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BLACK CO-WORKER TAKES MY WIFE!It is not my writing. I found on other site and wanted to share with the xhamster members!Enjoy! Linda and I married when she was 18, right out of high school, I was 21.? We dated for three years before that.? She was a high school basketball star,? 5’8? tall, great figure,? 36D boobs.? I used to like to watch those things bounce while she ran up and down the court,? other guys did as well.? But since I am a bigger guy, 6’2?,? no one ever said anything around me.? Well after the marriage, things were great.? My work allowed us to live nicely,? she found a job as an administrative assistant.? Sex life was great. Perfect life for us both.? We traveled some,? bought a car when we wanted to,? she was like a k** in a way,? always happy and laughing with most anything we did.? We talked about having k**s,? but we were having so much fun,? we decided to hold off for a while. ? Ten years into the marriage, things still going well,? still no k**s.? By now we both figured we didn’t really need them anyway.? Along this time I started a new job. Computer work was easy to find those days.? I was good at what I did. All of my co-workers were white guys,? except for James. Tall,? black older guy.? Actually 60 at the time. But he was in great shape,? had played college basketball and still worked out and ran a few times a week.? He and I became friends, seemed I got along better with him than the other guys.? He was divorced and we started hanging around together.? Played golf when we could,? I went over sometimes and joined in a card game with he and his buddies. They k**ded me about being white,? I k**ded them about being black,? all in good fun. ? James did know I was married,? had saw a pic of Linda and said what a beauty she was. Just things two guys say to each other. Then one day I had my car in the shop and Linda came by that afternoon to pick me up and go get the car.? James was standing outside with me when she drove up.? She was in the car, had on a short skirt and a low cut blouse.? I thought nothing about it,? but James looked in and he had a big grin on his face as he said ?Well I have heard about you and saw a picture, but nothing to compare to how beautiful you are in person?.? She blushed and said a thank you. I laughed and told her, seems you have made a new friend. ? Well the next day James was in my office soon as I walked in. He told me what a foxy wife I had and how lucky I was to have her.? I told him that I sure agreed and appreciated him telling me that.? A few days later, I told him to come over Sunday afternoon to watch a football game, and Linda was going to fix a nice?meal for us.? She loves sports as good as I do, so she would watch the game with us. Sunday James came by right on time, lunch was waiting on him. We ate, talked and laughed together. After that, Linda cleaned up while we started watching the game She came in then and since I was in my favorite türbanlı denizli escort recliner,? she sat on the couch with James.? She had on just a pair of jeans, but a low cut blouse.? Those nice boobs were bouncing anytime she jumped up and yelled for the team? we were pulling for,? even high fived James a few times.? I really thought nothing about all of this, just three people enjoying a football game.? ? The next Saturday,? James and I had one of our golf days planned.? On Friday he asked if Linda wanted to join us, he knew she played golf as well, so I called her to see and she said sure, it would be fun.? So Saturday we met at the course and started the game.? Linda had on a short golf dress and a nice pink blouse. Of course her boobs were looking good in it.? When she made a good shot, James complimented her on it and? would sometimes touch her as he did.? Course he again told her how great she looked? in her outfit and made her blush.? After the game,? we sat in the club house and had a couple of drinks.? During this,? I excused myself to go to the bathroom.? I was gone about ten minutes and when I came back,?James was leaning closer to Linda and talking softly.? But he moved away some as soon as he saw me. We went home and on the way, Linda said what a nice man James was,?she was glad I was working with him. ? A few days later,? Linda called and said she would be working late that night,? there was a special project that had to have the paperwork completed.? I said ok, see you at home later.? As we left, James said,? hope you have a good evening,? looks like I have a date tonight.? I asked him who, but he just said, a very special lady that I want to get to know.? Little did I know then who the special lady was. ? Around 11:00 that night Linda came home, by then? I was already in bed.? She? went straight to the shower after she said a brief? hello.? When she got in bed I rolled over and kissed her, her kiss back was just a quick one, she said she was tired and rolled over.? The next morning at work I asked James how his date went.? He said it was better than he could have dreamed, the lady he was with was a slut in bed. I asked him if he got to fuck her on the first date.? He laughed and said yes I did.? He told me that he met her, had a couple of drinks and asked her to go to his place,?she said yes.? So soon as they got there,? he asked her if she wanted to fuck him.? She said she knew she shouldn’t,?since she was married,?but she had to see what it was like with a black man.? I asked him then if he had fucked a white lady.? He said yes, and yes she is married, but now she loves black cock. ? Well I had saw his cock before,? just one of those things that happens in a bathroom. I had noticed it looked to be about 10 inches and so thick.? My cock isn’t all that small, 7 inches and kind of thick.? So for a few weeks, Linda had to work türbanlı denizli escort bayan late, and even on Saturdays.? She came home late and I just thought her job required her to be there.? And all this time James kept telling me about the lady he was fucking now.? Said he was breaking her in to serve him and later some of his buddies. Said she was so eager to take care of him and be his personal slut.? I asked him if the ladies husband knew what was going on and he said no, not yet anyway. He also told me she was much younger than him and she loved that. I still wasn’t putting all this together. ? Sex with Linda and myself did start dropping off though.? She was always too tired from work or some reason.? And I asked her one night if she wasn’t a little loose as we fucked.? She just said it was my imagination.? Little did I know it was because James was keeping her pussy well fucked.?? But I just figured with all her work lately,?things were ok, no big deal. ? One evening Linda told me she had to go to a seminar for her work,? and it required her to be gone during the weekend as well.? From Wednesday till Sunday afternoon actually.? I just said ok,? where was it.? She told me at Myrtle Beach.? I asked if anyone else from work was going but she said no, just her.? She did pack her sexy bathing suits, she loves to swim anyway.? Well Thursday I called her room and no answer, I left a message and asked her to call when she got in.? No call that night and I thought that was odd.? Then Friday afternoon she called,? sounded out of breath.? I asked her why and she said she had been out for a run. She said she would be home Sunday afternoon, the seminar was hard,?but she was getting a lot out of it.? Yeah, later I found out James was fucking her while she was talking to me!!? No wonder it was hard and she was getting a lot out of it. ? Well the next week at work, James asked me over to his house after work for a couple of drinks.? I called Linda to let her know and she just said ok, will see you at home.? Well James and I had those drinks, after which he said he had something to tell me and to not be mad.? He handed me a large envelope? and told me to open it up.? Inside were pics of Linda naked,?sucking and fucking James black cock and looking like she loved it.? I said what the fuck is this??? He said,? Linda is the girl I have been fucking all this time.? She loves what I do to her and she needs my big cock now.? She knows I am telling you all this.? I said so she is the one you have been dating,? I should have saw this going on.? He said no, you trusted her.? He said the time we played golf,?he hit on her, said he wanted her and how she would love it if she just tried it.? To even his surprise, she said ok. Well I told James I had a lot to talk about with Linda.? He said he understood,?but she wouldn’t stop seeing him.? I went home and talked türbanlı escort denizli a long time with her.? She told me she was so sorry,?but she did need what he did to her.? I said well I sure had to think if I could be ok with this and may or may not ask her to leave.? She said if that’s what it came to, then she would. ? Well Friday night she said she was going to see James.? I knew I couldn’t stop her so I sat at home alone.? She got in early Saturday morning and I asked her what happened.? She just said, talk to James Monday.? So Monday I did just that.? He told me that she had come over Friday evening, and his buddies were there for their card game.? She didn’t know they were going to be there.? He told her, Linda, tonight these guys will fuck you,? if you don’t want to do that,? then leave,?but if you do, then you leave my cock as well.? She told him,?you know I won’t do that, so I will fuck them as well.? He smiled and said,?I knew you would.? Well that night she was introduced to three other black cocks,?all around the same age as James.? He said she was the prize for each winning hand, the guys got to use her how they wanted when they won.? The final hand,?she had to take on three cocks at once.? He said she was so hot by then she was begging them to fuck her all they wanted. A 28 year old slut and four older black men. They shot cum on her, had her swallow, fucked every hole she had.? When morning came,?they told her to go home but they would all see her again very soon.? James told me that now she was a true black cock whore. ? But he also told me that he did not want to hurt me and hoped I would stay with Linda. He said they would never come to our house and fuck her, or do anything to let anyone else know.? He and just his three friends would be fucking her. He did care about her and wanted to make sure she was ok as well. And it was ok if I fucked her some as well, but she would keep fucking him too.? I told him I had to think about all this. He told me to take my time, but while I did, Linda still would fuck him.? ? So I went home and thought a lot.? Linda was so nice,? she said she still loved me so very much,?but she also had to have black cock now.? She said she would do her best to make me know she loved me and be the best wife she could.? After a few days, I realized I did love her too.? Yeah she was serving a black man now, but what did that change?? Just hot sex, for her,?and him.? And I still got to fuck her as well.? Why should I leave her and try to find someone else. She was still sexy to me,? that hadn’t changed.? So, I decided to go with it and see how it worked out.? I told her that and told James that as well.? James said he would always make sure she was safe and promised no one would fuck her but him and his poker buddies.? ? That was three years ago now. She still sees James and his buddies.? She and I are still married.? James and I are still friends, we play golf together, he comes over sometimes to watch ball games. When he does, its just three people enjoying a game. She doesn’t kiss him or anything like that.? But when she is with him, shes a white slut for his big black cock.? They have gone back to the beach together, she has spent nights with him.? It can all work out, she is more than enough woman for all of us.?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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