Bikes, Cars and First Time

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It was a summer day, like any other summer day, when he rolled his bike out the garage door and pedaled down to the end of the street. He continued on a dirt path into some young woods, going only 100 feet or so before slowing and taking a right turn. It wasn’t much of a path, but he didn’t have to go far either. He stopped, got off his bike, and walked a short distance to the old abandoned bus. He carefully entered through the remains of the door and made his way to box under the second seat. Pulling it out carefully, he opened it and started to paw through the pile of magazine pictures he had found a few weeks earlier. All nudes, some color, some black and white, they drew him in a way he didn’t understand. He couldn’t stop looking at them. And his body reacted. His heart beat faster, his blood pressure rose, he sweat, and he felt a swelling and an ache in his loins. His strict upbringing told him that this was evil and he tried to swear off it, but eventually he always returned. In particular, he returned for the busty girls. The rest of their bodies made him ache too, but the sight of a nice big pair of tits caused him to groan deep inside.

After an hour or so, he finally put them back in the box and stowed them away safely. He got back on his bike and back on the trail. It led out of the woods into a large field. He pedaled along, still turned on. He turned down another path that lead to the woods at the far end of the field. As he neared the edge of the field, he could see two cars parked on the dirt access road that lead through the woods to another road. He slowed. He has seen other cars parked their, once glimpsing a couple in an embrace. He stopped and parked his bike near a tree, out of sight of the car, and peered over some bushes. He hadn’t been watching long, when he saw a man’s head and shoulders rise in the back seat. He was talking with someone, then opened the door and stepped out, naked. He reached into the car and fished out some shorts and a tank. He pulled them both on, the leaned back into the back seat for a moment. He exited again, got into the other car, and drove off.

Amy lie in the back seat, a bit stoned, freshly fucked and oddly dissatisfied. Sex with Mark had been rather perfunctory of late, something they did, but nothing that moved her. She missed feeling… special, important, like being with her moved him. She sighed, straightened up, and moved to gather her clothes. As she slipped her panties on, she gradually sensed that someone was watching her. She looked out the back window and saw a glimpse of a head duck down. She looked forward again, keeping that area in her peripheral vision, and soon saw the head appear again. Her initial concern turned to amusement as she saw it was an obviously shy guy, looking over at her car with utter fascination. She smiled. At least someone was looking at her with awe. After a moments thought, she slid out of the car, still looking away from her voyeur. Standing outside of the car, dressed only in panties, she reached up her arms and stretched, twisting her body slightly from side to side. She ran her hands over her breasts, squeezing them, giving him a show. “You like what you see?” she wondered, “do you like these boobs, so big and firm? Do they make you hard? Do you want me?”

His eyes were as wide as saucers. He simply couldn’t believe it. She was beautiful, like the girls he loved to look at in the magazines. And such nice big breasts… He could feel his heart pounding and his head swim.

She swayed a bit, then finally turned to face him full on, her body displayed for him. “Ever seen a naked girl before?” she asked and giggled.

He bursa eskort froze and was about to run, when she said, “I seeeeee you. Its ok.”

He didn’t move. She giggled again and gestured to him, “Really, its ok. Come here. Come.”

He slowly moved out of the woods and walked closer to her. He stood five feel away from her, panting. “So,” she repeated, “have you ever seen a naked girl before?”

“No,” he stammered, “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry. What’s your name sweetie?” she soothed.

“Sean,” he replied.

“And how old are you Sean?” she asked.

“18,” he stammered.

“Really?” she laughed, “Would you do something for me Sean? Would you come sit with me in my car?”

“Umm, sure,” he said, totally out of his depth.

She turned and slid into the back seat, leaving him lots of room. He slowly got in after her, trying not to stare, but not being able to help it either. She smiled and said, “Close the door honey.” This was the attention she craved, someone who couldn’t tear his eyes off her.

“She is soo nice,” he thought as he pulled the door closed, not daring to wonder what would happen next.

Sitting with her hands in her lap, she asked, “Have you ever been with a girl Sean?”

“No,” he replied, coloring red.

“Oh, how sweet. A virgin,” she thought. “Well, it has been too long since I was with a man who treated me right, and I miss it. You look like you could treat a girl nicely,” she maneuvered.

“I sure would try,” he said hesitantly.

“Yeah, what would you do?” she smiled.

“I would kiss you.. her!” he sputtered.

She opened her arms to him. “Then kiss me,” she breathed.

Not knowing what to do with his hands, he kept them on the seat, but leaned over and kissed her lightly. She took his face in her hands and returned the kiss. She held his face and kissed him again, until he relaxed and began really kissing her. She tasted of the heat of summer, and her lips were moist and warm. Each kiss both relaxed him and made his blood pulse. She opened her mouth and placed the tip of her tongue at his lips. Imitating her, he opened his mouth, and groaned when her tongue tickled his. Finally, he could lean no longer without support and moved his hands forward, resting them on her legs. She responded by spreading her legs, causing his body to shift more towards her. She moved his head and kissed his eyelids. “Mmmm,” she purred, “what else would you do?”

He froze, his mind racing, until he admitted, “I… I don’t know.”

“Would you like to tell you?” she asked.

“Please,” he said, the relief in his voice audible. He so wanted to please her.

She settled back in the seat and sighed, “kiss my throat.”

He kissed the cheek closest to him, then her jaw, and worked his way to her throat, kissing one side, then over to the other. His kisses were slow and soft and she liked them. “mmmm, nice,” she purred, “My shoulders.”

He happily kissed down her throat and over to one shoulder. His kisses became a little harder as he worked over the muscle and bones of her shoulder. He kissed down her collarbone, keenly aware that her luscious breasts were only inches away, and up her other collarbone to lavish her other shoulder. As he kissed down her collarbone again, she murmured, “lower, please lower.”

He tried to go slow. His kisses sucked a bit harder when his lips touched the first swell of her left breast. He was surprised by the softness, how his lips sank into her flesh. He moved his head back and forth, kissing over the top of her breast. He felt her move, bursa merkez escort the sliding of breast over his face and her nipple to his mouth. “Suck them,” she said ardently.

They both groaned as his lips closed on her nipple and began to suckle. His tongue touched the hardness of her nipple and began to flick it. “Oh,” she shuddered, “yes, that’s it. Softly. Worship me.”

She turned away from him for a moment, sinking down, her back against the door. She reached for him and pulled him on top of her, his lips to her breast again. His mind was a chaotic storm, his entire body pulsing. In this moment, she was the most important person or thing in his entire life. He took her nipple in his mouth again and sucked. She took his hands and placed at the sides of her breasts, giving them to him. Her pressed them together, the nipples only inches apart. He slid his lips from one, over her cleavage, to the other, and sucked.

She was frantically horny. Mark had never lavished this much attention to her breasts and she had never had so much pleasure from them. Her hips rose and fell, grinding against him. As he moved back and forth, from nipple to hard nipple, her need grew. She gasped, “Lower, please please lower! I love this, but please lower.”

He reluctantly released her beautiful jugs and started to kiss lower, down her belly.

She could feel her fingers in his hair, guiding him lower. As his lips met her pubic hair, he could feel her wetness and her scent. Uncertain, he paused. Immediately, she groaned, “Please, just do what you were doing. Keep kissing me.”

His lips descended on her again. He kissed her skin, her wet curls, and then her drenched lips. She was so wet. His face was wet with her. His mouth opened, and he started to suck. One labia was drawn into his mouth, where his tongue teased her. She pulled his head again, “Yes, oh my god yes, lick, lick me, right there!”

His tongue passed his lips and began to lick her. The taste was incredible and she was sooo wet. He felt her pulling his head against her, so licked harder. Her hips rocked around his head, and he rode her. Abruptly, she froze and moaned loud and long, then rocked her hips quickly, panting hard. He tried to keep with her, not wanting to stop licking, until her felt her lifting his head up. She looked down at his, flushed and sweaty, and smiled. “That was wonderful,” she said simply, “Thank you.”

He replied, “You’re welcome,” in a ragged voice. He was trembling. His body ached like he had never known before. She pulled herself up to a seated position and stroked his hair. She could feel the heat rolling off him. “You ok?” she asked.

He opened his mouth and closed it, not knowing how to describe how he felt. His mouth opened into an O when her hand started to stroke his chest and slid down to his pants. It was his turn to rock when her hand stroked the bulge in his pants. Deft fingers undid his belt buckle. “Slide your pants down,” she whispered in his ear.

Shaking hard, he unzipped and slid his pants down. She giggled at him, “underwear too silly.” Embarrassed, excited, clueless, he pulled his underwear down too.

“Now kiss me,” she breathed, as her hand slid down to his virgin cock. Their lips met again as she slowly, softly started to stroke his cock. He was hard and dripping. His mouth opened in an O again as she gave him a firmer stroke. He started to shake and she paused, “do you like that honey?”

“I think so,” he gasped, “I,,, I..”

“Have you ever cum?” she asked slowly.

“Cum? I.. don’t….” he sputtered.

She giggled bursa sınırsız escort softly, “Just relax sweetie, I will take care of you.” “And I will give you your first orgasm and you will remember Me for the rest of your life,” she thought, ” I will be the girl you always dream of, the one against whom all others will be compared, Amy, the fox with the big tits. You will always want me.”

She kissed his cheek, then his shoulder, and lowered her head down to his lap. His virgin cock was painfully hard. He moaned loudly as she kissed the head and opened her mouth. She tasted his dripping pre-cum as she slid her lips down to his pubic hair, and started to suck gently. She smiled inwardly, “Yes, and I took you all, deep throated you. You’ll remember that.”

She moved her mouth up and down an inch, fucking him with her throat. His cock felt like it was being electrified. He groaned as the pleasure became too intense, and he came, the first cum bursting from his cock. She felt his virgin cum coat her throat and sucked him deep and hard. “Mmm, and I swallowed your cum,” she gloated and gleefully thought of future girls choking and spitting his seed and how he would remember Her.

He was breathing hard, his body shaking from his first orgasm. She sat up next to him again and smiled. “How was that sweetie?” she teased.

“Oh my God,” he breathed, “I’ve never… ever.”

“I know,” she giggled, “and don’t you ever forget it.” She straddled his lap, thrusting her tits in his face. “Will you remember these big jugs, Sean? You love them, don’t you?” she teased. She rubbed them back and forth across his face, letting him catch her nipples now and again with his mouth. “Mmm, that’s it, worship my perfect nipples,” she continued. In all his fantasies, he had never imagined it could be this intense. He couldn’t get enough of her, wanted her, wanted to devour her entirely, make her his. His hands wrapped around her hips and pulled her towards him, pressing her tits against his face. But it also pressed her wet pussy against his cock, newly hard. She gasped as her clit suddenly was rubbing against his manhood. She shifted her hips and rocked against him, using his hardness to massage her clit.

She laughed, “Hard for me again Sean? So soon? You must want this body bad. Is that it? Do you want me Sean? More than anything? More than anyone?”

He could barely breathe, much less speak, with her mounds smothering him, but he did manage to gasp, “Yes, yes, so much, yes!”

“Good answer,” she rejoiced, “and for that.” She lifted her hips and rocked them, until his cock was just right, then she sat down, and his cock spearing into her. She groaned loudly as it went deep into her. She had not expected it to feel this good. Her hips rose and fell, his cock pistoning in and out of her.

“And for that,” she panted, “I will fuck you good and raw, let you feel my bare pussy, let you spurt your cum deep in me.” His hands were on her hips, holding her, helping her, forcing her down on his cock. Her gorgeous melons bounced in his face. She squeezed his cock with her pussy and watched him writhe. His cries told her he was close.

“You like that Shawn? Look into my eyes. I want to look at me when you fill my cunt with your cum. That’s it. That’s it. Do it to me. Pump me full of your hot jizz. Give it to me. Cum for me. Cum in me!” she groaned and gasped as her own orgasm took her. The sudden tightness of her cunt and dirty talk send him over the edge. With a cry, he came hard, the pleasure so intense and new that it positively hurt. His eyes were locked with her as he came. It was an intimacy that they would both remember for years to come.

She collapsed against him, sweaty breasts against his face. He panted against her. Eventually, she moved, his cock sliding out of her. She moved to the seat next to him. He wanted to say… something. But she looked at him, put a finger to his lips and said, “Just remember.”

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