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Tail Plug

Bi surpriseMy girlfriend Sarah and I met in our junior year of college and immediately fell in love with each other. We shared all the same interests and even majored in business together. After college I took a job as a sales rep while she got a job as a manager at a local department store. The only bad part of my job was the amount I had to travel, I always wanted to take Sarah with me, and one day I got the perfect opportunity. Sarah had an older sister, Kelly who lived in Santa Barbra, which was the same place I was going to be sent for a week. I called Kelly to see if we could stay with her and then told Sarah the good news. She was overjoyed to be able to see her sister which I couldn’t have been happier for her.I had never met Kelly, but the way Sarah described her they were polar opposites, even in the way they looked. Sarah had red hair, was about 5’2″, 105 pounds, and had a great figure but her defining feature was her massive 34-d’s. Kelly on the other hand was blond, 5’8″ 120 pounds, and from pictures I have seen had fairly small tits. She was very attractive, and I couldn’t wait to finally meet her in person.Kelly was going to pick us up from the airport but our flight arrived 2 hours earlier than we expected. Instead of calling Kelly we decided to get a rental car and surprise her. We got to her house a half hour later, and started to unpack the car when we herd moaning come from behind the fence. We peered through to see Kelly laying face down on a pool chair with her ass in the air getting pounded by the biggest cock I had ever seen. We quickly looked away but by the look on Sarah’s face the damage was already done, she was amazed with that massive cock!She was a virgin when we met, and always told me my 6″ cock satisfied her. I didn’t doubt her, and seriously what woman wouldn’t what to try a cock like that at least once, I couldn’t fault her for being so turned on. We waited a few minuets and then knocked on the door, Kelly answered in shock to see use so early. Kelly and Sarah hugged and quickly began catching up.”I thought you weren’t coming until later?” Kelly asked”We caught an early flight and decided to surprise you. This is Eric.” Sarah said introducing me”It’s so great to see you, and finally meet your boyfriend; you didn’t tell me he was so handsome.” Kelly said with a wink.”You’re to kind.” I said extending my hand towards her.”Oh we don’t shake hands, come here and give me a hug.” She quickly threw her arms around me and pressed herself against me. It was a little awkward with what I had just seen; I tried to pretend like it didn’t happen.”And who is this?” Sarah said looking across the room.”This is Josh; we have been going out for a couple months now.” Kelly replied”Well it’s nice to meet you Josh.” Sarah said scanning up and down his body.”I suppose you guys want to get settled in, Ill start making supper and we can eat by the pool.” Kelly said as she showed us to our room.A while later Kelly called us out by the pool, we had a delicious dinner, and started having a few drinks afterwards. We got to talking and eventually told them we saw them by the pool earlier. I thought it would be awkward, but Kelly didn’t seem to mind, in fact she was quite turn on by the idea.”You guys want to go for a swim?” Kelly asked”Sure, we’ll go change into our suits.” Sarah replied”Nonsense, you have already seen us, and we are all adults here.”Sarah and I just looked at each other, I could tell Sarah wanted to, just to get another look at that cock, and I didn’t mind checking out Kelly. We both nodded yes and a split second later Kelly was up and out of her cloths, and into the pool. Josh wasn’t far behind; he threw off his shirt and pants, then the underwear. He was defiantly a good looking guy, broad shoulders, well toned muscles, and of course the huge cock to top it all off. After that Sarah quickly stripped down relieving her massive tits, I could tell Josh was interested and frankly what guy wouldn’t be. He stared at her as she walked over to the pool and sat down, I watched as his cock started to grow, and then realized the truly massive size. It was at least 10″ long and probably 2″ thick, Kelly caught Sarah and I watching it.”Big isn’t it? That cock will rock your world.” Kelly said with a smile. I should have known what she was going to say next, but I never expected it. “Why don’t you give it a go little sis?””What, he’s your boyfriend and I have a boyfriend, I couldn’t . . . could I?” She said. All three looked at me, I should have said no and stood my ground, but I could tell Sarah really wanted this I didn’t want to stop her.”As long as you don’t run off and marry him.” I said in a joking tone”Really?” Sarah asked”Sure.” I replied.”Well, in that case, it looks like your all mine, now get out of those cloths and get over here.” Kelly said getting out of the pool. I nodded ok, undressed and walked over to where Kelly was now sitting. She eagerly took my already hard cock in her hand and started stroking it. I thought I would have been intimidated by Josh but for some reason I wasn’t, actually, watching Sarah get so turned on was turning me on.Sarah was now kneeling down in front of Josh, his cock looking her right in the face. She grabbed a hold if it with both hands and started working back and forth. Next, she wrapped her lip’s around and took it as deep as she could, slightly choking on it.”Easy sis you hurt your self before you get to the best part.” Kelly said still stroking my dick.”MmmHmm.” Was all Sarah managed to say before she was back on his dick.I soon bahis firmaları felt Kelly’s mouth on my cock; she easily took the entire thing and worked her tongue around it. It was the most incredible blowjob I had ever got, Sarah wasn’t bad, but Kelly clearly had a lot more practice. After a couple minuets Kelly stopped and motioned me to lay down on a lounge chair, I eagerly did. Kelly then straddled me and lowered herself onto my awaiting cock, letting out a soft moan as she slid down. After a couple seconds she began ridding me like her personal sex toy, I couldn’t say it didn’t feel good.Not to be outdone, Sarah stopped sucking and laid down on another chair, Josh soon positioned himself in front of her. I watched as his massive prick started pushing against her wet pussy. “Oh please, fuck me with that big dick.” Sarah pleaded as the tip slowly started to disappear inside of her. He pushed deeper and deeper until the entire cock was buried inside her tiny cunt, she moaned and squirmed around as her body adapted to this new sensation.”Wow, she took the whole thing, impressive.” Kelly said, still bouncing on my dick. “You want to try something fun? You want to fuck me in the ass?””Yeah.” I said with a smile “I’ve never done that before.””Let me grab some lube.” Kelly said and walked into the house.Now my attention was back on Sarah, Josh had started long slow thrusts, shaking her body with every push. Then, after a few moments he began to go faster and faster until all his energy was being forced into her cunt. She clawed wildly at the seat screaming “I’m cumming, I’m Cumming” in a mix of almost pained moans and panting. Sarah was making sounds I had never heard her make before. Josh continued pounding her feverously for a couple minuets, and then pulled out; they switched positions with Josh lying down and Sarah on top. She didn’t hesitated to jump back on his cock and ride him like there was no tomorrow.”Damn, I could hear you two inside the house.” Kelly said walking through the sliding glass door. “Let’s see if we can beat them and wake the whole neighborhood.” She whispered as she got next to me, I just smirked and started rubbing the lube on my cock. We switched positions with Kelly now on her hands and knees; I smeared some lube onto her puckered hole. I slowly inserted a finger and felt around inside, then another until she was loosened up. “Don’t be gentle, I can take it.” That was all I needed, I positioned my dick and jammed it straight in. She let out a scream, but I just kept going, fucking her ass raw. I kept picturing that massive dick ripping Sarah in two, which just made me pound Kelly harder and harder, I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to.”Oh god, Oh god” Kelly kept screaming as my cock ravaged her ass, “I’m going to cum!” Her body convulsed in a massive orgasm and she collapsed onto the chair. “Wow, that was incredible.” She said winded.”You’re not bad yourself.” I said sitting down beside her. Just then Sarah let out a scream and our attention was focused back on them. They had changed positions so that Sarah was on here knees with her ass in the air and Josh fucking her from behind. It was a magnificent sight to see, that massive cock pushing into her tiny body, I could never imagine what that had to feel like until Kelly dropped a bomb on me.She could see me watching his cock intently and she got an idea. “He’s bisexual you know.””What?” I said as if I didn’t understand her”He’s Bi, you know, he likes to fuck guys to.” She said with a wink”What makes you think I would care about that?” I questioned”Oh come on, every guy has thought about it, and there isn’t anything hotter for a women than seeing her guy get fucked.”Of course I had thought about gay sex, most guys have, and I would be lying if I said I never put a finger or two up my ass in the shower. I never thought I was bi, but I was getting pretty turned on by watching Josh, and you could defiantly do worse for a first time. I looked back at Kelly and said “Well. . .” and that was all I had to say before a smile spread across her face. She got up and tapped Josh on the shoulder and whispered something into his ear, and then into Sarah’s. They both stopped and looked over at me, and I suddenly got very nervous.Sarah got up and walked over first. “You really wanna do this?””I guess we are both trying new things.” I replied. A huge smile grew across her face.”This is going to be fun, I have always wanted to see guys get fucked, and by a dick like that is just icing on the cake.”I could tell she was very excited about it, I guess Kelly was right; some women like to see a guy get fucked, and just like that I went from nervous to excited. Kelly and Josh soon walked over, I sat up in my seat, and my heart started racing as his cock got closer and closer to my face, until he was just inches away. Sarah and Kelly both sat down beside us.”Go on, touch it.” Kelly said. I reached up and grabbed it with one hand, and to my amazement my fingers didn’t touch. I started long slow strokes, getting a feel for the true size of it. “Now suck it.” Sarah blurted out, clearly excited. I quickly glanced over at them, they nodded and I slowly brought my mouth to the head. The musty smell filled my senses; I wrapped my lips around the enormous head and brought it deeper and deeper into my mouth. I held it for a few seconds and then started sucking it, each time taking it further down my throat.”Oh yeah, you suck that cock like a pro.” Kelly said.I heard him start to moan, and soon his hand was on the back of my head, guiding kaçak iddaa me along, so I guess I was doing something right. After a few more minuets of sucking he pulled his cock away.”Careful, your going to make me cum before we get to the good part.” He said looking down at me.”Looks like you have done that before.” Kelly said as she moved closer to us, now why don’t you get on your knees and bend over.” I quickly did as I was told. “Why don’t we warm that ass up, we don’t what it to hurt too much.” She squirted some lube onto my awaiting asshole; one finger started working its way in, then another, and another until she had all four in there. It felt incredible and just made me want that cock even more.Kelly pulled her fingers out, and I suddenly felt his cock start to push against my virgin ass. “Just relax.” Kelly kept saying as she gently stroked my back. He continued pushing until my ass wrapped around his giant dick, and just like that he was in. It was like nothing I had ever felt before, and if it felt this good for Sarah I could see why she wanted it so badly. Josh kept pushing until half his cock was buried inside of me, then he started long slow strokes going deeper with each.”Wow, he almost took the entire thing.” Kelly exclaimedI looked over to see both Kelly and Sarah rubbing their clits staring intently on the monster that was now was completely inside my ass. He held it in for a second before starting to really work my ass. His thrusting became more melodic, and kept increasing in speed. He now had a hold of my hips; I grabbed the sides of the lounge chair, and let out a long moan of pleasure and agony as he ravaged my ass. I managed to look over at Sarah who was in as much shock as I was, after all its not everyday you watch you boyfriend get pounded in the ass.After a few more minuets of fucking Josh stopped for a breather, and I needed one too. “Wow, now that is amazing.” Kelly exclaimed “I never thought you would be able to take the whole thing, it took me a solid week just to take half of it.””I guess you just got to be motivated.” I replied back, now sitting upright in the chair.”I wanna try.” Sarah said walking over to us. “Ill warm up with Eric and then move to Josh.””Are you sure, I mean a pussy is one thing, but in your tiny virgin ass, that would be a sight see.” Kelly said”I’m positive. Now fuck me!” Sarah said in a forceful tone. I had never seen her like this, and I have to say, it was an incredible turn on. Sarah threw a towel on the ground and got on her knees with her ass in the air, I quickly got up and smeared some lube on her ass and began working a finger in, and she was incredibly tight. “Just fuck me.” She said in almost a whimper. I did as she asked and jammed my cock straight into her virgin ass. She let out a loud yelp; I gave her a second to adjust and then started fucking. She quickly became accustom to my cock and was ready to move on.I pulled my cock out and Sarah immediately turned around and wrapped her mouth around my cock. “Mmm, let me taste my ass.” She moaned as she milked my dick. By now we were all in fevered sexual state, and Josh was itching to fuck that ass.Sarah moved back into position, Josh knelt down and positioned his giant dick against her puckered asshole. I felt exactly what she was going through as the head forced its way in. She winced as it traveled deeper inside her, she started long slow moans, and I couldn’t stand it anymore, I knelt down in the same position and passionately kissed her. We continued kissing as Josh started thrusting his cock. Sarah shook as he traveled deeper until she had also taken the entire dick. I had no idea where it all went inside her; it must have damn near been in her stomach. She couldn’t take any more and her body bucked wildly in orgasm as Josh continued pounding. Sarah and I continued kissing when Josh stopped I wondered what happened, and then my question was answered.His cock ripped into my ass, I felt his balls slap against my legs. My eyes grew wide and the surprise of it made my head fall to the ground. With out remorse Josh started hammering away, and just as soon as it started it stopped and he moved back to Sarah who was ready and waiting unlike me and her ass easily swallowed her cock. He continued switch back and forth between us for a few minuets until stopping to take a rest. Sarah and I quickly turned around and traded off sucking our juices from his cock. It was easily the most incredible experience we had ever shared, but it wasn’t over yet.Kelly had gone into the house and came out holding something, I couldn’t tell what it was at first but then I figured it out, two massive strap on dildos.”What are those for?” I asked, knowing full well what she planned to do.”Oh I think you know.” She said with a smirk and handed one to Sarah who immediate put it on.I didn’t grasp the size of them until I saw it hanging around Sarah’s tiny body. They had to be at least a foot long and wider than Josh’s cock.”I don’t know if I can take something that big.” I said in a worried tone.”Don’t worry man, if you can take my cock you can take these, and it is incredible.” Josh said as he watched Kelly harness up the dildo.”You’ve done this before?” I asked”All the time and I can take a lot more than one of those.” Josh replied. I couldn’t imagine what something bigger than that would feel like.”Yeah, this whore could take both of these without a sweat.” Kelly said walking over to us with the massive dildo swinging between her legs. “But we will start off slow and work our way up to that.” I suddenly kaçak bahis got nervous again.Josh quickly assumed the position on his knees and Kelly lined up behind him, then without any hesitation she plowed into him. I couldn’t believe my eyes, without any warm up he took the entire thing like nothing. “Told you he was a whore. Now it’s your turn.” She said pointing to the ground next to him. I too assumed the position and Kelly pulled out of him and started her way into my ass. Sarah eagerly jumped behind Josh and jammed her cock in and started fucking.Meanwhile Kelly had worked half of the massive dildo inside me, she went slow, allowing me to get used to it, and once she had it as deep as she could go, the flood gates opened. She fucked me as hard if not harder than Josh had, and she had no mercy. At first I begged her to stop, but as she kept going it turned into don’t stop, I was officially hooked on anal. Sarah and Kelly soon swapped, and Sarah wasn’t any gentler. After pounding our asses into submission they stopped and we all took a break.”You what to see something really cool?” Kelly asked us. Sarah and I both nodded our heads yes. Kelly laid down on the lounge chair and Josh straddle her. He quickly worked the dildo into his ass, and they where now laying face to face with Kelly slowly pounding his ass.”Now it’s your turn Sarah.” Kelly said”But there is no way we will both fit.” She said a little concerned”Don’t you worry about that, just slowly work it in, he can take it.”Sarah did as she was told, and to both of our amazement his ass began to take the other dildo. He moaned a little as Sarah pushed harder until the head of the dildo popped in, it quickly traveled deep into his ass. His moaning turned into heavy breathing as the two began to thrust their fake cocks in and out of his now loose ass. Kelly motioned me over to her, and immediately took my cock and started sucking. My attention was again focused on the huge dildos destroying Josh’s ass and when I looked down again I was surprised to see Josh’s mouth around my dick. I was startled at first, but it felt just as good so I started ramming it down his throat, and then switching back to Kelly until they finished fucking him.By now I couldn’t think of anything else we could do, but I guess Kelly had other ideas.”Switch places with Josh.” She commanded”But there is no way I could take all that, it’s impossible.” I said”Don’t worry, it’s easy, I’ll help and they will go slow.” Josh replied.I looked back at Sarah who had a big smile across her face. “Come on baby, how many opportunities like this do you get, just imagine what it will feel like.” She said as she stroked her fake cock.I was a little scared, but it quickly subsided once I though about how it would feel. It only took a second after that for me to straddle Kelly and jam the dildo into me. I bounced up and down letting my ass loosen up before lying down onto Kelly’s chest. Sarah squirted more lube onto my ass and then I felt the massive head start to push against me. I tried to relax my ass as much I could, and to my astonishment I felt it opening up, the head was now almost half way in. I closed my eyes and let out a deep breath and it slide in even more. My ass was now stretched to the breaking point, I began panting heavily. “Just one more breath, it’s almost in.” I herd Josh say. I took a big breath, let it out, and just then my ass enveloped the second dildo. My heart almost leapt out of my chest as Sarah forced her way in. I could barely take the forces that were now tearing me in two.”Oh god baby, you are so sexy right now.” I herd Sarah say. “I’m going to fuck you good.”It was then they started hammering away at my ass, I soon began bucking wildly, Kelly wrapped her arms around me to hold me down. I was in a state of sexual ecstasy, and I never wanted it to end, but after about 5 minuets of fucking Sarah was starting to wear out. She pulled out and I thought it was over but I was wrong, Josh quickly forced his way back into my ass and feverously fucked my ass until. “Ohhh, I’m going to cum.” He said and quickly pulled out before blowing his load.”Cum in my ass.” Sarah pleaded with him as she got back on her hands and knees. Josh complied and jammed his cock back in her ass, she jumped a little, and then he started fucking. He lasted about a minuet before filling her ass with a massive load of hot man juice. I had sat back down on a lounge chair next to Kelly to watch the show. After her ass was full of Cum Sarah got up and walked over to me.”Open your mouth.” She said”What for.” I asked back”You will see.” She replied and climbed over me and placed her ass inches from my face. I opened my mouth and the load of cum streamed into my mouth. “Now swallow it.” She commanded, I eagerly gulped down the entire load.Kelly apparent had the same idea and quickly straddled me and forced my cock into her ass, I soon couldn’t hold back and shot the biggest load of my life into her ass. I knew what was coming next and opened my mouth as her ass moved over my face. Every ounce of cum was soon in my mouth.”Don’t swallow it just yet, let’s let every one have a taste.” She brought me up and placed her lips to mine, she sucked out the cum and then moved on to Josh, dropping the hot load into his mouth, and finally placed his lips to Sarah’s she took the load and walked back over to me. She propped my head back and let it slowly drip into my mouth. Once it was all in I swallowed it, and proceeded to lick the rest off Sarah’s face.We all soon fell asleep out by the pool with Sarah in my arms and Kelly being held by Josh, and when we woke up in the morning both Sarah’s and my ass were sore as hell, but we didn’t regret a thing, and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen the next night

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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