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Birthday surpriseBirthday surprise.So, it was coming up to my 40th birthday We had been married several years and sex was getting a little vanilla, that would be Jayne riding my cock cowgirl style and it was all getting a bit flat and predictable.As my birthday was only 4 weeks away, Jayne took the decision of asking me whilst riding my cock what I wanted, just as she had done at Xmas. That was a simple question to answer, the same answer as before, Jayne and I, to go to the new swinger’s club up the road, and as before all I got was a scowl. Jayne was no prude as you know, and we had shared many joint experiances with others, but was not keen on having such public sex with others so close by and being centre of attention or so she thought, not that she had tried it mind!Getting the same answer ended that moment of passion I can tell you, as she got off and went to the loo.As she reappeared in her sports bra I got a short sharp answer, “You best make us members then” as she collected her clothes and left the room.With no time to waste, a quick phone call made there and then, and we were booked in to visit on Tuesday night when we would sign in and get a look around the place. You had to visit before becoming members so they could see if you, and they would hit it off!We parked the car in the nearby public car park and started the short walk down the street to the entrance which should be just around the corner. It has started to drizzle with light rain, but it was only light and we would be there in 3mins, so we set off without our coats as it was still a warm evening. We soon discovered we had parked in the wrong car park and as the rain got heavier and really started falling in earnest, we were getting soaked. 10 minutes later and soaked to the skin literally, we arrived at the entrance just off the busy street.Ringing the doorbell, a small woman about 40 years old and shapely in a tight-fitting blue dress with a low cut front, here FF Nylons showing off her red nail varnish toes, as she stood in the doorway in stocking feet. “Hello, you must be Jayne and Ian, I’m Jill come in you look soaked!” We walked into the small entrance, a desk sat to the side and 3 doors off the entrance. A large rack had some shoes in it and an area for coats etc lay behind that. It was all clean and well decorated.“Come on up to the sauna area where you can dry off, Jack will get all your clothes and get them dried for you. Put your shoes in the rack please before you go any further, rules of the club.”Jill turned left, opened the solid door and lead the way walked up the stairs, we followed and appeared in the Sauna area, now the rain was being replaced by sweat it was that hot in there, deliberately so as I was to find out.Jack appeared from nowhere, and stood smiling at us stark naked.With a name like Jack we expected a mid 40’s guy or older, but Jack turned out to be Jill’s son, he was in his late teens. He had a deep all over tan with a shaved head, and fully shaved body, it showed off his fit looking torso and abs, he cut a dashing figure made even more appealing with his deep blue eyes and smile. His sizable cut cock hanging by his large shaved ball sacks.“Right guys let’s have all your clothes and I will get them dry for you, then we will go on the tour”I stripped down to my boxers and handed them over, Jayne stood in bra and panties and did the same, Jack just stood looking, and sharply replied.“Come on Guys, I said all the clothes, pants bra and boxers off, we know what a naked body looks like, we get to see them all here, or maybe you’re too shy? If so your in the wrong place trust me!!”“Shy, No of course not”I said sheepishly with a giggle like being told off by your mother. I quickly pulled my boxers off, looking at Jayne who was still looking at Jack, she stepped towards him.“Unclip me would you? She turned and waited as Jack undone the bra, pushing the straps over her shoulders and running his hands down her breasts as it fell into his hand, she took a step forward and bent down, pulling her thin thong to her ankles. Jack had a good look at her ass and pussy, as she took an age to slip them off her feet before standing up, and turned round, her firm full 36EE breasts stood proud as she passed them all to Jack smiling. Jack disappeared around the corner with a smile on his face.“Nice move, love it” I heard as he left.“Ok That’s Jack My son as you have guessed, an active member here and helps to sort out the place, you will have to get used to his abrupt manor and the fact he is almost always nude, has been since a c***d, as soon as he get the first opportunity he strip’s off, not that I complain”“How old is he, and how active?” Jayne asked“18 and very active if you let him..……but he understands NO.” “Anyway, this is the sauna and shower area, Nude at all times in this area and we don’t allow shoes anywhere in the club as you may have guessed by now.One other thing, and it’s considered by some to be a bit risky, but we are all adults, and that is we also don’t insist on condoms being worn, just be aware! If you catch thats down to you not anyone else. As I said the changing rooms are just around the corner. I guess I should join you it’s quite warm in here isn’t it”. Jill unzippered her dress and slipped it over her hips and onto the floor revealing her bare breasts, and shaved pussy. Stepping out of it revealed she wore only on a 4 way black suspender belt and the fully-fashioned stockings. I could feel myself starting to get aroused, as my cock started to swell and lift. I loved nylons and it had this immediate reaction most times I saw a woman in just stocking feet.“Getting excited are we Ian” Jill replied as I started to lift to attention.“Sorry” I stuttered“I was not expecting you to be so, ….er well….., so sexily dressed, I have a thing for nylons as you can see, no offence meant but you do look great”I shrugged and smiled, caught out by Jill and turned on with the thrill of it all I was now fully erect.“Don’t worry I seen lots of stiff cocks here if it didn’t move, I would think you were in the wrong place come on let’s look round”For the next hour, we wandered around the place with Jill and Jack popping up now and then, upstairs and down, onto the dance floor, into the private areas, the play rooms Where Jill took time to explain all the toys and binding points niğde escort etc. in the end we had both forgotten we were nude and laughed with them both over the little stories.We arrived at the Jacuzzi and Jack flipped open the lid and switched it on.“Come on, let’s give it a try out”He climbed into the very large tub and held his hand out for Jayne to come up the steps. Taking his hand she climbed over the lip turning her back to him rubbing herself against his body, before slipping into the water on the other side with Jack. I climbed in helping Jill up who kept her stockings on and we slipped into the hot water.As we sat looking at each other across the bubbling water, Jack made it very clear he had his hand on Jaynes leg stroking her thigh, then her breast. I jumped as Jills hand slipped into my groin and onto my hard cock and started to rub it.“Jayne. Ian’s cock is really hard, is Jacks the same? I’m starting to get a wet pussy!”Jayne smiled “Jack is really hard and so big, and with his finger rubbing my clit I’m very wet, and excited, he needs to be careful !”She looked at Jack and went in for a kiss which he took gratefully, then another, and another them moaned. Clearly he had found her clit and was working on it. She kissed him deeply and swung round onto his lap.I carefully rubbed Jills right breast, she took my hand and pushed it over her fanny, and I soon had a couple of fingers up her, kissing her.“Sit on the top Ian” I lifted myself to the top shelf as Jayne turned to see what was happening. Jill grabbed her full breasts and started to rub my hard cock with them. “MMM nice Jill, very nice”She stopped and slipped her tongue around the top of my cock, licking down the shaft.Jayne just looked at me mouthing something“Jayne are you going to sit on Jack then or what, you know you want to”“I already am, all the way to his balls and I hope he going to fuck me in a minute!!”As Jill sucked on my cock, it was clear Jack was indeed fucking Jayne, as he moved up the steps one by one till he was in the open and on the side of the Jacuzzi, then lay down still with Jayne riding him.“Oh fuck Jill I’m cuming”, she just carried on and I shot a load into her mouth and waited for her to slow and stop. I looked over her head and Jayne was collapsed on Jack as his long cock was ramming it home in Jaynes pussy, she cried out, and I saw Jacks toes curl and knew he had just seeded her with 18 year old active sperm.We all paused for a few mins, then Jack spoke.“Ok guys let’s just fill in these forms and pay your money and you will fit in great here, remember we are all here for fun nothing else.”As duly paid up members we were told that next Saturday which happened to be my Birthday was for couples and new members and would be a great time to have our first visit, we could also stay over in one of the side guest rooms if we wanted to.I don’t think I have ever seen Jayne look less happy to be going anywhere in my life as on that night. Dressed in a pair of white fully-fashioned Cuban heeled stockings, cute little white sheer thong which hid nothing now Jayne had shaved herself really close, and white sheer bra, she looked stunning, topped off with a thin nylon loose fitting white shirt she looked the business, and I was sure she would be well received. Well by me if by no one else.The thing with Jayne was she quite shy until she gets horny, then… came first and inhibitions went, but getting her horny when she was nervous was not so easy.A couple of large vodka and Cokes before we left had her looking slightly less miserable.We entered the doorway and rang the bell to be met by Jill.“Hi you two come on in” We walked in through the reception, signed in and were given a key, asked to remove our shoes and put them in the rack with everyone else’s, then this time we could go through the door to the dance floor and main area.We slipped off and hung our shoes, then took a step into the main room. Maybe 20 people were already dancing, something I never do, much to Jayne’s annoyance as she loves to dance, they were in various states of dress or not, some in underwear, a couple totally naked, and others in trousers and skirts, it seemed odd, but everyone was getting along fine.The music was current for our age and not too loud for once, the lighting was dim but you could see where you were going with no issues.We walked around the dancefloor to the far side to a quiet corner with a good view of the floor.“Now we have put this section aside tonight so you can just sit and watch, and everyone knows folk in this area are first time visitors so will make you welcome more than ever, at the moment you’re the first ones” Jill led us over passed the bar to a section near the back of the room where a couple of small rooms were marked “Private no viewing”,“Remember if you get the urge and want to be on your own this is the area, no one will watch you play in here, or if you fancy being more on show use the red bed! Its fun honest!!”Across from the bar was an open room, inside was a large round Red bed, large enough to get 6 on I would think, but still in view.Jill reappeared with two drinks,“On the house, and I made them large ones, now enjoy yourself, just slip off what feels right to you, till you’re ready to use the changing rooms if you get that far”With that we were left alone.“Cheers Jayne”I said holding my glass in the air. Chink and we sat watching, stroking each other’s leg till the drink had gone. “Fancy another one?”A nod in reply, and I slipped to the bar where Jack was serving, Naked as normal, and brought back 2 more drinks.“Come on Ian Lets go dance” It was time for me to make my effort towards the night, not that I could dance, or even tap a tune!“OK hold on I need to take this shirt off I’m cooking, its sticking to me”I pulled it out and unbuttoned it, dropped it to the floor by my empty glass I took the opportunity to lose the socks as well.As we slid over the floor more and more of the folk had started to remove items of clothing no doubt down from the heat of the lights and activity. We had several dances, Jayne easing herself into the night as she pulled out her top and undid more and more of the buttons till it just flapped about. In between a record I grabbed the opportunity to get her to remove it and I put it with my shirt. As I looked back she was chatting to niğde escort bayan two other girl dancing with her, both were stark naked. They were all laughing, and appeared to be having a good time, and clearly trying to get Jayne to strip off, she shook her head a few times then throwing her arms in the air nodded, her hands slipped behind her back and the bra slipped from her shoulders her bare breasts on show for the first time as she tucked it into her skirt. A little cheer went up from the two girls and Jayne went for the zip in the skirt, it fell to the ground as Jill appeared and both were removed.I stood excited and slipped off my trousers dropping them with the tops we had discarded, my cock getting hard in my boxers as my excitement rose as watched the girls with Jayne now only in a thong and stockings. I made my way back to join the four of them. Mid way through the next song and my boxers were pulled down by one of the girls. I stepped out of them kicking them to the side, as the girl tugged on my cock and all the girls laughed. Then it was Jaynes turn to have her thong removed and her shaven mound rubbed by the two girls.Another couple of dances and we were all much more relaxed and Jayne’s now only in her stockings . We said our goodbye to the girls for the time being and made our way back to our sofa stopping off at the bar for more drinks, doubles of course!I handed Jayne her drink put mine on the table dropping her thong and my boxers on the rest of the clothes.Naked we sat and had more cuddle’s, we were both dripping wet in sweat. Jayne straddled me and gave me a deep kiss I could feel my cock rising as Jayne fumbled down below to guide it into her wet pussy, but I was not ready for that yet.I pushed Jayne upright so I could get a good look at her tits, now completely free of clothing.“Let me suck on those tittys first, now your getting horny”Her firm wet breasts on full show, and in my hands for the first time in the night. I gently took them massaging them and kissing her. Her nipples firmed and I knew she was loving this.I sucked and nibble on them with gentle pressure, the harder I could nibble told me how horny she was getting, and by the way she was sliding up and down my groin I already knew.With my cock hard as it was going to get, Jayne rubbed her wet cunt up and down its length playing with my balls with her hands, I really wanted to fuck her, but in front of people. A few at the bar were looking over to us but only in casual glances.“MMMM that’s nice, you’re so hard”She started to gently bounce, trying to find a way for my cock to slip up her, to help I lifted her and I guided my cock into her wet cunt. It slid up to the sound of her love juice squirting over my balls. We started to slowly, very slowly, ride and grind up and down my cock as we kissed and nibbled each other’s ears and neck. After a few minutes I asked“Let’s re-position, let me slide down further then you turn around and get back on me, your feet by my legs, then I can play with your tits then as well as your pussy”She slipped off and took a drink, we were both a bit tipsy, but horny. My cock shone with her wetness and we moved position. With her white stocking legs either side of me, she dropped back down on my hardness, without a care. I played with one tit whilst had my finger on her clit, we were soon into a rhythm, it was then she started to moan and draw attention to us.Jayne always closes her eyes when we have sex so was unaware of the group of people who had now gathered a respectable distance from us, and were now looking at her in full view, naked apart from stockings, sliding up and down on me whilst she moaned, her tits bounced and glistened with sweat in the lights.She was well on the way to an orgasm which I needed to stop this early in the night.I whispered in her ear.“So are you over your shyness now, stripping off with the girls and having sex with me now is ok?””MMMM this is so nice, I’m so wet and horny for you, and your so Hard, much harder than at home””Your so fucking sexy yourself, this is a great present for me, and the folks are loving watching us, that makes me harder for you”I nibbled her ear. I knew she would open her eyes with that comment, she slowed almost to a stop as the realisation hit her that she was having sex in full view of the bar, her face, pussy, and tits were all on display as was my cock sliding up and down into her.“I think I need a drink”She climbed off me,“Yes please just put it on our tab, Jack knows which one it is,” I replied.She calmly walked over to the bar and ordered, chatted to Jack who kept looking over to me smiling then returned with the drinks and we sat hugging each other, and kissing.A few moments later Jill appeared in just black FF hold up stockings.“Looks like you’re over your nerves then, and starting to enjoy yourselves, you won’t be needing theses again tonight will you” picking up our clothes.“No, I guess we won’t be needing them for sometime now. Thank you Jill”replied Jayne.“Come on Jayne, let’s go have a dance”I stood up still with my semi hard on, Jayne smiled and eagerly jumped to her feet and we trotted past the bar and watching group and started to dance. 3 dances later we returned via the bar, and more double vodka & coke we sat down and chilled.“Are you ok now? Over your nerves?”“Yes, well not much they haven’t seen now of me is there, and no one interfered, so yes I’m good with it, you knew they were watching didn’t you, that’s why you had me turn round and be on display?”“Yes, I like them watching us, there is a bed over there, I want to make love to you on it, come on”“No, I need a rest, let’s have our drink,”.Another vodka & coke slipped passed us as my cock shrank back to its lips state.Eventually Jayne stood up holding out her hand which I took and she led me over to the Red bed pushing me right to the top of it before kneeling on it herself.Her hands slapped the inside of my thighs and I opened them up for her, lifting my foot she started to suck on my toes and lick my sole. Looking straight at me and sucking on my big toe her tongue flicking between my others had my cock rising fast and I was soon proud and stiff. She carried on licking my legs then my inner thigh working her way to my torso biting and nibbling on the way. Looking at me and smiling, her mouth sank over my cock, niğde escort all the way down to my balls she stayed on my for a good 20 seconds before coming up for air then back down again. Back up for air and still smiling she stuck out her leg offering me her toes to suck on which I did. She slowly peeled, and rolled down her stocking before moving her leg, straddled me, and licked the head of my cock slapping my legs together this time.A bit more sucking on my cock head and she turned her attention to my knees, nibbling them, which I love and find a great turn on. She wrapped her stocking round them, tying them tight before removing the other stocking. She backed herself back up my body till her pussy was right above my mouth and I took full advantage parting her pussy lips and licking her love hole, flicking her clit and sticking my tongue into to her. She was sucking my cock and twisting her hand up and down my shaft slurping, and getting faster with each bob of her head, I was right on the edge of shooting, she gripped the base of my cock stopped sucking and held me for a few minutes as I started to relax and go limp again.“Turn over I want to tie your hands together, you want to spice up our sex play, so do I don’t let me down!”I rolled over onto my chest.A few minutes of back rubbing and ass pinching and my desire to get hard started again, she pulled my hands together and the second stocking bound them together before rolling me back over on my back kissing me.From the side Jack appeared standing by the bed, Jayne slapped the sheets and he climbed aboard, she leant forward and kissed him, as he fondled her breasts. He sat down with his legs spread and whilst wanking me in one hand she slipped her mouth onto his limp cock. I watched, it soon started to grow in her mouth. She sat up looking at us both, hard and stiff and now wanked us both.With a naughty smile, she lifted herself over my legs and slid her wet pussy down on my cock riding me slowly. Jack knelt at her side as she took his cock in her hand turning and twisting up and down his shaft, and licked the tip of his head before taking him into her mouth.This was getting the attention of the room and a few more moved over to the bed to watch.Taking Jack from her mouth she leant over to me and kissed me, whispering in my ear.“Now we have a crowd!, your all tied up so don’t be a pussy, or this is the last time we visit”She beckoned to Jack to move round and he knelt over my head. Jayne grabbed his cock and licked it a few times then kissed me, sucked him a couple of times then kissed me again, sucked him again, and bent down still sucking his cock till she was right by my mouth and kissed me. She lay Jacks cock on my lips and licked the end of it, tickling my lips at the same time, then opened her mouth, Jack slid in and out of sliding over my lips, her saliva being moved onto my lips by his shaft. She pulled away and kissed me, her tongue flashing in and out of my mouth making my lips wet and eager for more. She sliding jacks cock in by our tongues, I was licking a mans cock, with her, my god what had happened here. She guided it into my mouth, then into hers, back to mine, then hers, then into mine, then moved away, watching like the crowd were..Tied and lying on my arms there was little I could do, and to be honest I was starting to liking being used!Jack slowly slid in and out of my mouth now and Jayne was riding me hard pinching my nipples. My toes started to curl and I closed my lips on Jacks cock and started to use my tongue licking over his head and rising up to suck harder on him.I could hear the crowd egging us on, as Jack slowed and pushed deeper into my mouth.Jayne twisted my nipples hard saying “Go on baby take him deeper” It only made me more horny. Jack stepped off the bed and standing on the ground pulled me backwards so my head lay just on the bed, supporting my neck he pushed me backwards and slapped his cock on my face. My God he want to deep throat me I thought….. I was right..He slid in getting deeper and deeper with each thrust, I wanted to gag but didn’t, his cock slipped over the roof of my mouth and my clacker, then past it, his balls hit my forehead and I started to choke. Instantly he pulled out and held my head up for air a couple of gasps and in he went again straight down and held himself there, Jayne gave a really hard twist to my nipples and I shot up her like a small machine gun load after load, most blanks maybe but my balls appeared to be being sucked dry with each firing. Jack withdrew speaking to Jayne.“Swing round and suck him” he saidJayne squeezed her muscles together as she climbed off and turned as instructed, Jack pulled her hips back till he could reach her pussy. Jayne slipped straight onto my cum covered cock and started to suck again.“Lower yourself onto him”She did just that pushing her wet bald fanny onto my face moving it back and forth over my mouth. I stuck my tongue out to lick her, Mmmmm creamy, salty, sticky, she tasted great, I licked her clit and she started to relax, she was highly aroused now, a glob of my cum dripped onto my tongue and slid instantly into my mouth.Jack pushed his cock closer,then into Jayne cunt, bareback, I was now licking his shaft and taking my cum with each exit he made from her. Holding her hips he really started to work on her. Deep full thrusts of that 8” cock his balls fully up to her opening allowing me, no forcing me to lick them and suck on them, Jayne stopped sucking on my now, hard cock as her back slowly arched. Jack moved into overdrive, almost fully withdrawing with each faster stroke, his breathing getting more excited like Jayne’s was.“Go on Jack” cried the crowdJayne moaned, Jack shuddered and I could feel his shaft pulsing with young fresh semen as it left his balls heading into her love hole.Then he started again fucking her. What was he made of!!Jayne now lay helpless on me pinning me to the bed as Jack shuddered again, he started to shrink and withdraw, as he slowly slipped out so did his fresh load, more watery than mine and with an odd taste but I had no option but to take it I couldn’t move!A few minutes passed and Jayne rolled off me onto the side of the bed, looked at me, smiling “I want more cock, I want fucking again, that was so much more fun that what we do”.She started to untie me.Another couple climbed onto the bed, “Would you like to play with us?”Jayne looked at the guy in his 40’s, clean shaven and maybe 6” limp.“YES Please” she turned and sank her mouth over his cock and another 25 mins of entertainment was seen by the room…!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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