BimboTech Chapter 12: Bimbo Serum Surprise

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Chapter Twelve: Bimbo Serum Surprise
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals

“Alice,” I said when my wife’s phone picked up. “Where did you wander off to? I have—”

“Hello, Dr. Jackman,” an unfamiliar woman said instead of his wife.

My eyebrows furrowed in shock. “Why do you have my wife’s phone?”

“Because I have your wife.” The woman’s words had a throaty cadence about them. There was something in the background that sounded like…licking.

“And you are?”

“The woman holding your wife,” she answered. “You really should keep better track of your bimbo. They are such airheads. They can be distracted so easily and wander off with the wrong people.”

My heart beat faster. Sweat broke out on my forehead. Standing beside me, Senator Delilah Murphy gave me a sharp look, her blue eyes curious. Alice should still have the intelligence serum active. She shouldn’t have been easily led off. “Well, let me know where she is, and I’ll come pick her up.”

“After you give me what I want. If you cooperate, Dr. Jackman, not a hair on her pretty head will be damaged.”

Cold shot through me. It rippled out from my belly, flowing through my veins to my extremities. It struck my heart, the beat quickening. Waves of dark dizziness washed across my vision. “Hurt her? What is going on?”

She made dismissive, tutting sound. “Really, Dr. Jackman, I thought you were intelligent. I have your wife, and if you want her back, you have to pay my ransom.”

“How much?” The words spilled out of my mouth without thought.

Senator Murphy’s eyebrows furrowed. She mouthed, “Ransom?”

“Oh, I don’t want money, Dr. Jackman. I want it.”

“It?” I shook my head. “What are you talking about?”

“The formula to the bimbo serum. Once it is delivered into my agent’s hand, I will release your wife unharmed.” Then she let out a throaty moan. “Well, once I’m done using her. Mmm, she really knows how to eat a woman’s asshole.”

“Who are you?” I demanded. “How do you even know about the bimbo formula?”

“I will contact you in two hours. I should be done enjoying your wife by then. Then we shall make the arrangements for the drop. And, Dr. Jackman, no police. If they get involved, well, your wife will disappear forever.”

“No,” I gasped, my heart racing. “Please, don’t hurt her. I’ll cooperate.”

Senator Murphy pulled out her phone from a black clutch purse. She texted rapidly on it as the woman on the other end of my line laughed in cruel delight. My heart raced as I pictured Alice hurt. Then the line went dead. My hand trembled as I lowered my phone.

“Did I hear that correctly?” Senator Murphy said, her voice ice. “Someone’s kidnapped your wife?”

“You have good ears,” I muttered, sliding through the apps on my phone.

“Are you looking for the GPS on your wife’s phone? If the kidnapper is smart, they’ll have it turned off now. But don’t worry. I have friends in the Capitol Police and the FBI. People owe me favors.”

“Not the GPS on my wife’s phone. Her GPS.”


“All my wives are tagged with a GPS chip, just in case they wander off. It’s happened before.” I grimaced, remembering the two times Alice went off with strangers before we implemented the tags. Though she had fun both times, I had been so scared for her.

But never this scared.

The app opened. The GPS pings came up. All but one were by me in the Smithsonian where tonight’s gala was held. The other was across the city. “She doesn’t appear to be moving but in an office building.”

Senator Murphy leaned in and then cursed. “That fucking bitch!”

“You recognize the address?”

“I do.”


Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals

It was so hard not to cry out to Frank as I licked my kidnapper’s asshole while she talked to him. I had no idea who this woman was, but I had to pretend to be a bimbo. I had to be convincing. So I had to moan and coo and worship her asshole.

It didn’t taste bad. That sour musk filled my mouth as my hands gripped her ass, squeezing and clenching. She moaned, wiggling her hips, taking such perverse delight in dominating me. I went along with it, pretending that I believed she was a witch, calling her Mistress, whatever it took to buy time and try to think.

I hoped she believed my lie about the syringe she held in her hand. If I sold it well enough, pretending to be a bimbo airhead, she would believe me. She had found it in my purse, recognizing that it was different from the bimbo serum, the other syringe in there.

“Oh, you are such a nasty ass-licker, you bimbo-slut,” moaned the woman. “And I bet my ass taste better than any other’s.”

“It does, Mistress,” I moaned, my pussy clenching in excitement at the naughty thrill of submitting and rimming her even while my stomach twisted in fright.

And that fright was strangely exciting. Exhilarating even.

“Of course it does. You just love me, don’t you?”

“Uh-huh, Mistress. Your ass is so yummy.” I struggled to think of dumb, bimbo things to say. “Just super-duper delicious.”

She let out a pleased purr. Nearby, another bimbo—how had this woman made the blonde into a bimbo?—tongued the feet of a redhead watching us. The bimbo wiggled her naked ass, obviously so happy to lick the redhead’s toes.

This woman had gotten a sample of the bimbo serum somehow, but hadn’t replicated the formula. Frank came up with it. It was complex. Something revolutionary. And I was not about to let this bitch have it. It was my husbands.

We would profit from it.

My fingers squeezed harder at the surge of anger, my tongue jamming deep into her asshole. If I tongued her, I would be less likely to say something and give away my ruse. My pussy clenched again. I wanted to touch myself. I wanted to rub my pussy to orgasm. That would take away some of the anxiety.

“Oh, yes, you are such a good ass-licker. Oh, I want to keep you. Maybe after your husband is destitute, he’ll sell you to me. Mmm, then you’ll be my bimbo slave like Annalee. I’ll make sure you’re happy by letting you lick my ass everyday.”

Fear and anger spiked through me. In a bubbly tone, I gasped, “Oh, no, Frank loves me. He won’t trade me for anything in the world. Not for a million-billion dollars. He would always keep me.”

“Well, I do need that bimbo serum from him. If he doesn’t love you…” She shuddered. “Yes, jam that tongue back into my asshole. And finger my pussy. Make me cum again. I’m going to use you so hard.”

I moved my right hand from her ass, trailing it down the curve of her cheek and reaching between her thighs. I rubbed her shaved cunt, caressing her plump vulva and thick pussy lips. Then I plunged into her depths, feeling her heat constricting about my fingers. I plunged them in and out rapidly, stirring her up, making her shudder and moan as I tongued her asshole.

Her sphincter clenched about my tongue as she moaned. Her pussy was so hot and silky. My own cunt burned. I wanted to touch myself so badly. My bimbo body didn’t care about anything but being pleasured. If I didn’t have the intelligence serum bubbling through my veins, I would be so happy right now, just glad to give her pleasure.

Bimbos were such happy, loving creatures. This horrid woman couldn’t be in control of the formula.

I fingered her faster and faster, plunging over and over into her depths. She shuddered, her pussy clenching hard on my fingers. She moaned, her hips wiggling from side-to-side. Her juices dribbled down my wrist. I could smell her tart pussy over the sour, exciting musk of her ass.

“Oh, yes, you disgusting whore. Oh, you’re so dirty. Just devouring my ass. Oh, you love it.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I moaned again, keeping my voice bubbly and happy. “And your pussykitty feels so hungry. It needs a nice, big cock to fuck.”

“Never!” she hissed, her cunt clamping down on my digits. “Men are filthy. They only make you into a disgusting, dirty thing. And you don’t want to be dirty.”

Men were wonderful. Far better than this dyke-bitch. “No, Mistress,” I gasped, my two fingers curling, searching for her G-spot. “I want to be so clean. You made me clean with your pussy juices.”

“Right,” she shuddered as I tongued her asshole again. Despite how much I hated this woman, her ass tasted wonderful.

I jammed my tongue into her sphincter, swirling around as she bucked and shuddered. And then she convulsed hard. Her moans echoed through the room. I shivered, my pussy clenching in envy as her cunt spasmed on my fingers.

I massaged her G-spot, her asshole clenching so hard on my tongue as she screamed out her bliss. She bucked against the table, grunting, groaning. And then she let out a satisfied moan as her orgasm peaked.

“Mmm, that was good,” she purred. “You can stop, for now.”

“May I play with my pussykitty?” I moaned, squeezing my thighs together as I pulled my fingers out of her pussy. My bimbo body made me so damned horny that even though I was scared I was also so turned on. “Pretty please with yummy sugar on top. My pussykitty needs to be petted so badly!”

“No,” the woman said, something haughty in her tone.

I hated her.

“Annalee, come here,” the woman said, turning around, her black hair spilling about her tan face. She was in great shape, almost as hot as a bimbo. Could I reach my purse? The other syringe in there contained bimbo serum. If I could inject her…

“Yes, Mistress?” Annalee said, the blonde bimbo crawling across the floor to her.

“Present that ass. I need to make sure you always stay a bimbo.”

“Of course, Mistress. I’m such a goody two shoes bimbo.”

My stomach twisted as I watched Annalee’s large breasts sway, her blue eyes wide and empty of any thoughts. She had a huge smile on her face. Then she turned around, wiggling her ass at her mistress, a hairless pussy dripping between her legs.

The woman injected the syringe into Annalee’s ass and depressed the syringe.

The bimbo gasped. Her eyes widening. She shook as the serum took effect. I caught her gaze, my heart beating so fast as I witness thoughts blossom to life in those blue depths. The smile fell from her lips. Her eyes blinked.

“There, now you will be my sexy slave.”

Anger crossed Annalee’s face.

“Now go fetch fındıkzade escort the strap-on so I can fuck our new slave’s ass. Hurry, Annalee.”

My heart beat faster. Would Annalee blow the ruse? I had to get to that syringe. It was my only hope. I opened my eyes wide, pleading with her without words.


Magnolia Savage, President Femme Allure, Inc.

“Yes, Mistress,” purred Annalee.

I didn’t even glance at the bimbo as she stood up and walked into my office, passing my executive assistant Melissa as she lounged naked against the door. The redhead’s hungry eyes followed Annalee. Melissa was eager to take more pleasure from the bimbo.

But I was eager to play with Alice. She was so new. And that disgusting Frank’s wife. I would return his bimbo with all sorts of naughty programming. I would tell her so many things that would make Frank’s life miserable. Alice was so dumb she believed I had enchanted her.

Bimbos were so susceptible to suggestion. Alice wouldn’t even remember what I looked like once I was out of sight because of my “spell.” I shivered, my body buzzing with pleasure. I licked my lips, seeing her squirming, her red hair spilling down to those big, lush tits.

She was wasted on a man.

“I’m going to fuck your ass so hard,” I groaned. “I’m going to pound you into jelly.”

“Yay!” the bimbo cheered. “I love being fucked in the ass. It’s special-wecial.” She turned, wiggling it at me, looking over her shoulder with such delight in her green eyes.

“The strap-on, Mistress,” Annalee said, thrusting the harness and thick, black dildo at me. She sounded a little sullen.

Was she jealous of the attention I was heaping on Alice? Oh, that added so many naughty possibilities. I could drive Annalee wild, make her so desperate for my attention, just begging to lick my pussy, to get the antidote to the “poison” in her body.

I loved degrading my former rival on my company’s board.

“You know how to put it on me,” I said in a huff. “Come on, Annalee. Why do I even still own you? Alice is a much better bimbo.”

“What are you doing?” Melissa suddenly asked.

Anger flared through me. I turned to reprimand my executive assistant—she should know better than to question me—when I froze in shock. Annalee had grabbed the syringe of the bimbo serum that was half-sticking out of Alice’s purse, pulled out when I grabbed her phone when Frank called. I blinked in shock as Annalee thrust the syringe at me.

“Annalee!” I gasped, seeing the anger twisting the bimbo’s face. There was no submission. There was no docile acceptance.

It hit me right before the syringe pierced into my thigh. Alice had tricked me. The second chemical wasn’t a serum to keep a bimbo looking hot and sexy. It was something else. The cold serum flooded through my thighs. The chemical that would turn me into a docile idiot. An airhead.

I glanced down at Alice. Such triumph burned across her face.

“That’s right,” the redhead grinned, her airhead, bubbly joy vanished, her green eyes smoldering. “A bimbo doesn’t have to be an airhead with the right injection.”

“Please,” I gasped, heat spreading through my body from where Annalee injected me. “Please, I don’t need it. I’m already hot.” I cupped my firm, round breasts. “Look at these tits. They don’t need to be…” A giggle escaped my lips. The heat flushed through my body. I shook my head. “They don’t need to be enhanced. Stop it.”

“I can’t,” Alice said, rising with grace, her big tits bouncing.

I looked down at my breasts. They swelled in my hand. They grew bigger and bigger, the pillowy flesh spilling about my fingers. I shivered. This couldn’t be happening. This wasn’t right. I wasn’t supposed to be a bimbo. I was supposed to control it. To have my own harem and…

I giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Alice asked as my tits were almost as big as hers. And they kept growing.

“Harem,” I said. “Haaaareeem. It’s such a funny word.”

I blinked, shaking my head. The heat spread through my thoughts. It was so smothering, like a muggy day in the south. But now that mugginess felt so yummy and soft and gooey and… I squeezed my big titties, shaking them. “Look at my big titties. They’re sooooo ginormous now.”

“They are,” Alice nodded. “And so pretty.”

I beamed at her. She was so nice. I was…supposed to be doing something. “You have to give me the bimbo serum now!”

“You just took it, silly,” Alice said. “Now you’re a bimbo. Isn’t that amazing?”

“Yes!” I giggled. I glanced at Annalee. “Look at my boobies. They’re as big as yours. We’re both bimbos. We’re both part of my harem.” I giggled again. “Such a funny word!”

“But don’t you know you’ve been poisoned,” Annalee said, her blue eyes so wide.

Fear shot through me. “Oh, no, poison is so very not good. Quick, you have to suck my wound. Get out the poison. Like a snakebite.” I turned my ass, wiggling it.

“I’m afraid that doesn’t work. You’re going to die unless you get the antidote.”

“Antidote?” Alice asked.

“Oh, no.” Then my eyes widened. Something rose out of my thoughts. “It’s my pussy juices. That’s the annidote for your poison.” I shoved my hands down between my thighs, rubbing them through my pussy.

Oh, that felt nice.

I coated them with my juices then brought them to my lips. I needed the annidote. I licked them, savoring my tart flavor. I shivered. I tasted so good and yummy and wonderful. I shoved my hands between my thighs, giggling in delight as I caressed my pussy. It was so hot and wet and itchy.

“That’s not the antidote,” Annalee said. “My pussy is. You have to lick it once a day, slut, or you’ll die.”

My eyes widened. “I don’t wanna die. Can I have your annidote?”

“I don’t know. You’d have to lick my pussy.”

I fell to my knees. “Pretty pretty please with gumdrops and sugar and spice on top. Let me lick your pussy. I’m so good at it. I’ll drink all your annidote and make cum. I like cumming. Don’t you?”

“I love it,” she moaned, leaning against the desk and spreading her legs.

Behind me, the elevator dinged. I didn’t care. I had to lick her pussy. I had to get my annidote. I crawled forward. She smelled so yummy so sweet. I buried my face between her thighs, licking so hard.

“That’s right, bitch, drink your antidote.”


Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals

Alice stood naked with three other women. She let out such a sigh of relief as I stepped out of the elevator with the DC cops and Senator Murphy. The cops froze, blinking in shock and then grinning. One of the naked women, a redhead, stood frozen in a doorway. The other, blonde with a bimbo’s body, sat on a desk while a third woman, black-haired, devoured her pussy.

“Such yummy delicious annidote,” the black-haired woman, clearly a bimbo, moaned.

“Frank!” Alice said, racing across the room to me, her big tits bouncing.

I held my arms out wide for her. She crashed into me, her arms going around her neck. She shivered and shook, tears falling down her face. And then she was kissing me. Not my lips, but anywhere she could reach.

“You’re safe,” I said as the DC cops didn’t seem quite to know what to do. They expected a hostage rescue, not a lesbian orgy.

The blonde woman only shuddered, her eyes closed. “Eat my pussy, you fucking cunt.”

“Annalee?” Senator Murphy asked, walking to the desk.

The blonde woman opened her eyes, hardening. “Magnolia’s a little busy to plot with you, dyke. She’s got her tongue up my cunt.”

“What’s going on?” I asked Alice as she squirmed in her arms.

“I was kidnapped,” Alice said.

“Yeah, I know, I spoke to the kidnapper. Is that…Magnolia…?”

“She’s a bimbo now,” Senator Murphy said. Then her gaze swept around the room. “Thank you, Captain. I think we have things under control here. And, of course, I would appreciate your discretion.”

“Yeah, sure, Senator,” the Captain, an older cop with a pot belly stretching his blue uniform, nodded. “What about the man we have in custody downstairs?”

“Leave him with my man,” Senator Murphy said. “I think this was all a misunderstanding. I’m sorry to waste your time.”

“Right,” the cop said, his voice perfectly level.

“Frank?” my wife asked, glancing at Senator Murphy.

“She was with me when you were kidnapped,” I explained. “She’s quite angry at Magnolia Savage for doing it.”

“That’s who kidnapped me.” Alice’s green eyes were wide, recognizing the name. The CEO of Femme Allure, a makeup company. Alice used their products before she became a bimbo.

“Apparently, Magnolia found out about the bimbo serum a few weeks back and contacted Senator Murphy to be her ally. Someone in our company leaked it.”

“We didn’t discuss kidnapping you,” Senator Murphy said, her words ice as she stared at Magnolia licking the other bimbo’s pussy. “Just blocking you from selling it and ensuring her company got the rights.”

I looked at Magnolia. “What happened here?”

Alice explained while the blonde, Annalee Burrell, came hard on Magnolia’s mouth, heaping derision on the new bimbo. But Magnolia was a bimbo now, and the woman was just eager to please Annalee, licking her cunt through all the derogatory names until she fell back on the desk with a huge, satiated smile on her lips.

“We have to talk,” Senator Murphy said, her eyes critical. “I thought Magnolia was the woman to entrust the bimbo serum to.”

“But now?”

“I knew she was a calculating bitch, but I had no idea…” Senator Murphy looked at Alice. “I am so very sorry. I had no idea the woman had any plans at all about this. I don’t even know why she did this.”

“She thought you were cutting her out,” the redhead, Melissa, said. She was dressed now. “When you invited Frank to your party.”

“That paranoid bitch,” Senator Murphy spat, shaking her head. She gave Magnolia, kneeling on the ground with a happy smile on her face, a hard look. “And now she’s a bimbo. Permanently?”

“As far as I know,” I said.

Alice nodded in agreement.

“And what about me?” Annalee asked. “Is this permanent? Being smart again?”

“It’ll wear off in six or so hours,” Alice answered. “That’s as long as I’ve been able to make it last.”

Annalee’s face fell. “So I’ll go back güngören escort to being like her.”

“Unless you get more,” I said. “You’re on the Femme Allure’s board, right? Senator Murphy told me about you on the ride over.”

“Yes. I’m one of the founders. We were friends in college, but she grew cold. She was trying to bully me off the board because I didn’t rubber stamp her decisions like the rest of the scared cows did. Which is why she turned me into a bimbo to demonstrate the serum to the rest of the board.” The blonde shivered.

“Yes, that is…unfortunate,” Senator Murphy said, voice tight.

“So let’s have Magnolia make you the new CEO,” I grinned. “She’ll do anything if you tell her to.”

“It’s how we came to own BT Chemicals,” Alice said. “Veronica injected herself with the serum without making sure there were no side-effects. Then she was just so happy to be our wife and give us the company.”

Annalee gave us hard looks. “And what’s my price to get the intelligence serum? I don’t want to be a bimbo.”

“Oh, it’s a lot of fun with the right people,” Alice said. “But I think I know what my husband’s wanting to do. BT Chemicals will buy Femme Allure from you. Your company has all the distribution contacts that our company lacks with retailers. You can get the Venus Serum in every boutique and high-end store in America.”

“And Europe, parts of South America and Asia.” Annalee licked her lips. “So I stay on as CEO?”

“Of course,” I grinned.

Alice turned to Senator Murphy. “And I hope we can count on your support. I know how much you like bimbos. And soon, you can be open about being gay.”

“This will change the world,” the lesbian senator agreed. “Women would have to be willing. This can’t be abused. I won’t have someone made into a bimbo against her will.”

“Of course,” I nodded, smiling, seeing the lust in her blue eyes.

She nodded her head. Then she glanced at Magnolia. “And what do we do with her?”

“Oh, I’m keeping her,” Annalee said. “I can’t wait to watch her fuck every guy I tell her to. Huh, won’t that be great?”

“But I’m a lezzie,” said Magnolia with a huge smile. “I like pussy and tits and more pussy.”

“Are you sure? I’m a scientist, remember, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that you also like cocks. Big, thick, throbbing cocks.”

“I do?” she asked, her eyes wide.

Annalee looked at me, a naughty gleam in her blue eyes. “You do. So go over there and suck your first dick. I bet that will make Frank so happy. After all, he’s buying your company. And you want to make him happy, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. And your a sciemitist. And sciemitists are always right.”

Annalee laughed in delight as Magnolia crawled to me, licking her lips, eager to suck her first cock. Senator Murphy shook her head. “Enjoy, Frank. I have to talk to my driver and make sure Alice’s kidnapper understands how lucky he is.”

“Thanks, Senator.”

“Delilah,” she said. “After all, I’ve fucked two of your wives. I think that puts us on first name basis.”

I laughed as my zipper rasped down. Magnolia reached into my dress slacks and boxers, pulling my cock out of my boxers. I was still sticky with Donna’s juices. Magnolia took a long lick up my shaft, her brown eyes widening.

“Your dick taste like pussy!” she squealed and then sucked as much of it into her mouth as she could.

I groaned, swaying at the sudden shock of pleasure rippling through me. I clenched my fists as my dick throbbed. It was so intense. Alice snuggled against me, her naked body pressed into my side. Her lips nuzzled against my ear as Magnolia sucked so hard.

“Enjoy. She’s a real cunt.”

“So was Veronica, and look at how she turned out.”

Alice laughed and then kissed me on the lips. I tasted tart pussy and sour ass. I groaned, loving it while Magnolia gave me an inexperienced, though enthusiastic, blowjob. She sucked and moaned, stroking my cock with her hands while she bobbed her mouth on the end. Her tongue darted at random as I moaned into my wife’s lips.

Alice was safe and sound. It was over before I even came to her rescue. I shouldn’t have been worried. My bimbo wife was smarter than me. I held her tight as her kidnapper groaned about my cock, moaning her excitement at blowing her first one. Her passion buzzed around the tip, sending delight tingling through me.

I broke the kiss, “Damn, Magnolia, you must really love cocks. You’re so hungry for my cum.”

“Mmm, you are, slut,” moaned Alice. “Frank and I are also both scientist, so we know a cock-hungry bimbo-whore when we see one. And you are that. You just burn to fuck and suck every cock you can.”

Magnolia shuddered, sucking even harder. She squeezed her blue eyes shut, moaning with such enthusiasm about my cock. My balls churned as her hand massaged them. Her tongue swirled about the crown, driving me wild.

I gripped her dark hair, my hips thrusting forward, fucking my cock in and out of those red lips, her big breasts trembling below. I savored my domination over this bimbo. She had tried to take the bimbo serum from us and failed.

Just like Veronica had.

“You are going to love being a bimbo-whore,” I groaned. “You’re going to love your first taste of cum. I know you’re excited. I can tell.”

She only moaned louder, sucking so hard.

“Cum in her mouth, Frank,” My wife moaned into my ear. My other hand slid down to grab her ass, pulling her tight. She humped against me, smearing her wet cunt on my dress slacks. “Just flood the whore’s mouth.”

“Yes,” I groaned, my balls swelling with pressure, my cum aching to explode out of me.

“Do it,” Alice moaned, grinding on me. Her juices soaked through my slacks as she shuddered. “Cum in the bitch’s mouth.”
“Oh, yes,” Annalee moaned,
shivering on the desk, rubbing her own pussy. “Make that dyke drink all your cum.”

“Y-yeah,” Melissa said. “She’s so horrible.”

I looked down at Magnolia, her dark eyes shining up at me with such eager lust. The woman who kidnapped my wife was gone. Now there was a far better bimbo in her place. Someone who would only bring joy and happiness, and get such pleasure from it. My hand tightened in her dark hair. I groaned.

I flooded her mouth.

The cum pumped from my balls. My jizz spurted out of my cock into her hungry mouth. She swallowed it all, squeezing her eyes shut, savoring her first taste of a man’s cum. She gulped it down with such enthusiasm, sucking hard to get every last drop. I groaned, squeezing my wife’s naked ass as she ground on me harder and harder.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Alice hissed into my ear, her bimbo body cumming hard, more juices soaking into my slacks.

Magnolia sucked a final time, then she pulled her mouth from my cock. “Wow, that was so yummy. I don’t know why I thought I was a lezzie before. You were so right, Mr. Sciemitist.”

“Uh-huh,” I said as my wife shuddered against me, her ass clenching beneath my hands. “Now go back to your mistress. I’m sure she’ll find more cocks for you to enjoy.”

“Oh, I will,” Annalee moaned. “And you will hold your end of the bargain?”

“When we see you in the morning and buy your company, you’ll get another dose,” Alice said. “Let’s make sure everything is final first.”

Annalee smiled. “I understand. You don’t trust me.”

“Trust comes with time,” I shrugged as Alice put away my cock. “Now I need to get my wife back to our hotel room.”

“Yes,” Alice moaned. “And keep an eye out on her.”

“Oh, Melissa and I will have a long talk,” Annalee promised, glancing at the redhead.

Magnolia’s executive assistant paled and swallowed.


Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals

The bimbos swarmed me the moment I stepped into our hotel room. Frank had them sent there when he came to my rescue. They were all wet, fresh from the shower. After their gangbang at the party, I bet they were just filthy with cum and pussy juices. I was so sad to miss it and so glad to hear about all our new investors. With powerful Republicans and Democrats behind us in both the House and Senate, we would have no problems changing the world.

People were just so horny. Sex really did make everything happen.

“You’re back,” Janet said, hugging me.

“I was so scared,” Nicole said, her eyes wide. “Kidnapping is such a bad thingie.”

“Crime,” I suggested to the former cop.

“Yes, a crime-thingie. I know all about those,” she nodded. “I was a police office.”
“Officer,” Frank said.

“Such a funny word. Kidnapping. You’re not a kid, Alice,” Becca said, pressing on my right. “Your boobs are too ginormous to be a kid.”

“Uh-huh,” Veronica nodded, her eyes so serious.

“You missed Frank making me preggers,” Donna said, bouncing behind Janet and Nicole. “He was the only cock that fucked my pussy all night. He kept me full of his babies.”

“You might be pregnant,” Frank said. “But I’ll keep fucking you until you are.”


And then the bimbos were pulling me through the Presidential Suite of the Ritz-Carlton to one of the bedrooms. Their hands touched me, stroked me, like they wanted to make sure I wasn’t hurt or anything. And their touch felt wonderful. My body responded. The last of the stress of the night melted free.

I was back with my family. Frank and all our naughty bimbo wives.

They pushed me down on the bed, their bodies pressing against me, lips kissing and tongues licking. They were like a hungry pack of dogs. The sexiest, hottest dogs ever. Their hands caressed me as they licked and nuzzled my body.

Becca and Janet took my feet, sucking on my toes, sending such naughty delight rippling through my body. Donna and Veronica sucked on my fat, pink nipples. They were so sensitive. The pleasure rippled through my body, making me squirm and moan. Nicole slid between my thighs, a huge grin on her face, her brown hair framing her excitement.

She buried her into my wet pussy and licked.

“Oh, yes,” I gasped as they sucked and licked and nibbled on my body. “Oh, you wonderful bimbos. Oh, I missed you all.”

“We were soooo super-duper scared,” Becca said before she sucked on the big toe of my right foot.”

“Uh-huh,” Janet moaned before her tongue licked up my sole, making me tremble.

“You fatih escort missed out on the bouquet!” moaned Veronica before she sucked on my nipple.

“Bouquet?” I asked in confusion.

“Bukakke,” Frank answered, watching us as he stripped naked. “She keeps calling it bouquet.”

“So much yummy cum. Just a bouquet of it,” Veronica moaned between hard sucks on my nipple.

“Oh, I know. I was looking forward to it,” I gasped, shuddering at the pleasure wreathing my body. I trembled, my eyes rolling back into my head. It was soooo good feeling them lick and tongue me. They drove me wild.

Nicole’s tongue wiggled deep into my pussy, swirling through my folds. I shuddered, groaning, my body heaving. Donna’s lips sucked so hard on my nipple, staying attached as my breasts jiggled. Veronica’s popped off, but she found it again, nipping with her teeth, her blue eyes flashing with joy.

I groaned, my pussy clenching on Nicole’s delightful tongue, her cute nose nuzzling my clit. I shuddered, sparks shooting through my body, meeting the wonder tingling up my legs and racing from my nipples.

They were all so wonderful. So loving. I couldn’t wait for the world to experience the delight of bimbos. Some men would give their bimbos the intelligent serum, or those bimbos could arrange to receive regular treatments for a cost. But so many would just be these wonderful, caring, happy creatures that just wanted to cum and make you cum.

They just wanted to love and be loved.

It would make the world so much nicer. So much better.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, humping against Nicole’s face, my toes curling as Becca and Janet licked them.

Veronica nipped my nipple again, shooting more delight through me. My body responded. I trembled in pure delight, the pleasure building and building in me. I groaned, Becca sucking as much of my breast into her mouth as possible, her tongue batting the nub, driving me wild.

I shuddered again. It was all so much. I felt their love. I drank it in. And then I exploded. My orgasm burst through me. I writhed on the bed. It creaked and squeaked beneath me. I moaned and heaved, loving the bliss, drinking it in, letting it wash over me and bathe my mind with such bliss.

It was rapture.

I never wanted it to stop. I wanted it to keep going over and over, a never ending flood of ecstasy. It sounded wonderful. It had me heaving. I gasped and moaned, screaming out my orgasm for all the hotel to hear.

And then I saw Frank as I writhed, stroking his cock, watching me with such relief in his eyes. He must have been so scared. I heaved and bucked, surrounded by our bimbos. Another orgasm shuddered through me.

“Nicole,” I groaned. “You need to move, sweetie. Our husband wants to fuck me.”

“Yay!” Nicole said, the lithe brunette bimbo bouncing as she moved out of the way, her tits heaving. “She’s all wet and hot and yummy for you, honey.”

“Thanks,” Frank said, giving her a hot kiss.

Nicole shuddered, such joy bursting on her face. They all loved Frank so much. They were all so eager to please him. She grabbed his cock, pumping it while my husband savored the flavor of my pussy on her lips.

Then she broke away, ushering him forward.

The other bimbos pulled away, clapping and cheering, so excited for Frank to fuck me. Donna and Veronica pulled on his shoulders while Janet and Becca grabbed his cock, guiding it to my still spasming cunt, my orgasm dying.

And then Frank was in me and fanned my flames.

“Alice,” he groaned, my pussy spasming about his cock.

“Frank,” I groaned, beaming at him as he sank all the way into my pussy. A woman’s tongue was nice, but I needed a man’s cock in me. My husband’s.

He was almost as big as a Black man, but he also knew how to fuck me with it. His was my favorite cock.

I kissed him hard, tasting myself faintly on his lips. I shuddered at my spicy musk, my pussy clenching so hard on his dick as he drew back and slammed in. I moaned, humping into him, wrapping my thighs about his body. My nipples throbbed as my tits pillowed against his strong chest. His heavy balls smacked into my taint, my clit rubbing against his pubic hair and groin.

He fucked me as hard as he kissed me. There was such an urgency about his motions, a desperate desire to be in me, to give me pleasure, to feel my embrace. I shared it, bucking into his thrusts, moaning into his kiss as he kept me cumming and cumming. I clutched so hard to him. Rapture washed through my mind.

“Fuck her, honey,” Janet said.

“Fill her with so much yummy cum,” moaned Becca.

“Make her preggers, too,” Donna cheered.

“Preggers,” cheered Nicole.

“They are so very beautiful,” Veronica said. “Makes my pussy all hot and itch and…oh, Donna, yes pet my pussy!”

The bimbos moaned around us, touching, caressing, loving each other. They squealed in delight as I shuddered on my husband’s cock. The pleasure washed through my mind as I held him, his balls slamming into my taint. I spasmed about his dick, milking him.

And then it happened. That wonderful moment. His cock buried into me. His cum flooded into my hungry pussy. I shuddered beneath him, gasping, moaning. My nipples rasped across his muscular chest as I convulsed, my orgasm bursting even hotter.

Rapture flooded my body.

Cum flooded my pussy.

Our bimbos writhed about us.

I kissed my husband. So glad to be safe with him. I shuddered and then I was crying. I was kidnapped tonight. I was taken. I could have been hurt. I might never have seen Frank again. He wrapped his arms about me, holding me, loving me.

Making me feel safe.


Delilah Murphy, Senator of the Great State of Indiana

“Honey,” Natasha beamed as the elevator doors to my secret penthouse beamed. She was naked, as usual. It was costing me a lot more in heating the place to make sure it was warm enough for my bimbo wife to run around naked. “Yay, you’re here. I’m soooo horny.”

“I bet,” I grinned. “I have a treat for you. This is Kimberley. She’s our secret lesbian wife, too.”

“Wow,” Natasha said as Kimberley, my new bimbo curtsy of one of Frank’s product testers, darted in. I had been with her during the testing, making sure she wanted to be a bimbo.

She absolutely did. She was so happy to be sexy and skinny and desirable.

Kimberley darted to Natasha, hugging her hard, the pair kissing like they were lovers who had known each other forever instead of a pair of bimbos who had just met. I grinned at them, the heat rising in my pussy.

“And you won’t have to be my secret wives for much longer,” I said, though neither were paying attention. “It’s just two months away. And then the world will change and I can show you off to them.”

The Bills were already in draft, passed along by the Senators and Congressmen who also had their own bimbos at home. Some were wives, some were secretaries, and all were volunteers, eager to be as beautiful as possible. Part of me was sad about how superficial women could be trading perfect beauty for intelligence, but another part of me grinned at the two bimbos kissing before me.

I wonder how many I could have?

And how much longer before I gave in and took the serum myself. I had guarantees from Frank and Alice that they would keep me supplied with intelligence serum. Alice had another breakthrough. It now lasted a little more than a day. Though she said she preferred the hour version. “I just have so much fun being an airhead. You have to try it once.”

Maybe I would. But until then, I had two horny women with two yummy pussies and tasty asses to lick.


Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals

My cock throbbed as my pregnant bimbo wife sucked my cock. Five months pregnant, her belly had a delicious swell to it. I sat on the couch in our living room, Alice on my right, Veronica on my left, Becca nibbling on Alice’s clit, Janet and Nicole cuddled naked on the chair, their big breasts pressed tight.

On screen was Annalee, in a gorgeous business suit skirt, standing before a bank of microphones, wrapping up her press conference. The crawl at the bottom of the news report read: “CEO Annalee Burrell of Femme Allure Venus Serum Press Conference.” The picture shrank as the two anchors at the news desk began their commentary.

“I think she explained that quite succinctly,” the female anchor said, a beauty pushing into her forties, her blonde hair falling around her face smooth cheeks. I could see the signs of plastic surgery keeping her looking young. “And it is just a fascinating product.”

“Even with the side-effects?” her male co-anchor said.

“Well, the FDA and both houses of Congress have held hearings and only a minority of them have objected, along with many feminist groups,” said the female anchor. “But polls show women are eager for this product. Already, department stores around the nation are unlocking their doors to the long lines waiting to get in. Women want the Venus Serum, side-effects and all.”

Alice shifted beside me, smiling at the lines of women crowding outside stores. It was like Black Friday. We were about to become billionaires. Trillionaires.

“Even noted feminist Senator Delilah Murphy is on-board,” the female reporter said. “And wasn’t that brave of her to come out as a lesbian today and stand proud with her four bimbo girlfriends.”

“It’s happening,” Alice moaned, her voice throaty. My cock throbbed. No more obstacles. The mole who betrayed us to Magnolia was found and fired, our new friends in Congress and the FDA had ensured there were no serious opposition, and Femme Allure had millions of doses of the serum shipped to stores.

It was happening. The world was changing before our very eyes.

“Up next,” the female anchor said, “I try out the Venus Serum myself. You’ll get to see it live on air.”

“Oh, that will be interesting,” Alice panted.

“Yeah,” I grunted and came into my pregnant bimbo’s mouth.

Donna gulped my cum down, her eyes sparkling with joy. Alice came a moment later. The news cut to commercial for the Venus Serum. Advertising had been hitting hard, showing women transforming on screen, including one of Senator Murphy’s new girlfriends.

The world would be far better populated by bimbos.

“They’re so beautiful,” Veronica giggled. “Just like me. Thank you, honey, for improvising me.”

“Yes!” Alice moaned, her orgasm peaking.

And then they both kissed me. The other bimbos squealed their love, moving in to swamp us in a loving pile of curvy, busty flesh.


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