Bitch Wars: Karma 1 Marilyn 0

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“Yes! Urphm, GOD Yes! Huh, huuuhhhhh, FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEeeeee!” screams Marilyn as she throws her head back and tosses her shoulder length black hair back out of her face. She arches her back, grabs the back of her thighs and yanks her knees up to her shoulders as she wantonly humps her hairy, wet snatch on the big brown cock pumping in and out of her fuckhole.

Her eighteen-year-old fuck-toy del dia slides his large hands under her ass and digs his fingers into her soft flesh. Using his muscular arms to add increased power to each of his thrusts, he forcefully slams his entire 10″ cock balls deep into Mrs. Willows searing hot cunt before pulling back and thundering it home again and again.

“Errppphh. Fuck. Me. Ughhh. YES. Carlos. Fuck. Me. HARDER,” Marilyn grunts in staccato just managing to get each word out as the air is repeatedly whooshed from her lungs by the heavy impact of Carlos’s entire body slamming into her petite frame. His tanned, sweat-soaked stomach slaps loudly against her thighs as he reams her out. Marilyn’s large freckle-speckled tits bounce up in down in time with her young strapping buck’s eager thrusts. She stretches out her legs, wraps them around his torso and drives her heels into his ass like a cowboy spurring her mount on.

“Ugghhhh, mmmmm, Si Misses, Si Misses,” her spanish stallion whinnies as he obediently picks up the pace, fucking her with every ounce of his youthful energy.

Although she is about twice his age, Mrs. Willows’ pulsating cunt feels amazing around his cock. The way she moves her hips rotating her hot twat around his cock as he pounds the shit out of her is nothing less than spectacular. Mesmerized, he watches those large full breasts jiggle and jump each time he slams forward.

When she called him inside he expected her to bitch him out yet again about some landscaping task not done to her satisfaction. Instead she dropped her robe exposing her naked body and demanded he fuck her or else she’d “deport his stupid wetback ass back to whatever south of the border shithole he crawled out of.” He couldn’t risk her calling INS, she actually has a hot ‘lil bod for an older chick, and he hadn’t busted a nut in a few days so he quickly agreed. However, he had no idea he’d enjoy it this much. Sweat is dripping down his brow and he is fucking her as hard as he can and the honry old slut wants more.

He easily yanks Mrs. Willow’s slight 5′ 1″ and 120 lb. frame up off the bed by her ass and pounds her mercilessly giving her every inch of his cock and then some. She takes it all. She fucking loves it. Her sloppy cunt spooges pussy juice all over his balls, she is moaning like a bitch in heat and her whole body is thrashing around wildly. Damn, this old bitch can take cock.

Taking a quick breather Carlos lowers her back onto the bed and his gaze wanders from her succulent, heaving breasts, to her muscular flat stomach, to her thick black bush, and all the way down to his cock sticking out of her slick, meaty pussy lips. Damn girl, that’s one hairy bush he thinks as he slowly pulls back watching intently as his cock tugs on her furry cunt lips until the swollen purple head of his cock pulls her inner lips outwards with it. Then SLAM! He shoves it in her cunt with a wet slap and the bed to lurches forward with a loud creak.

“YES, stuff that big cock in my cunt you motherfucker,” Marilyn growls through clenched teeth as she continues to grind her hips against the pussy-filling cock buried deep inside her. She’s so close, so close.

Halfway through his next out stoke, Carlos freezes.

“What? Why the FUCK are you stopping?” Marilyn demands as she props herself up on her elbows and tosses her hair back out of her face.

Then she hears a car door close. Carlos looks around in a panic and starts to pull his cock out of his employeer’s cunt.

“It’s probably just the UPS guy you fucking idiot,” Marilyn snaps. “And you’re NOT going anywhere until you dump that young hot load of cum in my pussy,” she says as reaches down and squeezes his balls. She grabs on to Carlos’s ass, pulls his cock all the way back into her pussy and clamps her surprisingly strong legs around him holding him tight. “Now FUCK me and cum in my snatch,” she orders.

Carlos tries to break free, but quickly realizes that he might hurt her if he forces his way out. In resigned desperation, he grabs onto her ass again and starts pounding her hairy cunt as hard as he can with the goal of cumming as quickly as possible. Truth is it isn’t going to take much as for the last several minutes he had been struggling not to blow his load. Now he didn’t care and in three rapid strokes his balls snap upward sending a surge of hot cum roaring through this cock and spurting deep inside Mrs. Willows’ slurping cunthole.

“UHHGGHHHH,” Carlos groans out as he pushes his pulsating cock deeper into the warm wet cum receptacle before him. His buttocks clench tight together as he fills her hole with spurt after spurt of thick, hot creamy dick sauce. Still shaking, he slumps forward as his spent cock weakly pumps out a few last pulses of nut juice.

Having milked her bull, Marilyn releases him and shoves him away. “I’m done with you now. Get the fuck out of here and go finish the lawn. And don’t miss the area between the fucking flower beds again this time,” she hisses.

Ignoring Carlos’s lingering presence, Marilyn lays back, spreads her legs wide and shoves two fingers in her cum filled, hairy twat. She scoops out a big wad of cum, smears it all over her clit and starts rubbing it hard as she pinches down on one of her erect nipples

“Mmmmmm, uh, Oooohhh,” she moans as her hand starts to fly across her furry, cum slicked cunt lips.

His deflating dick still oozing cum, Carlos pulls up his pants and runs out of the room. Halfway down the stairs he almost runs over Mr. Willows.

“Hey, watch where you going Carlos,” Mr. Willows shouts as he undoes his coffee stained tie. He continues up the stairs and towards the master bedroom.

“Nnnggghhh, OHHH, Ahhhh, Ummphhh FUCK YEAH!!!!” Marilyn shrieks as her whole body jumps up off the bed and she kicks out her legs violently. She clasps her legs together around her hand and sits up jerking her body forward in time with the rhythmic pulses of pure ecstasy cascading through her entire body. A long gurgling sigh escapes her lips and she flops wearily back on the bed.

Oblivious, Harold walks into the bedroom and directly into the large walk-in closet. After a moment, he selects a tie that matches his dark suit and wanders out. A strong pungent smell of something, of something, Sex? wafts into his nose. He looks up and sees Marilyn spread eagle on the bed with her hairy bush matted and sticking to her thighs and what is obviously a big load of cum slowly oozing out of her puffy, red and swollen cunt lips.

He freezes.

Marilyn stirs and opens an eye to see Harold standing there gawking at her. She bolts upright. “What the fuck are you doing here?!” she demands.

“Ummm, I, I spilt coffee on my tie and had to come back to change it,” he answers with a surreal detachment.

Marilyn’s initial shock and the twinge of fear evaporates and is quickly replaced with her usual bitter contempt for her husband. “Well, don’t stand there like the useless piece of shit you are, get the fuck out of here and go, go, go make some money or something,” she screeches as she draws the covers over her cum dribbling cunt.

Without another word, Harold hastily exits the bedroom and heads back to his car. Getting inside, he drives off still not really sure what to make of what he just witnessed.


Harold and Marilyn had been married for over fifteen years now. When she first met him, all she saw dollar signs as he was an up and coming lawyer in her daddy’s firm. To him she was the cute daughter of one of the partners who made an excellent stepping stone to becoming partner himself. They courted, got married and then he found out what an utter bitch she really was. Constant barrages of acidic remarks sit on the tip of her tongue and she doesn’t give two shits about him except when it comes to spending his money or schmoozing with the big wigs. She pretty much does whatever she wants whenever she wants and of course this includes fucking anyone who takes her fancy.

Harold was no idiot and he knew she was fucking around, but she usually was relatively discrete about it. Fucking the gardener less than five minutes after he leaves the house is hardly discrete and he always assumed she at least used a condom. Halfway down the road, a mild rage starts to boil in his veins. He usually just ignores everything about his estranged wife. It has turned out to be just a marriage of convenience and even at that she pushes it to the limits with her bitchiness. However, in divorcing her even with solid grounds he stands to lose everything and she knows it.

His knuckles whiten on the steering wheel as he fumes over the latest in a long, long series of belittling embarrassments. It’s high time he teaches that bitch a lesson. For the rest of the day, Harold ponders the proper course of action with the same cool, calculating ruthlessness he uses in the courtroom.


Around 8 pm that night, a bit earlier than Harold usually makes it home in the evening, he pulls back up his winding driveway. Parking the car in the garage he makes his way into the house and to the kitchen.

He finds Marilyn in her usual spot in the living room with a half empty martini in hand watching some lame reality TV show. As usual she doesn’t even acknowledge his presence when he walks in the room.

Harold takes a moment to admire his wife’s hot little petite body. When she’s not being a total bitch, she’s actually very attractive and extremely fuckable. Her lowcut sundress shows off plenty of her surgically augmented 36C cleavage and, as usual, she isn’t wearing a bra so her pert nipples are clearly visible through the thin fabric. Of course, as with anything Marilyn, the plastic surgeon was insanely expensive. However, he was truly a master craftsman and created a perfect pair of titties that could fool any man into thinking they were natural. Soft and pliable to the touch, yet firm and perky.

Walking up to the Plasma TV on the wall, Harold hits the off button.

“What the fuck are you doing dumbass?,” Marilyn snaps as grabs the remote and turns the TV back on.

Harold smiles to himself as he fully expected her reaction. He nonchalantly walks over to the glass coffee table and picks up a heavy bronze statue of some kind of waterfowl. Hefting it in his hand a few times, he spins and hurls it at the TV. With a loud, cracking crash the screen explodes, very satisfactorily, as the statue hurtles into it.

In shock, Marilyn falls back into her chair and sits there there starring blankly at her husband. For once, she is actually at a loss of words.

“Now, let’s see what was I going to say when I shut the TV off the first time,” Harold muses. “Oh yeah, get of your fucking knees whore and suck my cock!”

Frozen in disbelief Marilyn doesn’t move. Harold walks up to her and SLAP! he smacks her hard in the side of the face. “I SAID on your FUCKING knees,” he growls as he grabs her by the hair and yanks her out of the chair and down to the floor. Her martini glass goes skittering accross the floor as she gasps in shock.

“Don’t make me tell you again,” Harold growls as he undoes his belt and drops his pants. Finally treating his wife like the whore she is has his cock rock hard and it juts out waiting to be serviced. Marilyn meekly reaches up and takes his cock in her small hand and starts stroking it. Harold’s cock isn’t huge, but is definitely more than a simple handful or mouthful and pretty fat.

“I said SUCK it!” he shouts and he grabs her by the hair again and as she opens her mouth to protest he shoves his cock down her throat. He shoves his cock all the way in her mouth holding her by the back of the head forcing her to take it all. Marilyn sputters and gags on his cock windmilling her arms around wildly. After a long moment and what seems like an eternity to her, he yanks her back by the hair turning her face up towards him as she gasps for air.

“I’ve finally come to the realization that you are a fucking bitch and a slutty whore and therefore I am going to treat you like one,” Harold says with cold detachment. She opens her mouth to say something and he simply spits in her face.

“Dirty fucking whore, you like to fuck the gardner do you?” he says as he pulls her up to her feet by the hair. With a squeal she reaches back to grasp her hair below his grip to prevent him from ripping the hair out of her scalp.

Grabbing the low cut bust line of Marilyn’s dress Harold tears the flimsy fabric exposing her heaving bosom. Swinging his arm back suddenly, he slaps her left tit hard and Marilyn squeals out in pain as she hunches over clutching her stinging breast. In the midst of the pain she feels a familiar warmth between her legs as her pussy starts getting moist. She knew Harold was a take charge guy in the courtroom, but never has she seen this side of him.

Harold swings his arm back again and Marilyn protectively raises her arms in front of her tits. So, instead he simply slaps her across the face. He grabs both her wrists in one hand and holds her arms high over her head. Applying a bit of pressure backwards, he pushes her off balance and makes her tits to stick out. He winds up again and SMACK! he slaps her left tit hard. He can see her nipples are standing fully erect now and he lays into her left tit again and again. “You” SMACK! “Fucking” SLAP! “Whore” WHACK! he yells leaving her left tit bright red and tingling and her snatch dripping wet.

With a yank, Harold rips the rest of the tattered sundress of his bitch wife’s body leaving her standing there with her wrists above her head in nothing but a skimpy g-string. Her thick black bush pokes around the edges of thin white fabric and her slick meaty cuntlips are clearly visible. He turns her around and puts her hands behind her back. Bending down quickly to retrieve the remains of her dress he binds her hands. Wrapping his hand around her throat he draws her close and nestles his cock between her asschecks.

“From now on I am your Master and you are my slut and I will use you whenever and however I please” he whispers in her ear as he rubs his dick up and down her asscrack. “Are WE clear?” he says. After a moment too long, Marilyn begins to speak and he shoves her forward and wails on her ass with his open palm. “I SAID are we clear!”

“Yesssss, yes we are clear,” Marilyn says blandly as she starts to loose her enthusiasm for this whole ordeal. SLAP! Harold spanks her ass really hard again. “Arrrggghhh,” she cries out. Before she can even catch her breath, he smacks her reddening ass three more times in rapid succession. Her legs buckle and she sinks to her knees.

Suddenly her head is yanked back again and Harold sneers over her, “Are we clear now cunt?”

“Yes, YES we are clear MASTER,” Marilyn croaks.

“Good, good, now where were we. Oh yes, you were sucking my cock,” he declares as he steps around and shoves her face into his cock. Obediently, she opens her mouth and her warm wet mouth envelops his manhood. “Mmmmm, that’s right suck my dick you whore,” Harold coos as she rolls her tongue over the head of his cock.

She sucks hard on his cock for a bit, then lets it pop from her wet mouth. Her tongue snakes out and licks the underside of the shaft. She leans in and rubs her face against his cock as she travels down its length and takes one of his balls into her mouth. Rolling his left nut around in her mouth with her tongue she alternates and takes his right one in. Harold bows his legs and grabs the back of her head as her rubs his nutsack all over her face.

Stepping back he lifts her head up and she looks up at him just in time to see a big wad of spit splash across her face. Next all she knows is his cock and balls rubbing all over her face. He shoves her face into his groin and rubs his nuts all over it. “Lick my balls,” he commands and her tongue darts out lapping and any and all parts of his manhood the come into reach.

“Mmmmmm, that’s a good fucking whore,” Harold purrs right before he yanks her head back again. He spits in her face again. “Slut” He spits again. “Whore” He reaches forward and rubs his spit all over her face as she closes her eyes and leans into his hand. Then SLAP! he smacks her hard across the face.

“Whaaatttt,” she starts, but before she can get anything else out Harold shoves his cock back down her throat. Placing both hands on the back of her head he stuffs his entire cock in her mouth until his balls nestle up against her chin. Then he starts to face fuck his slutty whore of a wife. Pulling back slowly at first he thrusts forward using the back of her head as leverage and stuffs his dick down her throat. Her drools leaks out around his cock and splatters on the floor. Tears stream from her eyes causing her mascara to run and streak down her cheeks.

Subconsciously she relaxes her throat which allows Harold to shove is dick in all that much deeper as he starts to aggressively fuck her throat. “Mmmmm, yeah, this is what your throat is for bitch,” he groans as he stuffs his cock all the way in resting his balls on her chin once again. He holds her head tight clogging up her airway with his cock. At long last he pulls his cock back and out of her mouth with a wet slurp followed by a huge gob of her salvia that splatters on the floor. Coughing violently Marilyn sinks forward resting her face on the floor as she gasps for air.

She feels the buttfloss of her g-string plucked out of her asscrack and slung over the outside of her left buttcheek leaving her hairy snatch and plump wet pussy lips exposed. Harold reaches down and runs his fingers through her thick nest of pubic hair as he rubs his palm hard against her hot cunt. Spreading her furry lips open with his fingers he takes his cock in hand and rubs it up and down her wet slit. Then suddenly Harold slams his cock balls deep in her cunt in one violent thrust.

“AAArrrggghhhh, Ummmmmphf Fuuccckkk,” squeals Marilyn in a mixture of shock and profound satisfaction. In a move out of a twister game, Harold spins around on her cunt and plants a foot on the side of her face pinning her to the floor. Then he lays into her snatch with a feral ferocity that even surprises himself a little. He pounds and pounds his slut wife’s whore hole. Pulling back and slamming his cock in balls deep time and time again. All Marilyn can do is gasp and groan as she is fucked like a piece of meat.

Harold is now practically frothing at the mouth as he takes out years and years of frustration on his wife’s pussy. Marilyn’s eyes roll back into her head as a silent scream contorts her face and she creams herself hard bucking wildly. However, Harold’s pent up rage is far to strong and he easily keeps her writhing body pinned beneath his carnal assault. The orgasmic flood of cuntjuice spooges out around Harold’s cock and soaks his balls. Marilyn’s snatch slurps loudly with every stroke.

Harold yanks his cock out eliciting a whimper of disappoint from his slut wife and he grabs her hair once again. Stradding her face he pants, “Suck your slut juice off my balls whore,” and he drops his nutsack into her open mouth. In a hazy daze, Marilyn licks and slurps on his balls sucking her essence of them. The tangy flavor of herself is new and intoxicating. At some point Harold’s cock slips back in her mouth and she greedily sucks herself off it. His hands find a newly familiar place on the back of her head and he fucks her throat with long deliberate strokes.

“MMmmmmm, yeah. Clean your slutty cunt off my cock,” Harold moans. Then he feels the familiar pulsating pleasure radiate out from his loins. Ripping his cock out of her throat with a wet pop, he shoots stream after stream of hot cum all over her face. His spunk paints her face in a thick layer of hot steamy goo as he empties his balls. Wads of cum splash across her face and in her hair. One particularly large glob pools in her left eye socket before casino şirketleri slowly rolling down her cheek. He slaps her face with his cock as it pumps out the last few pulses.

Spent, Harold staggers back releasing her hair and Marilyn immediately slumps to the floor. Leaving his naked, cum coated slut wife sprawled out on the living room floor with her hands still bound behind her back, Harold scratches his balls and heads upstairs for a quick shower and good night’s sleep.


Marilyn awakes with a groan. Bright, far too bright, sunshine streams in through the patio doors into her eyes. She rolls over and tries to open her eyes, but her left eye is crusted shut with Harold’s dried cum gumming up her eyelashes. Slightly relieved, she realizes her hands are unbound and pushes herself up off the floor. Her throat is sore, her body aches all over and her bush is tangled and matted into stiff peaks by copious amounts of dried pussy cream.

After struggling to her feet, she slowly makes her way upstairs rubbing at her left eye trying to dislodge the cum crusties holding it shut. She heads into the master bedroom and glances at the empty bed with a sign of relief. She’s still not awake enough to know what to make of last night, but she is definitely in no mood to deal with it right now. Heading into the bathroom, she turns on the shower and leans heavily on the vanity counter. With her one open eye she can see that she is a total mess with streaks of black mascara mixed with flaky crusty cum clinging to her face. Her hair is plastered to her forehead and side of her face with several dried globs of cum. She cracks her sore jaw and rubs the decent bruise she is sporting on her left cheek.

Stepping into the hot shower, Marilyn sighs with relief. The warm water cascading over her body feels great and for the first few minutes she just stands there soaking in the warmth. The hot water softens the cum goo holding her left eye shut and she blinks it open. Reaching for the soap, she liberally lathers up her entire body cleaning the dried sex fluids from her skin. It takes three shampoos to get all the dried cum out her hair and loosen her stiff pubic hair. Feeling greatly refreshed she steps from the shower and reaches for a towel and notices a small envelope perched on the stack of towels with the word “SLUT” written neatly on it.

Marilyn grabs a hand towel from the towel ring and dries her hands off before reaching for the envelope. Her pulse racing, she glances around before opening the flap tucked in the back of the envelope. Inside is a small appointment card to something called Serenity Spa with her name on it and an 11:00 am appointment time with today’s date. A yellow office stickie is attached to the card and simply says “Do not be late” in Harold’s handwriting. Glancing up at the clock, Marilyn gulps as she realizes it is already 10:30. On the back of the card is a small map showing a star near the downtown area which is thankfully only 15 minutes away. Drying off quickly, Marilyn snags another thin sundress from her closet and pulls it over her head. She yanks on a pair of skimpy white panties, dons her flip flops, grabs her purse and jumps in her little two-seat convertible.


About 15 minutes later, she pulls into the parking lot of a lavishly landscaped building on the outskirts of the city. Walking in she is greeted by a immaculately groomed Asian girl wearing a floral mandarin blouse. Glancing at her clipboard the young girl says, “Oh yes, Ms. Marilyn right this way.” She turns and quickly walks down a long hall decorated with various tapestries and neatly trimmed bonsai trees. Practically running to keep up, Marilyn sees other women walking and lounging around in big fluffy white robes. The girl leads her to one of numerous bamboo doors at the end of the long hall and opens it up motioning for her to go inside. “Please get undressed and there is a robe hanging on the door for you.”

“But, what fuck is this place,” Marilyn asks suspiciously as she steps into the room.

“We are a full service spa, madame,” and glancing at her clipboard again she continues, “and you appear to be signed up for our full Serenity package. So enjoy.” With a smile she bows and closes the door on her way out.

Inside the room, Marilyn sees an armoire with one of those plush white robes hanging neatly on the open door, a very comfortable looking massage table, a manicure chair, and a counter running along one side of the room with a number of upper and lower cabinets. There is an open door leading to a spacious bathroom with a large soaking tub that is filled with steaming water and rose petals. Relaxing visibly, Marilyn smiles as she removes her dress and panties and dons the soft robe.

A few minutes later there is a light knock on the door and an older, slightly wrinkled Asian woman wearing glasses and dressed in a loosing fitting white outfit steps into the room. “Good morning, Madame, I am Tami and will be your attendant today,” she says with a bow. “Why don’t you disrobe and we’ll see where to begin.”

Marilyn slides the robe off her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor.

“My, my we have a lot of work to do,” Tami says as she runs her fingers through Marilyn’s furry bush and then she plucks on a few cunt hairs testing their length and thickness. She steps in closer and looks at Marilyn’s lip and raises each arm up inspecting her armpits. She reaches down and runs her fingers along Marilyn’s calf and up her leg. Finally, she turns Marilyn around and clinically spreads her ass open inspecting her asscrack. “Okay, you go soak in bath and I will prepare,” she says as she walks over to the cabinets.

Marilyn walks into the bathroom and slides into the hot bathwater with a sigh. Oils float on the surface and the aroma is floral and fruity. Laying back she relaxes into her bath. How cute how Harold set this up for her after his treatment of her last night she muses. Her left hand submarines down and she starts absent-mindedly rubbing her clit thinking about his rough and brutal treatment of her last night. She’d never been fucked like that before and she lets out a slight moan as she slips two fingers in her submerged pussy. Just then, her attendant comes into the bathroom and says, “I am prepared, please towel off and come and lay down on the table.”

Reluctantly, Marilyn steps out of the tub, takes a plush towel and dries her very smooth skin as the oils cling to her body. Walking out into the other room, she sheds the towel and sits at the edge of the table. On the counter a crockpot type device bubbles with what appears to be wax and several long cloth strips are laid out. It’s been quite some time and her bush could use some grooming.

“Lay on your back please,” instructs her attendant as she snaps on some gloves. Marilyn stretches back and rests her head on the built-in pillow on the table. There is a screetch of a chair as Tami pulls it closer and sits down at the foot of the table. She grabs Marilyn’s ankles and drawing the heels together she pushes them upwards parting her legs wide. Next she picks up a cordless trimmer and selects a comb and snaps it into place. Turning it on she begins to thin the thick nest of snatch hair to a more workable length. The buzzing tickles and Marilyn struggles to stay still worrying about those moving metal blades so close to her pussy lips.

Tami liberally covers her left groin area with talc powder and reaches for a wooden applicator stick. She spreads a glob of warm wax on Marilyn’s left labia and reaches for a cloth strip. Pressing the cloth onto the wax she rubs it down.

Marilyn props her head up and looks down in concern. She’s never had a waxing strip so close to her pussy before. “Is this going to hurt,” she asks. Tami looks up and simply says, “Of course it will dear.” With a gulp Marilyn lays back down and without any warming Tami rips the cloth along with a patch of Marilyn’s furry carpet with it.

“OHHHH, FUCK,” squeals Marilyn. “Jesus fucking Christ, that hurts you stupid cunt!” screams Marilyn as she lays back panting. Nonchalantly, Tami begins applying another glob of wax humming to herself.

It takes well over half an hour for Tami to rip all the hair off Marilyn’s cunt and groin. Each nasty strip sends lightning flashes of pain through Marilyn’s entire body and induces another barrage of colorful curses at her attendant, but the oils applied shortly thereafter immediately cool and soothe the violated skin. When she finishes Tami inspects the area for any hairs she missed running her fingers across the naked flesh.

Marilyn’s never had a bald pussy before and sits up to take a look. “Not bad, not bad at all,” Marilyn says as she rubs her hand over her smooth cunt. Tami holds up a large round mirror to give Marilyn a better view of her barren snatch. Her pussy lips look particularly plump and inviting now that they aren’t hiding in the jungle of her overgrown bush any longer. In addition, her inner cuntflaps now proudly protrude out a good half an inch from her slit and culminate in a meaty hood at the apex of her pussy. Marilyn watches in awe as she takes two fingers and spreads that hood open revealing her fat pink clit.

The image of her clit wavers and disappears as Tami puts down the mirror and reaches forward to slide Marilyn’s legs closed indicating playtime is over. Over the next hour Marilyn’s legs, armpits and lips are all waxed perfectly hairless and smooth. She even rolls Marilyn over and removes the practically invisible fine hairs off her ass before spreading Marilyn’s ass open and ripping the hairs out of her asscrack.

Next, Marilyn is sat in the chair and her body groomer meticulously manicures her feet and hands before attending to her hair. She even tweezes Marilyn’s eyebrows. “There that should do, you are just about ready for tonight,” Tami says as she finishes.

“Tonight?” Marilyn asks.

“I’m sure you husband has something special planned for tonight based on the package he got you,” Tami answers mysteriously as she guides Marilyn to the bath once more. Sinking into the warm water again, Marilyn relaxes and her hand soon wanders down to play with her bald pussy. Its sooo smooth. She runs her finger up and down her moist slit and she savors the feeling of the silky smooth flesh as she flicks her cuntflaps from side to side.

Just as things start to get interesting under the water, Tami comes back in and says, “Okay I am ready now.” Marilyn sighs and once again reluctantly gets out and dries off wondering what else there is to do. There isn’t a stray hair on her entire body.

“What the fuck is that?” Marilyn says as she walks in the other room and sees an IV bag type device standing next to the table with a long thin hose attached to it.

“It will cleanse your insides,” Tami says as she snaps on another pair of latex gloves.

“My insides?” inquires Marilyn cautiously.

“Yes, we are going to purge your rectum with an enema now,” says Tami matter of factly.

“Uh. Not in this lifetime honey. I let you rip the hair off my asshole but no way, no how are you sticking that in my ass,” Marilyn snaps as she walks over to the armoire and grabs her dress of the hook.

The old Asian lady looks over the rim of her glasses at Marilyn then turns and gets a small white envelope from a clipboard resting on the counter and hands it to her. Marilyn drops her dress and opens the sealed unadorned envelope. Inside is a note written in Harold’s handwriting which reads “Sit the fuck down NOW and take the enema.”

Folding the note back in the envelope, Marilyn’s mind races. Why on earth does he want me to get an enema. Unless. Oh God. The realization of what Harold plans to do with her sinks in. He is going to take her anal virginity and fuck her in the ass. A mixture of mortal fear and a twinge of taboo excitement swirl around in her stomach. She swallows hard trying not to show her fear and tersely says, “Proceed.”

“Lay back on the table and relax,” says her attendant. Again she pushes Marilyn’s heels together and slides them upwards parting Marilyn’s legs wide. She slides a hand under Marilyn’s ass and presses upwards to get Marilyn to lift her ass up so she can slide a tubular pillow under the small of her back. Reaching two fingers in a tub of lube she reaches forward and presses against Marilyn’s asshole.

“Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax,” Tami says. Just as Marilyn sucks in a lungful of air, Tami shoves one finger up her ass. Marilyn’s entire body tenses up and Tami presses down against her abdomen with her other hand. Massaging Marilyn’s abdomen Tami works her finger deeper in her asshole pushing a little deeper with each inhale.

“That’s it relax,” Tami comforts as she reaches for the business end of the enema bag. She lubes the tip of the hose and with lightning fast reflexes extracts her finger and inserts the tube in Marilyn’s asshole.

“You’ll feel some pressure in your bowels, just relax and let it flow,” Tami says as she opens the valve on the enema bag. An intense pressure starts to build up in Marilyn’s ass as the warm enema concoction invades her core. After a bit, Tami closes the valve and says, “That should do, now clench your sphincter as I pull out the tube.” Marilyn feels every millimeter of the tube as it is pulled from her asshole and clenching down hard she manages to retain the liquid in her ass.

“Now keep your sphincter clenched by relax your abdomen for a few moments,” Tami instructs rubbing Marilyn’s stomach some more. “That’s it. Okay, now slowly get up and make you way to the bathroom and take seat on the toilet, but hold it in for as long as you can.” Marilyn slowly gets up and penguin walks her way to the bathroom and after a few moments expels the enema with a big sigh of relief.

Coming back out into the main room, Marilyn finds a skimpy black vinyl mini-skirt and matching vinyl halter top with a wide zipper on the table along with a pair of black thigh high “fuck me” boots. She picks up the skirt and looking around she sees that the robe along with her clothes including her underwear are gone and so is Tami.

“You can’t be fucking serious,” Marilyn mutters holding the skirt up in front of herself in the mirror.

With no other apparent option but going home a towel and presumably incurring Harold’s new found wrath, she sighs slinks her way into the tight skirt which barely comes down past the curve of her ass. She tugs at it a bit and looks in the mirror and gets it so you can’t quite see her bare cunt if she stands up tall. Taking the halter top she slides her arms through the sleeveless arm holes and lines up the zipper that starts just above the bottom of her breasts. Sucking in hard she manages to get the zipper about halfway up leaving her full cleavage exposed but managing to cover her nipples.

Next she notices some makeup has been left out on the counter that wasn’t there before. Sitting down she applies a good amount on concealer to take care of the bruise on her cheek and applies the dark eyeshadow and ruby red lipstick. Putting on the boots and zippering them up, Marilyn stands up and wobbles on the six inch stiletto heels for a moment. After a few practice steps, she slowly turns around in front of the full length mirror. She looks like one of the crack head hookers who hang out in the seedy parts of downtown, but damn she does look hot and very fuckable.

“I’d pay to fuck me,” she says adjusting her skirt and tits one more time before she opens the door and heads down the hall.

The young Asian girl is still out front and bows, “Have a wonderful evening Madame.”

Working her way into the car without the entire skirt riding up above her waist takes a few moments, but she manages. Marilyn heads home smiling at all the drooling leers she gets from practically every guy she passes. She even flashes her newly balded cunt at a couple of truckers as she zooms past eliciting an appreciative chorus of truck horns. By the time she turns onto her street, her pussy is soaking wet thinking about what Harold has in store for her this evening.


As she pulls in the driveway Marilyn notices three unmarked construction vans parked in her cul-de-sac. She drives up and parks in front of the garage and just as she gets out of the car, four workmen come out of the front door carrying various tools and ladders and get into two of the vans and drive away. Thinking Harold probably got a new TV installed, she heads into the house and into the living room. The old TV still hangs on the wall shattered. Marilyn hears a drill from upstairs and goes to investigate.

Getting to the top of the stairs she sees two construction guys standing in front of the guest room at the end of the hall. One is kneeling and appears to be installing a new doorknob and lock on the door and is in the process of testing the lock. The other man looks over and after an obvious moment of checking her out head to toe she can see an obvious bulge appear in the front of his pants. Without taking his eyes off the swelling of her tits each time she breathes, he smacks his buddy with the back of his hand. The door lock installer looks up and quickly closes the door, locks it and tucks the key in his pocket. “We’re all set here, Mame,” he says as he and his cohort starting picking up their tools.

“All set with what,” Marilyn asks as she walks down the hall. The two guys look at each other and don’t do a very good job at hiding their smirks. “Well, ummm, your husband hired us to redo this room for him and he has left some very clear instructions,” says the door lock installer.

“Redo? In what way? What fucking instructions,” Marilyn snaps annoyed at the cryptic answer.

“I’m sorry, Mame, we are not a liberty to say. You’ll have to take that up with your husband,” replies the worker. “We’re done here now anyway, so have a wonderful evening,” he says with a nod. The other man snickers before trying to cover it up with a fake cough. They both make a hasty retreat down the stairs and Marilyn soon hears their van drive away.

Marilyn walks up to the guest bedroom door and tries the knob, but it is locked. “What the fuck,” Marilyn mutters to herself as she hears a car in the driveway. Thinking the workmen had come back to give her the key she makes her way down stairs. As she reaches the bottom she sees Harold dressed in a stylish suit waltz in the front door. She freezes as her heart jumps in her throat in a bizarre mixture of fear and excitement as she sees her Master.

He stops, looks at her and holds his hand up and spins his finger around in a circle indicating she should twirl around to give him a full view of her whore ensemble. She does and Harold nods in approval as he walks up to her and lifts her skirt. Leaning over he takes a peek at her bare pussy and hisses in appreciation.

Reaching down Harold rubs her smooth cunt and she moans out as she grinds her snatch on his hand. He wiggles one finger in her wet pussy and a gurgling sigh of pleasure erupts from Marilyn’s throat. “My, my, you ARE a fucking whore aren’t you,” he smirks as slips a second finger in her warm, wet cunthole and slowly finger fucks her. Removing his fingers from her snatch he reaches up and shoves them in her mouth. She sucks greedily on his fingers and hungrily rolls her tongue around slurping her essence of his hand. Taking his hand from her mouth he lightly slaps the side of her face and says, “Turn around slut.”

Marilyn’s pulse races wildly as she turns and hears the zip of Harold’s fly. She feels his hand press against the small of her back bending her over. The vinyl skirt slides up fully exposing her ass and pussy. Harold slaps her bald pussy hard a few times and then rubs the head of his dick up and down her smooth slit. Unable to resist any longer, he loops his arm around her waist and shoves his cock up her wet cunt.

“Urrrggghhhh, Hmmmmmph,” Marilyn grunts as Harold’s cock sinks balls deep in her cunthole. Harold pounds her snatch hard three times before groaning loudly as thick streams of hot steamy cum explode from the tip of his dick deep inside his whore wife’s silky smooth pussy. He grinds his hips against her ass as he casino firmaları finishes dumping his load in her bald snatch. After he’s finished breeding his slut wife’s hole he steps back and his cock plops out her pussy along with a stream of warm cum that leaks down her inner thigh. He stands her up and yanks her skirt down over her ass again. Then he spins her around and puts his hand on the top of her head pushing her down to her knees.

“Clean me up,” he commands as Marilyn kneels and she obediently takes Harold’s deflating cock in her warm mouth and sucks the mixture of her cuntjuice and his cum off his cock. After she drains the dregs of cum from his cock vein he steps back and tucks his cock back in his pants before zipping his fly again.

Harold tucks his shirt in and straightens his tie in the foyer mirror and then says curtly, “Okay, let’s go. You can powder up in the car.” Marilyn clamors to her feet and with cum leaking out of her pussy and rubbing between her thighs as she walks, she follows him out the door. They both get into Harold’s BMW and he drives off.


As they drive, Marilyn fixes her lipstick in the sun visor mirror and she notes they seem to be heading downtown. However, one sidewards glance at Harold tells her she’s better off not asking where they are going. She shifts uncomfortably on the seat as the Harold’s cum continues to leak from her snatch and begins to pools inside her vinyl skirt and starts to run up her asscrack.

A few minutes later they do indeed enter the downtown area and after a few familiar turns pull up to the valet parking line at LaSalle’s, a chic Italian restaurant that they have frequented in the past. Marilyn glances down at her vinyl whore outfit and looks around nervously. “He’s not going to take me in there dressed like this with cum leaking out of my pussy is he?” she wonders in a bit of panic. A lot of her hoity-toity charity fundraiser friends come here as well.

“Ummmm,” Marilyn stammers, “We’re not going to LaSalle’s are we?”

Harold turns to her, looks her straight in the eye and after a moment’s reflection he pulls out of the valet parking line and heads down the road. Relieved Marilyn settles back into her seat rubbing more pussy dribbling cum up into her asscrack. However, a few turns later, Marilyn realizes they seem to be leaving the downtown area and getting into one of the more run down ghetto areas of the city. Even though it is barely dusk, hookers dot the street corners and crack heads wander around aimlessly looking for their next fix. Marilyn reaches over and locks her door.

Harold drives by a run down park with a cracked pavement basketball court behind a chain link fence. Three black guys in sweaty t-shirts shooting hoops stop and take note of a BMW cruising through their neighborhood. Harold pulls over and gets out and walks up to the chain link fence and motions the guys over. Marilyn watches from the car as he says something to the guys, takes something out of his pocket and gives it to them. He walks over to her side of the car, unlocks it with his key and opens the door. He leans down and grabs her jaw and says, “Hmmmm, do you think I should take you to dinner at LaSalle or leave you here to fend for yourself in the ghetto tonight?”

Marilyn notes the three black guys are watching the car intently at this point. The biggest of the three, a bald black guy at least 6′ 3″ and well over 200 lbs smiles a toothy grin and blows a kiss towards the car before twittering his tongue lewdly. “Well cunt?,” Harold says impatiently as he squeezes her jaw harder.

At least a dozen more rough and tumble guys wander over to the chain link fence to see what is going on. Even the skanky hookers a couple of blocks over start to take interest. “La La La Salles,” Marilyn stammers nervously.

“I thought so,” mutters Harold as he slams her door closed, gets back in the car and drives off. A few minutes later they are back in the valet line at LaSalle’s. The car pulls up to the valet station and the valet opens Marilyn’s door.

Tugging her skirt down as best she can she takes a deep breath and hesitantly exits the car. The teenage valet’s jaw drops seeing Marilyn step out of the car in her skimpy vinyl whore outfit. The people waiting in line to get their cars gawk at Marilyn and she feels positively naked standing there with the majority her tits hanging out and her bare, cum speckled pussy barely hiding beneath the hem of her skirt. The men try play the I’m Not Checking Her Out game while taking a good look and at least one of them is busted and his woman slaps him in the back of the head. Harold boldly walks around the car, puts his arm around Marilyn and shamelessly gropes her ass as they walk inside.

At the desk inside, the Maitre’D looks up from his reservation book and Harold simply holds up two fingers. The Maitre’D reddens with embarrasement at Marilyn’s lack of attire, but he holds his tongue as he doesn’t want to get bitched out by Mrs. Willows for umpteenth time. “Ummm, yes Mr. and Mrs. Willows good to see you. Right this way,” says the Maitre’D. Leading them to a partially secluded booth in the back he waits for them to sit with the menus at the ready. Harold motions for Marilyn to sit down and slides in next to her on the same side of the booth.

After presenting the menu and this evening’s specials the Maitre’D scurries away as a bus boy brings over a basket of bread and starts to fill their water glasses. Shooing the bus boy away, Harold takes a roll from the basket, rips it in half and reaches under the table cloth. Marilyn looks around nervously but offers little resistance as Harold spreads her legs apart. Turning to look her square in the eye, Harold rubs the roll on her cummy pussy lips and wipes the cum out of her ass crack. He slides a finger into her pussy and she sighs as he scoops out a wad of cum and deposits it on the roll. He brings the roll up and after finding the largest gob of cum offers it to Marilyn. She tenatively leans forward and takes a small bite missing most of the cum. Harold’s other hand finds the back of her neck and she catches a steely glint in his eye. Opening her mouth wide she quickly takes a big bite out of the cum spread on her roll. While she is chewing her roll turned sticky bun, Harold reaches the remainder of the bread down and rubs it on her snatch again before feeding it to her.

The waiter comes over and Harold orders a bottle of an expensive bordeaux and meals for both of them. After the waiter departs Harold reaches into his inside jacket pocket and pulls out to Marilyn’s shock, along with a betraying twinge of approval from her pussy, a corded vibrator. The small vibrator looks fairly innocuous as it is only about three inches long and one inch in diameter.

Harold smirks as he hears Marilyn sigh in relief that he didn’t pull a baseball bat out of his jacket because he knows this is the Ferrari of vibrators and this little guy packs a big punch. He unwinds the cord from around the controller and places the vibrator in his lap. He grabs the back of Marilyn’s head and forcibly kisses her shoving his tongue deep in her throat before quickly disengaging and shoving two fingers in her mouth. He wiggles his fingers around in her mouth and then reaches under the table cloth again and rubs her saliva all over her smooth snatch. Taking the vibrator he slides it into her pussy and works it all the way in so only the cord protrudes from her naked cuntlips.

Harold slides Marilyn’s legs closed and takes up the controller just as the waiter returns with the bottle of wine. As the waiter goes through the usual long winded wine opening procedure, Harold slowly starts to turn the wheel on the controller. Marilyn instantly feels the tube of plastic in her cunt jump to life and start to buzz around. At first it is a slow mechanical jostling and her pussy quickly moistens in excitement. However, as Harold continues to increase the intensity, the vibrator is soon buzzing wildly like an angry wasp trapped in her snatch.

“Honey, why don’t you try the wine,” Harold says politely as he mercilessly cranks the vibrator to full sending unrelenting pulses of pleasure throughout Marilyn’s entire body. “Uuurrggggh Uh Huh,” Marilyn croaks as she clamps her thighs together hard and with a slightly unsteady hand reaches for the tasting glass of wine. Her pussy is soaking wet now and she almost involuntarily starts rocking her hips grinding her pussy on her tightly clasped thighs. The hand not holding the wine glass grabs onto the edge of the table and her knuckles whiten as she resists the urge to kick her legs out and throw her head back and scream. However, she can’t take it anymore and quickly takes a sip of the wine, gulps it down and creams herself hard crying out, “OHHH YES, OHHH YESSSS that’s fucking wonderful!”

The waiter and the surrounding tables give a quizzical look, but Marilyn holds up her glass of wine and smiles with her mouth clamped shut as Harold lets the vibrator buzz wildly in her cunt. As soon as the waiter serves up the wine and retires from the table, Harold turns and slaps Marilyn’s right tit hard through her vinyl top and she grunts like a wild animal. This draws another round of dirty looks from the surrounding tables, but Marilyn is lost in the waves of pleasure buzzing from her pussy and doesn’t notice and Harold doesn’t care.

Throughout the rest of the dinner, Harold toys with the controls on the vibrator slowing it down then cranking it up and watches with delight as Marilyn’s body dances around on the cord protruding from her cunt. Copious amounts of her churned up pussycream combined with the dregs of Harold’s cum leak out around the vibrator cord, soaking her thighs and leaking onto the bench.

As the busboy clears the dinnerware from the table, Harold snags a thick piece of italian bread from the basket, shuts the vibrator off and reaches under the tablecloth and spreads Marilyn’s legs apart. He slowly pulls the vibrator from Marilyn’s snatch sending a shiver through her entire body. Folding the bread in half, he soaks up the cuntjuice pooled on the bench and wipes Marilyn’s thighs before pressing it against her pussy rubbing it up and down her slick lips. The bread is soon soaked and he brings it up to Marilyn’s lips. He rubs it on her lips and she tastes the tanginess of her cunt as her musky scent wafts into her nose. Obediently she opens her mouth and take a big bite of her snatch sandwich. She chews it slowly savoring her flavors as he feeds her the rest of the bread.

“That’s my nasty little whore,” Harold coos as he leans in and kisses her again. His hand wanders below again and he easily slides two fingers deep in Marilyn’s pussy. He puts his other hand on the back of her neck and continues to kiss her as he pulls his fingers out and slides them up her asscrack. Marilyn’s body tenses and she squeals into his mouth as his fingers graze her butthole. He grabs the back of her neck hard forcing her to slide down the seat a bit giving him better access as he rubs her cuntjuice on her asshole. Then he presses the tip of his middle finger against her asshole and, with a groan from Marilyn, it slips inside her tight virgin ass. Using his other finger, he spreads more of her cunt lubrication on his probing finger as it slips deeper into her ass. After it is about halfway in he starts to slowly finger fuck her asshole as he whispers in her ear, “We need to start loosening this up for later.”

He pulls his finger from her ass and picks up the vibrator from the bench between her legs and rubs it up and down her slick cuntlips. Sliding it up her asscrack, he slips the tip of the vibrator in her asshole and turns it on low. The slow buzzing coaxes Marilyn’s asshole open ever so slowly and she gasps as the tip of the vibrator slips inside her ass. Harold turns up the speed and Marilyn lets out a moan the vibrator slips past the halfway point and is sucked up into her ass. With a flick of his thumb, Harold cranks the dial to full and Marilyn slumps forward on the table grabbing the edge with both hands as the anal intruder pulses wave after wave of pleasure through her ass. She starts to rotate her hips forward and back grinding her ass and snatch into the bench in a lust driven quest for release. After just a few brief moments she can’t take it anymore and her left hand submarines down and she shoves two fingers up her wet cunt with a feral grunt of desire. She starts to rub her swollen clit as she continues to grind her ass into the bench and the vibrator dances wildly in her ass.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Uhhhh, FUCK, Grrrrrr,” Marilyn growls as yet another orgasm starts to build in her loins. Then the waves of pleasure pulsating out from her asshole suddenly stop. Marilyn’s head snaps up and she stares at Harold with a sexed crazed look of longing in her eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Harold says with a smirk.

“PL PL Pleeeasssee,” Marilyn whines as she humps the bench and continues to rub her clit.

“Please what?” Harold asks patiently.

“Please, please Master take me home and FUCK me in the ass.” The words come out of Marilyn’s mouth and her eyes widen in disbelief. Did she just say that? With a gulp she watches Harold intently waiting for his reaction.

Without a word, Harold reaches for his wallet takes out a couple of hundred dollar bills and scatters them on the table. He grabs the cord of the vibrator and slowly pulls it out of Marilyn’s ass and she lets out a small sigh of pleasure as the smooth plastic slides along her asshole. Standing up Harold drops the vibrator in his pocket and straightens his tie before heading for the door. Marilyn scoots down the bench and inadvertently flashes her bald pussy at the busboy before she can wiggle her skimpy skirt back down over her ass. Running as best she can in her high heel boots she catches up with Harold as he steps out the front door and snaps his fingers at the valet.


The whole ride home Harold doesn’t say a word and Marilyn sits perched on the edge of her seat in a mixture of anticipation and fear. What will his cock in her ass feel like? She liked the vibrator, but Harold’s cock although not enormous is considerably larger. Based on the last day and a half she knows Harold isn’t going to be gentle, he is going to take her and rape her in the ass with little care for her well being. If she starts to cry that will probably make him fuck her all that much harder. She is a bit light headed from the wine at dinner and her stomach swirls around nervously as they pull up the driveway, but her pussy is burning hot with desire.

Upon entering the house, Harold simply starts to walk up the stairs with Marilyn in tow. Instead of taking the turn into their bedroom as Marilyn expected he walks to the end of the hall to the newly locked guest room. Pulling a key out of his pocket he unlocks the door and walks inside. Marilyn follows him into the, the, the… Oh my gosh she gasps. The sex dungeon.

There is a click and Marilyn turns to see Harold close the door and locks them both in the room. He takes the only key and puts it in his pocket with a smile. Turning around Marilyn’s mind races as she takes in the sights before her. The floor, walls and ceiling are all covered with a dark padded material. In the center of the room hangs a series of leather straps and buckles attached to a set of large rings hanging from the ceiling. A plush throne type chair sits off to one side, a large weathered medieval stockade sits in a corner, and benches of different sizes and heights sit against the wall. Harold walks up to a wall of mirrored sliding doors and opens one panel revealing a series of wooden racks that hold various garments of black of leather, rods and Marilyn gulps as she sees the whips and paddles.

“Strip,” commands Harold.

Obediently, Marilyn unzips the front of her halter top freeing her breasts and shrugs the small garment off her shoulders. She bends over, causing her skirt to ride up and completely expose her pussy and ass, and unzips each boot and kicks them off. Standing back up, she unzips the back of her skirt turned belt and wiggles her ass until the skirt falls to the ground before stepping out of it. Taking a deep breath, Marilyn stands up before the piercing commanding gaze of her husband. Her whole body tingles and she is trembling slightly in a gut wrenching combination of anxiety and anticipation.

“So, you want to get fucked in the ass, do you whore?,” Harold says as collects her garments and throws them in the closet. He reaches onto one the shelves and retrieves two pairs of 6″ long leather cuffs from a shelf.

He kneels down and straps one set onto her ankles and stands up an straps the other set onto her wrists. Before she even realizes what is happening he takes both her arms above her head and clips her wrist cuffs to one of the straps hanging from the ceiling. He then selects a three foot rod and spreads her legs apart clipping one ankle cuff to each end of the rod. Lastly, he gets a finely crafted thin leather collar and clasps it snugly on her neck. Producing a small silver lock from his jacket he slips it through the buckle clasp and with a small click transforms her from a bitchy wife to his bitch, the sex slave.

Sweat beads on Marilyn’s brow as she sees her Master select a riding crop with a small 2″ wide flexible leather paddle on the end of it. He takes a few practice swings then turns and paces around her in a slow predatory circle. “Mmmmm, very nice slave,” he says as he admires his fuck toy and caresses her ass with the paddle. She jumps a bit at the paddle’s touch expecting a painful slap. Harold smirks as he walks around front and caresses first her right tit and then her left tit with the paddle. He lets the paddle wander down her stomach and between her legs. Then…

SLAP! He smacks her cunt hard with the paddle. White pain flashes across Marilyn’s eyes as she cries out and if not for the strap holding her wrists she would have crumpled to the floor in a heap. Harold chuckles as he continues to caress her body with the paddle selecting his next target.

WHACK! He slaps her left tit hard eliciting another squeal of pain from his slave whore. Her pussy and left tit burn from the paddle’s sting, but now both her nipples stand erect on her heaving tits and her snatch is soaking wet.

Harold walks up close to her and grabs her jaw lifting her head. “You are mine, slave. I own your slut whore body and you are my fuck toy that I will do with it as I please,” Harold growls into face. He then kisses her deep shoving his tongue down her throat. She responds kissing her Master deeply as their tongues duel in a heated battle. “Yes, that’s a good slave,” Harold coos before spitting in her face.

“You want to suck my cock don’t you slave,” he says as he caresses the side of her face with the paddle.

“Yes, yessss, I want to suck your cock. I want you to fuck me. I want you to use me like a dirty nasty whore Master,” Marilyn blurts out partially to her own surprise.

“Good, good,” Harold acknowledges as he walks over to the wall and slides a low padded bench over towards her. He bends down and releases her ankle cuffs from the spreader bar and then clips her ankles together. Reaching up he disconnects her wrist cuffs from the overhead strap, but he keeps her wrists bound together as he guides her towards the bench.

“Climb on,” he commands as he pulls her up into a kneeling position on the wide bench. He takes her wrist cuffs and clips them to a ring at the head of the bench. Next he clips her ankle cuffs to another ring at the foot of the bench forcing her into kneeling on all fours. Reaching beneath the bench he pulls up two padded straps and binds one over her calves and the other right behind her knees.

Stepping back, Harold admires his handiwork as Marilyn is bound into a doggie position on the low, wide padded bench with her pussy, ass and throat all at a perfect dick height. “Ahh, much better, now you are ready to get used properly. Are you ready for some dick now slave?,” Harold asks.

Marilyn nods her head enthusiastically burning with lustful desire. She needs it bad. Even her fear of getting fucked in the ass has evaporated and she wants her new güvenilir casino Master to shove his cock deep in her asshole. “Fuck me, please Master. Use my pussy. Use my mouth. And please, please use my ass,” she says wiggling her ass.

Harold walks up to her and caresses the side of her cheek. “Oh you will get used my dear, worry not,” he says as he replaces the paddle in the closet and slides the doors closed. He turns and walks to the door, reaches in his jacket, pulls out the key and unlocks the door.

“Come in boys, she’s all yours,” Harold says into the hallway as he opens the door. Marilyn’s eyes bulge in shock as she sees the three black guys who were playing basketball in the hood walk through the door. Still dressed in their sweaty T’s and shorts they stride into the room. The big bald guy flashes another toothy grin at her and rubs his hands together before he yanks his shirt over his head and unlaces his high tops.

“As per our arrangement you may use this whore as you like, but each of you must ass rape this bitch and cum in her shit hole before you leave,” Harold explains calmly as he closes the door. He loosens his tie then removes his suit jacket and hangs it on a hook. He retrieves a tripod with a camcorder mounted on it from another closet door, positions it next to the throne and turns it on before reclining in the throne to watch the festivities.

In the mirrors Harold sees Marilyn’s face contort with concern for her well being as the realization she is tied and helpless and is going to get ass raped by three black guys sinks in. She opens her mouth to say something but before any noise comes out she gets a black cock shoved in her mouth as the shortest guy, wasting no time, yanks his short, but thick coke bottle cock out of his shorts and stuffs it in Marilyn’s mouth. The fat cock head contorts Marilyn’s dainty mouth stretching it wide.

“Suck my dick bitch,” Shorty moans as he puts his hands on the back of her head and thrusts his fat cock deeper in her mouth. Marilyn’s tongue rolls up his cockslit and the taste of the precum leaking from his cockhole trumps her fear and she starts to greedily slurp, suck and worship the black slab of meat before her. “OOOhhh, that’s it bitch suck that cock like a good little white bitch,” he groans as he starts to fuck her face.

The big bald guy sheds his shorts and Harold smirks as he sees him stroke his massive black cock. It’s not even fully hard yet and has to be at least 10″ already. The other guy, a lanky one with dreds and a wide assortment of tattoos covering his torso and arms circles around behind Marilyn. Like Shorty, he doesn’t waste time stripping down and just takes his 9″ black cock out and starts to immediately rub the head up and down Marilyn’s sweet white pussy lips. Her bare cuntlips glisten with moisture as his black cock head rolls over her slick lips. Still engrossed with the fat cock in her mouth she doesn’t even realize that she arches her back a bit wantonly offering up her snatch. Rasta Dude spreads her meaty beef curtains open and groans as he slides his cock into her slick cunt. A grunt of satisfaction from Marilyn is muffled by the fat cock in her mouth.

“FUCK yeah, that’s some FINE pussy,” Rasta Dude moans as he sinks is cock balls deep in Marilyn’s warm wet cunthole. He grabs onto Marilyn’s hips and starts to fuck her snatch with long deep strokes. Harold watches intently as her meaty cuntflaps grip that black dick greedily as it slides in and out of her pussy. With a wet pop Shorty’s fat cock pops out of Marilyn’s mouth and a large gob of her salvia splatters on the floor. The Big Bald Dude strides up and starts to smack her in the face with his 12″ monster cock.

“Uhhhgggh, UH UH Ohhhhhhhh,” Marilyn moans as Rasta Dude starts fucking her harder. He takes no prisoners and before long his cock is pistoning in and out of her steaming cunt. Her face flushed with exertion, she lets out a silent scream of ecstasy as she is yet again violently fucked like a piece of meat. Her large firm tits bounce around wildly as he pounds her hole and the room is filled with the sound of his sweaty stomach slapping repeatedly into her ass.

“Yeah, fuck that bitch,” Big Bald Dude encourages as he continues to slap her in the face with his huge cock. “Suck my nutsack,” he commands straddling her face. Marilyn’s tongue snakes out and laps at those big black cum filled balls. Each thrust from Rasta Dude sends her face careening into Big Bald Dude’s nutsack and he gratuitously rubs his balls all over her face.

Shorty tags out Rasta Dude and lines up his fat cock with Marilyn’s cunthole. She lets out a groan as the bulbous head of his cock parts her lips and stretches her hole as he pushes forward. “Fa Fa Fa Fuucccckkkk,” she whimpers as her cunt is stretched to new limits by Shorty’s coke bottle cock. His cock is not long, but damn is it fucking wide and rock hard. She’s never been stretched so wide and drops her head into her bound hands as Shorty stakes his claim on her fuckhole.

Big Bald Dude grabs her hair and yanks her head up. “Lick my shaft baby,” he coos as he rubs his dick on her face. Marilyn’s focus shifts from the cunt ripping cock in her hole to the monster black snake sliding against her cheek. The realization of the sheer enormity of this cock slowly starts to sink in as her tongue licks up and down the shaft. “Mmmmmmm, yeah that’s it baby get my cock ready to fuck you in the ass,” moans Big Bald Dude. As those words register, Marilyn’s eyes bulge wide at the thought of this black log destroying her defenseless asshole. She looks pleadingly over at Harold perched in his throne.

Harold’s eyes meet hers and she cringes at the cold hard stare. “I think this bitch whore needs to get raped in the ass now don’t you think?” he says to Big Black Dude. On cue, Shorty plops his fat cock out of Marilyn’s wet cunt and steps back as the Big Bald Dude cracks his knuckles with anticipation.

“Noooooooo, God NO,” squeals Marilyn struggling futilely at her bonds. “Please, no, no no. He’s too big, not in my ASS,” she sobs. Harold rises from his chair and walks in front of his slut wife and squats before her. He grabs her jaw and leers in her face. “Whore,” he sneers and he spits in her face. “That big black cock is going balls deep in your slutty asshole and you will take it. Now beg for it slave.”

“Pllllleeeeaaasse,” Marilyn croaks in a whisper. SLAP! Harold slaps her hard accross the face. “I said BEG for it,” he growls grabbing her throat.

“Mmm Master, please have him g-g-give me that big black cock in my (gulp) ass,” Marilyn pleads staring up pathetically.

Her Master caresses her cheek. “That’s better whore,” he says as he unclips her wrist cuffs from the bench and from each other. “Now spread your asshole open and offer it up to my will,” Harold commands. Placing her head down on the cool leather of the bench, Marilyn reaches back and parts her asscheeks revealing her tiny little pink asshole.

“Mmmmmm, that is one mighty fine tiny little white girl ass. I am really going to enjoy this,” the Big Bald Dude says as he spits on his hand and rubs it on his cock. Harold retrieves a tub of lube from the side of his throne and tosses it to Big Bald Dude before sitting down again.

Digging his meaty fingers into the tub he scoops out a wad of lube gel and smears it on Marilyn’s asshole. He works one finger into her ass and hisses with delight. “Damn, she’s tight. But, she won’t be for long,” Big Black Dude says as he rotates his finger around and slowly works a second and third into Marilyn’s tight virgin asshole.

Gritting her teeth, Marilyn takes the rough three fingered probing of her asshole obediently holding her asscheeks spread wide. Big Bald Dude removes his fingers and rubs some lube on the head of his cock. Taking his black manhood in hand, he steps in and presses the head of his cock against Marilyn’s asshole. At first her butthole fights valiantly against the intruder, but her anal assailant will not be denied and he presses forward even harder. With a sudden pop and a squeal from Marilyn his cockhead slips past her ass ring.

“Cock. Huge. Ass. Can’t. OH god, oh god, oh GOD,” Marilyn pants as her asshole spasms around his cock and her feet twist and turn in ass stretching agony. It’s sooo big. Using her yoga breathing she tries to relax her body and after a few moments her asshole relaxes and adjusts to the massive intrusion. Just as she is about to catch her breath, Big Bald Dude shoves the first three inches of his cock up her ass in one quick thrust.

“AAAAAAhhhhhh, FUCK,” squeals Marilyn out like a stuck pig. Her hands drop of her asscheeks and grab the sides of the bench just as another ruthless thrust buries another three inches of big black cock in her ass.

“Ugggghhhh, my god, my god,” she groans. Unrelentingly, the Big Bald Dude shoves inch after inch of his cock in Marilyn’s tight ass. Her once tiny asshole contorts grotesquely around the huge slab of black meat slowly disappearing in her ass.

“Uhhh, yeah baby. Damn your ass is tight bitch,” Big Bald Dude moans as he pauses with three quarters of his 12″ cock lodged in Marilyn’s snug dirtpipe. He reaches a big paw forward and grabs Marilyn’s hair yanking her head up and with a grunt he slams his entire cock balls deep in her asshole.

“UGGGHHH, Ahhhhrrrggg, SHIT!” cries out Marilyn as her ass is stuffed beyond her wildest imagination. The pressure is so intense and she feels like he is going to rip her in half.

And then, the fucking begins.

Marilyn’s mind swirls in a incoherent state of delerium as every fiber in body feels her asshole getting sucked back out of her body as her assailant pulls his cock back before SLAM! She almost blacks out as the Big Bald Dude yanks back hard on her hair and thunders his enormous cock balls deep in her ass once gain in one brutal thrust. Slowly and methodically he starts to fuck her in the ass. His cock is so long he can’t even pull it more than halfway out of her ass without taking a step back so he just leaves the top half wedged in her ass and fucks her balls deep with the rest.

“Oh god, oh god,” Marilyn continually cries out as Big Bald Dude picks up the pace. He fucks her hard. He fucks her deep, soooo deep. Tears stream down her cheeks as he rapes her in the ass. She has always liked big cocks, but she’s never had anything like this and never in her ass before. All sense of time and the world around her dissolve and all she knows she is getting completely and utterly fucked in the ass.

Harold sits up on the edge of his chair and watches this huge 6′ 3″ black dude and his monster 12″ cock fuck his tiny 5′ 1″ wife in the ass. He almost can’t believe that entire cock fit in her ass and watches with satisfaction as Marilyn’s face scrunches up in discomfort each time that black log slaps balls deep in her asshole.

“UUGGgghhhh, fuck yeah, that’s some good white girl ass. Damn,” moans out Big Bald Dude as he continues to rape her ass. After a few more strokes, he slams his cock in her ass and groans out, “Uhhh, you ready girl? I’m gonna nut up in that tight little ass of yoouuurs.” Harold sees his big black balls snug up to his body as he lets out a grunt and shoots the first volley of his black seed up Marilyn’s shitter. She feels his mighty python pulse and squirm inside her ass as spurt after spurt of his cum coats her bowels.

“Damn girl, that was good baby,” anal rapist number one says as he slaps her ass hard. Stepping back, his cock flops out of Marilyn’s asshole with a plop leaving her once cute little rosebud gapping wide for several seconds as it struggles to regain its original form. A glob of warm cum leaks from her distended butthole and drips on the bench.

Rasta-Dude wastes no time and immediately strides up and presses the head of his cock against Marilyn’s ruined asshole. His cock slides in her cum coated ass with ease and he grabs onto her hips as he snugs his balls up against her cunt. He rotates his hips around enjoying the hot wet warmth of her sloppy asshole for a few moments.

With a grunt he climbs up onto the bench straddling Marilyn’s ass while keeping his cock wedged in her asshole the whole time. He reaches down and puts his hand on her neck pinning the side of her face on the bench. Using his legs Rasta-Dude lifts himself up and slides his cock back along Marilyn’s slick butthole. Just as the flanges of his cockhead start to peek out of her asshole he plunges downward heavily and thunders his cock into her ass.

“AARRRggghhhhhh FUCK FUCK FUCK,” screams Marilyn as the shock wave from his ass shredding thrust engulfs her entire body.

Again and again Rasta Dude lifts himself up and using his entire body weight slams his cock ruthlessly in Marilyn’s asshole. All she can do is whimper and wrap her arms around the bench as her whole body shakes violently as he rapes her in the ass. Cum leaks out around his cock and drips down her snatch as he fucks her over and over again. After what could be a minute, an hour, a day or a week, Marilyn has no clue, he raises his head up and howls in triumph as she feels his cock pulse deep in her shithole as second nutsack full of black cum floods her ass. He climbs down and with a wet slop anal rapist number two’s cock falls out of her loose asshole and a another wad of cum rolls down he cunt and drips on the bench.

Groggy in an assfucked daze, she feels someone put a hand on her ass and press down rotating her hips back to a kneeling position. Her asshole feels like an airplane hanger gaping wide open until she feels Shorty’s jumbo jet take his turn on her rectal runway. His fat cock stretches her already stretched asshole even more and a spasm of pain shoots through her hip as he rips her open even wider. Sweat glistens on her entire body as she thrashes her feet around in ass ripping agony yet again as she grits her teeth. His fat cock isn’t long so after he sinks it all the way in he just yanks it completely back out leaving her asshole gaping open like a large dark window into the depths of her body. Cum drips out of her gaping butthole and then with a wet sploosh and a groan from Marilyn, Shorty’s fat cock spears her ass again.

After a few dozen withdrawals and plunges back into the black hole of Marilyn’s once petite rosebud, Shorty groans and rips his cock out her ass with a slurp and starts jerking his shaft. With another moan a huge wad of cum squirts from his dick and disappears into Marilyn’s gaping asshole. He jerks spurt after spurt of cum into her asshole before pressing the head against her asshole again. His fat cock slips inside her shithole one more time and he humps her ass as the last few pulses of nut juice dribble out into her triple cum filled ass. With a pop and another splooge of cum anal rapist number three’s fat cock plops out of Marilyn’s busted asshole as he staggers backwards.

With a satisfied nod from Harold, the three hired ass rapists from the hood throw their clothes back on and head out the door taking Marilyn’s once tight little pink starfish with them leaving one wrecked, cum filled gaping maw of anal destruction behind.

Harold closes the door and walks over to the bench. Reaching down he undoes the two straps binding Marilyn’s legs to the bench and unclips her ankle cuffs. With a groan of relief, she stretches her legs and drops one to the floor on each side of the bench. Her asshole feels utterly broken and she clenches it to make sure it still works. Hot cum leaks from her butthole and down her pussy as the three loads of black seed swim in her ass. Utterly exhausted, she rests her head on the bench she starts to drift of to sleep.

SMACK! Harold spanks her ass hard and Marilyn is rudely jostled out of her foggy preslumber. “We’re not done yet bitch. Now it’s MY turn to use that slutty cum filled ass,” Harold says as he steps out of his pants. “Get on the floor,” he commands.

Marilyn struggles off the bench and falls to the floor. Harold strides forward grabs her arm and flips her onto her back. Grabbing her thighs he pushes her legs up and then slides his hands down to her ankles as he folds her in half. Without using his hands he pokes his throbbing cock at her asshole and misses and his cock slips in her pussy with a grunt from Marilyn. Using his shoulders to pin her legs upwards he reaches down and pulls his cock out of her cunt and lines it up with her sloppy asshole. He pushes forward and it slides in easily into her well fucked butthole. Warm cum splooges out around his cock and drips down her asscrack.

“I’m gonna fuck you in your nasty, slutty cum filled ass bitch,” Harold moans as he starts to fuck his wife in the ass. Watching his wife get assraped by three black guys has Harold reved up and ready to go so in no time he his pounding that used asshole with a wild ferocity. She got fucked deep, she got pile driven, and she got ripped open but Harold’s assault is by far the most brutal as he once again taps into years and year of frustration and takes it out on Marilyn’s asshole. The triple cum cocktail splooging from her asshole foams and bubbles as it is churned up by Harold’s pistoning cock. Harold’s balls repeatedly slap loudly against her ass and they are soon drenched with the cum leaking out of her asshole.

After a slight pause, Harold slams his cock balls deep in her ass with a feral grunt and slaps her across the face. “Cunt, you wanted it in the ass? Well here it fucking is,” he spews as he spits in her face.

“Dirty” SLAM! “Fucking” SLAM! “Whore” SLAM! Harold grunts as he pounds her ass.

All Marilyn can do is crane her head backward and let out a silent scream as her drool drips down the side of her face. Her vacant eyes roll back into her head and she screams, “Oh MY GOD!” as Harold viciously fucks her in the ass. She reaches up and grabs behind her knees yanking them back to her ears opening herself up to his ferocious assault. Leaning on one hand he slaps her left tit hard just as he slams his cock balls deep in her cum sloshing asshole. Time and time again he slaps her tit as he shoves his cock in her ass.

He can feel the warmth and smell the lust radiating out of as her pussy once again soaks itself in excitement. Without warning he rips his cock out her ass and shoves it deep in her bald cunt with one violent thrust. Marilyn’s body explodes into a frenzy as her limbs fly around and the veins on her neck bulge as a piercing scream of esctacy escapes her lips, “AAAAAHHHHGGGHHH, Oh my god! Oh my god! FFFUuuuuccckkkkk”

Marilyn’s cunt clamps down hard on Harold’s dick as her whole body contorts in the throes of lust as a powerful orgasm explodes in her loins. Harold wraps his hand around her throat and pins her thrashing body to the floor as he fucks her cunthole while she continues to cream herself hard. Her slurping snatch sucks greedily on his dick and with a forceful plunge and a groan he slams his cock balls deep just as the first tsunami of hot cum erupts from his cockslit. Pulse after pulse of his creamy dicksauce splash across the walls of her cunt as she continues to hump him wildly and her snatch milks the cum from his cock vein.

Harold yanks his still hard cock out of her pussy and slams it in Marilyn’s asshole. She screams again as she continues to cum, wave after wave of lust pulsating through her entire body. Reaching down she rubs her clit feverishly and she arches her back and kicks her legs out. Her hand flies across her slick, smooth, cum coated cuntlips and with a pig like feral grunt warm clear snatch juice sprays from her pussy. Thrashing wildly she squirts three more pulses soaking Harold and the floor before flopping back down on the ground in a limp heap. Harold grabs her ass and fucks her asshole a few more times savoring the warmth and the wetness of that triple chocolate dirtpipe milkshake as his dick softens.

With a groan, he wipes his brow and pushes himself up off the totally used piece of fuck meat sprawled on the floor beneath him. His soft cock flops out of Marilyn’s butthole and a stream of warm cum flows down her asscrack and mingles with the dribble of cuntjuice and cum leaking out of her snatch and together they pool of the floor around her ass. Standing up he scratches his cuntjuice and cum drenched balls as he steps over his slut whore wife’s used body on his way to take a shower. On the way out of the room, he shuts off the light leaving his well fucked bitch passed out on the floor in a sticky pool of karma.

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