Bits , Pieces Ch. 04

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When they passed out the “Secret Santa” gifts at our office Christmas Party I got what I thought was a pair of rubber gloves, but the picture on the small package showed it was actually a pair of latex underpants. “Who the hell gave me this?” I thought.

A small note was attached that read, “When you are wearing your gift take that small toy car on your desk and put it on top of your computer so I’ll know.” The note was referring to my Matchbox toy. It was a Mustang fastback like the one Steve McQueen drove in Bullet.

I had to sit down behind my desk because I was getting a hard on. I had a secret admirer who wanted me to wear rubber pants. I wondered who she was.

When I got home that evening I showed my wife. She said I should try them on. When I saw her hand go down into her panties I couldn’t tear the cellophane wrapper off fast enough.

Holding them up I saw they were made out of translucent latex not that thick black rubber stuff you see on BDSM sites. They had a seam down the back that would go down my butt crack and a small pouch in the front for my balls.

But what caught my eye, and my wife’s, was the latex sheath for my dick. It looked like an elephant’s trunk and it was open at the end.

My wife pulled her hand out of her panties and started tugging at my pants telling me to put the damn things on.

We didn’t get much sleep that night. I never once took off the latex. Even when I had a limp dick the latex sheath made my dick look like a giant mushroom.

On Monday I put my little Matchbox Mustang on the top of my computer.

Late that afternoon I was packing up to go home when my Secret Santa finally revealed himself. It was one of the tech Marmaris Escort support guys. He asked how I liked my Secret Santa gift and if I was really wearing them.

“They’re great,” I told him. “My wife won’t let me to take them off. In fact, she’s ordered panties and a bra from the same company.

“Why did you give them to me?” I asked. “You know I’m not gay.”

“I know you’re not gay,” he said. “But I’ve never known a guy of any kind, gay or straight, who doesn’t like a blow job. Show me.”

I undid my belt and dropped my pants letting my cock escape in all its latex glory. The latex was like a second skin, totally sheathing my dick. Just the tip of my cock stuck out. The tightness of the latex was forcing blood up to the head of my penis making the mushroom tip red and swollen.

My “Secret Santa” locked my office door and grabbed my cock pulling it towards him.

“Anytime you feel the need for another blowjob just put your Mustang on your computer,” he said as he was leaving my office. “Make sure you’re wearing your present.”

It wasn’t like I was into BDSM or anything like that. I just liked nipple clamps. The tighter they were the more intense my orgasm.

A co-worker, Erin, introduced them to me one day after work when we went to her place. After we had a couple drinks our talk started getting loose and she brought out a pair of nipple clamps she called clover clamps.

There was a small stainless steel chain connecting the two clamps. Erin said the “clover” design of the clamps made them get tighter the harder you pulled on them.

When I asked why she liked the clamps she said I needed to try them to understand Marmaris Escort Bayan and told me to take my blouse and bra off.

The clamps were spring loaded and didn’t have a tightening screw. When Erin put them on me they held firmly on my nipples and the harder I pulled on the connecting chain the tighter they got.

I had never experienced anything like it…a cross between pain and pleasure.

Erin saw the look on my face and took hold of the chain between the two clamps and pulled my nipples into her bedroom.

I needed to look something up on the internet so instead of going upstairs to get my computer I just used my husband’s. When I opened his browser an page was already loaded. Danny must have forgotten to sign off last time he used his computer.

It was the web page that caught my eye though. He had been looking at men’s latex underwear.

I didn’t know he had a rubber fetish but thought “what the hell” and ordered for him figuring he was too embarrassed to order anything for himself. I got him a pair of black latex briefs that had a sheath in front for his cock.

And I got a matching black latex bra and crotchless panties for myself. I especially liked the bra because it had small holes cut in it for my nipples. He was going to love this!

Amazon’s next day shipping is great so when he got home I greeted him at the door wearing my latex panties and bra. He looked at me open-mouthed staring at my hard nipples sticking out of the black latex.

I held up his latex underwear and told him to take his clothes off.

By the time he was pulling on the latex briefs he was so hard he had trouble getting Escort Marmaris them over his cock. And we had to put a little massage oil on his dick so it would slide into the penis sheath.

When we finally got his dick in the sheath with his mushroom sticking out the end he couldn’t hold back any longer and came all over my face. I didn’t even get a chance to give him a blowjob.

I grabbed his cock and dragged it into our bedroom and did the “cowgirl” thing riding him hard.

Later, after fucking our brains out, we decided to go out and get some supper. I was getting ready to swap the latex I was wearing for a regular bra and panties when I saw Danny pull his pants up over his latex clad cock with pussy juice all over it.

I left my latex on and found a dark blue satin blouse to wear. The small openings in the bra made my nipples stick out like large pencil erasers. When I put the satin blouse on the smooth silky material made my nipples feel more like 357 magnums.

I don’t usually flaunt my body but this time I was going to go out boldly with my tits leading the way. The crotchless panties didn’t stop Danny’s cum from running run down my legs. Between my hard nipples and Danny’s cum on my thighs I was having the time of my life.

While we were waiting for our food Danny said he needed to pee but couldn’t get up because he had an erection the size of the Washington Monument. I said I could help with that and put my foot on his crotch and gave him a foot job. It only took a moment for him to cum.

If he was going to cum so was I. One nice thing about crotchless panties is it’s easy to fiddle with your self. I hiked my skirt up and started masturbating having a “real” when harry met sally moment.

Just as I felt my climax nearing the server brought our meal. The timing couldn’t have been worse. If I didn’t know what “edging” was before I certainly did now.

On the way home I pulled up my skirt again and finished what I started in the restaurant.

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