Birthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 08

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The musical tinkle of golden discs signaled her progress. Jade could just imagine Akim lying languorously somewhere listening to her approach. He had honored the remaining time on their unholy bargain and left her to her own designs. But her 7 days were up and if the way she had been adorned was any indication she was going to be paying for his patience very shortly.

Without fail, she enjoyed his possession but she had never satisfied his lust after a long hiatus against his will. She was certain he would exhaust himself between her thighs many times before the night was through.

Riches such as she had only imagined adorned her in various disguises.

A river of gold divided the shimmering waterfall of her hair ending in a burnished gold emblem that rested on her forehead.

Hammered gold dripped from her ears and neck.

Gold had lovingly been fashioned into a thin sash and layered twice around her slender waist.

Yet more gold embraced the fine bones of her wrists.

Semi-precious gemstones were affixed in a seemingly random pattern along her attire flashing garnet and amethyst fire with every step she took. She was certain the sum total of her apparel and accessories matched or exceeded the GDP of half the nations in the world.

The temptation was strong to smear the kohl from her eyes and wipe the stain from her lips and run screaming into the night away from Akim and his ruthless possession, but she knew it was pointless. He would only catch her, bring her back, and have her anyway, except she’d be guarded more closely.

Jade released a heavy sigh as she bore on, listening to the discs chime musically together along her left ankle until she arrived in front of him.

She paid no attention to her surroundings as she met his gaze even though it was her first visit to the royal bath house. Neither the smells of cinnamon nor vanilla were sufficient to distract her from her target.

He was, as usual, gorgeous. A perfect specimen of masculinity. A body that was more comely than even the statue of David himself.

Her eyes lit a path from his hard chest down to the straining length of his erect manhood. She lowered her eyes lest he read her desire to take him into her mouth. Apparently he had trained her all too well to care for his needs.

Her hands lifted to remove her clothing as she had been instructed. Present yourself to the Prince. Remove your clothes. Accede to his wishes. That had been Li’ir’s decree. He desires, you provide. Period.

First came the top with it’s collection of clasps along the back. Her hands worked industriously out of sight and eased the fabric away from her skin.

A part of her wanted him to look at her breasts–wanted him to acknowledge that they had been painted a dusky rose to match her lips for his enjoyment. Acknowledge with the passion in his eyes that it wouldn’t be long before his mouth was there removing the rich color–but his eyes stayed locked on hers revealing nothing.

Next her hands took on the arduous process of unwrapping the yards of fabric that had been twined around her hips. With each yard that hit the floor she waited until she could unveil the field upon which he would plow his seed. When the last yard finally fell away she stood before him proudly. Almost defiantly, daring him to find fault with a body that had spent the better part of the day being prepared for him.

“What is your pleasure?” she questioned after standing in silence for several moments waiting for some signal from him.

“You.” His hand extended to her in invitation. “Just you.”

She took his hand. She had to after all. It was clearly his wish.

He guided her into a shallow pool of glistening water. The water was adrift with rose petals and lit with candles. The scene was set for romance but she was disinclined to be seduced.

Settling himself into the water, Akim positioned Jade between his legs facing away from him. He reached past her for a vial of scented oil and poured a measured amount into his hands. The scent of almond drifted up to her nose just moments before his hands met the skin on her neck.

She could feel the strength he held in check as his palms rested against her flesh. Oil ran down her back and between her breasts in thin rivulets as his hands stood still. His grip tightened for a mere second before his hands eased down the side of the long column, engaging tense muscles before sliding down her sides and massaging slowly up her sternum.

His hands passed through the valley between her breast and stroked back down her sides in a fluid continuous motion. How could a man with such large hands pass so close and yet fail to touch her breasts, she wondered. She didn’t know. She only hoped his rigid ataköy escort control broke long enough to allow his hand to brush her nipples.

She knew the desire went against her anger at her captivity, but she always found it hard to care when he was touching her.

Her eyes drifted closed so that she didn’t have to watch his hands and wonder when they would falter.

His hands swept over her skin in an elegant pattern that was indescribably pleasurable. Once more they eased over her shoulders before sliding down her arms and tangling with her fingers.

He drew her left hand from the water and proceeded to pour oil there as well before beginning a compelling massage.

He followed the line of each finger from base to tip, front to back, before smoothing circles around the center of her palm. He repeated the technique again, and again until she felt herself start to relax into him against her will.

She tensed up against him as soon as she realized what she was doing.


His warm breath disturbed the hair alongside her ear and caused it to stroke across her face in a small caress. She shivered at the sensation. Surely he had made a pact with the devil to make even her hair betray her and join him in his wicked seduction.

She stiffened even further.

His hands slid up to massage her tense shoulders and smoothed a path down her spine.

“Relax,” he whispered into the back of her neck. “I only want to soothe you.”

She turned her head minutely in his direction. She didn’t want to fall prey to his silver tongue and yet there was something so vulnerable about his tone. Something so alluring about the fact that for once he wasn’t demanding, he wasn’t ordering; he was asking.

Asking her to relax.

Asking her to trust herself to his care.

His touch so far had proved to be non-threatening, non-sexual…if you didn’t count the fact that they were both naked.

For her part, she was aroused beyond all reason.

She could feel the wet heat between her legs and it had nothing to do with the fact that she was sitting in a pool of water. If his fingers were to travel between her legs it would be a matter of seconds before his cock followed.

But, she acknowledged reluctantly, he was doing an admirable job of keeping his body under control and it wasn’t his fault that hers was behaving sex starved. What would be the harm in allowing herself this one treat, she argued, falling limp in his arms.

Just this once she promised.

He continued massaging her back, his touch varying between a soothing light sweeping caress and a more deep massage intended to relieve her of tension.

If the kingdom ever dissolved he could definitely get a job as a masseuse she reflected in a moment of dark humor.

He repositioned her so that he could access her feet easily, beginning the massage much the same as he had done with her hands.

He started at the base of each toe and massed to the tip, front to back and in between, creating a hypnotic rhythm that made her want to relax even further and spread her legs. But she didn’t dare. She knew the thick proof of her desire would not mix easily with water and would be visible to his all seeing eyes.

His touch moved on from her toes to the meat of her foot, stroking the instep and heel with a sure, firm stroke that told her, in case she didn’t already know, that there was no part of the female form he could not cause to sing with pleasure. He repeated the massage on her other foot before drawing her from the water.

He buffed a fluffy towel along the contours of her silky flesh while she stood there and let him.

He was serving her she realized somewhat dizzily.

In way it made her uncomfortable. What would he expect in return for his services?

How did you pay a man who had more wealth than he could spend in 5 lifetimes?

She was afraid to find out the answer.

At his direction she relaxed face down on a spread of cushions and throws. She was somewhat nervous of turning her back on him. How hard would it be for him to ease that straining rod between her cheeks and take his reward?

Gentle pressure on her shoulders encouraged her to relax fully and she did so taking him on the trust that he had established so far.

This time she was greeted with the smell of stargazers. It was her favorite flower and obviously imported. She knew that such a delicate bloom could not grow in this somewhat harsh landscape.

The rich heavy smell wrapped around her and dragged her down to a place of extreme receptiveness. The scent opened up all her other senses and made her that much more vulnerable to whatever he intended to do.

She let out a escort bayan istanbul blissful sigh as the scent embraced her as surely as his hands.

Strong hands slid up her thighs and down her calves. Slow and gliding movements that engendered a deep sense of well being.

His hands followed the gentle slopes in a rhythm that was all kinds of unfair.

She both wanted him to stroke her harder and wanted him to desist so that she could stroke him. She was startled into awareness as his hands eased along the inside of her calves and up past her knees.

She didn’t know if she was disappointed or pleased when his hands eased to the outside of her thighs just before they would have met the juncture between her legs. His caress continued, easing her into what she hoped was not a false sense of security.

His hands stroked the back of her legs for another 10 minutes or so before he moved up to her bottom. He poured a generous amount of oil on the cheeks before beginning to massage. He didn’t slide his hands between the twin globes or try to slide a finger into her as she half hoped he would, but his touch was, intentional or not, incredibly erotic as he massed the firm muscles.

A small stream of oil slid between her cheeks and continued to her pussy.

She wondered if he saw it, if he desired to follow it with his tongue as she wanted him to.

She didn’t know what was happening to her. She felt like an out of control nymphomaniac wanting to arch her ass up against him and beg him to fuck her until she couldn’t walk straight.

As if he sensed her increasing desperation he repositioned himself so that he could reach her back.

His hands started with a slow figure 8 pattern across her back before beginning more detailed work massaging the muscles along her spine. His talented fingers eased out kinks and stresses she didn’t know she had. Being captive must be stressful work she deduced.

His fingers continued working her back long after she was completely relaxed. She wondered where this new fountain of limitless patience had come from…and when it would expire.

Her musings were interrupted when he urged her to turn over.

He eased her legs apart so that his knees could rest between them. Her eyes shot open.

He busied himself pouring more oil into his hands but she knew with her legs spread she wouldn’t be able to hide what he was doing to her.

She wouldn’t be surprised if he could smell it. She could. It had a dark erotic smell to it. A smell that begged for further exploration. Begged for his tongue.

She was certain she wouldn’t be able to relax again while he was between her legs.

He felt the tension rip through her body as he brought his hands down on her thighs to begin his massage. His eyes met hers as his hands dropped between her legs.

She acknowledged that the touch wasn’t erotic per say.

He was stroking the outer lips of her labia.

It was clearly still a massage, but the heat darkening his eyes said otherwise.

Without glancing down his touch changed. His fingers began to massage the inner lips.

What a skilled lover that he knows his way around a vagina without even looking at it. She tried to let that thought take hold and wipe her from the grip of a dangerous passion that was about to drown her, but she doubted her success as she released a gasp of pleasure as he continued his ministrations.

He removed his hands from between her legs and replaced it with a single finger that slid slowly between the inner and outer labia in a gentle steady caress. Not once had his eyes left hers but she was sorely tempted to look down. It felt amazing, and she imagined that looking at it would be even more arousing.

Finally his eyes dropped away from hers and fell between her legs. The flat of his thumb stroked slowly up and down the middle of her vagina.

Easing up on her forearms, her eyes joined his in watching. She could see her clit was engorged and half wished he would stroke it, and only it, but his speed never changed.


Watching was making her hotter. She could feel her body start to vibrate as if on the edge of an orgasm that would be so hard it would be a miracle that she didn’t break. She eased back and closed her eyes. She didn’t want to watch anymore lest she embarrass herself.

She was sure he didn’t intend for her to have an orgasm from a simple massage. That was until she felt his finger ease into her.

Her eyes met his as his finger relentlessly eased in and out of her. The rhythm was persistent, but not passionate. It didn’t stop the flush she felt cross her chest just moments before her climax hit.

She thought his restraint was beylikdüzü escort at an end as he eased his body up over hers, but he did nothing more than embrace her and rest his head in the crook of her neck.

She relaxed beneath him, small aftershocks still shaking her body. Her breathing was incredibly erratic as she tried to regain control of herself.

The hand that was drifting aimlessly through her hair helped soothe her. Helped her focus.

Now what, she wondered.

She felt a faint prickle of alarm as she thought about what they had just done. What was that?

She didn’t want to apply the name to it that came so readily to mind, but what else could explain the selfless worship, for lack of a better word, that he had just done?

As if he could sense her restlessness his head rose and his thoughtful gaze rested on her face studying the expressions that chased across it. His lips found hers in a kiss that felt like devotion.

She didn’t want it. She didn’t want any of it.

She tried to ease him away but his hands stroked a path down her side before sliding up to cover her breasts. The desire to arch up against him was so strong she couldn’t control it and did just that.

His mouth stroked kisses across her face as his hips rocked against hers in an imitation of making love. All of it slow. All of it worshipful.

His lips came across her cheek and he nibbled lightly on her ear before she caught the words that froze her rigid.

She sat up abruptly. “What?”

Her hands were defensive as she tried to ease away from him, but his hands were gentle but strong as he positioned her to receive the length of him.

“I said I love you.”

Her brain raced to make sense of it.

No hesitation this time.

No doubt.

There was absolute certainty behind his words. And she trembled with absolute fear.


The words had barely left her lips before he eased into her. Using his hold on her hips he lifted her smoothly off his manhood and guided her back down. The pleasure was instantaneous and undeniable.

Jade arched against him at the same time that she repelled him. “No Akim.”

He eased her onto her back and positioned her feet on either side of his neck and began a slow gentle thrust that had her twisting with pleasure. It didn’t stop another “no” from spilling from her lips.

He hated the sound of it.

“I love you,” he reiterated, hoping against hope that eventually she would hear the words, and believe them.

“No!” This time her denial was more vehement.

He thrust a little deeper in retaliation. She had to bite back her next words to release the gasp of pleasure that demanded to be released.

“Oh my God.”

The exclamation was released on a wave of bliss so pure it had no end. She lay there quivering while he continued to work her flesh, her eyes continuing the denial her lips could no longer utter.

The orgasm that stole her peace of mind was not long in coming and she received his gentle thrusts throughout her orgasm and after.

He was relentless.

And he still hadn’t cum. What did he want from her?

Wary eyes searched his face and suddenly she knew.

He wanted her to say it back.

Did she dare?

Jade acknowledged that in the quiet moments when she reflected on her current life she had briefly acknowledged some emotion for him before swiftly shutting down that train of thought.

She couldn’t, wouldn’t, acknowledge having feelings for a man who was for all intents and purposes her jailer.

The thought strengthened her resolve and gave her the courage to denounce his love while his flesh still pulsed inside of her. “Love is a gift. How can you give a gift to a gift?”

Her words held only the slightest trace of bitterness, and were overshadowed with sorrow and defeat.

She closed her eyes against the hurt in his and made another tiny slice in the man she loved, but would never confess it to, “How could I ever love you, being nothing more than a convenient servant for your desires? I love what any slave loves–”

The silence was deafening while he waited to hear what it was that she loved, since she couldn’t love him.

“The thought of freedom. And apparently a thought is all it will ever be.”

This time as she moved to pull away from him he let her.

His grip slackening as his heart clenched in pain.

So that was it.

His tenderness, his love, his heart, would never move her.

Only freedom would make her look at him with anything other than disgust.

She sat before him with her knees drawn to her chest looking at him with soulful eyes, waiting to see where they would go from here. And if he ever doubted it, he knew in that moment that what he felt for her truly was love because he felt not a shred of anger at her rejection, only grief that she could not love him back.

As her eyes held his he said the only words possible. “Then I release you.”

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