Big guy fucks my girlfriend: Allison, Tiny

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Big guy fucks my girlfriend: Allison, TinySometimes my girlfriend allows me to pick the guy that she gets to fuck. This time she asked me to find her one. So with all the stuff I know about her I go on the hunt. With this thought in my mind I go to work thinking hard about the guy. I go to clock in and then I see the perfect guy. He is a coworker of mine and we call him Tiny. Tiny is an ironic name we gave him because he is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 270 pounds. He is just a huge guy with a big, strong chin, broad shoulders, as big torso and long legs. He is the perfect guy because Allison loves big men. So throughout my shift I was trying to go about asking him. We finally were alone on break and I outright asked him. I said “Tiny would you be willing to fuck my girl.” He replied, “are you joking or serious because I don’t want to answer that if your joking.” I assured him that I was serious and he said that he would. So güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri we set up plans for him to come over after work and stay the night. I was driving us to my home with Allison having no idea that I got a guy for her. She sent me a text saying she couldn’t wait till I got home to fuck and that she maybe sleeping and to just wake her up with my cock in her.Tiny and I finally get home and we walked inside. I went into the bedroom to see if Allison was awake and she wasn’t. I walked in and lifted the blankets and she was naked face down on the bed. I went back out and got Tiny and told him that she was in there waiting. He said okay and walked in and got undressed. He pulled his pants off and turned and I saw his massive cock. He was so big I was afraid he was gonna tear Allison apart. He got onto the bed and started to rub her ass and feel her. Allison moaned in her sleep as this tipobet güvenilir mi was happening. Then Tiny went down spread her legs enough so he could lick her pussy. He was licking her and she was moaning softly still until she woke up. She pushed herself onto her hands and knees and pushed her ass back so he could lick better. She then said I want you to fuck me baby. So he got up and tried jamming his big dick in her, and she screamed and went wild. She turned around and said, “who the fuck are you?” I walked into the room and said, “Allison calm down this is Tiny and he is the guy I found to fuck you.” She said, “by the looks of it he isn’t Tiny anywhere!” She leaned over and grabbed his dick and said, “this thing is huge!!” She then started to jerk while grinning at me.She started sucking it taking as much as she could in her mouth but kept choking and gagging. She had spit allover her tits and tipobet giriş mouth and his cock and balls. She looked up to him and said, ” I don’t think I can take all of you but lets give it a shot.” She smiled and laid on her back. She opened her legs up revealing her sweet pussy. He got his cock down to it and she guided him in slowly. He had to pump back and forth just to get the head in. Eventually with a lot of screaming and moaning she got him inside her but he still had like 3 inches that wouldn’t fit and every time his dick slammed into her she would scream because it all can’t fit. I could tell loved his body because her hands were all over him from his back to chest to ass squeezing and grabbing him as hard as she could kissing and sucking anything like his neck and nipples and lips. She screamed the entire fuck in pleasure from his monster cock. She took him every position possible until he pulled that snake out of her insides and blew a massive load on her face. She was covered. I had never seen a load so big and she licked up what she could then had to wipe the rest off. She then told me I had to sleep in the living room. So that is where I went but I heard her screams all night long in the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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