Blake.

Even with her mask on Blake could see where she was looking.

“We call him Mr. Shy because when I jerked him off for his first performance he hid his eyes when he shot his load. He looked embarrassed that I, another man, could make him cum as hard as he did. And let me tell you, it was a lot. And that was before we outfitted him with his implant.”

He could just barely see her eyes grow wider behind her mask. “I’m so sorry that this creep had to touch you. Sounds like it was still pretty hot though. I wish I could have watched. Don’t worry, maybe I’ll get to touch you from now on. They haven’t even paired me with a male talent yet. Who knows, maybe you would be that lucky?”

“You’ll be getting touched by Dr. Gentlehands first. Depending on what the crowd wants we will let either Shy or Captain Strange take over once the crowd is warmed up. All four of you will be on the performance floor.” Smiley said seeming to brief them on what was coming.

“What if I want Mr. Shy?” Amanda said. She walked straight up to Blake and placed her hand on his flat stomach. She let her finger swirl around his belly button before she started to move her finger down to the waistband of his shorts. Her mouth watered slightly as his dick started to rise against the shorts.

Blake shrank away from her. “Let’s uh, let’s save it for the performance eh?”

“We’ll see what the crowd wants Miss Slick.” Smiley scolded.

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