Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 23

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The world of human sexuality is a complicated place. People are rarely exactly what they appear to be. As a lawyer who moonlights as a BDSM expert and part-time dominatrix, I know this implicitly. My name is Tina Adewale. I’m a six-foot-two, voluptuous and quite sexy woman of African and Native American descent living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’ve found that in life, balance is everything. I am thirty six years old, married to a handsome Haitian-American police officer named Jerome Jean-Paul. Our sons Adam and Claude are students at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Our daughter Diana attends Pine Manor College. We do alright for ourselves. I try to balance my professional life and my marriage with my demanding sexual appetites.

It’s not easy for this black woman, folks. I’m a senior partner at Adewale, Milagre, Dale & Madison, one of the top criminal defense firms in the city of champions. I founded the firm ten years ago with a classmate from Suffolk Law, Jerry Madison. He’s a tall, dark and handsome Haitian-American legal genius who’s unfortunately quite gay. The third partner at our firm is Kimberly Dale, an Asian-American beauty with the mindset of a shark. We were recently joined by Kelly Milagre, a sexy Mexican-American legal powerhouse. Today, our firm employs twenty six lawyers. And we’re quite good at what we do. Defending men and women of ill repute, Kurtköy Escort no questions asked. As long as they can afford our services. I like being a top notch lawyer. It’s cool. I just worry that someday, my partners at the firm and my family are going to find out about my secret life. I’m not ready for that.

My secret life matters a great deal to me. I keep it secret from my family and associates because I care about them. I’m not afraid of what their reactions would be, but I like to compartmentalize. Work and play don’t mix. And I do love to play. Simply put, I enjoy dominating others. And sometimes I enjoy being dominated. Right now, I’m dominating this tall, blonde-haired white chick named Amber White. She’s a first-year student at Suffolk University whom I met during a visit three months ago. She’s quite taken with me and loves to be my submissive. I take great pleasure in dominating white women. Why? Simply because they think they’re all that and this strong black woman loves to take them down a peg or two. It brings me great pleasure. We’re having some fun in Amber’s dormitory. The dorm is deserted since it’s a Friday night so we have complete privacy. Amber White kneels before me and sucks on my toes just like I ordered her to do. I love it when white women kneel before me. Why? Simply because black women are goddesses. And the world Kurtköy Escort Bayan needs to be reminded of that. Starting with white chicks. Can I get an Amen?

After Amber White got done sucking my toes, I smacked her face hard and then bent over and spread my big black butt cheeks wide open. I ordered my favorite white slut to lick my asshole. Amazingly, Amber White obeyed. The silly white chick began licking my asshole like there was no tomorrow. My pussy got mad wet as she worked that magic tongue between my buns. I love getting my ass licked. Almost as much as I like getting my pussy thoroughly bathed by a knowing tongue. Once I had enough of Amber White’s licking of my ass, I decided to try something new. I put her on all fours, and began spanking her flat white ass. I spanked the white chick’s ass until it turned red. Bright red. Amber White squealed as my big strong hands smacked her ass. I told her to quit whining and she obeyed, taking her punishment just like she should. I just love an obedient white chick who does what a strong black woman tells her. It makes my pussy gush with excitement.

After spanking Amber White’s ass to a delightful reddish hue, I decided to fuck her. I told her that she was mine and I was going to have my way with her. Amber White squealed in delight. I smacked her hard. She’s my submissive and she’s Escort Kadıköy got to know her place. Amber apologized for getting too excited. I nodded, then thrust two fingers into her pussy while sliding two more fingers into her asshole. She gasped in surprise. I laughed. Always got to prepare the terrain before riding. I took my strap-on dildo and dipped it into some lubricant. Then I spread Amber’s ass cheeks wide open. I pressed the dildo against her asshole and slowly pushed it inside. Amber groaned as I penetrated her ass with my strap-on dildo. I tried to be gentle at first by slowly pushing the dildo up her asshole. Contrarily to popular belief, lots of lesbians and bisexual women love it up the ass. Especially when it’s another woman doing the ass fucking. And my sweet submissive Amber White was definitely no exception.

Holding Amber’s narrow hips firmly, I thrust the dildo deeper into her asshole. I smacked her ass while fucking her. Amber screamed as her ass got fucked. The submissive white chick’s screams were music to my ears. I grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and yanked her head back while fucking her. I berated her as I fucked her and she just went along with it, completely submitting to me. It was wonderful. Afterwards, we took a shower together then I left. I went home to my husband and family, with a song in my heart. Amber and I both get what we need from this arrangement. I need a slave and she needs a mistress. Life is cool. I love being a wealthy, beautiful and dominant black woman in the United States of America. I’ve got the big house, the career, the hubby, the family, and the kinky sex life. Who says black women can’t have it all?

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