Beyond Words

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I shifted my position a little, my stomach fluttering in nervousness and excitement. I was on my knees and elbows on the bed with you behind me. I could hear your breathing getting quicker, more ragged, as you pulled my bikini panties down, leaving me completely naked and exposed. The enormous toy you had brought touched my pussy lips, and I clenched my fists in anticipation.

We had agreed to meet that afternoon in a little motel you knew, just off the main street. My hands were sweating and my heart hammering as I pulled into the parking lot–I had never done anything like this before. You had reassured me over and over, but I had never made myself this vulnerable to anyone. You knew my secrets, my fantasies, my dreams. And now you were here, pulling in next to me, a smile spreading across your face as you met my eyes and guessed at my hesitation.

You opened my car door and gave me a hand out, rubbing my shoulder to help me relax. I guess my tenseness was obvious. As we walked to the motel office, you whispered in my ear how glad you were that I could meet you here. I felt my face turn red, which made me even more embarrassed. You laughed in your easy way, nibbling my ear and making me smile.

You left me only for a moment, to collect the key from the clerk, then led me outside again and to our room. Number 12…that number, in gold letters on a green background, will forever be branded in my mind. The room was small but clean, with a queen size bed facing a television. You tossed the TV remote into a chair next to the bed.

“We won’t be needing that,” you said. Then you pulled a white paper bag from under your coat. “I have a surprise for you.”

From inside the bag you pulled a gigantic black dildo. I caught my breath, my face turning red again. I had told you of my fascination with toys, but I had not expected this. You laughed, then pulled me to you, kissing me full Kastamonu Escort on the mouth. I could feel your erection beneath your pants and, hesitating, stroked it once. You grasped my hand and shook your head.

“Not yet.”

Taking your time, you pulled my shirt over my head, then my skirt around my ankles, leaving me in my bra and panties. I had chosen to wear lingerie, not just underwear, in anticipation, and I could tell by the way you looked at me that you approved. You spent much less time on your clothes, and in seconds you stood before me, naked but for your briefs. I found I could not tear my eyes away from your bulging erection. I wanted to touch you, to expose you, but before I could find the courage, you reached around and unhooked my bra.

I froze. If I had been embarrassed before, now I was mortified. Until now, I could pretend I was just wearing a bikini at the pool. I finally tried to meet your eyes and smile, but this time you didn’t return my smile. You didn’t even see me looking at you. Your eyes were fastened on my breasts, and I heard you murmur, “Just as I imagined.”

Leaning down, you nibbled lightly at my hard nipples. My back arched at the sensation, and my legs felt weak. You must have felt me sway, because your arms went around me and swung me onto the bed, positioning me on my hands and knees.

So there I knelt, your electric presence behind me, and the huge rubber toy in your hand, ready to invade me. With the fingers of one hand, you spread my pussy lips, pressing the head of the dildo against my opening. I gasped; it felt bigger than it had looked.

“Just relax,” you whispered, working the head back and forth, coating it with my fluids.

I tried. I’ve never been good at relaxing when I’m aroused, and I could not remember ever having been this excited. You began gently twisting it, working it into my tight Kastamonu Escort Bayan opening. The sensation was incredible. I could feel it forcing me apart farther with each delicate thrust.

“Damn, you’re tight,” I heard you mutter. “I haven’t even got the head in.”

“Not even the head?” I gasped. I knew it wasn’t far in, but I felt so stretched already. “It might be too big.”

“We’ll just have to get a little more aggressive,” you answered.

You began pushing harder, moving it in and out with more force. Each thrust sent a jolt through me, and I found myself gasping into my arms on the bed.

“Oh yeah, baby, take it in,” you said, your voice hoarse. I was shaking in earnest now, the arousal overwhelming me. I could feel the dildo driving into me with each relentless push, splitting me open. I made little grunting noises with each thrust.

Then it pressed into my cervix. I threw my head back and arched with a cry. You stopped at once, resting a wet hand on my ass. I felt so full, my vagina throbbing and pulsing around the huge member it contained.

“Are you okay?” you gasped. I nodded, reveling in the feeling. Blinking moisture from my eyes, I looked around. You were kneeling behind me on the bed. At some point, you had removed your briefs, and your own huge dick stood out in front of you, red and pulsing.

Amazed at my audacity, I reached for your hands and guided you until you were lying on your back on the bed. You went along with me, one eyebrow quirked, but luckily you didn’t ask any questions. I would have lost my nerve.

I turned so my ass faced you and the headboard, still on hands and knees. I caught of glimpse of myself in the narrow mirror as I did so, saw the dildo protruding obscenely from my swollen pussy. It gleamed in the dim light with my juices.

You caught me looking and whispered, “Pretty hot, Escort Kastamonu isn’t it?”

I wrapped a hand around your engorged penis and replied, “Not as hot as this.” Your sharp intake of breath was all the response I needed. I flicked out my tongue, touching the sensitive tip and savoring the sweet precum. You moaned and squirmed beneath me. More precum flowed, and I lapped it up eagerly.

I felt the dildo shift, and I glanced back to see your hand on it. Slowly you pulled it out, then with a strong movement plunged it back inside me. My hand tightened convulsively around your member, and your body twitched.

“So that’s how you want play, is it?” I said with a shaky smile.

Dropping my head, I slipped my mouth over your dick. You were so large, I couldn’t take in much, my lips resting just below the bulging knob. I began running my tongue over it, probing around the edges and along the slit. You grunted, your hips jerking in response. The dildo slammed into me again, my cry muffled by your penis.

I began bobbing my head up and down, sucking you off in earnest. The more aroused you got, the harder you pounded me with the toy. The feeling of having one dick in my mouth and another battering my pussy was beyond anything I ever imagined. All too soon, my grunts and cries turned into muffled screams as the electric jolts spread over my body, sending me over the edge. You never paused, continuing your pounding as I convulsed in the throes of a violent orgasm.

My screams set you off, and your penis swelled until I nearly choked. With a sustained moan, you pumped your load deep into my throat. I sucked until no more came, then collapsed on top of you, spent. You pulled the dildo from my enflamed pussy, and I winced as it popped free, allowing my liquid to run down onto the bedspread.

“That was…indescribable,” I managed to gasp, my hand resting on your still swollen penis.

Your laugh was deep and breathless. “That’s a high compliment for you.” Your fingers found my opening and probed delicately, eliciting a protesting squeal from me. “But we have the room for the rest of the night, and I’m not even close to finished with you. I’ll help you find the words.”

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