Big Max Ch. 01

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Sophie knew it was wrong to want him. But that just seemed to make her want him more.

He’d been in her life since before the dawn of her sexuality. At first she hated him. Not him exactly, but how her mum was around him. So doting, and so keen for Sophie to like him – it was pathetic. Looking back, Sophie could see how typical her behaviour was -what a cliche the whole thing had been.

She could also see that what Max had brought into their lives was joy. It had been a long, dark few years, and the change that Sophie saw in her mum, that angered her at first, was happiness itself. She had started singing again, like Sophie remembered from a dim and distant childhood far away, and taking care over her appearance.

Her mum was pretty, Sophie knew, and as she got older herself she was jealous of her mum’s large breasts, and later pleased to find she had started to take after her. She had the same curly blonde hair that fell like a mane until tamed with bands or clips, and the same clear blue eyes. Her dad had joked when she was little that she was a clone – he’d called her Dolly the sheep and bleated like a sheep and played with her curls. That was long ago. Max was very different from her dad. Max was here, for one thing.

She’d watched for years how her mum seemed to purr with pleasure and excitement when Max took her in his arms – if he didn’t know Sophie was nearby he would squeeze her mum’s arse and she’d press herself against him. Once she saw her reach out and stroke the bulge in his jeans. Sophie stayed awake listening that night and thought she could hear her mum’s singing, except there were no words and there was a percussive banging that kept changing rhythm.

Max ran a landscaping company and was still very much involved – he looked strong and youthful, and he had a way of turning his attention to something completely that made Sophie melt and stutter. She thought of it as ‘full beam’, and as a younger girl she had always felt very special when he did it – helping with homework at the kitchen table. (By that time she had allowed herself to let him try and win her approval).

These days, the thrill of his full beam was still there for Sophie, but she felt it between her legs. She thought she could tell that it was different for him too now, that he was trying to restrain a tiger in his mind – the one with the sparkling eyes and the wandering hands that made her mum go all girly.

He had the same effect on Sophie’s school friends, who gigglingly called him big Max when they spoke about him, which was often.

“I had another dream about big Max,” announced Ellie to the other girls one time.

“Are you sure it was a dream, or were you actually awake and getting busy with Little Max?”

It had been such a recurring theme among the group that they had decided that Ellie’s vibrator was to be called Little Max. She was the only girl to be so openly proud of owning one, and it cropped up a lot in conversation.

“Well, he may have gotten involved… But only after I woke up and big Max wasn’t really there.” Ellie giggled and blushed.

Sophie laughed along with them and had to pretend she was fine with it, but she did find their obsession silly. Max wouldn’t be interested in giggling girls – he was besotted with her mum, who was subtle with her sexuality but held herself confidently. Sophie was sure she kept Max coming back for more. And if Max were looking for a younger girl, Sophie caught herself thinking, she wouldn’t let him near Ellie and her stupid vibrator!

That afternoon Sophie returned to an empty house. She was a keen gymnast and she was happily worn out after a long session of practice, eager to wash the chalk from her hands and the sweat from her skin.

The hot running water drumming down on her felt good, easing her tense muscles, and as she soaped her pussy she let her fingertips dwell there. She thought of Max’s hands pulling down her mum’s tights, bending her over in the kitchen. She tried to picture his cock – it was huge in her imagination. He pushed it into her mum, fucking her hard until she came in her sing song moans, her big tits bouncing. All the while, his eyes were fixed on Sophie’s – full beam – as she stood there watching.

Sophie was biting her lip and her knees were trembling as she imagined offering herself to him, bending over the kitchen table where he’d helped her write stories, watching him approach her with his dick still wet and slippery with her mum’s cum.

She was on the edge of orgasm when she heard the real Max call out a hello from the kitchen. She felt guilty, and stopped, although all her nerve endings were screaming for her to continue – to jam as many fingers as she could up into her sopping wet cunt and take herself over the edge.

She looked at herself in the slightly steamed-up mirror, wondering if she looked sexy. She pinched her nipples a bit to stiffen them. People had been saying her whole life how much she looked like her mum. She thought she bursa escort bayanlar remembered though that people used to say she looked like her dad as well, and they had stopped saying that after he left. So perhaps it was just something people said. Certainly she had the same wild blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. And she tanned just as easily, so in the mirror her white skin on the parts that saw no sun stood out. She felt that it looked silly, but wasn’t sure how she could sunbathe topless.

Her breasts were smaller, although only slightly these days, and she was leaner in general.

She left the bathroom wrapped in a towel, and almost crashed straight into Max, who was stomping through the corridor, himself just back from the gym.

“Oh…Sorry!” Max seemed flustered to be at such close quarters with her when she had only a towel on, stepping back like he’d seen a ghost.

“Sorry Max, all yours,” Sophie said, making off down the corridor and feeling that the towel was really quite short, and that perhaps his eyes were following her and on her long legs. She glanced back as she turned to enter her room, and he looked sheepish and disappeared quickly into the bathroom. She wished she had let herself finish masturbating. She suddenly wondered if he would be doing that now, and desperately wanted to see it.

Back in her bedroom, she let her hand slip between her legs and her fingers came away with a crystal slick of her excitement. She tried to push from her mind the thought of her step dad grunting and pounding her from behind against the chest of drawers she was now reaching into for some knickers.

She pulled on some yoga pants and a faded old white t-shirt that her breasts had slightly outgrown. It stretched over them and she wore it bra-less. The look said ‘This is my home and I’m going to be comfortable’ loud and clear, but as she glanced in her bedroom mirror and gave her hair a flick, she could see it also had a fair helping of ‘fuckable teen tease’ as well.

Max always showered quickly and he was already busy in the kitchen getting some things together for dinner, his black hair still wet. Sophie watched silently for a few seconds as he concentrated on chopping onions.

“What can I help with? Give me a task,” Sophie offered, striding into the room.

Max started slightly and glanced round. Sophie thought she saw his eyes widen a little at her appearance.

“Oh, Hi Sophie! You could grate a huge pile of cheese if you like? That would be great. I’m making tacos.”

“Yum,” Sophie replied, taking up position beside him after fetching the cheese.

“What time is mum due back?”

Louise worked in sales for a big pharmaceuticals firm and occasionally had to travel for meetings – she had spent the afternoon visiting a customer in the North.

“Dinner time, hopefully,” Max said. Sophie noticed him noticing her nipples. She felt them notice it too. “She said she was about 45 minutes away.”

“Ok cool. How was – Ow, fuck!”

Sophie dropped the cheese suddenly, and was squeezing her thumb hard with her other hand and sort of hopping from one foot to the other.

“Shit, is it bad Soph? Let me see?”

Sophie was sucking on it now, feeling foolish and Max was by her side reassuringly, his hand gently on her arm. Her thumb was stinging. She suddenly wanted to cry like a little girl and have him hug her and kiss it better.

He rummaged in the drawer and came out with a plaster, and he took her wrist and softly pulled it so she let the thumb come out of her mouth. Sophie saw the little flap she had cut in the tip by carelessly stubbing her thumb against the grater.

“Gross,” she said.

Max peeled the paper off the plaster and put it in place for her, saying, “It’s not too bad – couple of days it will be gone. Especially at your age.”

The last sentence hung in the air slightly as Max was still holding her wrist, and Sophie realised she badly wanted to kiss him. He had a light shade of stubble on his jaw, and concern for her in his eyes. She thought there was also a bulge in his trousers though, slightly pressing against her through her yoga pants.

“Sorry, I’m an idiot. Not the best sous-chef am I? It was about the easiest job you could have given me.”

Max laughed warmly.

“You’re fired,” he joked. “For bleeding on the cheese. We’ll be closed down for hygiene infractions.”

Sophie saw that he was right.

“Oh no, gross, I’m sorry!”

“Hey, I’m kidding, we’ll start over. There’s loads of time, and it was early for the cheese anyway. To be honest I was just trying to think of something you could do to help.”

Sophie was disheartened, although she knew he was just trying to reassure her. He also did have everything under control. Always, she thought. She got rid of the ruined cheese.

“You could grab us some drinks though?” Max said, clearly keen to acknowledge she was trying to help.

Sophie bayan sarisin escort bursa peered into the fridge. There were a few beers on the bottom shelf, and she bent at the waist to fetch them, taking her time in case Max happened to glance at how the tight little yoga pants stretched across her arse, and even snuggly cupped her pussy, accentuating it. She took two out and opened them.

She handed one to Max, who had suddenly looked back with exaggerated concentration at what he was doing.

“Here… I think I just about coped with that task,” she said, teasingly. He thanked her and their eyes met before he glanced away.

She knew her mum would have raised an eyebrow about her drinking mid week, but she wasn’t here, and Max certainly wasn’t going to say anything. She was old enough in any case, of course.

But her mum had always been a bit funny about drinking in general, and Sophie did understand why, since her dad used to drink. And when he drank, he changed. She had realised that even as a little girl. He was never violent, or mean, just distant somehow. With every drink he had receded and she thought he became somebody who just looked like her dad. She didn’t miss that when he finally left.

But Max was different. She had never seen him drunk, or anything other than in complete control. She watched the muscles in his arm flex softly as he continued with the dinner.

She looked him up and down hungrily as she sipped the cold beer. He was wearing jeans and she wished they fitted him a little tighter so she could see more of him. She desperately wanted to see him naked. She had a sudden brainwave and announced,

“Be right back.”

In her bedroom Sophie rummaged in her drawer. The previous year her best friend Jenny had moved away. It was huge for both of them and they promised each other to Skype every day. After the fifth time her phone app had crashed mid conversation, Sophie went online and bought a webcam to upgrade her ancient laptop that didn’t have one built in.

It was an ebay purchase and she hadn’t paid much attention, except to see it was well-reviewed. When it had arrived she was surprised by how small it was, and that because it was wireless it took some setting up to get it working with her laptop – it didn’t dawn on her immediately that she’d bought a remote camera. The skyping had been short-lived – the girls still spoke often and messaged each other but a best friendship is hard to maintain long distance, they both learned.

The camera had been consigned to the drawer of forgotten things.

Sophie retrieved it triumphantly. Her little spy cam would finally get to do some spying, she thought.

She stepped into her mum’s bedroom in the dark, already feeling she was invading their privacy. Adjacent to the bed was a book case, she knew, and that would give her a perfect view of Max undressing. The case was deep enough that she didn’t think the camera would be visible at the back propped on a book that wouldn’t be moved. She chose A Brief History of Time – not brief enough to have been finished, it had sat on the shelf with a page corner turned halfway through for a very long time. No one would be disturbing this book, Sophie thought.

Sophie could still hear Max in the kitchen, and she thought she heard the front door too – her mum was back. She hurried out of the room, glancing back at the shelf guiltily, before darting off down the hall to her own room.

“Hi Mum, you’re looking corporate!”

Sophie re-emerged in the kitchen and kissed her mum on the cheek.

“Hey Soph – you’re definitely not looking corporate,” her mum replied as she saw quite how much of her daughter’s body was showing through what she was wearing.

“Max, avert your eyes, Sophie’s auditioning for something X-rated.”

“Ha ha – make the sale today did you, Mum? Or are you going back with one less button done up?”

Louise had on a silk blouse under her suit, and her breasts did fight the buttons a bit, something that was not lost on her. It was perfectly respectable, but also striking.

“Touche,” she replied, kissing Max. “Something smells amazing.”

“Yeah, grab it while it’s hot,” Max said, and Sophie caught the look that her mum gave him.

They chatted about this and that during the meal, recounting the saga of the cheese grater. Sophie could tell from the continued electric atmosphere, though, that her little camera was not going to be disappointed in seeing the real little Max standing to attention that evening.

“Night Soph, don’t spend all night online,” her mum said, as they all made to turn in later on.

“Night mum, ‘night Max,” Sophie replied. When they were gone – in something of a hurry, she noticed – she helped herself silently to another beer from the fridge and took it with her down the hall, setting herself up at her laptop and glancing around furtively.

The picture on her screen was dim, bursa evi olan eskort although it lit up suddenly as Max turned on a bedside lamp and she could see her mum pressing herself against him.

“Fuck, I need you inside me.”

Sophie was startled on a number of levels. For one thing, she hadn’t anticipated it was going to pick up sound and it sounded extremely loud to her in her dark, silent bedroom. She scrabbled for some headphones and plugged them in, hoping very hard that no-one had heard. This would be difficult to explain.

She was also taken aback by the desperate lust in her mum’s voice, which was usually so together. She could see at the same time that her mum was already reaching into Max’s jeans as they kissed with passion. Max had his hands on her mum’s arse, squeezing it.

Sophie took a sip of cold beer, and rested her fingertips on the damp crotch of her yoga pants. They stayed outside of them, but she could feel the outline of her plump pussy lips through the taut fabric, and the burning heat from between them.

Sophie’s eyes were glued to the screen. Max had tossed the silk blouse to one side and freed her mum’s breasts, and was pinching her nipples with his lips, while his hands were busy between her legs. It struck Sophie that her mum was fucking hot, and also that Max knew his way around her expertly. She burned with envy.

Louise moaned and whispered impatiently, “Max, get your cock out.”

Sophie felt just the same way, and she pressed a little harder with her fingers.

Max stripped his t-shirt off over his head in one sweep, and Sophie gave a little sigh at the sight of his muscled torso. In that instant he looked like he could rip a man in half. Her mum was running her hands on his chest as they kissed again, and then fighting his jeans to get them off him.

When Sophie saw the obscene bulge in his boxers, she slid her hand down the front of her yoga pants, and found herself a hot gluey mess there.

The boxers didn’t stay on long, and she finally saw his huge dick bounce free, as her mum caressed it lovingly. Sophie gazed in wonder, feeling her heartbeat in her throbbing clit. Her mum was kneeling now, looking up at Max and teasing him with her open mouth tantalisingly close to his cock. It was large, veined, impossibly erect, and somehow even better than Sophie had imagined it.

She watched as her mum’s fingertips played with Max’s full-looking bollocks and imagined how it would feel to hold them. God, how she wanted to ride that mighty dick.

Her mum finally took it in her mouth, and Sophie sat watching in the dark, teasing her own pussy and quaking with lust as she saw her mum sucking the big dick with glee, while Max held the back of her head.

Sophie had to get her cunt out – she needed better access, and since these two were clearly busy, she wasn’t going to be disturbed. For a second she imagined they found her fingering herself watching them. She imagined their punishment – her mum holding her down while Max fucked her as hard as he could.

She pulled the sticky yoga pants with her knickers tangled in them down her long legs and tossed them aside – they were soaked through and gooey. She brought her heels up onto the chair she was on, so now she was spread wide open, and she found she could smell her pussy, it was so excited. It felt exhilarating for it to be exposed in the dark in front of her screen like this.

She could hear little noises coming from her mum as she was doing her best to take Max’s cock into her throat. It was a cross between gagging and horny moaning, and Sophie saw that her mum was also busy with her own clit, though she’d yet to fully undress like Max.

He soon saw to that, having to fight her slightly to pull his cock free of her sucking, and then tugging her smart trousers and sticky silk knickers from her in a hurry.

Sophie watched Max lift her naked mum easily and lay her on the bed, before kissing his way down her body until his face was between her parted legs.

“Mmmm, fuck…” Her mum swore softly as his tongue caressed her clit.

Sophie slipped a finger inside herself, amazed by her own wetness, and imagined Max’s tongue exploring her cunt, tasting her with as much enjoyment as he was right now deriving from her mum’s. Max wanked his big cock while he licked her, and he added his other hand to what his mouth was busy with. Sophie couldn’t see what he did with it, but she heard her mum give a little gasp and saw her moving her hips to fuck herself against his face.

Sophie added a second finger to the one in her pussy, and got her other hand involved, circling her slippery clit, and she was already having to try hard not to come. She judged that her mum was too.

With a shift in position into the light of the lamp, and as Max caught a breath and looked at Louise quaking for him, Sophie was startled to see that his index finger was flexing deep in her mum’s arse. So that’s what had made her gasp – she’d assumed he had slipped it into her cunt.

Sophie found herself even more turned on at this, as Max went back to pleasuring her mum with his tongue while his finger probed inside her.

Sophie wondered how it would feel to lie with her legs wide for Max and let him taste her open cunt and push his strong fingers into her tight little arsehole.

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