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I was off at another conference — there are a number at this time of year. Someplace warm, perhaps Vegas or it could easily have been San Diego or even Florida. I shouldn’t bee too specific though.

When I’m away working I always like to find a little time out to relax, let some of the information sort itself out in my head. A few hours in the late afternoon by the pool should do quite nicely. To feel less guilty about taking time away from the sessions I bring along some of the conference papers to read while I relax.

For such a warm day the pool area is surprisingly empty — a few groups of people here and there in relaxed conversation but one woman off by herself catches my attention. Lying face down in the sun her white thong bikini is almost not there at all. The quiet area where she is lying away from the conversations combined with the alluring sight of her bikini makes for an easy decision as to where to settle myself down to read. She smiles warmly as I sit down and a short but pleasant conversation follows — she also is taking a break from the business that brought her down here, not being able to resist the temptation of a little sunshine. After a short while and a few flirtatious comments back and forth she gets up and dives into the pool for a short swim.

I admit that the bikini caught my attention from the start, and kept it now that she’s in the water. I manage to look down at my papers now and then but for the most part my attention is fixed on her. And then she comes out of the water — her bikini nearly completely transparent now that it’s wet. Walking slowly back she watches my eyes following her, running up and down her our body to drink in the delicious sight. As she stands next to the lounge towelling herself dry she continues our conversation. The sight of her breasts, nipples hard and clearly showing through her top quickly arouses me to the point where my swim suit no longer disguises my hard cock. almanbahis I roll over face down, embarrassed by my arousal.

“I’m sorry — am I distracting you from your reading?” she asks coyly.

“Oh no,” I reply, “I was simply rolling over to cover the degree of my distraction.”

“Ah, I see,” she says with a smile. “Perhaps you should go for a quick dip in the pool — the water’s very cool and refreshing.”

“A very good idea,” I say, getting up from my lounge and walking over to the water, watching her gaze follow me. I dive in and swim the length of the pool under the surface, enjoying the cool water and trying to relax to ease my arousal. However when I surface at the other end and look back at her still standing by the edge of the pool I feel my cock stiffening again.

As I slowly swim back she asks innocently “Did that help at all?”

“No not in the least,” I reply, at which point she dives back in, swimming to join me in the middle of the pool.

As she reaches me she quietly whispers “We should do something to help you with that distraction,” at the same time reaching down and squeezing my cock tightly in her hand through my swimsuit.

We stop swimming just as we reach the shallow end, the water just below our necks. “That sounds like a very good idea,” I reply, allowing my hands the pleasure of wandering over her body. Delighting in the soft skin of her back, cupping her breasts and feeling her nipples pressing into the palms of my hands, running down her belly to the bottom of her bikini, tracing the outline of her lips so clearly visible through the wet fabric. “Come up to my room and we can discuss the best remedy,” I whisper back, ignoring the eyes watching us from the tables across the pool.

We climb out and quickly wrap ourselves in the terry robes we’ve brought down from our rooms, though not before I have a good long look at her gorgeous behind in the thong bikini. almanbahis yeni giriş Crossing the lobby to the elevators I stick close behind her, trying to disguise my awkward state. In the elevator however she feels more playful, rubbing her behind against my cock, lifting the back of her robe and pulling the front of mine open, squeezing me between her thighs. Once we reach my floor we move quickly to the room, throwing off our robes the second we close the door. My discomfort growing, I peel off my swimsuit while our tongues entangle in a deliciously deep kiss. Her hands find my naked cock and she immediately slips down to her knees, taking me deep into her mouth as I run my fingers through her wet hair. Then down to untie her bikini tip, peeling the wet fabric away from her breasts and cupping them in my hands, squeezing her hard nipples.

My mouth is now watering with the thought of tasting her. To her mild protest I pull my cock from her mouth and lift her up to her feet. A few quick steps to the bed and I throw her on top, stopping just a moment to enjoy the sight of her lying there, bikini top cast to one side, legs spread in anticipation of delicious pleasures to come. I lie down on top, feeling her take my cock in her hands and slipping it back into her mouth, then bury my face between her thighs, running my nose along the outline of her pussy, delighting in the smell of her sex through her bikini. She lifts her hips as she feels me slipping my hands underneath her thong, then pulls up her knees and kick it aside once I’ve slipped it down her legs. This time my tongue repeats the path, tasting her wetness, teasing her clit as I feel her licking and sucking increase in urgency. I squeeze her behind and thrust my tongue deep inside, then back to her clit, licking until her muffled screams escape from around my cock.

I roll over onto my back and pull her up on top, guiding her wet pussy down onto almanbahis giriş my waiting cock. Her energy enthrals me — watching her bounce on my cock, my hands holding her breasts, squeezing her nipples as She smiles down at me. “Squeeze me,” I say, “squeeze me as tight as you can.”

I can feel her tightening around me, can feel the interruptions in her rhythm as she comes close to the edge, then hear her scream out as her whole body shakes, squeezing me even tighter as she collapses on top of me, my hands now holding her hips as I thrust deep inside, coaxing out every last wave of pleasure.

I turn her over onto her front and pile as many pillows as I can reach underneath, lifting her hips until her knees are on the bed and slip inside from behind. I love the feeling of my hands on her ass, tell her what a wonderful behind she has, how sexy she looked lying in the sun in her bikini. Then tell her how naughty she was down by the pool, taking such obvious advantage of my unintentional arousal. I raise my hand, spanking her on the behind while we’re fucking.

“Oh yes, more, harder,” her muffled voice comes from deep in the pillows. Not knowing which — the spanking or the fucking — I deliver both. More spanking, more fucking until she lifts her head and screams out as she comes, squeezing my cock and shaking all over before collapsing back into the pillows.

Then over onto her back, I wrap my arms tight around her, feel her legs wrap tight around me as I thrust deep inside, drinking in her kisses as I lose myself in the feeling of her body under mine. Then I lift myself up, looking down at her beauty, lifting her legs up over my shoulders as my hands find her breasts. I squeeze her nipples as she squeezes my cock again, thrusting deep inside as she holds me up with her legs. She watches the pleasure building in me, feels me pounding harder and deeper and then I explode inside her, my deep scream echoed by hers as we collapse together in a tangled knot of spent pleasure.

After we catch our breath and share more kisses she smiles at me “So, do think my bikini is too revealing?”

“No, I would say it’s perfectly revealing.” And after a moment’s consideration “And perfectly distracting.”

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