Blackmailed into Submission Ch. 06

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By the time I finished telling Nikki, my sister, about me making our Mom my slut slave and all the other things and people I had been doing, she had a mouth and face full of my cum.

“So where do you go from here, you’re starting to run out of family to fuck,” my sister comments while wiping a string of my cum from her chin and licking it off her finger.

“Well there is Aunt Vicky, she’s pretty hot,” I tell her with a laugh as I pull my clothes back on. “Seriously, Molly and I have some ideas. We think that there is serious money to be made, but we need to do some more research,” I finish explaining about a possible business idea that I had told her about while she sucked my cock.

“Well let me know if I can help.”

“Help with what?”

“Oh, anything you need help with, my big little brother,” my sister tells me with a wink of her eye.

My sister and I fucked several times that night and the next day. In fact, she insisted that I fuck her right before driving home so she would know the wetness between her legs would be my cum leaking out. Man was she ever hot.

Mom got home Saturday evening and I picked her up at the airport.

“How was your flight?” I ask.

“Boring. How is your sister doing?”

“She was great,” I say with a smile caused by the double meaning.

“I just don’t understand why she would come home when we weren’t going to be there. I probably should have cancelled out on Vicky, but with all her problems she needed a friend.”

“I take it she didn’t try your advice then and be Uncle Bill’s sex slave?”

“I don’t know what she tried, but apparently nothing worked. Bill filed for divorce last week. In all honesty I think the problem is the fact that Vicky can’t have kids,” Mom reasons.

“Yeah, she probably needs a kid like me, I’d give her a run for her money,” I quip.

“Oh, so you think your Aunt is pretty hot, huh? Well I know for a fact that she was as much of a wild child growing up as I was. It wouldn’t surprise me if she gave you a run for your money,” Mom counters.

“So you think she would be a good sex slave to her son if she had one? Would she suck his cock while he drove her home from the airport?” I question and demand at the same time.

“She might,” Mom says as she pulls my cock from my pants and lowers her mouth. I hold off, making Mom work for it and blow my load in her slutty mouth as we pull into the driveway.

I take her bag inside and fix Mom a Southern Comfort and Coke and grab me a beer, before sitting out on the patio where just the day before I had fucked my sister and had her suck me off while telling her some of my many secrets.

“You know it’s a shame you missed seeing Nikki, Mom. I think we should drive down next weekend for a visit.”

“We can if you want. I’ll give her a call and let her know our plans.”

“No. Don’t do that. I kinda think she would like the surprise. I’ll get one of the secretaries at the office to make the arrangements. It’s not that long of a drive and I’m sure I’ll find someway to stay entertained.”

“Let me guess, sucking your cock for five hours?”

“No, I was thinking more along the lines of having you flash your tits at truckers as we drive by. Or maybe having you play with your pussy while they watched. Better yet, you should bring one of your big dildos and they can watch you fucking yourself with it. Then you can suck me off,” I tell her.

“Oh, my,” is my slut slave Mother’s quiet response. “When can we leave?”

We don’t leave until the following Friday morning. The five hours went quick and I still think I can hear the horns of those big rigs as they enjoyed the show Mom gave them. We pulled up to the hotel and after our bags were collected we checked in.

“So you know where Nikki will be tonight?” Mom asks.

“Yeah, she told me last week. It’s just a little ways from here and we can check on her later. Let’s get something to eat.”

What my Mom didn’t know was most of the evening would be a set up. And with her letting me call the shots, it would work out great. After dinner, the valet brought my Tahoe around and we climbed in.

“What’s the name of the place?” Mom wants to know.

Committed to memory I lie, “I think its University Business Supply, or something like that. I know right where it is though.” We drive a short distance and pull up to the store. Walking inside, we ask for Nikki.

“I’m sorry, she called in sick. Is there something I can help you with?” the clerk asks.

“No, but thank you anyway,” I tell her. “Mom, I better call her and see how she is. I’m not going to let her know we are in town so she won’t feel obligated to see us or anything.”

“That would probably be best,” Mom agrees.

I punch numbers into my cell phone and wait for an answer. “Hey, Sis, what’s up?” I say into the phone. The conversation is rather short and I end it with, “Okay, I’ll call you in a few days. Hope you feel better.”

“Yeah, she’s sick, “I tell my Mom. What Mom doesn’t know is I actually called Molly, who had arranged for Nikki to be sick. Actually, Ankara escort the Nikki that works at the business supply store is not my sister and she was paid nicely to call in sick on this Friday night. My Nikki would be in fine health and working at her normal part time job. It was just too early to tell my Mom though.

“Well, let’s not waste the trip. What say we take in some of the local culture and entertainment offerings,” I suggest.

“That would be nice,” Mom says smiling.

We spend several hours checking out the town. I also have the opportunity to check on the location where my sister does work. We visit clubs and bars and toss a few back at each location. Around 11 p.m. I put the next phase of my plan into action.

“You know what I’ve always wanted to do?” I ask my Mom.

“What’s that, Steven.”

“I’d like to take you with me to a strip club. I guess that sounds a little weird, huh?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Mom starts, “I’m not sure there can be anything more weird than being your son’s slut slave. Besides, it might be fun. Do you know a place?”

” I saw one earlier while we were driving around. It looked like a nice place.”

“Then let’s go see girls dance,” is my Mom’s reply.

Way too easy I think as I pull into the parking lot. We climb out and walk arm and arm through the door. I pay the cover and lead us over to a table in a dark corner and order two drinks. We watch for awhile from the back as each dancer takes a stage. During the first song, they would take their top off showing the crowd their tits. During the second song they finished stripping and wiggled pussy and ass at the audience waiting for a tip to be placed in a garter belt.

I also noticed I am not the only one that brought a woman to the bar. In fact there were several there with men, some sitting right at the stage and tipping too. I order another round, letting my Mother take in the atmosphere, as I listen to the announcer call out the stage names of the next dancers.

I pick up my drink and stand up, looking back at my Mother. “Let’s move up closer,” I tell her and she follows suit. We find two chairs next to the third stage. Since I had been watching, as well as haven been given previously researched information, I knew the dancers started at the center stage and then moved on to the second and then third stage before making rounds to try and get money for striping and grinding on horny guy’s laps. I also made sure that where we were sitting, we couldn’t see the other two stages.

Another round of drinks and Mom was really starting to get in to it. She would lean over and comment about the dancers to me.

“You like her tits?” she would ask.

“Naw. Not big enough for me to titty fuck,” I’d tell her and she would giggle.

“Oh, Steven. That one has a shaved pussy like I do,” she commented on the next dancer as her hand squeezed my thigh. “I’m almost glad that Nikki got sick now.”

I hear the DJ announcing the next dancers and having kept up with the rotation, I make my move to find a waitress, telling Mom I need to go to the restroom. I leave her with a handful of ones to keep her busy.

I don’t find a waitress but I do find another dancer.

“How would you like to make a fast $100,” I ask.

“I don’t do that, besides I might do you for free,” she says moving closer to me.

“No it’s not like that. I want to surprise my date for her birthday. You see the dancer on stage two,” I ask as she nods. “I will give you $100 to arrange it, and tip her $100 if she will take a twenty off my dates face with her ass cheeks. The thing is, my date is real shy. I’m going to get her to close her eyes, but I don’t know if she will keep them closed, so I want the dancer to come over without facing my date. I want her to back up to her and then take the twenty. Then she can turn around and get her tip,” I explain holding $220 in cash in my hand.

“Sure, I can arrange that,” she tells me.

“Good. Here’s your hundred. Tell the other dancer she gets her hundred after she takes the twenty off my dates face. Tell her is she turns and faces us before then, there will be no tip for her, okay?”

“No, problem sweetie. Thanks for making my night,” she says waving the Franklin at me.

I return to my seat in time to catch my Mother stuffing the garter belt of the dancer with another $1 bill. When the music ends, she collects her things and heads off stage.

“I have surprise for you, but you must do exactly as I say,” I tell her. I explain that she has to lay down with her head on the stage with her eyes closed and that I will tell her when to open her eyes. I tell her the rest is a surprise.

“Okay,” is all she says as she situates herself on the stage, much to the dismay of the others gathered around the stage. I fold the twenty and place it over her forehead and nose, covering much of her face. I lean back and cover the lower part of my face with my hand.

As the music starts the dancer takes to the stage. Breaking protocol for the hundred, she strips naked and Escort ankara moves backwards to where Mom is. She bends down seductively; thinking the show is more for me, which may be true. She squats over Moms face and pushes her cheeks together to pick up the bill as the others around the stage clap and yells.

“”Now,” I say to my Mother and I watch as her eyes open to see the girl’s naked ass and pussy moving onto her face.

The dancer picks up the bill and I watch as Mom’s eyes follow the girl as she moves away. Mom stays laying on the stage as the dancer turns around. The recognition is immediate for the dancer. I help Mom back to her chair as she looks at the dancer. I hold up the $100 bill and the dancer moves over to accept it, bending over to give me a kiss on the cheek.

“Nikki?” Mom asks recognizing the girl as her daughter.

The girl bends over and gives her Mom a kiss on the cheek and then continues to dance for the other customers. Mom watches as her daughter puts her tits and ass in strange men’s faces and lets them look up close at the same pussy Mom was just staring at.

As the Nikki continues through the next song, I place a hand on my Mother’s thigh, letting it slide up under her dress in the darkness next to the stage. My hand moves up finding her soaking wet pussy and as I start to pull it away, Mom puts her hand on mine to keep it there. I rub the heel of my hand over her mound, making small circles over her clit. Her other hand moves up to stifle any sound she makes as she cums while watching her daughter, my sister dancing nude.

As the song ends, Nikki picks up her clothes and the money that she dropped and heads backstage. Mom reaches over and places her hand in my lap, which will let her know my cock is rock solid, hard.

“Did that make you hot too? Do you want to fuck your sister?” she asks stroking my cock through my slacks.

“No, I don’t want to fuck my sister,” I tell my Mother as she stops stroking me. I move in closer to her ear before speaking and tell her, ” I want to fuck my sister again and I want to show her how hot of a fuck you are too.”

I take my Mom’s hand from my crotch and take her back to the secluded table in the corner. After our drink order is served, Mom breaks the silence.

“Does she know about us? What we do? How you do me?”

“Yes, she knows. And she got just as hot and wet hearing about it as you did just now watching her dancing around nude.”

I see my sister with her costume back on making her way to our table.

“Why didn’t y’all tell me you were coming down here? I could have taken the night off,” she says looking at Mom and kind of glaring at me.

“Oh, I don’t know dear. You know how Steven is with me. Besides, this has been a lot of fun so far,” Mom tells her.

“I got an idea,” Nikki says. “Give me two hundred dollars, Steven and then wait here. I’ll be right back. It’s my turn for surprises now.” I give her the bills and she walks off with a purpose. She returns a few minutes later.

“Okay, come with me,” she says giggling before taking our hands and leading us through the club. We get to a door guarded by a large bouncer and Nikki gets up on her tiptoes to tell him something before passing a bill to him. He looks at it, pockets it, and then just nods before opening the door.

“This is our private dance room. Steven you sit here and Mom you sit here,” Sis instructs leading us to separate love seat style couches. The door opens again and I look twice at the girl before I recognize her.

“Steven?” she asks.

“Jessica, my god you look great,” I tell her standing to give her a hug. Her perfume is intoxicating and I can feel the swell of her breasts pushed into my chest.

“Enough chit chat,” orders Nikki, “It’s time to get to work. By the way, the bouncer will make sure no one comes near this room until we leave.”

As the music starts Jessica stands before me, and Nikki before our Mother. They both strip off their tops and push and play with their tits and nipples as we watch. Sis moves over to Mom and straddles her lap pushing Mom’s face into her cleavage. She slides back placing her hands on Mom’s shoulders.

“Go ahead. Touch them,” she instructs Mom. Mom reaches out and moves her fingers over her daughter’s perky tits, playing with the nipples for a moment before Nikki stands back up.

“Hey, peeping Steven,” Jessica gets my attention. “Remember me. I sure remember that big cock of yours.” I watch as Jessica plays with her tits, thumbing each nipple until it is hard.

“You like my new tits?” she asks. I nod my approval as she continues, “Daddy got them for me. And all I had to do was promise that he would be the first to titty fuck them. Not a bad deal, don’t you think?” she asks straddling my lap and placing a hard nipple in my mouth. She stands and removes the bottom of her costume. Just like my sister Nikki, her pubic hair is shaven in the shape of a heart as well, the blonde hair a contrast to my sister’s dark patch of fur.

Jessica then backs up to the couch and standing Ankara escort bayan on the cushion pushes her sweet ass into my face. I can smell the excitement from her pussy as she grinds her backside into my face. She turns around to straddle me again, bending forward to kiss me along the neck and face. She moves until her pussy is rubbing my hard cock through my pants and starts to dry hump me. She moves up and nibbles my ear telling me how much she wants to fuck me again. When the song ends, Jessica slowly gets off my lap and begins to dress.

She bends down and gives me a hot wet kiss. “I wish I could stay and finish that for you, but I got to get up on stage. Maybe after the next set we can get together.”

I honestly couldn’t tell you what happened between Mom and my Sister. I heard a lot of moans and groans but was slightly preoccupied myself. Sis was getting dressed too and Mom looked very much in a state or arousal, to the point her dress was pushed up showing her garter belt and exposed pussy.

“What time do you get off?” I ask Nikki.


I hand her a card with the hotel name on it. “Why don’t you and Jessica come over afterward and we’ll pick up again.”

“I think Jessica has to work late, but I’ll see if she want’s to come over later. You know I’ll be there,” my sister tells me before giving me a kiss as hot as Jessica’s.

I take Mom back to the hotel and guide us into the bar for a quick drink telling her we both need to calm down before Nikki gets there. I order two drinks and excuse myself to the restroom, never making it there.

I stop at the front desk and tell the clerk who I am and ask if the arrangements I requested had been fulfilled. He relates they were and I slide a platinum card across the counter to cover the charges. After signing the receipt, I hand him $100 and ask that he take care of the staff for what I know will be excellent service. He graciously accepts the tip on everyone’s benefit and wishes me a good night.

I return to the bar and retrieve my Mother. I tip the bartender and drinks in hand we head to the elevators. Once inside I push the button for the 15th floor.

“I thought we were on four,” Mom asks.

“I just wanted to see the view from the top floor,” I tell her as the elevator moves up. The elevator stops and we step into the hallway of the 15th floor. The décor is much different than the other floors with expensive carpets and furnishings. There are also only three rooms on this floor.

“Looks like they don’t have an observation area,” Mom comments.

“Yeah, that’s too bad. I bet the view from here would be great. I wonder…” I ramble taking my card key out and stepping to a door.

“What are you doing?”

“Just want to see if it might open it,” I tell her sliding the card in and getting a green light.

“Steven, we can’t go in there. That’s somebody’s room.”

“Then they shouldn’t have let me in, come on we’ll just make a quick look around and then leave,” I tell her stepping through the door.

She follows and we look around the huge penthouse room, exploring the main lounge and the two bedrooms. Off the main lounge is a sliding glass door with a balcony overlooking the town and the city lights. I push open the door, leaving it open and walk outside with Mom in tow.

“See I told you the view would be great.”

“Steven we need to go before we get caught in here. We could get into trouble,” Mom says worried.

I turn and lean against the balcony rail. “Tell you what. You come over here and suck me off and then we’ll go.”

“I don’t know Steven, I’m all for having fun, but…”

“But if you don’t do what you are told right now, I’ll whip you and tie you to a chair and you can watch me and Nikki have fun and there will be none for you. Not tonight, not ever,” I warn her.

She knows she must comply, and not because I have blackmailed her to be my sex slave but because she is a slut and does not want to miss anything hot between her daughter and us. She moves to me and kneels before me, opening my pants and pulling my cock out into the night air. She takes me into her mouth and works up and down fast.

“Slow down bitch. I’ll let you know when to speed up. I decide when I’m ready to cum in your fucking mouth,” I command her.

She does slow down and goes about giving me a nice slow blowjob. I see the outline of someone in the lounge as they move closer and then through the open door.

“Jesus Christ, Mom. You are a little fucking slut. You couldn’t even wait until I got here to get Steven’s cock in your mouth,” my sister comments to our Mother.

Mom stops and pulls off my cock and then turns to see Nikki standing there watching us.

“Well I’ll be damned if you are going to get it all for yourself.” Sis says moving next to Mom and dropping to her knees.

For awhile they alternate sucking my cock, both with one hand guiding it to the others mouth. Then while Mom is sucking on me, Nikki moves beneath to lick and suck on my huge balls. They rotate this action until I feel like I am going to cum. Not wanting to do that yet, I place a hand on the back of both my mom and sister’s head and when they get ready to change, I move them to each other. Instantly the both lock into a very passionate kiss. I watch as their tongues fight for the right to be in the other’s mouth.

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