Bitten off more than I could chew

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Bitten off more than I could chewSome good friends of ours their son’s friend wanted to come down and rifle through my CD collection, so this particular day, a Friday afternoon, whilst the wife was at work, he came down. Darren or Daz as he liked to be called, knocked on my door. He came in and sat down in the lounge, I’d already got most of the discs out ready for him and he began looking through them.He was a good looking lad, 5’9” and he had an innocent look about him even though he was 22 years old he looked a lot younger. We were talking about music and stuff and he was saying although he’s out of work he doesn’t want to live on benefits, which I thought was nice. He seemed a right nice lad and the more I talked to him I felt an urge towards him.He piled the CD’s that he wanted to borrow on the floor and we talked some more. He lived with his parents and had little money but was trying to get a job. I don’t know what came over me but as he sat there I felt attracted to him even thought I was 33 years older than him. As we talked more he looked at me in an unusual way which I took as a green light.As we sat on the sofa, next to each other, I placed my hand on his knee as he looked into my eyes, smiling he put the CD’s on the floor, turned to face me and roughly grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me closer to him. I was a little taken back by this but it was too late unless I wanted to look like a right cunt.Moving his hand behind my neck he pulled me closer and kissed me full on the lips, not a peck a full blown kiss, I was shocked. Roughly he prised open my lips with his tongue and then we were kissing, in a way I’ve only ever kissed my incesu escort wife, his tongue was probing around my mouth as his hand kept me from pulling away.After a few minutes he moved from my mouth onto my neck, kissing and running his tongue over my neck, still holding me. As he moved around his left hand was suddenly on MY knee, as he moved his hand further up my leg my cock was aching to be touched as it was straining in my pants. Moving his hand from behind my head he tipped my chin and kissed me again.His hand was now only inches away from my cock I’d never been turned on so much as he snogged me. Then he stopped and looked at smiling, he put his fingers under my T shirt and took it off over my head, then he bent down and kissed my nipples, he spent a few minutes running his tongue over my nipples and then he moved down my chest onto my stomach.Flicking his tongue over my naked chest I had goose pimples, then his hand moved over my crotch and I felt his hand brush my now rock hard cock, he smiled at me and said “You’re liking this” as he moved down and dipped his tongue into my belly button as his hand smoothly touched my cock. Then he unbuttoned my jeans and I lifted my bum up and he took them off my ankles.Sitting there with my cock protruding out of my undies he didn’t waste any time after he discarded my pants he pushed my back so I was half sat half laid on the sofa. His fingers flickered over my cock as he kissed me and repeated the tongue movement down my chest and down towards his target, before I knew it his tongue was licking the waistband of my undies.Clenching the waistband with his teeth he moved them down and my erection popped out, he bent down and pulled my undies down with his hands, discarding them, his tongue licked the tip of my cock, total heaven! Running his finger up and down my shaft as his tongue licked up and down I thought ‘fucking hell I won’t last long’.He grabbed hold of my cock and just very very slowly started to pull me off, he was so gentle. As he was wanking me he was licking round my helmet, as my foreskin was pulled back he licked me round the edge, as it retracted he licked my japs eye. “Faster! Faster!” I screamed as my pelvis was thrusting at him but did he go faster, did he fuck, and slowly my orgasm built up and up I thought I was going to explode. Eventually I knew I was coming but he wouldn’t go faster and in a methodical way my cock was throbbing.Then suddenly I screamed out and he speeded up, wanking me faster and licking my helmet, dipping my cock into his mouth he wanked me off and I shot my load with a massive orgasm feeling, I was thrusting into his mouth and clenching my fist as my climax turned me into a monster, I’d never come like it before, as I filled up his mouth with my salty deposit.As I sat down panting and sweating, my cock not going soft as quickly as usual, he smiled at me and stood up. Right in front of me his stripped off his shirt, unbuttoning his jeans and taking them down his cock, which must have been 8” stood up, he slipped down his boxers and there in front of me was his monster, he took it in his hand and gave it a quick tug as I looked on wide-eyed.He pulled me up to my feet and his cock stuck in my stomach as he kissed me, turning me around he put his arm around my waist and ran his tongue down my spine, I gasped. As he close to my bum he pulled my cheeks apart and I felt his tongue dart around my asshole, then I felt his finger run around and suddenly he was fingering me.After a couple of minutes he took his finger out and I felt something bigger take its place, as he rubbed the tip of his cock on my anus MY cock was getting slightly harder with anticipation. He pulled my cheeks apart in a rough manner then I felt him, his 8” smashed up me, God it was painful but once he got into a steady rhythm it was quite enjoyable.Daz was fucking my ass as he had his arm around my waist, I could hear him grunting and groaning as he slammed himself up my asshole. After about six or seven minutes he pulled out and turned me around to face him, he said “Sit on the floor” as I sat down he spread my cheeks and re-inserted his cock into me.As he fucked me harder and kissed me hard as he was doing me, I put my hand around his neck as his sweat from his forehead dripped onto me, he grunted and groaned for another few minutes when he screamed out and I felt a warm sensation up my ass, he’d obviously come! He kept thrusting and thrusting as he emptied his balls into me.As he slipped out he sat there breathing heavily with a limp cock covered in sticky cum. I leaned across to him and said “Are you Ok” he gasped “Fantastic”. Before he got dressed he kissed me and bent down, turned me onto my stomach, parted my cheeks and licked his own cum out of my ass that felt good again.He got dressed as I did and he said he had to go, he left without taking any CD’s but I weren’t bothered that was the best climax I’d ever had. I went and had a shower and as I was soaping down my cock got hard again, I had a fast wank thinking about what had happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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