Birthday Girl

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I’ve been losing my mind all week. Not knowing what he’s planned for my birthday is driving me crazy. My only instructions thus far have been to be ready to be picked up at 7pm Friday and to be wearing a black dress, preferably short!

I walk downstairs and see that he’s already at the curb, standing beside his car. Jesus Christ it’s been five months and my stomach still flutters when I see him! His face lights up when he sees me, his eyes are dancing all over me and his face has that stunned look he gets when he say’s I’ve taken his breath away. I guess he likes the dress! He smiles and opens the door for me, teasing me with those dimples, he knows exactly what they do to me and loves to exploit that fact. He leans in to kiss me, his scent overpowers my senses momentarily, I’m barely registering that he’s telling me how incredible I look, calling me gorgeous. Does he ever stop? God I hope not. The way he makes me feel…My skin is electrified when he places his hand on my back, his strong capable hand that I adore, and what those hands do to me…I’m on fire already, I can feel myself getting wet, wanting him all over me. I almost lose it when I see his eyes travel up my legs as I get into the car, I know he’s getting hard and sure enough I can see the outline of his cock through his pants, Jesus, we’re not going to make it anywhere at this point! Must focus on what he has planned for me, I know he’s put a lot of effort into tonight, I’m so excited to find out what lays ahead.

We chat as he drives us downtown, my hand moving to his face and stroking it, he takes my hand and kisses lightly, teasing with his tongue, then squeezing tightly, I can’t stop smiling. I love that he is always touching a part of me, he says he can’t help himself and that it’s my fault for being so hot and making him feel so good. Please. Although he tells me these things with such conviction that it’s impossible not to believe him. I do know that when I gaze into his eyes it does something to him, like I put him in a trance. He explained that when I look at him like that it’s like I touch his soul, or a part of him that is mine and mine alone. How can I not melt when he says such things?! How does he come up with this stuff? I don’t care, he can go on forever, his words makes me feel wonderful. Every woman deserves to be spoken to like this at some point.

He parks the car in the underground of a condo building. He mentioned having a friend who is away for a while, this must be his place. And what a place, holy shit it’s the penthouse, windows everywhere overlooking the city and lake, beautifully decorated in a obviously masculine style. Rich tones, big comfy leather furniture, and a massive open kitchen area where he is already pouring wine and placing yummy appetizers on a plate. We clink glasses, he’s complimenting me again on how great I look making me flush, my heart races.

He’s explains that the first part of the evening is him making me dinner with more surprises to come later for desert. We eat and talk as I watch him cook, our conversation, like always, flows effortlessly. How is it so easy with him? With sarıyer escort each other? I like watching him cook, especially when he tells me how much he loves cooking for me, feeding me, taking care of me. It’s great that we are both into food and can cook together, he loves whatever I make for him. It’s so incredible to be loved by him, to be able to let my guard down and let him in, surrender myself to him knowing that he has only good intentions…

Wow his arms are straining against his shirt, I could have his arms around me all day. It still baffles me that he had no idea in the past how great his “attributes” are. God what he does to me…It’s like a drug, I almost need to detox after spending the weekend with him in order to go back to work and even then he is still in my head, making me smile spontaneously, making me fucking soaked like I’m getting right now watching him make our dinner.

He says that he sees me everywhere, puts me in situations with him, It makes him feel good, whole. Where does he come up with this stuff?! God I want him, maybe I should jump him before dinner. No, patience, I don’t want to mess with his plans, knowing him I’m sure there are orgasms in my future, oh fuck why’d I think that, god I want his tongue on my clit while his hands cup my ass…Whew dinner is ready, I need a distraction and now that he’s placed incredible looking food in front of me I realize I’m starving.

Dinner is incredible, simple but so delicious and satisfying. The wine and yummy food has made me feel so relaxed. We talk and gaze into each other’s eyes, he loves watching the candle light dance in my eyes and across my face. The soft light casts shadows across his face, his dimples stand out when he smiles, I want to eat him up. That’s it, enough of this. I stand and take his hand, he’s smiling as I lead him to a couch and gently pushing him down so I can straddle him, his arms like a natural reflex, wrap around me pulling me into him then stroke my back finally cupping my ass as he looks up at me. I instinctively melt into him, I feel him sigh knowing how much it hits him, just like when we first hugged so many months ago. Yet it’s only been five months, this feels like it’s been forever.

I’m on fire, I cup his face and kiss him deeply, moaning into his mouth as I feel his tongue dance across mine, my pussy is soaked, I press into his lap, my aching clit searching for his cock. That makes him moan deeply, his fingers dig into my ass as he raises his hips against me. Fuck my nipples are going to explode, I want them in his mouth, and then he stops and pulls back???! WTF, no no no, get back here you.

He has this weird look on his face. He tells me it’s time for dessert. This isn’t dessert?? I’m so confused. He asks if I feel strong, which I respond yes of course, then he asks if I trust him, again of course. “Ok,” he says “Come with me”. He gently pushes me up then rises, his cock straining against his pants as he takes my hand and leads me to a bedroom. A massive bed is flooded by the moonlight streaming through the massive windows.

He motions for me to istanbul escort sit at the end of the bed then takes a piece of black silk from his pocket. He kneels between my legs, takes my face and kisses me deeply, I try to press into him but he pulls back and smiles. He is infuriating, this is making me crazy, I need his cock in me NOW. He asks if it’s OK to blindfold me, I nod slowly. Where the hell is this going?! We’ve done a lot but nothing quite like this. He kisses my cheek as he knots the silk, whispering in my ear how incredibly gorgeous I am before slowly running his tongue along my ear and down my neck to one of his many favorite spots that makes me so wet and light headed. Then he is gone. My heart races in the darkness, I’m tingly aroused but also a little apprehensive, god I need to be touched.

I feel the bed shift and weight behind me, I smell him before his arms wrap around me, kissing my neck as his hands caress my breasts, finding my hard nipples and squeezing gently. Now this is more like it! He moves behind me, I feel his knees in the small of my back as he takes my arms and moves them backward, my fingers graze his thighs and I become dizzy when I realize he’s naked. He places my hands under his knees pinning them there. His arms are around me again and leans me back slightly, his rigid cock grazing my back as his fingers find my nipples. I am so fucking turned on, how does he do this to me? My pussy is drenched and swollen, begging for attention. I can only move my legs so I squeeze them together to try get friction against my aching clit. His hand travels over my dress across my stomach, I open my legs and raise my hips in anticipation of his touch, his hand covers my drenched pussy and a low moan comes from his throat, I can feel his cock twitch against my back,

His hand moves upward, each taking a nipple and rolling them in his fingers, gradually applying more pressure, it feels incredible, they are so hard and burning…Holy shit I feel a hand on my inner thigh, make that two hands. What is happening, I start to tense up but the hands are dancing up my thighs, pushing my dress up, stroking, I feel the cool air on my burning pussy, my legs are gently pushed open, I am so confused, my head swimming. Strong hands continue to tease my nipples, the pleasure/pain combination is intense…I gasp as something soft yet firm parts my swollen pussy, moving in circles slowly, then, fuck me, something clamps onto my clit, an electric shock goes through me as the pressure increases on my nipples and clit, the sensations are overwhelming, I feel a tidal wave building inside me, then I scream and explode. Hard arms hold me as a massive orgasm rips though me, the sensation on my clit not letting up, I am lost, and can barely breathe, holy fucking shit.

My clit is so sensitive I squirm and the sensation stops and is replaced by…Licking? Someone is licking my pussy, and is extremely good at it, I feel something against my inner thighs, wispy, tickling me slightly in my over aroused state. Oh god it feels good, lapping up my juices, probing inside me making me want more.

I mecidiyeköy escort feel the blindfold being untied and dropped. Once my eyes adjust to the moonlight I gasp. Kneeling between my legs and smiling at me is an absolutely stunning woman, it was her long dark hair I was feeling against my thighs. I am speechless. You take your knees off my hands and wrap yourself around me. You ask if I’m all right, I can only nod and smile. What have you planned? Holy shit I wrote you a story months ago, are you making it come true? You must have read my mind cause you kiss me on the cheek, introduce me to this incredible creature and explain that she is my dessert, your only interest is giving me pleasure. Are you kidding me? You are too much, this is too much, but omg she felt amazing. You feel amazing, and you’re naked, and my lips need to be around your throbbing cock. I love your cock, god I’m still so turned on, my hands on your chest…

I move you up the bed so you’re leaning against the headboard, that way you’ll have a good view of me sucking your cock which I know how much turns you on. I feel soft hands on my back as I lay on my stomach between your outstretched legs, your scent making me dizzy and wet as I slowly take you in my mouth. Her hands start stroking my ass, fingers slide down my crack making me shudder. I look up at you, I can see how turned on you are, watching me and her hand between my legs. I instinctively raise my ass and spread my legs as her hands move over my pussy, rubbing my clit then sliding into me. It’s hard to concentrate, the sensations are overwhelming. I moan loudly as I feel her tongue on my back, licking and swirling, then in my crack.

Omg I’m so wet, this is incredible, your cock is so hard. I feel fingers on my swollen clit as her tongue does lazy strokes over my ass, down across my pussy then back up to my asshole. Holy fuck she’s rimming me, it feels so good. You must be watching cause your cock twitches in my mouth. I let you slip out of my mouth so I can focus. Oh fuck, her tongue is everywhere, I push back to get her tongue deeper in my ass, her hand finds my clit and I feel fingers slipping inside of me, fuck fuck fuck, I scream and see stars, almost passing out as wave after wave crashes over me, it’s never ending…

I feel hands on my hips guiding me onto my side, you are behind me, your tongue on my neck as your cock finds my pussy and slams into me, you roll me so I’m almost lying on top of you, her hands spread me wide and again her tongue is on my clit as your cock fills me, I am delirious and start cumming again, you both hold me tightly as I buck and thrash but neither of you let up, I don’t recognize the sounds coming from me, over and over until you grip me hard and I feel your cock spasm and explode into me.

I wake sometime later, we are now alone in the moon filled room. I can barely move, the air is filled with delicious sex. I look at you sleeping in the moonlight. Jesus what you do to me, I can’t believe you set this up for my own benefit. You are wonderful, god I still want more of you.

I walk back from the bathroom across the moon lit floor. I am warm and still flushed, tingly and content. You are now awake propped up on one elbow watching me. The moon light dances off my radiant skin, you are looking at me intently, gazing into my eyes as you open your arms and take me in.

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