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Subject: Birthday Suit-Part 5 Birthday Suit-Part 5 This story is a work of fiction and contains sexual scenes between adults and teens. If these things offend you, or you are under the age of eighteen and this subject matter is illegal then please stop reading. As this story is mine, please do not reproduce or submit this story to another website without my approval. As Always, please remember to support , as your donations are what keep the site going. fty/donate.html) The next day, I woke up with an almost painful erection, my hand reached down to stroke it, but then I remembered my promise to William and instead took my first cold shower, and although it helped a bit, I was hard moments after getting out of the shower. I did everything to distract myself, reading, video games, working out, but nothing helped. Early afternoon I got William on chat and after greeting each other, “So Nick, how did last night go?” After explaining everything that had happened, “Nick, did she look like she would actually follow through on her threat to spank you?” I had been thinking about that ever since last night, “Yes, she was serious.” After several other questions, he asked, “Nick, did you wish she had done it last night, spanked you in front of your sisters?” I had been thinking about that too, and after tossing it around in my head, I realized that was why I had gotten so hard and my foreskin had pulled back on it’s own, my face went red and I almost whispered, “Yes.” “Nick, I could hardly hear you. Last night, did you want her to spank you in front of your sisters?” This time I spoke clearly, “Yes, I did.” He was silent for over a minute, then he smiled “Good. You are very aroused right now, it will be difficult for you to hold off for another 2 days, but I know you can do it.” To get my mind off of my erection, I asked, “Why did you want me to get a physical?” Another smile, “I want you to start being naked in front of more people.” “But my Doctor doesn’t have me get naked.” “Leave that to me.” For the next hour, we talked about how I had felt last night, then I had been on my own until my family got home. My mother was having me do more things around the house, including cleaning, and all 3 of them were commenting more and more about my body. Just before supper my younger sister pointed out, “His bottom is not as red today.” This brought giggles from my mother and older sister, then my mother, “He got off easy, the next time he acts up, I’ll make it red for a week.” Her tone told me she meant it, then as I was serving the food to them my older sister asked, “Mom, I’m usually home before you, if he acts up, can I spank him?” I almost dropped the food at the idea, my cock which had already been hard, throbbed to full erection. There was a long pause, the 3 of them staring at me, then, “Yes, I think that’s a good idea.” I started to protest, almost said something, but the look on my mothers fac told me that speaking was not a good idea. When I met my older sister’s eyes, she grinned as I realized another power exchange had just taken place. Doing the dishes after supper was now my job, once done I went upstairs and was talking to William soon after. After aydın escort telling him what had happened, “Nick, did you wish either your mother or sister had spanked you tonight?” I had no idea why, with no attraction to women at all, I knew I had wanted one of them to spank me. “Yes.” “Then why didn’t you protest or act out?” William said it so matter of factly, that suddenly it hit me. “I guess I was waiting to hear that it was okay.” William laughed, “It’s okay Nick, nothing safer than experimenting with things like this with family members.” Our conversation went on for a couple of hours and with the next day uneventful, the next time we spoke was the night before my physical. My cock had been so hard that I was almost panting when we started chatting, right away I asked, “Can I masturbate now please?” “What do you mean Nick?” “You said I had to hold off until my physical, it’s tomorrow.” There was pause, then he laughed, “No Nick, I said at your physical.” “Wait! What? I’m not even naked at the Doctors. You want me to cum in my pants?” “No Nick, in front of the Doctor, and you will be naked.” “In front of him? But there is always a nurse in the room. How will I do that?” A long pause, then, “You didn’t tell me there was always a nurse present, that makes this even better.” I was at a loss for words, confused, then, “Nick, tomorrow when you get there you will remove your shoes and socks like usual. Does he ever ask if there is anything you want to talk about, or if there is anything you need him to examine?” Remembering, “Yes, he always asks that before the exam.” “Excellent. I have noticed you have a mole on your back, you are going to ask him to examine it. If he doesn’t tell you to remove your shirt, you will do it on your own, then make sure it is as far away from you as possible, drop it on the floor, etc, do you understand?” I wondered how he knew about the mole, but then he had seen me naked on camera many times. His idea to get my shirt off was a good one, “Yes, I understand.” “Now the next part will take more effort. You are going to tell him that sometimes you have trouble retracting your foreskin while you are erect and ask him to take a look.” The idea thrilled and scared me, I had not been naked in front of him since I was very little. “What if he doesn’t have me take my pants off?” “Nick, that part is easy, you will only be wearing a t-shirt and shorts, no underwear.” I took a deep breath, he had really thought this through, then, “Nick, I want you to make sure your shorts come all the way off, how you do it is up to you, then I want you to ejaculate while he is examining your penis.” I shook my head, “What? The nurse will be there.” A long pause, then a smile, “Exactly Nick, exactly.” We spoke for a long time that night, then I had a very light sleep, my cock so hard I thought I would never sleep again. The next morning I showered, pulled on a t-shirt, shorts, and shoes, not even bothering with my socks, and headed to the doctor’s office. The office was empty when I got there except for the nurse, I was the first appointment of the day. After a few minutes, she led me into the exam room and said, “Take your shoes aydınlıkevler escort and socks off, Doctor Waters will be right in.” I took my shoes off and left them by the door, before I sat on the exam table my cock was already hard. As the door opened I covered it with my hands, then, “Hi Nick, it’s good to see you.” I smiled and then, “Step over hear and let’s weigh and measure you.” The nurse watched every ste[p I took, probably wondering why I kept my hands in front of my shorts. After stepping off the scale he said, “You’ve grown and put on a few pounds, all good. Hop back on the table.” Once on, he asked, “Is there anything you need me to look at Nick?” I took a deep breath, my heart raced, “I have a mole on my back, was wondering if you could check it.” He smiled and said, “Let’s have a look.” Before he got a chance to move I pulled my t-shirt up and off and dropped it on the floor beside the exam table. He looked surprised and said, “I could have done it with your shirt on, but since it’s already off, lets have a look.” At this point, the nurse stood from the chair she was sitting in and parked herself right beside the doctor. He first checked my ears and throat, then felt around my neck and lisitend to my heart with his a stethoscope then said, “Lay down on your side and let’s get a look at this mole.” My cock was pounding hard as his hands made contact with my back, then I felt him touching the mole and finally he said, “Nothing to worry about Nick, sit back up.” At this point, he usually checked my feet and then reached into my pants, but stopped when I said, “Ummmm….there is something else I wanted to ask you.” My face was flushing red and sensing this he said, “Nick, I’m your doctor, you can ask me anything.” I looked at him, then the nurse, and said, “Sometimes I have trouble……” My voice trailed off, then, “Trouble with what Nick?” My entire body flushed red, “Sometimes I have trouble pulling my foreskin back when I’m har…..ummm..erect.” The nurse’s eyes opened wide, but my Doctor remained calm, “Yes, very common among uncircumcised makes. Let’s finish up the usual exam and then take a look.” He examined my feet and legs, then, “Nick, lay back, head on the pillow please.” As I did, I left my hands covering the front of my shorts and I noticed the nurse stepped even closer, then, “Nick, undo your shorts and push them down a little please.” It was now or never, William had told me to make sure they were all the way off, so I undid the button, took a deep breath, raised my hips, and pushed them down as far as I could, below my knees. As my erection popped free, swung up and then bounced off my abdomen, Both my doctor and the nurse looked surprised, then, “Nick, I’m going to retract your foreskin.” I had promised, so before he touched it I wiggled my right leg, forcing my shorts to my ankles, and then kicked them all the way off and heard them hit the ground. Now totally naked and erect Dr. Waters grasped my shaft with his right hand and slowly started pulling my foreskin back, then he pushed it forward and as he was pulling it back again my back arched and I shot an enormous load ayrancı escort of cum, the first two shots landed on my face, followed be several more on my chin, chest and then my abdomen. My cock was still throbbing in his hand as I said, “Sorry…I..ummm….” The nurse’s eyes were wide open as he said, “No problem Nick, your foreskin seems fine, and I’m glad you keep yourself so clean, take this and wipe yourself off.” I took the paper towel from him and wiped my face and chest. Then, “I’m going to check your testicles.” His right hand cupped my balls as he said, “Cough. Cough.” I wanted this to go further, my cock was still achingly hard as I said, “Are you sure about my foreskin, sometimes it gets stuck?” “You mean when you are pulling it back?” My voice was almost a whisper, “No Sir, when I try to push it forward again.” Dr. Waters was silent for a moment, both of them staring at my erection, then, “Let’s have another look then.” His hand grasped my shaft again, and since my foreskin was still back he pushed it forward, with some effort. His eyebrows raised, then, “I’m going to retract your foreskin a few times, is that okay Nick?” I was so horny that I could feel my nipples were hard as I said, “Yes Sir.” He slowly slipped my foreskin back watching as it caught behind my cock head, then he pushed it forward covering my cock head. As he started pulling it back again I felt myself close to shooting another load. He slipped it forward and then as he pulled it back it caught behind the head, my cock swelled even bigger and my back arched again as another load of cum landed on my face, chest, and abdomen. This time, both of them looked at me wide eyed, as cum ran down my face I said, “Sorry, I…” As he handed me another paper towel Dr. waters said, “Don’t worry Nick, you are completely healthy. Wipe yourself off and get dressed.” I stood up on shaky legs and had to bend down to grab my shorts , then as I was pulling them on Dr. waters asked, “Nick, your backside is a bit red, lets have a look.” My heart felt like it stopped, I had forgotten all about my ass, the spanking had faded but he was right, it was still a little red. I spoke without thinking, “It’s okay, I fell a few days ago.” “Nick, I better have a look. Hop back on the table, on your stomach.” I dropped my shirt and shorts back on the ground and carefully lay down on my stomach, my still hard cock pushed against the crinkly paper. Dr. waters fingers touched my ass cheeks, then the back of his hand ran down my cheeks, “How did this happen, Nick?” I lied again, “I fell the other day.” Silence in the room, I felt his hand on my right butt cheek, it stayed there for a moment, then, “This looks much more like a spanking Nick and by someone with hands about my size.” I swallowed hard and wanted to disappear, my voice was a whisper, “Yes Sir.” The nurse spoke for the first time during the exam, “Naughty boy like this deserves another one.” “Yes. Nick, you can get dressed now.” This time when I stood up, both of them looked angry and stared as I awkwardly pulled my shorts on, forcing my erection inside, then my shirt and shoes. Dr. Waters was making notes and the idea that he was writing down that I had been spanked in my file made my cock throb in my shorts. Once done he looked up and said, “I’ll send the results of your exam to your school and your mother, see you next year Nick.” I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Comments and suggestions are what keep me writing.

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