Bitch at the beach

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Bitch at the beachBitch at the beachMy husband Victor and I really needed some vacation.We flight to Cuba, sandy beaches, sunny days and pool.On the second day Victor came down with a heavy stomach ache, which made him to stay tied to the bed.He told me to go out and enjoy my vacation with our friends Susan and Dan, who we had met the year before, instead of being stuck in a hotel room with him. I spent the better part of the day at the pool with them; I was checking in on Victor regularly to see how he was going and if he needed anything.After dinner, I headed down to check on him and told him we were missing a beach party. He insisted I should go down with our friends as well.At the beach there were barely fifty people, some of them we knew from our resort.Cuban music was blasting from a pair of speakers and a group of women were dancing with some local men.My friends told me that they were heading back to their room and asked if I was okay to walk up alone later.After waving them off, I went on dancing in the middle of the crowd, which now was even a lot more than earlier.A huge black Cuban guy with a nice smile showed up and asked me to dance with him. The tempo was fast and he guided me around trying to teach me how to dance salsa.After a few dances I was ready for another piña colada.My dance partner followed behind me.He introduced himself as Manuel.As he stood there, I finally got a good look at him. He was really very big, had a nice chest, muscular huge arms and most notable, was his magnificent smile.As the night continued on, he progressively moved closer until he was grinding me as we danced. His strong and calloused hands skipped across my body as we danced. Suddenly the music changed and the beat slowed down. Manuel quickly pulled me tightly to him before I could think about it and we swayed slowly to the music. His hand was planted on my back and he pulled me close to him. Before I knew what happened, his lips kissed my neck and his other hand slid up to the back of my neck holding me tighter. Gently at first, then more passionately, he kissed my neck. I was almost paralyzed in his arms. The feel of his lips shot electricity straight to my pussy. My nipples hardened against my dress as he worked his thigh between my legs forcing me to straddle his leg. As we danced, he made sure that I was continuously grinding on his leg. His hand made its way up to my hair and he pulled his face away from my neck. I just stared into his eyes wondering what I was doing. Everything told me to run, but I couldn’t stop enjoying him. His lips met mine and I found myself kissing him back. Immediately his tongue pushed its way in to my mouth and the hand on my back slid down to cup my ass. Manuel took my hand and guided me back to the bar for another round. I knew what he was trying to do, so I ordered another piña colada and took a big sip. The black man took my hand again and guided me off to the side of the bar to a covered area used for sun tanning. I leaned over and he immediately started to kiss my neck again only this time his hand was on my stomach and inching his way up towards my breasts. I turned and kissed him which caused his hand to immediately jump to my breast and squeeze my nipples.He guided türbanlı gaziantep escort my hand towards his crotch slowly. It was very evident that I had him quite excited.I squeezed his cock through his shorts and he pushed the strap of my dress off my shoulder exposing my breast. His mouth moved quickly to it and immediately sucked it deep in to his mouth. My nipples hardened even more…I was so fucking horny. I tugged on his waistband and he immediately pulled his shorts down; his cock popped out. It was a massive nine inches black piece with a thick head. Slowly I began stroking his meat up and down, wanting nothing more that to see him explode. Gently he applied pressure on my neck in an attempt to get my face closer to his swollen cock. I knew exactly what he wanted, I just wasn’t sure if I should suck his cock or not. Victor would love to hear I jerked a guy off, but I wasn’t sure he would want to know about me blowing him. His hand move to the back of my head and his fingers entangled in my curly blond hair as I stroked him only inches from my mouth. His hips bucked wildly trying to get his cock closer to my mouth. Finally I kissed the head gently and let my tongue trace the underside of his swollen head. He grabbed his cock firmly and started rubbing it across my lips and tongue.”Por favor, no me dejes así!” he begged. I stuck my tongue out and licked the head again, then opened my mouth and let his cock slowly make its way deep inside my throat.Sucking his cock in slowly, I felt his hand move out of my hair and trace its way down to my ass. He pulled my dress up exposing my ass cheeks.My panties were soaked and it didn’t take long for his fingers to slide over them. He finally slipped his fingers in my pussy. My soaking wet cunt ate his fingers and he started to fuck me with them. Feeling his cock tensing in my mouth, his fingers began moving quicker in and out of my pussy. Without any warning a hot load of cum exploded into my mouth. Manuel screamed out in Spanish. I held my mouth and let him finish shooting all his seed. I swallowed all his cum and turned to look at him. He was laying there with a big grin on his face.I stood up, adjusted my clothing and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. “Adios, Manuel!” I waved goodbye to my new friend.I turned and began the lone journey back to the resort. About half way to my room I heard a familiar voice.It was Dan, my friend Susan’s husband. “Where is Susan?” I inquired.”She is resting now at our room. I was not tired yet so I decided a walk might help.” He replied happily. As we walked back there was a silence in our conversation. Dan finally broke it, “So…what would your nice husband say about you blowing a black guy dick on the beach?”I felt a knot in my stomach like never before. I tried to deny it, but he began to explain the events in detail. It was clear he had watched me giving Manuel a blowjob. “I just need to get back to my room, I feel very tired!”.”Are you going to tell your husband about it?” he asked. I shook my head: “Of course not”.”You will give me the same he got, or I will tell Victor.”He assured me he was very serious about both telling my husband and wanting a blowjob. türbanlı gaziantep escort bayan “I want that hot little mouth of yours to suck me off.”I raced to figure out what I was going to do. Would I tell the truth to Victor about the blowjob? Would I tell Susan about her husband blackmailing me? Would I just do it and everything could stay status quo? “Well? What is it going to be?” he asked. I could only muster one word, “Where?”He pointed to a little shack and started walking towards it. Once we arrived he turned to face me as his hands gently pushed the straps off my shoulder and my dress slid to the ground. I stood there in the cool night air with nothing but my panties on as he played with my breasts. His hand reached down to my soaking wet pussy and played with me through my panties. He whispered to my ear: “That is a nice wet pussy Ana! You must have really liked sucking that Cuban black cock.” I couldn’t speak. He guided me to a sitting position inside the small shack and stood between my legs. Slowly, he undid the zipper on his shorts and pulled his hard cock out. Instinctively my hands reached out to grab his cock.It was a huge eight inches monster piece, not yet fully erect. This tall white man was packing some serious cock. My fear turned to fascination as I squeezed and tugged on his giant member.Slowly I opened my mouth taking the head in and he began to rock his hips pushing himself in and out of my mouth. As his cock moved further into my mouth, he put his hands in my hair and began to fuck my mouth like he owned me.I gagged as he quickly rammed it to the back of my throat. His cock stiffened every time I gagged and he started fucking my mouth even faster in his excitement. He moaned loudly “You are going to swallow my load?” I shook my head no; he began to fuck my mouth harder. “Oh, you are going to swallow, you little slut, or I will tell that husband of yours what a little whore he has.” I knew he would explode soon and began trying to prepare myself to swallow his load. His hands tightened on my hair and he pounded the back of my throat with every thrust. “Get ready, bitch! I’m going to explode.”Not a second later, the first blast of his seed hit my throat. I gagged and he pulled my head further down on his cock, pushing the head deep inside my throat. He held me there firmly as he continued to shoot stream after stream down my throat.I swallowed until the last drop of cum as he slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth. Reaching down I grabbed my dress and was about to put it, when he yelled, “No you don’t! We aren’t finished yet.” He pushed me back on the shack deck and started to play with my pussy. His rough fingers pinched at my clit and he coated his fingers with my wetness, shoving two long fingers in me. He finger fucked me for what seemed to be an eternity with those two fingers before pushing the third one against my tight asshole. I clenched as hard as I could. “Please! Not there!” I begged.”I’m just playing with it. I’m not sticking my cock in there.” Eventually he got his finger in my tight ass and fucking both my holes with the movement of his hand while he squeezed and sucked my breast with his lips. He was türbanlı escort gaziantep so rough and it wasn’t working for me at all. I knew he wasn’t going to stop until he made me orgasm.Faking an orgasm was the only option to bring this to a quicker end. I started to moan and shake my hips until eventually biting my lip and pretending to cum for him.I screamed out, “Oh fuck yes! I’m cumming.”Dan started pounding me harder with his fingers.I slammed my thighs together, “Please! No more!.”This seemed to please him and he removed his hand.I laid there starring up at the stars, my pussy pounding and the taste of his cum in my mouth. I felt his cock come down to my mouth again. He was kneeling beside me and his cock was hard as a rock again.”There is another load in here for you Ana.”I begged him, “No more please. My jaw is aching.””You need to empty me, or I tell hubby. That’s the deal!” I guess I’m going to have to fuck you after all.” He said.I laid there in shock as he moved himself between my legs. My protests were unheard and he pushed his huge head of his dick against my pussy lips. I gasped loudly and he pushed it in to my soaking pussy.Gently he shoved his cock deeper into my body. Once he had it half inside, he began to fuck me a bit faster. He grunted, “You have a sweet tight little cunt, Ana”. He pushed himself into me faster and deeper with each thrust; he continued to talk dirty to me about how tight it was my pussy and how he could abuse it. Then it happened I felt my pussy get wetter and wetter.Looking up at him, I knew immediately he was shooting a load inside me. I saw his devilish smile as his cum filled my pussy and ran out down the crack of my ass. He never stopped fucking me. He put his big hand on my neck and starred down at me, “My cock is not yet done with you Ana.” He fucked me relentlessly, while I tried to be quiet.After an eternity, he stepped back pulling his cock out.”Open that mouth for me again Ana!” he ordered.I slipped off the shack and went on my knees in the sand. Dan lifted his hard cock to my lips and I opened my mouth. Slowly he pushed his cum covered cock into my mouth. The ache in my jaw returned immediately.”Good bitch, get on all fours again.” He said.I stood up and he pushed me towards the shack again where I got on my hands and knees. His huge cock was buried in me again pounding me hard. He fucked me hard and put his cock as deep as it would go.I felt his thumb penetrating slowly into my asshole and he began to work it in to me.I clenched my teeth as he fucked my ass with his thumb and his huge cock assaulted my pussy. Suddenly he pulled out and in one stroke he pushed his cock deep inside my asshole, making me scream aloud.“Fucking bastard, not in my ass!!!” I yelled angrily.But he held me firmly by my waist and shoved his hard dick deep inside my tight asshole.He pushed himself deep into me and held it there as he exploded in me. I could felt his warm load inside me.I felt his cock start to soften before he pulled it out. I collapsed to the deck of the shack. “Here you are!” he told me. I rolled over to see him handing my dress to me. Sitting up I grabbed the dress, feeling his cum running from my ass.”That was a nice fun Ana, have a good night.” He then made his way up in the darkness leaving me there.For the remaining three days of our vacation, I was a mess. I had fully expected to be blackmailed continuously and getting fucked and abused, but Dan was true to his deal. Victor mended up and invited both Susan and Dan to dinner with us on the last night.He just stared at me with a big smile whenever he thought that nobody was looking.

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