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Connie only lived a few blocks away and when her Uncle Dan and Aunt Katelyn needed a baby sitter, she normally just walked over and walked back if it wasn’t too late. At 18 Connie was an absolute fox. From the neck up, her shoulder length dark brown hair, pale blue eyes and full lips had caused quite a few near car accidents as she walked along, with a waist that was trim and a perfect pair of legs, with muscular thighs, round and firm. However, from her neck to her waist, she looked more like a boy. She was tall for a girl and had almost no tits. She was a very sweet girl, but was very shy when first meeting anyone.

Connie always made a point to go to her aunt and uncle’s in plenty of time. She liked her Uncle Dan and Aunt Katelyn more than any other of her relatives. The four would sit around and talk before they left. Their four year old boy absolutely adored his cousin Connie, which made him very easy for her to babysit.

When Dan and Katelyn got home from their evening out, it was raining, so Dan drove his niece home. He cared about his niece, and knew she was pretty screwed up right now. She had finally managed to get a steady boyfriend, and now he was being a bother, and her family and friends were also being a pain. He pulled up in the driveway of his sister’s house; the two hadn’t said a word on the drive over. Connie burst out crying and Dan just sat there and let her get it out of her system. The rain was pouring down, still, neither one said a word, he just let the patter of the rain give a calming affect with its sound. Gently placing his hand on her head, he started to play with her hair.

Feeling his fingers running through her hair in an attempt to calm her down, Connie finally stopped crying. With her long dark brown hair being naturally curly, his fingers were actually getting tangled up and pulling. She smiled in spite of herself, knowing he was only trying to help, and looked helplessly at her uncle, “I suppose you know what my problem is?”

“Yep, you told your best friend and your mother, and now just about everyone knows, except maybe the evening news.”

“What do you think I should do?”

Dan started laughing, “What a stupid question?

Connie couldn’t help it and started to chuckle, “You’re the only person that might understand.”

“Look, part of your problem is that everyone in the family, and all of your friends, are telling you what they think you should do. Yes, I have an idea of what you should do, and I have no intention of telling you.” They just sat there in silence again, listening to the rain. He started to play with her curls again, “Okay, I’m going to try to do my good uncle thing here, you tell me what your problem is.”

She liked the way his fingers felt in her hair, “Well, my boyfriend has been a pain lately, he wants to get married.”


“She thought about it, and whispered, “Well, sex I guess.”

“You don’t have to be married to have sex! Where the hell is that written? You and I could have sex right now and I have no intention of marrying you.”

Connie turned beet red, she’d had sex with her boyfriend, but it wasn’t much fun having to sneak around. She had fantasized about her Uncle Dan and her doing it, and couldn’t believe he had actually said it.

“All right, okay, let’s back the trolley up. Let’s say you two get married to have sex. What are you going to do the other 23 hours and 59 minutes of the day?”

She burst out laughing; he always could do that to everyone. “Watch television, I guess.”

“You just graduated high school; you’re kind of young to be a couch potato aren’t you? And you aren’t even addressing the rest of your problem.”

“I know…I know…that I also like girls.” She placed her hand on his, just rested it there, as he continued to play in her hair, “You’re the only person in the family that knows that, and you found out by accident.”

“I haven’t told anyone except Katelyn, but how long do you think your marriage is going to last keeping a secret like that from your husband? The desire isn’t going to go away, and sooner or later, it’s going to come out. Plus, you’re starting your marriage with a lie, even if he’s all right with the bi thing, he’s going to be mad as hell about the lying part, I doubt if he will understand that, most guys won’t, and he will just leave.”

“You told Aunt Katelyn?” Her uncle had found out about her attraction to boys as well as girls, and surprised her by being understanding. She was worried the he would tell her mom and dad, and then they would freak out on her. But her Uncle Dan hadn’t reacted negatively, he simply told her that if enjoying both is what made her happy, then it really wasn’t anyone else’s business.

“Relax; she doesn’t have a problem with it.” Dan leaned in and put his mouth next to her ear, and whispered, “You know what your family wants Connie to do…You know what your friends want Connie to do…You know what your boyfriend wants Connie to do.” He turned her head, bursa eve gelen eskort bayan got right in her face, his eyes only inches from hers, “What does Connie want Connie to do?”

Connie was stunned, with all of the pressure, she had never even thought about it. The rain made a steady rhythm bouncing on the car. Connie just stared into his eyes, her uncle was staring back, not in an uncomfortable way, but in a loving, caring way, plus he was playing with her curls again and it felt really nice.

Very softly, she answered the question, “I want to go to college.”

Dan smiled, and pulled away from her, “Then why doesn’t Connie take Connie to college?” He saw her troubled look, “And to hell with what everyone else thinks you should do.” His fingers wove through her forest of black curls, “By the way, this is fun.”

Connie was having trouble concentrating. Her uncle’s hand in her hair should have made her feel relaxed; instead she was getting a warm feeling between her legs. She slid closer to him and put her head on his chest. She could sense that he wasn’t trying anything, but she couldn’t help what she felt, it was turning her on. His fingers touching her hair, and occasionally her neck, gave her a tingly sensation.

She took his hand from her hair, held it in hers, and just listened to his heart and the rain. “Thank you, Uncle Dan, I think you did you’re ‘good uncle thing’ pretty well.” She slowly, absently, rubbed his hand on her shirt front. Her nipples were extremely sensitive and reacted even through the material of her shirt and bra. Suddenly, Connie stopped herself as she was starting to move his hand somewhere else. She had wanted to fool around with him! She immediately opened the car door and got out, “Bye Uncle Dan, I should be going in now.”

Dan wondered what he had done, but couldn’t figure it out. Later that night Dan talked about Connie’s problems with his wife. She agreed with him, everyone needed to be there for her, but to let her make up her own mind. Also, later that night, the memory of how his touch felt wouldn’t go away, and Connie touched herself pretending it was her uncle’s hands.

The following day Dan and his wife had a last minute business supper to attend; Connie was once again called for babysitting duty. Sales for the company had been extremely good and the president and senior vice president of the company had come to town to celebrate with the local managers.

Dan drove over to get his niece, as the weather was still bad. Connie got in the car and slid over to sit next to him. She had decided that she had been acting like a silly girl the night before. She put her hand to the back of his head and played with the hair at the base of his neck. Connie looked down and saw he was starting to get hard. She smiled at herself, “You’re right, this is fun.” She let her fingers run through his hair, “Uncle Dan is it ever going to stop raining?”

Dan swallowed hard, “It can’t keep this up. I’m not sure what the record is, but I believe it is 40 days and nights.” He didn’t know why she was doing what she was doing, but it was causing him to have a very un-uncle like reaction.

Sliding back over to her side of the front seat, she wondered if he wanted her as much as she wanted him. “Then you should probably watch out for animals lined up in pairs.” She heard him laugh; she liked being able to make him do that.

The evening out was a success, with Dan and everyone else getting a huge bonus, plus a one week, all expenses paid, vacation for four to the Bahamas or Alaska, depending if they liked hot or cold. It was still pouring down rain as Dan and Katelyn drove home from the restaurant.

Both he and Katelyn liked to scuba dive, but they both liked to ski down a slope of snow too, “So what do you want, hot or cold?”

Katelyn smiled, “I’m thinking hot.” She slid next to her husband, “When everyone else is freezing their butt off this winter, we can be getting a tan on the beach.” Her hand fumbled with his zipper.

Dan swallowed, “What do you think you are doing?” He forced himself not to close his eyes as she managed to free his cock and started to play. He thought of his wife in a bikini on the beach, with her long blonde hair next to the sand and her intense green eyes letting him know that she wanted him — hot worked for him.

She bent over and put her lips to his hardening cock. Katelyn made sure she pumped him with her hand whenever she took her mouth away to talk. “I want to invite Connie along with us, that way she can help watch our Jimmy.”

Dan loved the way she nibbled his cockhead, as she almost let it come out of her mouth. “She isn’t going to want to do that.” Damn that felt good. “She isn’t going to want to be in a swimsuit near you. She has nothing on top, and you definitely don’t have that problem.”

She let his cock slide in and out of her mouth a few more times. “I want to help her there too. I thought we bursa eskort bayanlar could get her a breast enlargement for a Christmas present.” She stopped for a suck, “That way she goes to college a whole new her, a whole new attitude.”

“Mmm –” damn she really know what she was doing, “– and then we both fuck her right?”

Katelyn took his cock out of her mouth and smiled up at her husband. “I want to help her, she needs us.” Dan had been the only man she had ever met that understood her bi nature. She loved having his cock in her, anywhere he wanted. She also craved the touch of another woman. Her mouth watered at the thought of her tongue in a wet pussy, but at the same time she loved the taste of cum. Her husband was the only man she had found that understood and accepted it. They had been in a lot of three ways with another woman, but not another man. He said he couldn’t do that, which was all right with her, she wanted another woman. Plus, Dan was more than willing to let her have sex with another woman, and him not be involved or even there. That was the part some men had a problem with.

Katelyn started sucking his hard cock just imagining Connie joining them. Her head moved up and down, her lips gently teasing his cock head. Her hand coaxed his balls to give up their sperm, “Cum in my mouth.”

Dan had his hands full, getting ready to cum and trying to control the car. “Are you going to be O.K. with me fucking her too?” He rose up a little and let loose!

His hot sperm exploded from his cock into her eager mouth. She loved the feel of it shooting out of him as well as the taste, “Um hum.” Katelyn sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed. She prided herself on never wasting a drop. Even if he got off in or on their partner, she made sure she was the one licking it up, or at least sharing a kiss with the other woman with his cum on both of their tongues. “I think both of us fucking your niece sounds like a great idea! She needs to find out if being bi is what she really wants or only thinks she wants. How is she going to know if she doesn’t experience it? She is very vulnerable right now, and she needs help from people that love her.”

“I’m all right with helping her; she’s one of the few relatives I have that are worth the effort.” Dan thought of his reaction when Connie had just teased him with her touch, “This could be an interesting evening.”

They got home and Jimmy was already in bed. They got some soft drink, sat on the sofa on either side of Connie, and talked. Katelyn started it off, “Connie, we want to invite you to the Bahamas with us.”

Connie was shocked, “When?”

Dan put his hand in her hair again, “It’ll be sometime after the holidays but before you start college. There will probably be snow here, when we’re there.”

Connie liked her uncle’s touch, “Are you sure?”

Katelyn placed her slim fingers on Connie’s neck and gently massaged, “We’re sure we want you.”

Connie was starting to feel warm, but not uncomfortable. She raised her hands and gently covered both of their hands. “What about Jimmy?”

Dan bent down and nibbled her ear, “He’s coming too, you can help babysit some of the time, but we also want you to have some free time too.”

Connie knew she should feel strange having her uncle do that to her ear, but the truth was, she liked it. Then she felt her Aunt Katelyn put do the same thing to her other ear. A shiver ran all the way down her.

Katelyn, whispered in her ear, “I understand the three of us share a secret about you. You like both guys and girls.”

Connie was having trouble breathing, “Yes.”

“Then I think you should share another secret with us, “I like both, too.” Connie’s eyes grew wide; she moved to look at her aunt.

Dan moved out of the way, “I think you two should get to know one and other.”

Katelyn kissed her niece, and was pleased when she responded. “Did you just see what your uncle did? She continued to kiss her, “Do you have any idea how special that is?” My ex-husband wouldn’t do that, he said that watching two women have sex was as exciting as watching the grass grow.”

Connie didn’t want to talk, she wanted her aunt. She glanced at her uncle Dan, and he seemed to be content that the two were enjoying each other.

Katelyn saw her look over at her husband, “He can join us later.”

Connie didn’t know what to say, “Are you sure?

“You want him don’t you? He told me what happened in the car.” She slipped her tongue between her niece’s lips. She motioned for her husband to come over.

Connie was panting, “Yes, I thought you’d be upset if you knew.”

Katelyn put Connie’s hand to the front of Dan’s pants, and they both touched him through the material. “I know he wants you, and I know you want him. I also want you too. The question is do you want to have sex with both of us?”

Connie felt the bulge her uncle’s pants, knew that her aunt was feeling exactly what görükle escort bayanlar she was. She pushed away from both of them, “I want this so much I can hardly breathe.”

Dan pulled both women to their feet. He put his arms around them, and drew them to him so they could have a three way kiss, all three of their tongues played. They then made their way to the bedroom.

Connie was a little hesitant, and slightly embarrassed, she had never had her clothes off in front of her aunt and uncle or anyone else, except maybe gym class at school. Her experience with sex was limited and the clothes were usually just moved out of the way enough to do it. This was going to be different in so many ways. She would be naked in front of two people. She was going to have her uncle and her first experience with a woman with her aunt. It wasn’t a factor really, but she could finally relax and not worry about being caught.

Dan figured his niece was nervous, so he started kissing her, while Katelyn undressed.

Connie felt his hands lifting her top off as they kissed. Lifting her arms, soon her top was on the floor. It didn’t take long for her bra to follow. She felt his hands on her breasts, and worried about what he would think. She pulled back to see his face and found that both her aunt and uncle were touching her nipples.

Katelyn pulled Connie to the bed and finished undressing her niece, as her husband took his own clothes off.

Connie had her lips to her aunts, and she was playing with another woman’s breasts for the first time in her life. It felt soft and she felt the nipples reacting to her touch. Her aunt had a cool touch that was much gentler than her boyfriend. She looked over at her uncle, “How come you aren’t joining us?”

Dan smiled, “I just wanted your first time with a woman to be special. You need to experience that without a guy involved.”

Katelyn whispered in Connie’s ear, “Did you hear the love, can you appreciate it?”

“What do you mean?”

“He loves us both enough to stay out of it. He not only wants this for both of us, but is trying to do what he thinks will make it better.” They had a long heated kiss, their tongues playing in the mouth of one then the other. “Don’t worry; we’ll both thank him later.”

Connie felt the heat building in her as she and her aunt explored each other. Her aunt had rubbed herself on her as she slid down, now the two women were lying with their vaginas near each other’s faces. Feeling her aunt’s finger teasing her sensitive flesh, Connie timidly put her finger to the vaginal lips in front of her. Fascination and wonder flooded her mind as she explored her aunt. She rubbed the clit, even as her aunt slid a finger inside of her.

She did the same to her aunt and her finger came out slick. The heavy musk smell of her aunt enjoying what they were doing made her want to explore. One, then two, then three fingers were inserted, but it wasn’t jerky and awkward, it was smooth. Connie could tell the difference between a woman’s touch and a man’s, both could be enjoyable but there was a difference.

Connie sucked in her breath as she felt her aunt’s mouth on her pussy. This was not only her first time having a woman do that, it was the first time anyone had ever done it. “Aaahhh — oohh — mmm, Aunt Katelyn that feels so nice.”

Connie nervously licked the clit only a few inches in front of her and felt her aunt moan. She liked the feeling of giving another woman that sensation. She got into it, the more she felt her aunt react the bolder she became. Connie found herself licking and sucking every part of her aunt as well as seeing how far she could get her tongue in. After a while with both women doing that to each other, aunt and niece had managed to move all over the bed.

Katelyn got on top and pressed her lips to Connie’s, she could smell her own scent on her niece and it was intoxicating. She maneuvered herself interlacing her legs with the younger girl, placing both women’s sensitive flesh in contact with each other.

Connie had never felt anything so incredible; it made it impossible to think. The pleasure she had felt to this point was pale in comparison. This made her entire body quiver and shudder with sheer delight. The heat grew more and more intense, pure sensation grabbed her and wouldn’t release her.

Pussy rubbing against pussy, labia to labia, clitoris to clitoris, and both women exploded in a simultaneous orgasm, and it kept on and on. Multiple orgasms caused Connie and Katelyn to moan and groan, they screamed and they yelled, nothing else existed but the two of them and this moment.

It was over, neither one of them could take any more. They lay with their arms wrapped around each other trying to breathe. Connie looked her aunt in the eyes and saw that she had given as enjoyable as she had received. “Is it always like that?”

“No, so I’m hoping you’ll want to do that some more with me.” She saw the reaction of her niece and chuckled, “Not necessarily tonight.”

Connie saw that her aunt had wanted her, but more than that, she loved her. She realized that she could find another girl to have sex with, but very few, if any, would really love her. She went to kiss her aunt when a semi hard penis was placed near both of their faces. Connie looked up and saw her Uncle Dan; it was obvious he was in a bad way.

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